In The Light (SasuHina)

Chapter 13 : Fatally Wounded

Sasuke surmised, from the information that he was able to gather, that they were almost four-five days away from Konoha. The continuous travel to reach the town had been rather straining on his body. His wounds had not healed over at all like he had hoped since it seemed that those bitches watched to mar his flesh with their marks for as long as he lived.

A sneer made way to his face as he helped Hinata settle onto the bedding slowly, his body tense and alert for attack.

Although he had hoped that they would be able to rest inside the inn for the night, it seemed that they would have to leave earlier than planned. The rogue nins were not ordinary nins and from the way their eyes had followed him and Hinata, he could tell that they had recognized him if not her as well.

Everything had become eerily quiet and he could see Hinata’s shoulders stiffen, brows knitted and fingers curled into a tight fist.

There was a window to their left which he could easily use as an escape route but Hinata wouldn’t be able to escape so quickly. His shoulder briefly touched the wood before sliding the door open an inch to see into the seemingly deserted hallways.

Hinata fidgeted slightly, palms growing sweaty with nervousness at the upcoming attack. Her instincts had let her know that there was something coming; even though, she was as blind as she was. Sweat trickled down the back of her neck while lips thinned into a small line at the continued problems that followed them.

Suddenly, an array of footsteps started descending in their direction, trying to be as discreet as possible but they had already tipped off the occupants.

“Get them!” Came an angry shout when Sasuke promptly kicked the window open and grabbed Hinata’s hands. He easily lifted her up into his arms before leaping outside and onto the rooftop.

Sasuke’s specialty had always been his speed but currently he was a lot slower than he had hoped. He moved with a speed unknown to man as he jumped from rooftop to rooftop with ease, trying his hardest not to jostle Hinata any further but that was a task in itself.

The rogue nins were trailing them fairly closely, giving chase rather fervidly under the command of their leader who was closest to the couple.

With a deft kick, Sasuke landed further into the forest where there was a more suitable area to fight without damaging too many things and triggering other nins into knowing that he was there.

“Stay here.” He murmured into her ear, his warm breath ghosting across her flushed cheeks. Strong hands quickly untangled her delicate fingers from the fabric of his yukata before setting her a further ways away from the fight. With that, Sasuke flitted in a blur straight to the running nins.

The nins immediately pulled back startled by his rapid approach because they had never seen anyone move so quickly before. Perhaps even faster than the speed of light!

The leader smirked menacingly before falling back behind his group of men. The Uchiha was making it fairly easy for them, especially with how he left the blind girl unprotected behind him.

From his memory, he knew that the Uchiha was deadly quick with godly strength that was unrivaled by anyone; therefore, he needed any distraction necessary at this point. With a quick glance at the blind girl, he sent the rest of his lackeys to surround the Uchiha while he himself quickly took the other route to secure the blind little bitch.

Sasuke had noticed and frowned as they all flanked him. From what he noted there was way more than 30 of them.


His blade was quick to leave it’s sheath as he channeled his chidori into it, powering the blade and causing it to glow in blue light along with the deadly lightning of his chakra.

If they wanted to die, who was he to stop them?

All 30 or so of them charged him at once, several clone’s multiplying rapidly before his eyes. Without even a bat of his lashes his kusanagi had managed to dispel many of the clones as they disappeared in a cloud of smoke once the sword went across them.

He could tell that they were all weary of him, looking at everything except for his eyes as they already knew what could happen to them if they did.

This should be easy.

His sword easily cut them down, the screams of pain and death was almost like music to his ear; although, he preferred silence above all.

A sinister smirk bloomed across his lips, lighting his features handsomely as their blood colored his pale skin red.




Hinata stretched her palms outwards when she could feel Sasuke’s aura envelope her body until her fingers grazed the barrier that surrounded her.

He was protecting her even as he battled further away. Her heart seemed to warm at the thought, a ghost of a smile gracing her lips as she patiently waited, that was until the sound of branches snapping caught her attention.

Someone was coming towards her.

She floundered slightly in panic, slender fingers curled into a fist as she waited for them to show themselves. Her heart pumped faster, adrenaline making her hands shake. Sweat collected at her temple, sliding down to wet her brows.

