In The Light (SasuHina)

Chapter 3 : Their Meal





Perhaps, he would kill her after all.

Sasuke scowled.

He had managed to rest his eyes for a bit when the Hyuga started hiccuping over and over and over again without rest.

It was one thing after another with this girl.

Her cheeks had flushed red in embarrassment, trembling in apprehension as she attempted to apologize only to hiccup in the middle as if it even mattered to him if she apologized or not.

He watched the Hyuga pinch her own hand in frustration, watched as her pale skin turned red.

“Breath, Hyuga.” He stated the words calmly as she sagged against his chest trying to relax enough to stop the hiccups.

She always had the hiccups after crying. It was a terrible habit that she carried with her from childhood, nothing she did could stop them until they went away by themselves. She had tried almost everything, drinking water, holding her breath, hanging herself upside down. Nothing would make them go away.

Eventually, she quietly stilled against him to his relief. If it continued it longer, he would be very tempted to get rid of them for her.

And that, would be a gruesome sight.

Maybe dealing with the Hyuga’s corpse would have been a better idea. He unconsciously flexed his right arm, feeling rather empty without his chakra and powers.

It had been over one week now that he was stuck in this cell, chained like some domestic animal, fed barely edible food and physically tortured for hours on end. Now, they decide to mentally torture him with this new cell mate that constantly got on his nerves. His patience was being grated down next to nothing the longer they were together.

His chest heaved a sigh as the Hyuga turned her head to press her cold cheeks against his chest, long lashes tickling his skin while delicate fingers curled against his arm in peaceful slumber.

Not many dared to even close their eyes on his watch as they feared him as much awake as they did asleep. He was the harbinger of death and decay. People told their children stories about him to get them to behave and here the little Hyuga was cuddled up against him comfortably as if he was her favorite stuffed toy.

He was not a stuffed toy to be cuddled against.

She sighed out in content against his skin, warm breath brushing against him when he heard her stomach gurgle as if she was hungry.

Curse his predicament.

Sasuke’s eyes roamed towards the ceiling where a ruby red gem was embedded, power swirling within its depth that didn’t go without notice.

The Hyuga obviously, with her weaker abilities, couldn’t sense the fact that any new regenerated chakra that her body tried to supply was being sucked up right into it, leaving her as weak as a baby lamb.

It would have sucked off his own chakra had he been able to produce any more with the collar strapped tightly around his neck. The dark magic burned his flesh as it drew his powers into it’s depths and seemed to fuel those bitches strength with his own much to his dismay.

He had tried multiple times to undo the little subjugation collar only for it to tighten and burn him with unimaginable pain, leaving his fingers and hands charred, bloody, and numb.

He’ll be damned if he let them win.

Perhaps once the Hyuga was awake, he could toss her up at the ceiling in hopes of dismantling that jewel from its perch and destroying it enough to where the girl would be able to produce chakra and help him escape.

He had never had the need to rely on another person before and although the thought was rather degrading, Sasuke had no other option.

His body wasn’t healing fast enough and even breathing was taking up most of his concentration; none the less, moving any limbs around.

All of his concentration was bent on separating the pain away from everything else. Had he continued to let the pain eat away at him, he would have been dead already. The amount of damage and wounds on his body seemed to be much more than what he has ever had to endure. Flesh wounds were flesh wounds but without the buffeting of his chakra, the pain seemed to be even more mind numbing. He had to find something to focus on or else he would go mentally insane.

Sasuke ignored the pain, let it bite into his flesh and cover most of his senses as he meditated.

His brain was whirling with escape plans that didn’t seem to fall through. Step by step, he tried to find a way to escape, find a way to kill those demonic women in the worse of ways until they begged for mercy, because he was sure if he didn’t escape soon, his fate would be in their hands.

He was assure that once he lost his purpose, they would let him rot down here.

And Sasuke didn’t plan of dying yet, at least not for a very long time.

All of this had happened because he had underestimated those damned bitches.

At first, they seemed to hold not even a smidgen of chakra in their weak pathetic bodies; although, their abnormal body muscle and mass for a female had sent him on edge.

He had been ambushed by nearly 35 bulky females that all looked vaguely the same as if a shadow clone jutsu had been used, but it was not the case. More than half of his chakra had been drained in an intense fight nearly 10 minutes earlier, before the ring of women had surrounded him, almost as if they were waiting, if not stalking, him for the right moment to strike.

They had no chakra signatures and all of them were veiled in dark auras as if they were not of the living realm.

He hadn’t managed to kill any of them. None of his abilities helped and his chakra started to drain down to nothing very fast. With little chakra, he could not deploy his higher powered tactics. The fire of Amaterasu did no harm to these un-dead women when a woman in the background resurrected more of these women out of nowhere and healed the currently attacking ones. They called her ′Mistress′ and followed her orders like a puppet on a string. He figured that the only way to win would be to kill their supposed Mistress and had aimed for an opening in their defense of her.

