In The Light (SasuHina)

Chapter 17 : His Revelations


Sasuke grunted lightly before dragging himself upright, thrusting the sheets off of his body as he glanced around into the darkness, his eyes flashed red before he caught the shadow of a woman enter the room. His entire body hardened, muscles immediately tensing as he took the defensive. No woman can be trusted, no one except for Hinata.

“Whoa there, just rest for a bit,” the woman muttered, voice vaguely familiar as she lit the candle to drown the room in light as he winced and momentarily closed his eyes.

“Damn, Sasuke, what happened?” the red haired woman asked, setting down a cup of water on the table to his left as she readjusted her glasses and frowned down at him with concern shining in her eyes.

It had been almost three days now since Suigetsu had found him toppled over the entrance of their hideout. He had been unconscious and severely wounded. How he had even managed to find the hide out itself was a rather remarkable feat especially since they had reinforced the barriers several times.

After dragging his body inside, Karin had immediately examined him to find the large amounts of wounds littering his flesh, some were seriously infected and there were others that were rotting away. He had chunks of flesh missing from his thighs and back that had swelled like no other and seemed to have been caused by some sort of animal that had bitten him.

Someone had hurt him to this degree, several someone’s that left bite marks all over his body.

Karin shivered unconsciously in awareness.

It had taken them several hours to get him to bite into her arm to which activated her healing powers, but with the severity of his wounds, the healing itself had taken a lot longer than she had expected and her chakra had drained down next to nothing.

He had healed completely but that blank look on his stony face made her think otherwise.

Sasuke slowly picked up the cup and brought it to his dry lips, taking a long chug before emptying the cup of its content. Karin had quickly poured him another cup to which he had immediately drank before his eyes had caught onto the fairly white scar on his forearm where indents of teeth mark had caused the slight mar.

“Get me a kunai,” he finally said, inspecting his flesh for the marks that were fairly hard to see on his pale complexion, but to him, they were a constant reminder of the sins made against him.

Karin tipped her head downwards before procuring a kunai from her pouch and swiftly handed it to the fairly stony Uchiha.

He was starting to scare her.

His hands had clutched said kunai with a tight hold, his knuckles white from the pressure before he dug it into the flesh of his healed forearm, ripping the skin open and slicing around the scar.

“What are you doing? Stop!” Karin literally screamed into his face as his blood started to stain the sheets red in rivulets. The kunai easily sliced through the healed flesh until the bite wound on his inner thigh was chunked out and off of his body and still he was not satisfied.

He could still feel them on his skin!

His hands didn’t even tremble as he continued to assault his own flesh, removing all the bite marks and branded words they had burned into his flesh.

Sweat beaded across his brow as he continued to remove their marks from his body, slow pants for air breaching the silence of the room as his previous team mate watched him with her mouth agape in horror and shock.

He must have gone crazy!

“Suigetsu! Suigetsu! Come and hold him down!” Karin shouted as the bulky man quickly stomped in, eyes wide in confusion as he watched his team leader cut himself open all over.

The glare that Sasuke sent them had stopped both in their tracks, watching in bewilderment as he continued to hurt himself over and over again.

Unable to reach his back he held the kunai out towards the red haired woman, forcing her to help him with a sharp glare from his reddened eyes that spurred her into action.

She was slightly sickened as she quickly tried to cut out the marks on his back and not once had he voiced any discomfort yet she knew it to be agonizing. After almost 20 minutes they had finally finished the grueling work before she held out her arm for him to bite into once again.

Her chakra level spiked before dropping dramatically as the minutes passed and his wounds gradually started to heal shut in a matter of time.

Once done, Sasuke tossed her arm away from him, swallowing down the bile that arose deep in his throat at the memories that surfaced before his eyes, almost like a movie being replayed over and over again.

“Sasuke,” Karin whispered, fingers reaching out to touch him, to comfort him when he turned away from her hands and glared at her with dark colored eyes.

“Don’t.” His voice rasped, a deep baritone that reverberated in the room. He couldn’t stand the thought of any woman touching him now, it disgusted him and the bile continued to form in his throat at just the thought of them close to him.