“Come out of that barrier and I won’t have to hurt you...too much.” He cackled rather maliciously with a hint of arrogance and confidence. His voice was very sinister to her ears and she was not interested in hearing him talk any longer.

She couldn’t leave the barrier even if she wanted to but it was obvious he didn’t think that.

Sasuke’s barrier was meant to keep people out of it along with keeping her trapped inside of it, for her own safety after all. He always thought of the possible outcomes and everything he did was with a purpose. And Hinata trusted him with all of their decisions.

“Well, if you don’t want to come out then how about I come get you.” He ground out the words with wide mouth grinning viciously before she could hear the sound of metal grating against metal, the sound of a sword being drawn. He was in a hurry now because in the back, he could see that the Uchiha was killing off a lot of his men.

He was running out of time.

The Uchiha didn’t look up to par with all those wounds bleeding out the way they were but it seemed the bastard had a lot of chakra left. He obviously didn’t want to take any chances with that monster.

Hinata frowned deeply, lips pursed as she took a step back until she was flat against the barrier, on the other side of the man.

“L-leave, you won’t b-be able to cut the barrier down! You will only anger Sasuke more!” she tried to warn him but from his heavy foot steps coming even closer, she knew he wouldn’t heed her warning.

He was going to die a very painful death once her companion was done obliterating his group of men, she was assured of that.

“Haha! A regular sword won’t do the job right but let me introduce you to my Kusanagi no Tsurugi.” He laughed mockingly as she felt the wind change, the evil aura coming from the sword was very appalling.

Ku-Kusanagi? Sasuke’s sword, Kusanagi?

“I-Impossible.” She breathed out a sigh of disbelief, brows knitted tightly in response. This sword was not Kusanagi. The real Kusanagi was still with Sasuke.

He must be bluffing!

“You don’t look like you believe me, little bird. Let me show you its real powers!” He bellowed like a wild animal before she felt the deadly aura slam into the barrier like an onslaught of fire and lightning.

The sword connected soundly with the grating of metal against the barrier before she felt the slight crack from the top of her head. Hinata’s lips immediately tipped into a deep frown, worry marring her delicate features.


Her head whipped over to where she could feel Sasuke’s aura whip wildly around, consuming the entire area before the barrier fell around her.

Hinata quickly leaped back, crouched onto her hands and knees as the adrenaline roared in her ears.

The sword barely missed her head as she twisted to the side, blindly using her other senses to try to fight the man off when he swung the sword at her again.

The man had too much of an advantage over her. Most of her fighting skills involved close range contact but with his sword there was no way for her to get an opening.

She swallowed down a terrified yelp before dodging quickly to the left and sliding painfully across the ground. Twigs and stone dug into the palms of her hands and the back of her knees as she tried to evade the man’s attacks.

At wits end, Hinata finally attempted to call upon her chakra, forcing it out into her fingertips but failing as her own chakra snapped at her. The pain was immense as tears wet her lashes, forcing her to draw back as if her own soul was on fire.

She barely managed to flatten herself to the ground and roll to the right when the sword sliced across her shoulder and arm, leaving a trail of burning fire in it’s wake as it cut her open.

Hinata did not scream as her flesh was ripped open, not even when the fire seared her flesh and burned her skin in agonizing pain.

She was stronger than that. She would not let the enemy have the satisfaction of hearing her scream.

“S-Sasuke.” She whimpered his name fearfully and in prayer, her movement lagging as the pain from her ribs and wounds started to hurt her even more. Hinata gasped for air, chest heaving and lungs burning with each intake.

Her body spasmed uncontrollably, arms and legs shaking desperately.

“Say goodbye, sweetheart.” He laughed gleefully, watching her turn herself and crawl pitifully on the ground, trying to get away from him while bleeding out in large amounts.

With that slight farewell to her, he dragged the sword upwards over his head, ready to cut Hinata down.




From the corner of his eye, Sasuke had seen the leader of the group approach his barrier as he tried to fight off the swarm of circling rogues.

The rogue nins hadn’t even been able to land a hit on him but they were very good at forcing his hand. They were mainly trying to keep him at bay, distracting him as they kept forming clones to fight him. Perhaps they were trying to buy time for their leader to approach his barrier.

