In The Light (SasuHina)


Due to some unforeseeable events, Hinata and Sasuke are both imprisoned in a cell together. The bonds that form from their captivity are formidably unbreakable and freedom is but a breath away. WARNING: THIS NOVEL CONTAINS TRIGGERING SITUATIONS, EXPLICIT SEXUAL CONTENT, MATURE THEMES, AND DARK THEMES THAT ARE NOT SUITABLE FOR THE FAINT OF HEART! Read at your own discretion.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1 : Captured







A stained metal door flung open and slammed noisily against the cement walls with a sharp crack before stilling restlessly, aimlessly onto the back wall. The slow haunting creaks resounded inside the empty cells when dark shadows flickered eerily from the dimly lit stairway. Two figures descended from the dungeon stair steps while dragging a struggling woman with them in long strides, uncaring of the woman’s pained protest and useless attempts to free herself from their restraint.

Her long obsidian hair was matted to her face from the blood that smeared her cheeks and chin in long streaks. The thick liquid dripped down dark sooty lashes and colored her pale alabaster skin maroon in ghastly and grotesque streaks.

“The little bitch is useless now.” One of the bigger women with straining muscles commented in annoyance, her lips had pursed into an ugly frown as she threw the little woman mercilessly onto the cold hard floor, watching the thing tremble and suppress a choked gasp of pain. If she had a little bit of extra time, she would have definitely spat on the pitiful thing.

Disgusting and useless.

“Tsk. Such a waste." The other woman responded as their footsteps quickly ascended the stair steps after slamming the metal doors closed and leaving the petite woman crumpled on the floor behind them. They doubted that even if the doors were left open, the useless thing would even be able to get out by herself.


Gradually, their voice became smaller and smaller the further they became, heavy footsteps finally no longer as loud before disappearing completely.

Silence soon engulfed the empty cell.

The only sound to be heard was the gaspy inhale and exhale that the woman exerted. The petite woman had slowly managed to pull herself upright after several moments, delicate fingers curled into the cold ground while thick lashes fluttered as delicate shoulders heaved and suppressed the pitiful sobs that threatened to wrack her small form.

She forcefully swallowed down the rest of her turgid emotions with sharp gasping breaths, unfurling her fingers before turning her head slightly with dainty brows furrowed to slowly regard the small room that she was now trapped in.

She could smell the scent of blood, her own and several others, along with the scent of sweat and musk. Some stale and some barely hours old.

Where had they taken her? What would they do with her?

The whispering of her fate resounded in her ears and she couldn’t help but ponder her situation.

What would become of her now?

She dragged her tired legs upwards and curled in on herself. The woman heaved a sigh while the bow of her lips curled as she frowned before wiping her face cleanly with the sleeve of her torn shirt, trying her best to clean off the blood from her face. Her sweat and tears helped to clean most of the maroon substance from her cheeks and chin, enough to make her features more visible.

No doubt her teammates would be unable to track her down, she thought.

They had been undoubtedly injured in the intense fight with these women before she was captured.

The only thing she could do now was preserve her energy and wait for her chance to escape.

Though, she was terrified that they would just let her rot down here now.




The minutes crept into hours before she heard heavy footsteps descend the stair steps, two sets of feet and the sound of something being dragged down.

Something terrifying.

Her head tipped upwards, long hair brushing her cheeks when she could feel the coldness of another much wider and stronger aura pulse and brush along her own in untamed pulses like the beating of a heart.

She vaguely realized that she knew this aura, had been in contact with it before, but her mind could not conjure up a name; none the less a face.

Who could it possibly be?

The aura was dark and lethal, so very deadly and dangerous with the burn of fire left in its wake like a spreading disease that could not be contained.

She could smell hints of lightning and smoke and knew that she had encountered it several times in her life, but somehow, she drew a blank when it came to a name or any physical features.

Who had an affinity with lightning or smoke that she had known? Suddenly, her memory was jolted when a man’s image was conjured in her mind’s eye, with the feel of something dark and twisted like a scary nightmare that no one could wake up from.

There was no one other than- -Sasuke.

Uchiha Sasuke.

