In The Light (SasuHina)

Chapter 20 : Back

Long blue black hair waved in the wind when the ex-heiress jumped from tree to tree in her rush for speed.

Her silken kimono was no longer neat and tidy like it had been minutes before her ascent into the trees. There were long scratches that marred the surface of the once pristine silk from long branches that had caught when she ran past. Several tears started to appear when the delicate fabric had brushed sharp thorns and jagged branches.

She had barely avoided tripping over an overgrown bush to leap back into a tall tree when the corner of the kimono dragged her back forcefully until the fold tore from the intensity of her leap. Hinata was quickly reminded why ninja’s didn’t wear kimonos or nice clothes on missions or fights. The fact that she was running in this heavy kimono made it even harder than it needed to be. Her bare feet were already scratched and scuffed from the long run and force for speed. Hinata didn’t care for all of the scratches and cuts that appeared on herself and the expensive clothing because all of her attention was focused solely on one person.

Sasuke Uchiha.

The closer she got to the source of her excitement, the more frantically her heart palpitated.

Nothing could stop her now.

As Hinata reached a small meadow just along the out skirts of Konoha, she could feel his entire aura caress along her own before she could actually see him. The reassurance and knowledge that he was here now made her mind come to a complete halt.

The dark shadowed figure that stood underneath the afternoon sun caught her complete attention and the sound of the slight breeze and her gaspy breathing was all that she could hear. His whole body was engulfed in black and Hinata felt her heart stutter a beat at just the outline of his body.

This was the first time that her eyes laid onto his masculine form.

The first time that she could actually see him.

Sasuke was very tall with a slim build that made a lot of people overlook his strength but Hinata knew better. The dark clothes hid his extremely built physique underneath them. Strong biceps, hard abs, and broad shoulders were carefully concealed from prying eyes. Hinata knew he liked his privacy more than any other male she knew and somehow she liked it that way.

By the time she came to a stand still, Hinata was shaking terribly. She opened her eyes wide to memorize everything that she saw and her heart seemed to skip a beat when he turned his head to her.

Time slowed.

Hinata deemed this to be the most, if not the only, happiest moment of her life.

Black eyes that were vast and mesmerizing caught her vision first. Sasuke was extremely handsome, she mused as the heat started to climb up her neck and to her cheeks.

Her lungs seemed to collapse at just the sight of him, just at the thought of him being here within reach.

He looked like a dark God with the power to render her helpless with just one look her way. She traced his face with her eyes, marveling at his masculine and sharp jawline, tall aristocratic nose, thin pale lips and high cheekbones. Hinata could see the slight stubble forming on his chin, along with how weary and tired he looked. Perhaps, it was from long travel or lack of sleep, Hinata wasn’t too sure.

What had he been up to for so long?

Hinata lost her footing, plummeting downwards like a falling bird from the sky to her extreme embarrassment.

Why was she always such a klutz in front of him? If she wasn’t falling over, she would be getting beaten down or sobbing like a mess in front of him. It seemed like he was always seeing her at her worst. When could she actually manage to look her best in front of him?

Rolling around, Hinata quickly managed to land on her feet before Sasuke could come to her rescue, cheeks blushed red in frustration at herself.

Hinata quickly patted down the long kimono and her crazy hair, preening herself for him when she didn’t even know why she had to do that. He’s already seen all of her worst moments and still chose to come to her so that had to mean something, right? Him coming back was all that mattered to her and just the thought of that made her chest feel warm.

They stood barely 3 yards apart, staring at each other with an unwavering gaze. Neither wanted to breach the comfortable silence and Hinata was torn between deciding what the first thing she wanted to tell him was. There was too many things that she wanted to tell him!

Sasuke could feel the corner of his lips quirk, a mock smirk when he actually wanted to smile. Her cheeks had blushed endearingly, long lashes covering lavender eyes from his view in her embarrassment when she bit down on her bottom lip slightly in nervousness.

Hinata loved his smirk.