Karin seemed taken a back, eyes wide at the disgusted and repugnant look that he was giving her. He acted as if she was poisonous, vile, foul, or something extremely toxic to the touch!

“Get out,” he finally voiced with an icy cold countenance as his chest heaved from restraint. There was a slight pause but the two of them did not want to go against his orders. Karin and Suigetsu quickly backed away and slid the door closed, eyeing him in concern before leaving him to sort through his thoughts.

The room was soon encased in peaceful silence.

Sasuke’s hands trembled in the aftermath, his shoulders dropping as he traced the new barely see able scar that he had caused. His skin had smoothed over, knitted shut and closed but somehow he could still feel the sting of pain and the hurt of humiliation in his body.


Yet somehow those thoughts were easily dispelled with an image of lavender and alabaster.

He had remembered traveling for almost 5 days away from Konoha, searching for a healer but many had recognized him and had refused service even when he had threatened to hurt them. They had called him a monster, a beast without a heart and would rather die than help him after everything that he had done over the years.

Instead of resting, he had traveled on until he reached the Sound and found Orochimaru’s hide out in search of Karin before his body shut down on him.

The only people he knew that would be willing to heal him had been in Konoha and he would rather bleed to death than stay another minute in that wretched town.

He had not wanted to leave Hinata there but there was nothing he could do otherwise. Even when he had set her down, her hands still held a death grip on his sleeve and it had taken everything he had to walk away. His chest still stung from the memory.

Sasuke knew that she couldn’t possibly understand his extreme hatred for the town. The memories wrought more disgust and self loathing than ever when he remembered what had happened to his family.

He had failed his family and his honor. It was an indefinite stain on his soul that could never be removed.

As the time progressed, the thought of Konoha didn’t bring him indefinite hatred like it once had. Time had managed to dispel it. The need to destroy the town and it’s inhabitants had also gradually died down because it currently housed something that belonged to him. He didn’t care for the town or the many people there other than one person.


Eventually, he would have to return to Konoha, to rebuild his clan and restart that which was once forgotten. He couldn’t let his family name remain buried beneath all of that blood and dirt, he refused to let that happen.

But for now he would remain here, following his own vendetta until the need to go back was too strong, until the need to see her was too strong.

She was better off in Konoha anyways, away from him, away from the hurt and the pain.




“Sasuke, we got a lead,” Suigetsu announced, dragging a struggling Karin behind him as they approached their quiet inscrutable leader. He was always quiet before but there was something oddly unsettling about him now. His odd dislike towards women that he had before could not exceed the current dislike, the current extreme hatred like they are his worst enemy. Even Karin could not step too close to him without his hackles rising to the point of maniacally attacking. It was crucial to say that something had definitely changed about him and they didn’t know if it was good or bad.

How was he going to rebuild his clan if he disliked women so much? Was the Uchiha clan going to disappear after Sasuke?

That would be too disappointing.

“They said the bastard was sighted entering Shukuba,” Karin continued, warily watching him as goosebumps prickled on her flesh at the empty look in Sasuke’s eyes. She stood nearly 3 yards away from him, leaving a giant gap between them because she knew better now than get too close.

“Let’s go,” he grunted out before jumping off of the branch that he was perched on to land right next to them.

He wouldn’t be Sasuke Uchiha if he didn’t kill the bastard who had hurt something that was his. Revenge had always been his specialty after all.

Karin and Suigetsu followed behind him as they quickly started towards the town.

The group didn’t have to travel very far before they spotted the man leaving a brothel with his arms around two oirans of the pleasure district, a greasy grin imprinted on his face. Sasuke leapt down from the rooftop like the death god descending to the earth, his dark cape creating a shadow around him.

Almost immediately the man had recognized him, eyes slightly wide in panic before quickly being replaced by fake bravado. The sweat that dripped down his face said the complete opposite of what the man was trying to seem.

“Uchiha bastard! You saved me the trouble of hunting you down!” The man laughed, shoving the two women aside before drawing the sword that was almost a twin to Sasuke’s own kusanagi. The people had already known to back away after catching sight of the monster known as Sasuke Uchiha. They didn’t dare come close knowing that he could kill all of them off before they could even scream.