He was dragged pitifully across the hard ground with sizzling noises that seemed surreal, passed her trembling form and leaving behind the sharp scent of freshly spilt blood and pungent sweat.

She could hear the sounds of metal dragging against the cold cement ground before a clink and snap ended it.


They had chained the last Uchiha up a few feet away from her. She swallowed down a gulp of saliva and felt her fingers dig into the soft skin of her sweaty palms like sharp needles into the flesh.

“It looks like you have a new cell mate, Uchiha. Don’t get too attached.” The startling voice spoke out of nowhere when the obsidian haired woman swiveled around only to hear the sounds of their footsteps slowly move up the stairs and faint dark chuckles that quickly disappeared with their descent.

So her assumptions had been right.

Her new cell mate is the Sasuke Uchiha.

The man that most, if not all, nins considered to be dangerous. Formidably so. He could cut her down before she could even blink an eye or open her mouth to beg for her life pathetically before him. She doubted she could have swayed him with her pathetic pleas. Her body shuddered at the sudden realization of how scary and terrifying it really is to be stuck in the same cell as Uchiha Sasuke.

She was trapped inside a cell with him.

Just the thought made cold sweat drip down the side of her face.

While she was busy trying to recall all that she could remember of him, she didn’t realize that his dark eyes had suddenly snapped to her trembling body. He was silently perusing her damaged form, black eyes smoldering as the hairs on the back of her neck rose to attention at the possible danger. She could feel the burn of his stare like a hot iron brand on her face.

His dark thick brows knitted slightly, long fingers curling into bleeding palms when a repugnant frown made way onto his stony face.

Sasuke clearly didn’t recognize the woman before him.

Long blue black hair framed a pretty pale face while bulky clothes hid her figure from his view.

His eyes narrowed.

Not once had the girl opened her eyes.

The tears of blood left unsightly streaks against the pale porcelain face while long black lashes fluttered frantically like the wings of a butterfly across high cheekbones.

He leaned back against the wall and opted to ignore his new cell mate. The pitiful thing truly wasn’t even worthy of his perusal or time.

The awkward silence immediately ensued as she bit her lip to keep from saying something idiotic.

“U-Uchiha-san?” She finally whispered softly, mentally berating herself as she couldn’t contain the stutter of his surname.

He didn’t respond.

She didn’t expect him to after all, but the feeling of disappointment still managed to sway her from speaking again. Silence had always been her companion but somehow she found that the uncomfortable atmosphere between them was almost stifling until she could get her words across to him, to greet him properly.

They knew each other.

She couldn’t just act like they didn’t because the manners and discipline that had been instilled into her at a young age would never let her be so rude and ill-mannered.

Petite fingers twined the fabric of her shirt, over and over again until her mouth opened and closed as if to say something before deciding otherwise, almost resembling a fish floundering around on the shore.

There were soft pitter-patters of liquid hitting the floor that had not been there before and she could clearly smell the overwhelming metallic scent of his blood coat the room in shades of red and black.

He was bleeding.

Large amounts by the sound of it and she couldn’t help but feel her chest tighten in pain for him.

What had those woman done to him? Had they tortured him? Hurt him the way they had hurt her?

His lips pursed as he contemplated the situation. The girl seemed vaguely familiar but not enough for him to put a name to her face.

If he had known her, she wasn’t significant enough for him to actually remember.

She was weak, docile and, from the looks of it, blind.

“I-I don’t know if you re-remembered, Uchiha-san, but I am Hinata Hyuga. W-we went to school together.” She tried to contain most of her stutter but was unable to from the anxiety and stress of actually carrying a conversation with the notorious Uchiha; even thought, it was mostly one sided. Never in a million years would she even imagine herself speaking to him but yet one of her wildest nightmares has became a reality.



The corner of his mouth turned downwards in a displeased frown.

“Hn.” He acknowledged her slightly with the grunt as she beamed a wide smile his way, extremely happy that Sasuke had even managed to remember her because she doubted anyone else from their class would have.

Sasuke glanced at her with dark eyes narrowed, watching her changing expressions like a hawk watching its prey, analyzing every movement from her to assess her minimal abilities.

He was glad the little Hyuga bitch was blind. It was nice to know that she wouldn’t be able to see the state that he was in or else she would just be another name on his black list to be killed once he got out of here.