It made him seem even more playful and mischievous compared to the emotionless expression that was on his face before she showed up.

“Sasuke,” she whispered. Hinata feared disrupting this magical moment between them, eyes bright as they glitter before his vision like white pearls.

She could see him now.

The tears shimmered and wet her sooty lashes in crystalline drops that tremble like the ripples in the ocean. She didn’t know why she was crying but it surely wasn’t because she was sad.

They were obviously tears of happiness.

“Still so clumsy even with your vision back, Hinata,” he stated the words lazily, deep voice gravelly and husky to her ears like velvet or silk.

How many nights had she dreamt of hearing his voice again, of feeling his warmth so close to her?

Her hands itched to reach out and touch him, to make sure he was real and in front of her instead of just a dream that she had weaved. How many times had she envisioned his features, wove a genjutsu to see him again?

Hinata came even closer, a soft hopeful smile on her lips that seemed to brighten her whole face. Her wide happy smile caused her wide pretty eyes to form crescents, making her seem even more ethereal. She took a step forwards, kimono separating as she walked to show delicate ankles and pale moon kissed skin peeking out at every step.

How could she have been so blinded by Naruto that she completely overlooked a man like Sasuke?

Hinata couldn’t believe that those lips were the same ones she had kissed and those arms were the same ones that had held her for nights on end. Before her mind could catch up with her body, she had practically leapt into his arms in smooth practiced movements as if she had done this hundreds of times. Perhaps during the time they were together, she has probably hugged him more times than she count.

Her slim arms wrapped around his waist, hugging him intimately to her petite body to feel his warmth seep through the thick kimono and to her skin. Hinata’s delicate tapered fingers clutched his dark shirt, afraid he would push her away. And even if he pushed her away, she would still cling tightly to him and hang on because she didn’t want it any other way.

He was just as warm and comforting as she remembered and she couldn’t help the pleased sigh that left her soft lips on immediate contact.

“I missed you,” she whispered, tipping her head upwards to gaze at his face with an endearing and adorable expression on her face that seemed to melt away the bit of iciness still left inside of him at the thought of anyone touching him. Her touch did not disgust him like many others had, instead, it felt as if she was cleaning away every bit of dirt and abasement off of his skin. She made him feel light and clean again, as if those disgusting women’s touch had never marred his flesh to begin with.

“Hn.” He grunted a familiar reply as she grinned impishly. She hadn’t expected him to say the words back but just that slight grunt seemed to mean that he felt the same or at least she wanted it to.

His dark gaze seemed to make her skin tingle and Hinata suddenly realized that she adored everything about him.

His handsome face, rugged appearance, and even the many scars that littered his body. The nights that they laid together, her fingers had always trailed to the marks on his body, tracing them unconsciously as if to ease the pain he must have felt. Her fingers would run along his flesh over and over again and Hinata itched to do the same thing once more.

Suddenly, Sasuke pulled Hinata closer until her blushed cheeks pressed against his chest, almost as if he regretted being unable to bring her even closer to him, if that was even possible. Her long lashes fanned across her cheeks, soft button nose rubbing against the cotton of his shirt and she inhaled his fresh scent. Open forest and rain, lightning, smoke, and the burn of fire tingled against her flesh and coated her entire being.

She had missed this more than anything in the world.

Sasuke smirked, watching her pretty pink lips part in a happy sigh against his chest, long dark lashes fluttering appreciatively against his skin as if being in his arms was her sanctuary, her only happy place.

It seemed she really did miss him like how he had constantly thought of her. Like how just the thought of her made his heart beats uneven, made him lose that control of his rising emotions like a teenage boy with a forbidden crush on his teacher. No one has ever made him feel like she has and he doubted that there would ever be anyone else that could make him feel this way.

Hinata tipped her head back and said something to him but the words seemed to be lost to him. Her lips glistened in his vision, plump and firm, soft and sweet. They called to him when she had lifted her head to grin up at him and he could see his image replicate in her shimmering eyes like a shining mirror. Then, she pouted prettily up at him, pausing in between her words when she realized that he wasn’t paying attention. Just one look into his eyes and onto his face and she could tell that his mind was elsewhere.

