In The Light (SasuHina)

Chapter 5 : The Abused

As the time passed, Hinata couldn’t help but confide in the quiet Uchiha.

She wasn’t very sociable and the silence was comfortable but she wanted to do something to fill the time and so Hinata had started telling him stories of her life. The words flowed smoothly from her lips and her stutter had lessened immensely as she became comfortable with him.

She talked about her team mates, missions, gardening, and several other things she deemed important to her. He remained silent most of the time and sometimes even grunted a reply to watch a smile bloom across her lips. And as the time progressed, she told him about the hardships in her family, of how she feared losing her heiress title, of Neji nii-san, and of never measuring up to her father’s standards.

Talking to him was a lot more easier than she thought it would be, but somehow she was able to tell him all of her deepest secrets and it felt good to get all of it off of her chest. There wasn’t very many people who knew of her internal struggles and now Uchiha Sasuke knew more about her than even her closest friends and family. He was almost like a therapist. She almost giggled at the thought of him being her personal therapist. He would probably grunt in a disgruntled way if he knew that she thought of him in such a way.

Hinata tipped her head back and smiled brightly up at him before continuing her story of her childhood when Hanabi got caught trimming all of the cats hair off. She babbled on like that, telling him all the things she thought comical or interesting.

And Sasuke found himself listening to every word that the Hyuga said. Not that there was anything else to do other than hear her soft voice speak.

It was more soothing than anything now that she lost most of her stutter. Compared to most of the women that he knew, her voice was the most soothing. Not screeching or screaming, just very considerate of the person listening.

Not that the Hyuga had any mean bone in her body to be screaming at anybody like a banshee. Perhaps it was her nature to be so soft spoken and demure, everything she did was in consideration of him. She often asked if he was thirsty, hungry, how his wounds fared and constantly worried for him even after he had told her he was fine.

She was too kind and caring.

He didn’t know how many times that thought would cross his mind.

“My chakra is s-slowly returning, Uchiha-san,” she softly told him, curling her fingers together before sending bits of it to her palms, forcing them to glow an unearthly green in healers energy.

His body tensed, perking up against her back as dark eyes stared in disbelief.


His mind whirled at all the possibilities and quickly tried to assess the situation. It seemed that the Hyuga had a bigger well of chakra than most people, possibly from coming from such a prestigious clan known for their chakra control.

She turned slightly to him, purposefully raising her healing energy to try to heal his wounds when he caught her wrist and stopped her.

"Don’t,” he said, his grip firm but not extremely tight and uncomfortable, it was obvious that he didn’t want to harm her.

“I-I’m sorry,” she replied dejectedly, lips trembling when she tried to move back at his rejection.

“Save your energy. If you heal me those bitches will notice. We have to use the element of surprise against them.” He quickly elaborated as she immediately snuffed out her chakra and the room lost the warm glow that she expelled. Strong arms curled around her back, pulling her back into him as she slumped into his chest in relief.

The jewel in the ceiling had soon swallowed the rest of her energy but he noted how it pulled the chakra from her slowly, letting the rest of her energy collect before it could draw it in.

This left them with a lot to play with now.




Their meal came once again and this time Hinata had been able to keep her food down; although, she hadn’t eaten very much of it, just in case her stomach decided to fight with her.

And just like the days previous, the vile women came back.

The terror and fear that threatened to consume her caused her eyes to burn but it wasn’t for her.

She feared for him.

Hinata was scared for him and he knew it.

“P-please leave him alone!” She cried, her face messy as she shouted uncontrollably, fingers grabbing onto one of the women’s arms weakly.

Her pathetic struggle was useless when she was tossed off like a ragged doll, head slamming against the wall. Yet she was adamant. Hinata quickly crawled back, her hands clutched blindly at the woman’s legs, catching fine fabric and holding onto it even when her long hair was grabbed and pulled painfully. She forcefully held on.

“Get her off, Sumi!” The brown haired woman screeched angrily when the petite Hyuga tried to hit and bite her, dull white teeth bit into her leg like a metal clamp. Hinata held on tight, gritting her jaw down hard until she could taste the tang of metallic blood on her tongue. It disgusted her, yes, but she was not going to let these women hurt Sasuke.

“Stop, Hyuga.” His sharp command startled her but not enough to stop her pathetic attempts. He watched the Hyuga tussle with the muscled woman. She was biting and hissing like a little kitten, sharp claws breaking from her fight while angry tears fueled her emotions.

He felt a sharp pinch on his heart as he watched the Hyuga try to fight off these women.

For him.

The other woman swiftly laid a bowl of murky liquid onto the ground before kicking Hinata deftly in the stomach. She was dragged off pitifully, tossed harshly onto the ground and he could hear the sound of her forehead slapping painfully downwards. White spots danced in her vision but she was quick to get back up only to get kicked in the chest, sending her sprawled back onto the ground with a pained grunt from the initial surprise.

