In The Light (SasuHina)

Chapter 14 : Saved

It was past midnight when Aoda had finally breached the borders of Konoha. Sasuke couldn’t use his chidori’s lightning speed in fear of damaging Hinata more and so they could only rely on Aoda and Garuda throughout the trip. They had made the trip within a day with unearthly quick travel instead of the four had Sasuke not used every last bit of his chakra to boost the speed.

His eyes were bleeding from the strain; even though, they had taken occasional breaks to recuperate and feed his wounded companion. Hinata couldn’t barely chew the food he had fed her, mostly drifting in and out of consciousness with that forced smile on her lips to appease him even as she laid hurting.

She was too pale in his arms now, trembling from the cold even when he had engulfed her in his warmth. Her skin was turning far too cold to be considered normal and he feared that she wouldn’t make it. Just the thought of it made his stomach turn.

He had cauterized her wounds several times, burning her already seared flesh closed with his fire abilities but she failed to recover after that.

She was dying and he couldn’t do anything about it. It was just like when his parents were killed right before his eyes.

But he couldn’t just sit by and watch her die in his arms.

This was the woman who had willingly cleaned off his wounds first, even when her own was bleeding out. The one who had begged those wretched women to leave him alone even when they had beaten her violently and had cried for hours on end for his sake. The same woman who had stayed by him even when he was forced to engage in debaucherous acts and whose kiss and touch erased every bit of shame and humiliation from his mind and body.

He will not stand by and watch her die.

His fist clenched tightly, hugging her gently against his taut body.

Aoda had stopped abruptly at the gates when Sasuke quickly jumped off of the giant snake summon who was quick to disappear so that they would not attract too much unwanted attention. He knew for certain that the guards would be trading off shifts at this time when he finally encountered the new anbu who was guarding. The young male seemed slightly surprise, dark eyes wide at the sight of the last Uchiha, mouth opened to shout when said anbu made the worst mistake of looking into the red tinted eyes.

The genjutsu wrapped around him like a blanket and the guard turned around, went to his station for look out as if he never saw the last Uchiha or the bundle wrapped in his arms.

He was running out of time.

Sasuke had quickly scaled the walls, bare bleeding feet slapping over rooftop after rooftop. The town remained quiet and still as he prowled over it until he finally reached the Hokage tower.

Hinata had remained quiet with the occasional whimpers of pain when he jostled her too much, her breathing labored and raspy against his skin in warm exhales. His stealth easily made the climb faster but physically he was strained from the travel and the lack of chakra. With a deft kick, the window shattered in an array of glass when he jumped through.

The glass fragments had embedded itself into his legs and feet but he continued to walk through the dark office till he reached the ending hall that was adjourned by another door way.

Torches dimly lit the way when Sasuke kicked the door open. The wooden door slammed into the wall, shattering the silence of the room like the sound of a gong inside of a peaceful shrine.

There sitting up upon the bed was his previous sensei, the Hokage of Konohagakure, Kakashi Hatake.

The older male’s dark eyes caught Sasuke’s own, disheveled from sleep but quick to sharpen and zoom in on the previous pupil who was unexpectedly standing in his room with a large bundle of dark silk in his bleeding arms.

Kakashi couldn’t quite process what it was that he was seeing. Why was his star pupil, who was supposed to be out of town for god knows how long, in his room? Especially in the midst of night beaten, battered, and bleeding like he was with that giant bundle in his arms.

“Sasuke?” The older man was confused when the dark figure bent down, kneeling on his floor with a puddle of blood forming on the once pristine surface in shocking amounts.

"Get up." Sasuke brusquely ordered before slowly lowering the figure wrapped lightly in the silken fabric onto the ground and up against his chest.

The older male quickly removed himself from the comfort of his bed, silk sheets sliding off before a candle was quickly lit. The room was suddenly bathed in blinding light and all the shadows were chased away. Only the three occupants remained.

“Who- -?” Kakashi watched in mild confusion as Sasuke quickly unwrapped the petite figure in his arms, steady fingers careful even as he meticulously worked.

Before long, tresses of black silken hair was brushed tenderly out of the way and a set of dainty feminine hands curled around Sasuke’s forearm in a soft shaky hold.

The care and delicate handling of the petite woman didn’t go unnoticed by the older man.

Her long sooty lashes fluttered before nearly white opalescent orbs peered up blindly at him, hazy and pained. The bruised feminine face was scrunched in agony, porcelain pale skin blotted with maroon colored blood centered in the abdomen and having dried over several times onto her skin since her shirt was barely covering essentials from view.

"Hinata?" Kakashi breathed out in disbelief before shooting a suspicious glare at his previous pupil and was stopped with a harsh glare back.

“She needs a medic! Call Tsunade here now!” Sasuke stated hastily, his words left no room for arguments as the older male quickly summoned his messenger hawk and sent a quick message to be relayed in the next passing moments.

The minutes ticked by but the wait was agonizing for Sasuke.

“She would be more comfortable on the bed, Sasuke,” Kakashi said slowly. The older male moved closer to the couple stationed on his floor in an attempt to help ease the girl off of Sasuke but was forced to immediately still when dark eyes flashed red, shooting daggers with a glare his way.