There was already too many on his list.

Sasuke shifted slightly, reopening the wound on his side with a barely contained hiss of pain that brought an array of blood to start dripping down his leg and calf.

Had the Hyuga been able to see, she would be graced with the image of his naked flesh chained to the cold wall before her eyes.

Old and new blood caked his wounds from those demonic women’s torture on his body.

There were several cuts and scratches all across his body, chunks of flesh missing from various limbs, some festering infection and others trying to heal before the torture would start again. Even the burn wounds that were cut off when those vile women had decided to taste his cooked flesh seemed sinister and ghastly. There were wounds on top of wounds that refused to heal and the women didn’t leave him alone long enough for it to have the chance to recover.

“I-I’m glad you r-remember,” she softly whispered, eyes down cast as if in thought. Truthfully, she was comforted by the fact that there was someone here with her to help ease the fear of being alone, even if the person happened to be an extremely lethal nin.

She knew him to be dangerous, her insides still trembled at being in such close proximity to him, but Hinata couldn’t help but feel as if she could trust him; after all, they were currently in the same predicament. If he wanted to kill her, he would have done it seconds ago when those women had left him with her.

She was too trusting.

Hiashi, her father, had said that her trusting and gullible nature would be her downfall.

Father did know best.

“Did they blind you, Hyuga?” He finally stated, voice raspy and husky in quality yet still velvety and deep to her ears as goosebumps colored her flesh pink in hue. Hinata wasn’t quite too sure why she reacted slightly differently from hearing his gravelly voice.

“N-no. I-I did that myself.” She nervously chewed on her lower lip, pearl white teeth peeking from pale pink lips as the memory of what had happened flashed through her head.

Smart girl, he mused.

Hinata fumbled with her fingers, head down turned with a thoughtful look on her pale face.

She had blinded herself in self preservation. A gentle fist straight to the temple had shattered a lot of major parts in her eyes like the shattering of thin glass once it hit the hard ground. The pain had been immense and her whole face still throbbed like no other; even though, the major chakra pathways in her eyes had shut down in order to preserve what else left that would be salvageable.

She had damaged more than 90 percent of her eyes but left the 10 percent for recovery in hopes of managing to escape from her kidnappers. Hinata had persevered and cut down damage so that she had a way to heal herself when given the opportunity to escape. She just had to make them think she was useless and incapable of anything.

Her injury looked far worse than what it actually was and she was sure to make herself look to be far too broken and damaged for any hopes of being healed or used. Her captors had actually been tricked because of it and for that, she was thankful.

After several more moments of silence, her eyelids strained before wide grey lavender eyes met his vision, blood seeping again as she tried to see him through broken vision.

He had thought that they had took her eyes, the highly coveted jewel of the Hyuga clan, since he had anticipated seeing nothing but her eye sockets, empty and desolate, from all the blood that was staining her face.

Tsk, how disappointing.

From what he noted though, her eyes were useless. Perhaps, she had damaged herself past the point of recovery and he wondered what her fate would be if her clan knew her situation.

Would they take her eyes themselves?

Nonetheless, her eyes seemed to lighten her physical features, wide pupil-less orbs engulfed her face and made her seem even more girl than woman.

Too innocent and trusting.

“A-Are you al-alright Uchiha-san?” Her dainty eyebrows knitted in worry as her tongue lathed her cracked lips in slow swipes.

He glanced at her from the corner of his vision, wondering where the sudden concern came from. Sasuke knew for a fact that they didn’t know each other enough for her to be acting like she cared, in fact, no one knew him well enough to pretend to care.

He didn’t need it.

“Hn.” Came his slight grunt. His pride and honor came first before these deeply inflicted wounds.

It was obvious that he didn’t want to tell her his true condition and she finally remembered that they were never that close before. She had never even shared one word with the man that was her cell mate and never in her wildest imagination would she think that there would be a day that they would even carry a conversation; none the less, be stuck in each others presence.

Hinata blinked slowly before wiping her cheeks and eyes again, smearing the thick liquid across her high cheekbones and jaw.

This time the silence seemed almost comfortable as they wafted in the melancholy.

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