“Just to let you know, Uchiha, my kusanagi has gotten some new upgrades,” the man said cockily with a tilt of his head and a vicious smirk on his face.

Karin scoffed.

She didn’t know if this man was stupidly brave or far too dense to realize what it meant to fight head on with an Uchiha who was at full power. He probably wouldn’t even last 5 minutes, especially since that rather murderous aura had wrapped around Sasuke like a second skin.

This guy was dead meat.

True to her words, not even two seconds after the mans declaration did Sasuke dart forward, quicker than the strike of lightning and their swords clashed. Fire slammed against lightning as the two dueled in an array of light that blinded anyone that was still nearby.

The kusanagi was strong.


But the wielder had to be stronger.

With brute force, Sasuke forced the man to step backwards before pulling back and with a fast swing, the fake kusanagi was cut right in half. The man’s right arm was sliced to strips with the strength of his channeled chidori. Skin melted off of flesh and fell in ribbons until bone was all that was left. The man fell backwards, screaming in agony before Sasuke’s sharingan flashed bright red, trapping him in a far too advanced genjutsu for him to ever be released from.

In that realm, Sasuke made sure to leave him mentally incapacitated, stabbing him over and over again in a multitude of ways like how the man had stabbed Hinata, only one hundred times worse than that.

He would be dead before the next hour passed.

And none dared to approach to help the man, all trembling at the pile of skin, bones and blood that laid on the dirt ground in front of them.

Just like that, Sasuke leapt backwards and high up into the air until his feet landed upon the brothels rooftop, his team following quickly behind his footsteps.

There would be no mercy.




The months had gradually passed by for him, slowly drawling until the days blended together and the scenery blurred to nothing except for glassy lavender, alabaster skin, and beautiful petal pink lips.

He was going crazy.

Somehow his brain would not stop procuring pictures of her in his head, of her bright smile, her pretty face and her shining lavender eyes.

When had she started to invade all of his thoughts?

There was this infinite need to see her that built up in him like an overfilling river threatening to consume him. A strange need to know that she was safe and protected when indeed he knew that the only one capable of adequately keeping her safe and protected would be him.

Only him.

Her so called team mates were far too weak to keep her safe. They had let her get taken by those vile women and tossed into the same cell as him for the duration of almost 3 weeks, yet not one soul had come to save her.

Was she not the important heiress of the Hyuga clan?

His hands clenched lightly, remembering the stories she had told him about her cold-hearted father, smiling even though she looked ready to cry with how her own father had treated her, his own flesh and blood.

It vaguely reminded him of himself, of how he had always tried to please his own father but to no avail.

Her father would only break her down until there was nothing left of her. He couldn’t let them do that to her because he knew what it felt like to be compared to another and finding yourself never measuring up to them.

He was never good enough because Itachi was always better.

Sasuke had worked hard, even at a young age, to gain his father’s approval; even though, that was impossible. He had always known that he would never be able to escape his brother’s shadow, it was impossible without killing the older sibling and eventually, he did.

Out of all of the people in his life that looked down at him, feared him, hated him, Hinata was the only one to truly understand him without words.

Hinata had never belittled him, she never made him feel degraded or inferior even when she had witnessed his fall from grace. She never looked at him with anything other than adoration and respect even when she had witnessed all of his moments of shame and humiliation.

What were these feelings that she had caused to arise in him?

With a prolonged sigh, he slouched backwards while strong tapered fingers combed through his wild hair as he relaxed into the bedding.

He wanted an answer to those questions yet none had come to him no matter the time that passed.

The only way to find out would to be to return to her.

Sasuke had never been one to deny himself of anything. What he wanted he took and it didn’t matter who or what stood in his way.

Just like that, his decision had been made.

He was going to return to Konoha, the home town that he had left behind for so long just for one Hinata Hyuga.

He was Sasuke Uchiha, if he wanted something then by the gods he would have it. Once he had his eyes set on a goal, he always succeeded to reach it no matter the consequences.

If he wanted a certain lavender eyed Hyuga then she would be his. Not even Hinata herself would be able to keep him away.

After all, she belonged to him now. Her promise to remain by his side would be her bond to him until he released her from it, which would be improbable because once she was his, he would never let her go.

Because there would be no other.

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