They let him believe that he was successful.

He had hacked off the bitch’s head and left arm with his chakra honed katana only to watch the dark staff in her hand throw him back several yards. The head had disintegrated when it touched the earth and yet another one had immediately began regrowing rather rapidly onto her neck as he was forced to employ another strategy before his chakra ran out.

Only then, could he feel the immense power from her staff when it regrew her head and limbs. He was quick to catch onto that and made that his aim when he attacked again.

The fight had lasted way longer than he had thought when he finally sliced off her arm and fingers causing her flesh to finally part with the dark staff. With a deft kick, he had sent the stick flying a few feet back and for the first time, she did not start to regenerate her own limbs, instead struggled as her wounds bled out. The other women had immediately surrounded her and protected the damn bitch when she uttered some sort of incantation to which the staff had responded to with a whirl of black energy sent straight his way.

Sasuke had thought that he had managed to evade it only to have the cloud of dark magic slam into him and choke him enough to make him motionless. It held him up in the air and sucked his energy and chakra dry.

The staff had made it back to her arms to which her limbs regenerated like before. He would always remember that damned evil smirk that graced her face when the silk collar was bound tightly across the column of his throat, sending him sprawled onto the ground and unconscious.

From then on, he had been forced down the dungeon stairs and into this cell room to find that he was powerless to their assault all because of the damned collar.

It was nothing more than a strip of tiny red silk, yet it held much more power because of that bitch’s magic.

An ugly snarl had made way onto his face at the memory when the sound of small feet slapping onto the cold ground caught his attention. His eyes narrowed as he tried to decipher who it was before he slumped back onto the cold wall.

The extremely skinny little girl had made way down again with their food in her hands, wide eyes darting back and forth at the Hyuga that was laying in his arms. Matted hair was too dirty to even be able to confirm its color and her little face was also stained with dirt and soot but fairly young, looking around 7-8 years old.

For the last couple of weeks, she had been the one to deliver the so called ′food′ down to him and the other prisoners.

He had to hold back a grunt of anger as he thought of the other prisoners. Their bodies had been taken away days earlier when many had died from the abuse and torture bestowed upon them. Some had resorted to suicide to which the ‘mistress’ had resurrected them only to torture them to death once again, sometimes she would repeat the process just to watch them scream and beg for death. She obviously didn’t like any of them taking matters into their own hands regarding their demise.

Most of them were wealthy lords, others strong ninjas, and most of the time, just anyone that she deemed attractive enough to capture. There was one that he was assured had been a Kage whom he had met in the past. He died nearly three days ago after succumbing to an infection that had spread from having his chest opened for the ‘mistress’ to toy with.

Sasuke was assured that the vile woman had eaten many vital internal organs before the Kage had died in an epileptic fit.

From the prisoners, he learned that said Kage had lasted the longest with the timing of one month and three days compared to everyone else’s measly day or two.

He assumed that his fate wouldn’t be very much further off from said Kage’s if he didn’t find an early escape soon.

Death wasn’t in his agenda for a very long time. At least not from crazed demonic women who had a thing for cannibalism.

Now as for the Hyuga, she was the first female to have been brought in. Most of the captives, including himself, were all virile males. Now that she was Byakugan-less, what was the use in keeping a blind and worthless girl around?

Perhaps, they wanted to taste the girls flesh. If his memory served him right then this was the Hyuga clans esteemed heiress. The sheltered princess of a prestigious clan that has been around for hundreds of years. Consuming her flesh would be a like to consuming expensive caviar compared to what these women had been feasting on before. They probably didn’t want to kill her before experiencing such a thing.

The only other thing that they could do with her was use her womb to breed mutated children.

His frown deepened when the Hyuga stirred from her sleep and pulled him from his thoughts. Her dull senses finally picked up on the third aura.

She blinked wearily, eyes half lidded before opening completely, nails digging into his arm as she tensed up as if to fight and then realizing that she had nothing to fight with. Physically, she was tired and strained with no chakra to aid in any attempts.

The young girl who looked barely eight juggled the tray of food in one hand and a set of keys in the other.

The door unlocked easily as the younger girl contemplated something before she warily stuck the tray onto the ground. The water sloshed out of the container as Hinata strained her ears to hear what it was the new person was doing.

The aura didn’t hold any intent or malice, just unease and fear, but Hinata was still wary. Just as quickly as the girl came down, she immediately bounded upwards at a faster pace once the task was done as if the devil was on her tail.

Usually, she would bring the food close enough before shoving the tray to him in fear of being killed by him since he had attempted to hurt her before when he was first captured. When she noted that there was another person locked in the cell with him who wasn’t chained to the wall, the little girl had opted out of getting too close this time.


“U-Uchiha-san?” She whispered softly to him before removing her fingers from his arm and finally realizing her position against his chest.