The two women kicked the blind girl several times in the stomach and legs but the Hyuga didn’t scream or shout her pain. She pridefully took their hits like a true kunoichi.

“U-Uchiha-san,” she cried weakly, hands blindly covering her face while blood dripped down her pale face, out of breath and completely exhausted and in pain.

His fingers bit into his palm and formed a hard fist.

The brown haired woman waved her hands to discard the handful of silken black hair that she had yanked out before picking up the bowl and letting Sumi hold the Uchiha down.

Sasuke’s skin was raised with goosebumps when she gripped his jaw with a crushing hold and proceeded to quickly force the slightly sweet liquid down his throat, bits trickling down his chin as he tried to cough it back up to no avail.

The damned bitch wouldn’t have any of it as she quickly pinched the bridge of his nose forcing him to swallow down mouthfuls of the disgusting liquid. With a swift kick to the knee, he was sent kneeling before them.

“Stop! Let him go! P-Please!” Hinata begged weakly, tears seeping from down turned eyes as she gagged on the taste of her own blood as it dripped down her chin.

“N-no. No!” She cried loudly as the women dragged Sasuke’s body with them and his dark eyes never left her sobbing form.

The Hyuga was too kind for her own good.

Her crying face seemed to make his chest cinch tightly.

The metal door slammed shut.




Hinata slowly pulled herself back up painfully, everything hurt now as she attempted to move herself upright. Blood trickled down her forehead to her cheeks and she knew that her skin had been torn open, the throbbing at her temples came back with a vengeance as if she had a concussion. Sitting upright seemed to be hard as her head spun out of control, even her breath was coming out in harsh pants.

Hinata winced in pain before crawling her way back to their water bowl and her make shift rag. With steadily shaking hands, she wiped her face off only to have her tears wet it again.

Hinata knew tears were worthless but she couldn’t get them to stop.

Why was she so worthless?

She didn’t remember how long she sat there sobbing for her companion when the cell opened.

His aura had dimmed immensely, weakly swirling wildly around his form and she patiently waited for them to return him to her. Hinata was glad that they had ignored her and chose to quickly throw his heavy body onto the ground after locking him back into place.

His skin felt clammy, throat slightly itchy and dry, sweat collecting on his brow as his hands shook and trembled.

Even after the bitches were done toying with him, his body was still humming thickly from the aphrodisiac.

It was alike to an out of body experience and he was assured that they had overdosed him with that toxic liquid. The previous times that they had tried to take him, his body refused to become aroused by them. His shaft had laid flaccid and soft between his thighs no matter what they tried.

After several attempts at forced hand and blow jobs, one of the women had dared to bite his girth in frustration when he hadn’t hardened like how their mistress had wanted and left his shaft weeping with blood.

He had more control over his own body than anything until they decided to make him ingest the aphrodisiac in cringe worthy amounts.

He could feel it in his stomach, could feel himself harden painfully, aroused beyond word as his hazy eyes watched Hinata’s innocent form.

His lungs burned like an inferno, flesh lit on fire, lungs heaving with each breath, veins burning with the need to release.

Sasuke could see alabaster skin, soft and smooth against his fingertips, long blue black hair spread like a halo underneath her head while lavender eyes were squeezed shut in pleasure. Beautiful curves and rounded breasts, long legs spread around his hips while kiss ripened red lips parted in harsh pants as he fucked her senseless.

His pants for breath filled the air.

“Hy-Hyuga.” He called to her when she obediently looked towards him with unseeing eyes, her hands clutched the slightly damp rag in a choke hold.

“H-hai, Uchiha-san?” She whispered softly, delicate brows curving in confusion.

“Come here. I-I need your help.” He cursed himself for his weakness.

Hinata was almost taken aback by his request, eyes slightly wide in surprise. The desperation was there in his voice and Hinata tried to swallow down the knot in her throat, weakly lifting her head to follow his wild aura.She could hear the restraint and anger in his voice.

But most of all, the defeat.

He couldn’t take care of his own weaknesses now and she was the only one that could possibly help him.

Damn it all.

Long black lashes fluttered as she crawled her way to him, delicate fingers tapping against the cold ground and he was forced to swallow down a groan.

His dark eyes followed her form, watching the luscious swell of her well rounded backside move as she crawled closer.

Her innocent face tilted towards him and he felt his arousal lessen.

She trusted him.

He couldn’t hurt her.

When did he have a fucking conscience?

Sasuke grimaced as her delicate fingers grazed his bicep and his muscles twitched at the innocent touch while inappropriate images continued to bombard his mind.

“Y-You-You’re burning up Uchiha-san!” She exclaimed rather loudly, almost jumping when his flesh almost burned her upon the first touch. His temperature was even higher than it was before, abnormally high to the point that it felt like he was going to combust into flames.

What had they done to him?

He grunted lightly as she mumbled a soft embarrassed apology before removing her warm touch from his shoulder and he was tempted to force her hands back onto his throbbing flesh.

