In The Light (SasuHina)

Chapter 10 : Detrimental Suffering

The entire building was deadly still, wooden boards creaking eerily as the last Uchiha ascended the darkened halls with his katana strapped at his waist.

He had been able to find a cotton yukata the color of black silk and a light blue silk kimono some time ago before finally coming into the ′play′ room.

The four women were exactly where he had left them, eyes following his movement, wide and fearful of what was to come but unable to escape.

There would be no mercy.

Sasuke’s eyes flashed, changing color rapidly as the rinnegan activated and he built his own enchantment upon the entire castle, lips stretched into a rather dark and malicious grin. The room seemed to melt and swirl in a vortex of color before it became cold and dark like the dungeons with a high throne chair seated two steps from him.

With his power and abilities, Sasuke managed to slow time down to a trickle so as not to let his little Hyuga wait too long for him.

For these vile women stuck here with him, it will be like an eternity that was passing.

"Let the fun begin." He told them with a slight smirk as he sat down steadily onto the throne, hands outstretched as if welcoming the lot to a party of some sorts.

A death and torture party.

“Let us go, my pet. And I will think ab- - -” The mistress tried to speak only to be slammed straight into the wall. The might and force of the illusions and his chakra choking her without his touch. Her naked body dangled, long limbs kicking and struggling uselessly until the scent of urine and defecation, rather foul and disturbing enveloped the room as she was suffocated. Her hands clawed uselessly at the invisible hands that did not exist, saliva dripping down her lips as she lost the ability to close her mouth.

The time dragged rather slowly as they all watched their supposed mistress defecate before them from being strangled. Finally, Sasuke waved his hand and she was dropped painfully onto the ground with a sharp thud almost as if she had broken a couple bones from the small fall.

His face wrinkled in disgust as the woman laid sprawled in her own feces and bodily fluids, gagging and gasping for breath, limbs jerking sporadically.

“Like I said, it’s my turn.” He bellowed out the words like a mighty king, long bangs shielding his deadly eyes from their view.

Sumi and the brown haired woman tensed when his gaze directed to them, shaking and trembling before he had even touched them.


“Take the bowl and feed it to her,” he said, commanding them with his head tipped in Qiu’s direction as the white bowl appeared to them in thin air. The substance in the bowl was clear a like to water, no scent and no color but they knew it to be otherwise. This liquid was perhaps even more deadly than any poison or toxin.

The brown haired woman was quick to grab the bowl as she did not want to anger the Uchiha and have him kill her off first. She needed to stay alive long enough to torture him and possibly using him for her own benefit before killing him off.

Sasuke smirked.

It was rather pitiful that they didn’t realize he was able to hear every single thought they had and see every move they make.

To think that they had been able to capture him.

The three women fought each other rather viciously as if they hadn’t been friends or comrades before with deft punches and hard slaps. Qiu was pitifully weaker than the other two, bulk muscles had turned to mush once the enchantment from the staff had disappeared and had been pushed to her knees with a sickening slam.

The satisfaction that filled his chest was almost inexplicable as he watched the red haired woman choke and fight, clawing weakly as the poison was forced down her throat, burning her face and lips once it touched her flesh in red and pink welts.

He could tell that Qiu was rather prideful, she would rather die than grovel or beg for mercy from him not that he cared if she begged or screamed.

She smirked fiercely, leveling him with a vicious glare of her own before the words left her bleeding mouth, “I still remember how you looked with your mouth and face covered in another man’s cum. It was just so delicious. I loved every moment of it. How did it feel to have all that semen in your mouth?”

She proceeded to laugh, sinister mocking laughter billowing from her throat.

His face remained cold to show that he was not bothered by her taunting. In fact, he was not impressed.

It was then that her face contorted in supreme pain, blood as dark as night dripped from her open mouth but she continued on with a maniacal laugh as if nothing could affect her, “Did the little Hyuga bitch kiss that- - -dirty mouth of yours knowing that she c-c-could taste a-another man on you lipss- - -”

The red haired woman gagged and barfed blood as the effects from the poison finally settled in.

The poison was eating her inside out.

The shouts and screams of horrifying pain rippled from her throat, choked and muffled as she puked out blood until a bright red puddle of her own life fluid formed beneath her body to Sasuke’s satisfaction.

Her mind was already long gone before her body started failing when he had sent her into a genjutsu far too advanced for her to ever crawl out of.

Long nails tore open her shirt before plunging straight into her stomach. She scratched her skin until it bled open, entrails slick with blood, bubbling as the poison digested in every fiber of her body.

It was mesmerizing to watch as she literally tore her skin open and dragged her internal organs out, scratching and tearing with sharp nails at the pain that filled her entire body.

He wanted to see how long would it take for her mind to catch up with her body and how many organs can she scratch out before her brain finally shut down.

The numbers seemed to increase when her nails punctured her kidney and lungs, blood making her features aghast and her body was starting to match her deep red hair.

Sasuke slid further into his chair, enjoying the show in all of it’s gruesome and grotesque glory. It was entertaining but it was missing something. Something more cruel and evil.

Tapered digits slid across each other when he snapped his fingers from the idea that formed.

The dead man’s body that the ‘mistress’ had been abusing stirred and suddenly came to life behind him. His eye’s were lifeless and zombie like as he approached the mistress in sharp jerky movements, blood raining down from his skin, dripping puddles as he walked.

The once dead man had dragged the squirming mistress up by her hair, ignoring her screeches and scream from the pain as handfuls were ripped out from her struggling. None the less, he shoved the flailing woman face first into her own defecation before taking place behind her.

Sasuke waited.