Damn it.

He quickly sheathed his sword and brought his thumb up to his mouth, biting into the flesh until he could taste his own blood fill his mouth.

The hand signs were quickly weaved together before he slammed his hand onto the ground. The glowing circle quickly called to his snake summon, Aoda, before any of them can come close to him.

“Get rid of them.” He commanded darkly as the snake did as he was told, long tail swiping many clones and destroying them in a matter of seconds. Many of the nins quickly tried to stop his descent but he had immediately cut down any in his way with the speed that none of them can stop or comprehend.

Sasuke’s head snapped back to Hinata when he noticed his barrier was being beaten down before finally de-materializing in a show of sparks and light like the cracking of glass.

Sasuke’s chakra burned wildly as he flashed to where the leader was, aura a mass of wild and dark energy, lusting after blood and death. The tall man held a blazing sword in his hands, a sword that strangely resembled his kusanagi except for the fact that it channeled fire instead of lightning.

The blade itself had a very sinister aura as it embedded itself into Hinata’s abdomen, sending her tumbling backwards onto the ground and pinned there as it cut through.

The man remain unfazed when Sasuke stepped towards them, even as the last Uchiha’s snake summon was killing off every single one of his henchmen.

The fake kusanagi dripped with Hinata’s blood, staining the ground in rivulets when the man violently twisted it in her gut before ripping it out cruelly.

Sasuke’s vision bled red.

“This blind girl is important to you, right?” The man asked, a sinister smile formed on his lips, stained teeth peeking out as he grinned almost maniacally in victory.

He swiped his sword against his clothed thigh to remove some of the skin and blood off of the glorious object before clucking his tongue at the blood now staining his pants.

“You will die for touching what is mine.” Sasuke snarled out the words, moving much faster than the speed of light even with his wounded condition.

The man raised the sword to defend when the Uchiha’s hand grabbed onto the sharp blade, trapping it effectively in his hands before the resounding crack signaled the break across the metal surface. His burnt flesh smoked from touching the blade, sizzling gruesomely but his face remained set in anger and rage, never flinching at the pain that enveloped his hands.

Sasuke effortlessly tossed the top half of the sword away from him, chakra forming an angry barrier around his body.

The older male dropped what was left of the sword, backing away quickly before he was backhanded straight into a tree. His body slammed into the trunk before pitifully gliding to the ground in a mass of hair and limbs.

Before he could even get back up, the Uchiha bastard’s bare feet slammed onto his head, crushing his skull violently beneath his feet.

“I’m glad I killed the bitch!” He managed to spit out, blood dripping in between the cracks of his teeth to gush down his face.

Sasuke wanted him to suffer, to beg for mercy as he tore him limb from limb but as his foot stepped more heavily onto his skull, the crack and splinter of his bone was almost satisfying until his foot met air.

The body disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

A clone.

Sasuke almost roared in anger. The rage was evident on his face until he heard Hinata’s slow painful whimper, her lungs collapsing in on itself as she gasped for air.

Spinning around on his heels, he immediately dropped to her broken body, the puddle of blood forming underneath her flaccid form was shocking to him.

A medic.

He needed a fucking medic!

Where was one when he needed one?

“Aoda!” He bellowed to his snake summon who was currently still playing with its prey before finally quickly killing them off when his master called for him.

Bunching up the fabric of the silken kimono, Sasuke immediately tried to put pressure on her bleeding wound before ripping off the white cotton that covered her eyes to gauge her reaction.

Her eyes had already fallen closed, brows knitted tightly in pain as she whimpered in agony, fighting for her life as she breathed, breath coming out in short choking pants.

“Don’t you dare die on me, Hinata!” His heart pinched tightly as he delicately cradled her slim body to him.

Her lids fluttered, crimson blood dripping down her chin before her lavender eyes met his gaze.

"Hn.” She grunted softly, a pained smile staining her lips as she attempted to joke even in her agony.

“Master Sasuke!” Aoda slithered quickly to the two before his master fully picked up the rapidly dying woman and jumped onto the top of the snake summons head.

Sasuke knelt down over the summon’s scales to prop Hinata against his body and protect her against the wind, holding her tightly against him.

“Take me to Konoha!”

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