She pulled herself to his level, lilac colored eyes swiveling as if she was trying to see what was wrong with him. Her slightly enhanced sense of smell caught the smell of sweat, musk and strong feminine perfume.

Sasuke had a nice masculine smell of lightning and rain but now his scent was smothered by that familiar women’s perfume so strong it was as if he was bathed in it.

They didn’t need to get so close like this to him in order to attack or torture him. Not unless they were torturing him another way, a way in which their flesh had to be on his own until their scent seemed to be ingrained onto his.

The rag slipped from her slackened fingers to plop onto the cold ground.

Her stomach had turned at the thought while her eyes widened at the realization.

They had touched Uchiha-san. Those vile woman had forced themselves on him and used him for their own pleasures! She wasn’t idiotic enough to believe otherwise.

They had abused him.

Her fingernails bit into her palms as she tried to calm herself. Never had she felt so angry before in her life. Those women will definitely get what they deserve and she wanted to be the one to give it to them.

“G-Get the bucket for me.” He breathed out harshly, hands flaccid and useless at his sides. His body was completely drained of energy.

How pathetic.

Hinata hesitantly followed his instructions, narrowly grabbing the cold metal bucket and grimaced as she could smell the scent of their urine and defecation. His gaze was burning her backside, watching the Hyuga Princess delicately pick up the dump bucket and bring it to him.

It is indeed hilarious how far the both of them have fallen, how far they have been humiliated.

“U-Uchiha-san?” She softly asked, voice full of concern and worry.

“Those bitches poisoned me. I need you to help me get it out.” His words sounded sharp with a slight sneer of disgust, gravelly and barely constrained of anger.

“P-poison?” She whispered in anxiety, tempted to wring her shirt.

“Punch me in the stomach, Hyuga.” His hand caught her cold wrist, dragging her closer to him before setting her open palm onto his bare stomach.

She couldn’t miss the seriousness in his voice.

“N-no! I-I could n-never, Uchiha-san!” She weakly protested, wetness glistening on her lashes at just the thought of violently punching the wounded Uchiha.

How could they do this to him!

“This stuff in my body is settling in, Hyuga.” He grunted as her hands slowly touched his neck, traveling upwards to his jaw in a hesitant way before reaching his lips. He didn’t want to let her know that the only options were to punch him until he was unconscious or let him have his way with her body.

She would probably sacrifice herself just to help him had he told her that.


At this moment, Sasuke felt like he would go insane. He couldn’t get the scent of her out of his head. The need to have her closer seemed to make any sane thought seem to leave his consciousness. Her skin smelled like lilac and vanilla, sweet and subtle unlike those bitches who used his body and flesh for their own amusement.

Their scent was suffocating and putrid, it brought bile to the back of his throat as he was forced to pleasure them. A shiver raked his body. He could still taste their flesh and excretions in his mouth as he forced back an unpleasant gag, the need to throw up was imminent.

“P-please open your mouth U-Uchiha-san. I-I-I can only do it this way.” She whispered in absolute anguish, her mouth down turned while jaw gritted tightly in order to stop herself from crying for him.

He parted his lips as she turned slightly before her fingers touched the back of his throat and his gag reflex immediately started.

The putrid liquid came gushing from his mouth as he bowed his head and heaved the sweet substance up, barely missing Hinata’s shoulder as she shuffled to the side.

Her hands took reprieve to the back of his neck and shoulders before rubbing in slight comforting circles as he puked himself dry, waiting with him until he felt better.

Sasuke could still feel the aphrodisiac settle in his abdomen like lead, holding itself together as he tried to puke it all out.

“Again.” He choked out the word as she once again felt up his face before her fingers entered his mouth.

He heaved up more liquid and then chunks of food that he had consumed earlier.

Her warm fingers rubbed his back continuously, comforting and familiar as his body finally calmed down from the after affects.

Their cell smelled slightly more acidic and faintly sweeter than before once he was completely done.

Hinata was still crying slightly, sniffling when Sasuke brought his hands upwards to swipe at the fallen tears that had wet her cheeks in the first act of compassion towards her.

For the first time, Hinata threw caution to the wind and encircled her slender arms around his waist, hugging him softly to her body as she cried.

She couldn’t stop the tears.

Sasuke’s head dipped downwards, cold nose brushing her temple and them her warm neck, before resting against the crook of her neck and shoulder. He slowly inhaled her scent, breathing deeply to calm his rapidly beating heart.

Weakly, Sasuke let his hands circle her waist and basked in her comfort for once. His warm puffs of air brushed against her sensitive skin as he breathed when her cold fingers moved his bangs aside. She set her cool palms onto his burning forehead before threading her fingers through his dark hair and stroking it soothingly, trying her best to comfort him the only way she knew how.

This didn’t make him any less of who he was before. Nothing that these vile women did to him could change that.

Sasuke Uchiha would always be Sasuke Uchiha to her.

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