Suddenly her body tensed completely, pain flashing across her body when the loud moans had turned to shrieking, screeching so loud almost everyone could hear the pain and terror in her voice. She thrashed wildly, tried to push the corpse off of herself to no avail as the dead man’s body doubled in size, then tripled and finally quadrupled till his shadow covered her whole body. Big hands grabbed her struggling arms and legs, pulling easily like a ragged doll.

Her body eventually gave way, tearing open in the most painful of ways as she was stretched past normal capacity, fluids mixed with blood splattered onto her kicking legs.

The woman’s hip bones shattered from the force while her limbs were mercilessly torn from her body before becoming decimated under the corpse.

He played with her mind, made her unable to comprehend reality from dream when he gave her what she wanted.

In her mind, she was forced to die, over and over again as she got fucked to death. Screaming and crying for the men to stop but it was useless because there was no such thing as mercy in his world.

That word was not in his dictionary when it came to them.

Her dying body laid spasming in rigor mortise when he forced Sumi to drop to her knees before the mistress whom happened to be her birth sister, he had found out from digging through their vile minds.

He was almost giddy with the blood and gore that stained the grounds along with the thought of what he was going to make the other two do.

"Eat." He spoke plainly, almost bored with a wave of his hand like a king to his servant as his chakra choked the younger girl in its full extent.

Unable to fight back, she was bent to his will when her head bowed over.

He didn’t force her to eat her own sister.

She could have easily killed herself had she wanted to preserve any dignity she had left, but she chose to bite into the slowly dying woman’s arm.

She chose to eat her own sister instead of dying.


The girl puked up the raw flesh several times to which he forced her to lap back up from the ground and continue with her meal with slight encouragement on his part.

The time seemed to drag by now.

Livers, kidneys, lungs, skin, hair, nails, lips, eyeballs. All were devoured by the girl until her stomach had expanded pass capacity almost like a pregnant woman in her 6-7 month period.

Just like he predicted, her stomach had quickly ruptured before she could fully digest her food and the girl slumped over her sisters unrecognizable remains in death.

It had been satisfying in the beginning to torture them but somehow that feeling only lasted for a few moments before he felt nothing.

Devoid of that elation or emotion, he felt empty inside; although, he was doing exactly what he had wanted to for these past couple of weeks.

How odd.

Perhaps, it was time to return to his Hinata.

Sasuke pulled himself upright before the illusions around him shattered. The brown haired woman was cowering behind Qiu’s dead carcass, trembling and seemingly mentally impaired now as he walked pass.

His naked feet stepped over a puddle of blood that came from their bodies before his mighty chakra impaled the brown haired woman and her neck was swiftly snapped.

He had gone easy on the bitch but death was death after all.

They will pay for all of their sins in hell.

As he walked, the servants all cowered. They were all stuck in his genjutsu as he made way down the hall to his little Hyuga.

The deafening crack and snap of several necks and spinal cords followed his footsteps as he walked passed, servants of all ages falling forward as their eyes closed as if they were all bowing down to him just the way they needed to.

Moving towards the end of the hall, he let out a breath that he didn’t know that he was holding, relief being his sole feeling at the moment.

Large hands pushed the door open and his eyes swept over her feminine form. His Hyuga was trembling, face pale white while cradling her legs to her body in an almost fetal position.

Hinata had immediately recognized his aura as it enveloped over her own like a barrier of some sorts as if to protect and buffer her own. A beautiful smile bloomed on her lips when she tipped her heads upwards to meet his gaze, opalescent eyes shining.

Her bright lavender eyes met his vision and Sasuke felt his body sag. Relief and a sense of belonging caressed all of his senses just at the sight of her, as if just seeing her made all of his defenses come tumbling down.

It didn’t take him too long, Hinata mused. She didn’t know that he had managed to slow time down so that she didn’t have to wait too long.

“Is it done?” She whispered softly when he knelt down to her level, sweeping her bangs aside with a soft delicate touch before draping the silken kimono around her shoulders. Her dainty fingers grazed the soft fabric before helping him tie it around her waist and over her clothes in order to hide her slender figure from view.

“Hn.” His slight grunt made a slight pout purse over the bow of her lips at his rather short reply.

He couldn’t help the smirk of amusement that formed on his lips from her pout when his strong arms curled underneath her thighs and hefted her slim body against his chest, hugging her close to transfer his warmth to her chilled body.

She tiredly rubbed her cold cheeks into his chest to note that he actually had clothes on now. It was sort of scratchy and she missed the warmth of his skin on her own but she was too embarrassed to voice any of those thoughts. It felt almost inappropriate for her to think such things.

“Where are we going now?” She breathed out against his collarbone as he walked, maneuvering them over all the lifeless corpses now lining the halls in a mass array.

“Sleep. I will wake you when we arrive.” His mysterious reply didn’t quite surprise her when he evaded her question altogether and instead of questioning his response like she wanted, she didn’t.

She trusted him to protect her, to lead her to safety now even without knowing what the future would bring. Hinata laid her head back against his chest before long sooty lashes soon lowered over pale cheeks and covered lavender eyes from view.

The dilapidated doors creaked rather noisily when he kicked it open, watching it fall from the hinges and slam onto the dirt ground.

The moon hung high upon it’s perch and the night air was rather cool against Sasuke’s flesh. His arms automatically tightened around her slim waist when hefted her higher into his arms until her lashes tickled his collar bone.

A demonic smirk graced his lips as he carried his precious package.

And just like that, the fires of amaterasu inflamed the entire building, scorching like the conflagrations of hell in black flames that burned heady and strong.

There would be no survivors.

He had assured that.

After all, everything he needed was in his arms and there would be no regrets.

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