What could he be thinking of while he was holding her?

Sasuke smirked slightly at her cute pout and was tempted to pinch her blushed cheeks.

He really couldn’t resist her after all.

With that last thought, Sasuke dipped his head downwards and enveloped Hinata’s pouting lips with his own. At first, softly and delicately as if to savor the feeling of his lips against hers. He wanted to memorize the softness of her lips and the sweetness of her taste for as long as he could because he feared it would be taken away from him.

His warm tongue smoothed across the surface of her soft bottom lip, nibbling it to encourage Hinata to part her lips for him and she smiled into his lips before her own plump one’s easily parted enough for his tongue to enter.

His warm calloused hands found her jaw, lifting her head upwards for easier access to her soft warm mouth and he felt the time stop moving at this exact moment. Sasuke’s tongue tangled with her own, battling hers with a passionate fiery that left her chest aching for more. The wet erotic sounds of their lips meeting caused Hinata’s cheeks to flush but that did not stop her from reciprocating his kiss.

Soon, their breaths came out slightly harsher, mouths melded together in a dance as old as time.

And Hinata could feel her lips tingle, breasts heaving as she lost track of reality. She could barely even remember her own name; none the less, where she currently was. Her whole thought process had been consumed by Sasuke and she didn’t want it any other way.

Sasuke was kissing her so passionately that she was left breathless, clinging to him bonelessly as she gasped for breath when he finally let go of her mouth. This was way more different from their kisses before because she could feel his feelings, his urgency and his passion like a fire burning infinitely between them.

Hinata knew for certain that she was kissing him back with just the same fervor and urgency, pressing her body against his until there were no gaps between them because she couldn’t stand to be apart from him.

She parted her lips to pant for breath when she felt Sasuke kiss the corner of her mouth, sweeping his tongue across her tingling lips until the unconscious moan had poured from her kiss swollen lips like a prayer. Before she could say anything, Sasuke had firmly pressed his mouth back to hers in another passionate kiss.

Their bodies moved in unison, arms wrapped tightly around each other, and mouth firmly attached under the warm glowing afternoon sun.

What a wonderful ′welcome back′ gift.




The tree yards away from them rustled when Hinata’s comrades came to a stand still.

Shino and Kiba had noticed that Hinata was missing moments ago and they had immediately went to search for her. They were afraid that Hinata would get too depressed and do something she would regret. Both men did not want anything to happen to their dearest comrade, neither could stand just the thought of her hurting.

The bugs that Shino sent out were frantic, searching every nook and cranny for the ex-heiress before catching scent of her traveling at intense speeds towards the outskirts of Konoha.

They had found her.

Shino and Kiba had quickly trailed the young woman, chasing relentlessly until they came to a stand still at the absolutely stunning turn of events before them.

The shocking scene before the two males had them completely frozen in disbelief and terror.

Shino and Kiba could barely conceal their sharp intake of air when they noticed who it was standing in front of their innocent team mate.

Uchiha Sasuke. The lethal and dangerous nin whose name brought fear and terror to many out there.

The tall male with a murderous aura that could not be contained was only a couple of feet away from their comrade! The feeling of death, decay and blood poured from the male in rivulets and they both feared that he would attack.

Before they could even comprehend what it was that they were seeing, both males watched their pale eyed comrade jump into the last Uchiha’s arms as if this was the most normal thing in the world to do. Their eyes had almost popped out of their sockets at the sight before them.

Hinata was hugging Uchiha Sasuke and he was letting her!

Shino and Kiba were both holding onto their breath, waiting to see if they needed to go to Hinata’s rescue if Sasuke happened to attack but their thought process had slowed immensely at the oddity before them, neither knew what to do. The last Uchiha hadn’t chidoried her off like they feared and instead, strong arms returned the hug much to their immense surprise. The stupefied expression on Kiba’s face could not be removed no matter how hard he tried.