“She will not be moved,” he retorted at the slightly stunned older man. Kakashi was used to Sasuke’s hostility and lack of kindness or warmth but the finality in his voice and the pointed look that was sent his way, said that if the older male even attempted to touch the girl, he will be killed. Kakashi didn’t want to die just quite yet.

The young male turned his gaze away from Kakashi when he felt Hinata’s body trembling almost like in a seizure as she clung to him, fighting death at every inhale and exhale. He had memorized every single beat of her heart, every breath that she breathed throughout the time that they had been together. He knew, somehow, he knew that if he was to shift her around she would not make it.

Where the fuck is that old lady?

Kakashi gave a sigh of defeat before heading into the restroom to clean up and dress himself properly, seeing as there was not much he could do for Hinata. The fact that Sasuke was holding a death grip on her and was shooting daggers from his eyes was not helping anything.

However, the older male could see how exhausted the younger Uchiha was, how heavy the burden on his shoulders crushed him yet he remained upright protecting the delicate Hinata Hyuga.

Kakashi didn’t understand what had happened but he could clearly see the bonds and attachment that had formed between the two that had not been there before.

It was almost unbelievable what he was seeing.

Finally, almost 10 minutes later, the blonde haired woman dressed in a sleeping kimono made way in. Her sharp eyes glanced at the couple stationed on the floor, bleeding puddles where a certain Uchiha crouched over a severely wounded woman, strong arms caged around the trembling form almost like protective vices.

An alarm suddenly went off in her head.

The pale face looked familiar until she saw a peek of grey lavender misty orbs.


Tsunade’s eyes widened slightly in disbelief when she noticed that it was the missing Hyuga heiress entangled in the last Uchiha’s arms.

What the hell is going on?

“This isn’t the time for staring,” Sasuke roughly said, snapping the blonde woman out of her musings.

She quickly dropped down by the couple, pushing the silken fabric aside to assess the crudely burnt and swollen skin. Tsunade slightly cringed at the horrific sight.

“What happened?” She questioned rather professionally before her palms glowed with green healing energy over Hinata’s abdomen, forcing the chakra around her fingertips and into the young girl’s slowly dying body.

“She was stabbed by a sword that was similar to kusanagi,” he replied, watching as Hinata’s body finally calmed, eyes closed almost as if she was sleeping peacefully but he knew otherwise.


Kakashi’s eyebrow rose in disbelief, several unanswered questions wanting to breach past his lips. For instance, how did Sasuke come into contact with the missing Hyuga heiress and how far have these intimate bonds progressed?

“4 broken ribs, 2 crushed internal organs, several major head wounds, and a fatal stab wound - -how did she even survive this?” The older woman muttered to herself, counting off all the injuries before meeting Sasuke’s unwavering eyes.

Hinata was a lot stronger than what people made her out to be. Sasuke knew that for a fact.

“We have to move her to the hospital,” Tsunade stated, the glow of the healing palms disappearing in a flash. There was too much damage for her to treat the Heiress here, she needed more help and a lot more equipment.

“You will not move her. She will be treated here,” he bluntly said, his aura whipping wildly around his wounded form, ready to strike if necessary.

“Sasuke that’s not- --” Kakashi voiced in concern, noticing the hostility in his former pupils taut body. Hard muscles were tensed, back straight and Sasuke looked ready to attack if they didn’t conform to him.

“If you move her, she will die," he stated bluntly, daring them to question his words and he knew either would not dare to. Hinata’s hands slid down his arm to catch his clenched fist, as if she could feel his rising emotions and wanted to reassure him with just a simple touch. He tangled their stained fingers together, watching as their blood mixed together as one.

If anyone with eyes looked at the two, they wouldn’t see anything amiss but with her trained abilities, Tsunade could see how their aura intertwined and even, dare she say it, completely merged into one, moving in synchronization with one another.

It was as if the two were so in tuned with each other that their auras had recognized the others and had bonded together like they were breathing the same air, like their heart was beating the same beat.


Kakashi cleared his throat and caught her attention again.

“Get Sakura and Shizune for me, I’m going to need all the help I can get,” Tsunade finally stated before the older male once again sent out a summoning hawk as requested.

Her hands once again glowed in healing light before she gestured for Sasuke to fully lay Hinata onto her back.

The minutes ticked by before Hinata’s heart rate calmed and remained constantly beating as she was healed, wounds stitching back together slowly, albeit surely.

His shoulders relaxed, dropping heavily as he felt more than saw her relief from the pain and agony. With that, he backed away, shards of glass digging further into his feet before he leaped back out of the window and disappeared with Kakashi shouting his name into the night.

The last Uchiha had quickly made way back from where he came into Konoha, past the guard who was still stuck in his genjutsu and out of town.

He had managed to travel at least another twenty miles away, as far away from that town as he could, before his feet collapsed under him.

The tall glades of grass grew almost pass his thighs as he glanced around the empty uninhibited forest, blood staining the ground. He stumbled onto his back, dark charcoal colored eyes flashing before his eyelids quickly closed in relief.

She was in safe hands now, that was all that mattered.

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