So it hadn’t been just a scary nightmare, after all.

Her shoulders drooped momentarily as she leaned back into him with ease, barely scraping against his open wounds as his hand twitched.

A faint blush swept across her cheeks.

“They brought us food,” he said tonelessly as she perked up, head barely missing his chin by a hair as she tried to find the food with her senses.

At the mention of food, Hinata couldn’t help but feel her mouth salivate in hunger. Even when she was asleep, she could feel the hunger leave an uncomfortable pang in her stomach.

She was excited that they had even decided to feed her!

Her stomach grumbled and she quickly turned her head away from his direction as her cheeks flushed in embarrassment.

“A-Ano, can you please p-point me to where it is? I-I’m hungry,” she softly said, head turned back to him and waited for a response from her cold cell mate.

She hoped he was going to reply with something other than ‘hn’ because she didn’t want to die of starvation before she found the food.

A semi-pleased smirk played on his lips as he directed her to the food which she adamantly wanted. Her lithe fingers curled around the small tray and carried it slowly and carefully back to him as she tried not to stumble since her legs were still kind of numb and weak.

An almost radiant smile caressed her dry lips before she found her way back to him, slowly offering the food to him first as she sat to the side of him.

His eyebrows quirked. Even when she was mindlessly hungry, she was still so considerate of him to offer her findings to him first.

Selfless. Too kind and caring.

These traits of hers will definitely get her killed off faster than she could even blink.

But oddly he felt pleased. Or perhaps it was the sadistic urge to swipe that smile off of her face, to awaken her to the real cruel world and see how lost she would be, floundering around to find real bearing.

Sasuke realized that this was the first opportunity to give her that rude awakening.

He reached down to his own bowl and watched as her tapered fingers fumbled over their shared water bowl.

She shivered momentarily at the coldness before smiling contently when she realized that it was cold water. Delicately Hinata lifted the bowl, arms trembling to hold its weight before she took a slight sip to wet her lips.

So easily pleased, he mused.

Why was she so happy with just being able to drink water? He wasn’t quite too sure.

His eyes followed her every move, trying to commit it to memory. She was sitting in seiza again, back straight, head tipped upwards like the true heir to a prestigious clan.

Her fingers trailed downwards again to the other bowl before her head titled slightly to the side and paused.

Sasuke was slightly sanguine.

But she wasn’t moving fast enough for him, he needed her to get to their ′meal’ quicker.

“A-are there any u-utensils, Uchiha-san?” she asked as his lips turned slightly into a deep smirk.

He responded with a slight grunt which she was immediately able to decipher as a ‘no’ after being confined with him for so many hours. She nodded in understanding. They were captives, prisoners, so this was already a blessing.

They could have easily been starved to death.

Sasuke almost snorted.

It was just like her to go and find the silver lining in between a life and death situation.

The Hyuga slowly wiped her hands onto her shirt, trying to find a clean spot to wipe the blood and debris off before her fingers found the bowl again.

Her fingers once again grazed something but it was warm, slick, and moist with a hint of stickiness to it that she couldn’t name.

She deemed that it must be meat.



Her face paled.

It wasn’t fish.

This ‘meat’ was much more thicker and bloodier. Recently chunked out from the ′animal’.

Although Hinata couldn’t see, she could definitely feel without touch what kind of meat it is. Something that had an aura.

Not pork. Not beef. Not chicken. Not animal. Then what else could it be?

Sasuke chewed loudly, purposefully as her unseeing eyes strayed to him in contemplation.

Her eyes watered.

“Eat, Hyuga.” He said the words tastelessly, watching her face scrunch in horror at knowing that he was actually consuming the ′food′ as if unaffected.

“I-I...” She stuttered, unable to form any more words as her mouth opened and closed.

“I thought you were hungry.” He urged her forwards, a wide ghastly smirk stretching his lips in a rather maniacal way.

“I-I d-don’t f-feel too hungry a-anymore.” She whispered out the words, her cheeks much more paler than normal.

Sasuke grunted in reply and consumed his meal in earnest as the Hyuga girl cringed and took a small sip of the water like a high born woman that she was. He felt deeply unsatisfied with her response, her discomfort had been expected but somehow it made him unnerved.

He resumed his position back against the wall after finishing with a gulp of water to clean the blood from his lips and chin while watching the Hyuga tentatively push the tray away from her with a suppressed sob.

He wanted to see how long she would last before she crawled back to it. Probably not too long was what he imagined.

Hinata stifled down another hiccup, lips forming silent words of prayer for the meat that laid in the bowl with a rather serious look on her face.

Sasuke’s brows curved in disbelief. The innocent little Hyuga was praying for their meal!

This left him feeling slightly defeated, slumping back and scowling weakly.

Suddenly, an odd thought made way to the front of his mind.

Would she have prayed for him if it was his flesh laying in that bowl?

No doubt about it, the Hyuga would.

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