After both males collected their thoughts, they made a move to intervene when a third person had shown up and stopped them with a heavy hand on their shoulders, leaving them unable to move from the spot.

The Hokage, Kakashi Hatake, stood behind them, silently shaking his head before staring pointedly at the scene before them.

They all watched Hinata clamber up on the last Uchiha with a wide smile on her face, cheeks blushed adorably and eyes forming crescents from how wide her smile was.

A true smile.

A smile that reached into the depths of her pale eyes, one that neither Shino or Kiba had seen from her in months. Was Hinata crazy? This is Uchiha Sasuke that they are talking about here! The blood crazy monster and evil traitor, Sasuke Uchiha!

The Sasuke Uchiha!

They had thought the hug was surprising enough until the Uchiha had dipped his head and kissed their team mate soundly on the mouth.

The three men could not comprehend what it was that they were seeing.

Kiba was in shock. His mouth was agape, eyes wide open, and he had seemingly turned to stone. The only thought that whirled around in Kiba’s mind was that, was this an alternate universe that he had stepped foot into? There was no way that this could be happening in real life because if it was actually real, he must have taken some weird drug and this was a drug induced illusion.

That had to be it.

Otherwise, there was no way!

Shino had to take a step back in astonishment, the sharp intake of air was not missed from the usually calm and cool male.

When had Hinata become so intimately involved with the Uchiha?

That was his first thought.

The two had barely even glanced at each other; none the less, talk to each other and yet it seemed that their relationship had progressed out of everyone’s conscious control.

Kakashi was not as shocked but seeing his cold pupil actually kiss Hinata with such wild passion, that resembled some scenes from his Icha Icha Paradise books, was still surprising. Who knew that Sasuke had it in him? Who knew that someone so cold and emotionless could be so hot blooded and passionate?

Kakashi didn’t, but this clearly confirmed everything in Kakashi’s mind. This was not a strange attachment like Tsunade had thought, this was something completely solid and irrevocable once bonded. Someone smart like Kakashi knew for certain that there was nothing anyone could do to stop the bonds that tightened around Sasuke and Hinata like a strong vice.

Kakashi returned his gaze to the two when Sasuke’s head slowly lifted away from Hinata’s, dark eyes narrowed like a scary predator in the direction of the three hiding eavesdroppers.

The strong glare caused their skin to crawl. He knew they were there, had known the moment that they had stepped foot into the meadow.

Kiba swallowed a mouthful of saliva, moving forwards as if to approach the pair but had to stop abruptly when Sasuke immediately bent downwards in a quick motion. Strong muscled arms lifted the petite woman into his arms as if he had known of Kiba’s attempt to approach and had wanted to stop the male from coming any closer.

The Uchiha said something to Hinata when she smiled brightly up at him in response and her arms circled his neck. She reached upwards, long pale swan like neck stretching beautifully when she kissed his chin as he propelled them upwards into the sky at an incomprehensible speed.

The last kiss instigated by Hinata made their mouths drop open again.

When had their Hinata-chan become so bold?!

At the two’s departure, the silence in the clearing was almost deafening. The sound of birds chirping and wind rustling the leaves was nothing compared to the explosion inside of the two younger males heads.

“It is best if you kept what you just saw to yourself,” Kakashi said, stroking his chin thoughtfully.

It seemed that Sasuke wanted to show them his ownership of her. His possessive instinct was a lot stronger than Kakashi had thought and the older male doubted that Hinata knew what she was walking face first into. He gave his blessings to the petite woman because Kakashi knew for sure that once the Uchiha had his eyes settled onto something, in this case, Hinata, there was no way that she could walk away from him now.

What belonged to the last Uchiha remained that way.

“B-but, H-Hinata and were- - !” Kiba exclaimed in raw astonishment before stopping midway. There was no way that his brain could process all of this.

What had he seen? What had they all seen?

This must have been a genjutsu.

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