In The Light (SasuHina)

Chapter 6 : Blinding Terror

Hinata couldn’t put her finger on it but something had changed between them. Perhaps, it was the understanding or the pact of companionship they had, but oddly, things seemed more intimate now.

Even Sasuke’s demeanor had changed. His touch didn’t feel strained or forced like a means to an end anymore. Instead, his hands tended to linger on her arms and waist before fully releasing her and instead of shying from that lingering touch, she leaned into it.

Appreciated it.

Yearned for it.

She was becoming rather attached to her companion. Although he remained silent and never carried very much conversation with her, she knew he listened. Sasuke didn’t have to talk because she seemed to understand all of his gestures now. Even the changes in his aura seemed to mean something different. His constant ‘hn’ all mean something different depending on his tone of voice and his current mood.

She currently had the ability to read him just based off of his body language and Hinata wondered if there was anyone out there that could.

And the days seem to drag on, some days longer than others, but with him by her side, she felt oddly comforted.

He was all that she had now.

Sasuke was a rather reserved and quiet man. Although, he rarely spoke, when he did speak, his deep baritone voice seemed to warm her ears and cheeks and caused a rather comforting warmth to envelope her chest. His warmth and boundless aura seemed to wrap around her, soothing her worries without her even asking him to. Perhaps he didn’t realize that he was doing any of that but she was truly grateful.

She was beginning to really appreciate her silent companion.

He never spoke without purpose and never lied to her. He didn’t degrade her, didn’t tease her for being weak and submissive, and didn’t make her feel inferior to him.

Not like the many people in her life.

She winced.

Sasuke didn’t expect too much out of her and never asked for more than she could give. In fact, he was always the one to hold her tighter when she cried. He wiped her tears and sorrow away even when he was annoyed with her constant stuttering and inferior behavior.

She would have gone insane without him here.

Hinata knew that he was mostly annoyed with her but Sasuke was always patient with her. Had he been repulsed by her, he wouldn’t have shared his warmth with her, wouldn’t have even let her come close enough to invade his breathing space. He would have tried to strangle her to death before she could even get too close.

Maybe she was letting her emotions get the best of her, but she couldn’t help the feelings that sprouted rather quickly. Hinata knew realistically that their relationship wouldn’t progress very much farther than companionship and there was this pang of disappointment at the thought.

What would happen when they escaped? Would he toss her aside and leave her to her own devices while he went on his way?

These thoughts constantly bombarded her mind whenever she thought of the future.

After all, who would keep a blind worthless girl around? She would be more of a hinder to him than anything. His time would be spent taking care of her more than getting anything else done.

Hinata swallowed the lump that formed in her throat as her happy mood dampened.

She realized that she didn’t want to part with him.

He was just supposed to be her cell mate, a companion in the darkness, yet she felt like she knew him for years now.

She was quick to realize that he had become more than that in such a short period of time.

Hinata grimaced.

Where had these sudden feelings come from?

These abnormal feelings aren’t good. If he knew that she was starting to feel something for him he might become very upset with her and she didn’t like the thought of Sasuke being mad at her.

He probably didn’t need her like she needed him. Her lips pursed in a small frown.

But she didn’t want to be without him.

Her slightly chilled nose rubbed against his chest adoringly, breathing in his scent with every inhale. Sasuke smelled more like himself now that she had basically given him a bath with the rag and their drinking water because she would rather be without water than let their scent mar his skin.

The musky smell had been more prominent between his thighs but she didn’t have the courage to touch that part of him, she felt like she would have combusted had she actually done that.

He had smirked into her hair rather bemusedly before taking the make shift rag from her trembling hands and cleaned himself off with a slight struggle from injured limbs.

The bright red blush on her cheeks was rather adorable as she tipped her head upwards towards his chin, blindly watching his face as if she could see him.

His dark eyes stared back at her and his face mirrored in her bright opalescent eyes.

Innocence practically radiated off of her compared to his own dark and corrupted aura that tended to surround her own, almost as if to leech off some of that brightness. Everything about her seemed light and happy, like a breath of fresh air into deprived lungs.

Sasuke didn’t deserve to hold so much of her light in his arms but he’d be damned if he let anyone else. A slow predatory grin split across his lips before his hands tightened around her slender waist, warm nose brushing softly against her jaw and neck, breathing her in.

Suddenly, the sounds of rather slow and measured footsteps had broken their moment of peace and quiet. The thought of what was to come only made the atmosphere tense and stuffy. Hinata’s dainty brows curved in confusion when she realized that those women weren’t supposed to come back again. At least not until another 5-6 hours if Sasuke’s measurement of the time was anything to go by.

“Uchiha-san?” She whispered cautiously when their cell door slowly creaked open, the sound of metal grating against metal. Sasuke’s eyes narrowed in response. The fiery red hair made his anger skyrocket as he recognized the face of the woman that had bitten his girth in an attempt to arouse him hours ago.

The wide mouth was smirking rather slyly at him before green eyes darted to the petite woman in his arms.

“Playing house are we?” The suspiciously eerie voice gave Hinata the goosebumps.

The woman’s voice was too sharp, too scary to her senses with that dark and sinister aura crackling around her in a menacing and evil way.

Hinata had not heard this voice before.

“It’s too bad that the mistress is going to kill off the little bitch soon,” another voice that Hinata recognized said. The lustful eyes of the red haired woman was settled firmly onto the Hyuga’s innocent form as the brown haired woman smirked in response, eyes glinting in a knowing way.

It was as if Hinata could feel their intentions when she huddled closer to Sasuke in fear as his arm tightened around her slim waist in reflex, dark eyes narrowed into a sinister glare that did not affect them.

“You still have some time to play with her, Qiu-sama,” the brown haired woman drawled, perched against the door of the cell as the red haired woman came closer to the couple on the floor.

“I’ve never been with a woman before. This should be something new. After all, you sure are the pretty little bitch.” Qui’s eerie response made Hinata’s nerves fray.

Sasuke frowned, a growl threatening to escape his throat as Hinata was mercilessly torn out of his hold and tossed onto the ground as if she weighed nothing. Delicate limbs painfully slammed ruthlessly to the ground when Hinata tried to regain her breath, body trembling in realization.

The older woman proceeded to shove his helpless and blind cell mate onto the ground before straddling the petite girl’s waist. The blind girl gave a yelp of fear, arms flailing madly in response to her terror but to no avail. The woman was much more stronger and faster than she was.

Hinata blinked away tears, pushing and screaming weakly as the woman fondled and molested her flesh. The woman’s wide mouth latched onto her neck, sucking and biting violently as she thrashed with all her might, tears streaming rivulets against flushed cheeks.

She didn’t dare use her chakra afraid that she would ruin any chances of their escape but without her chakra, she was useless to defend herself. Her arms were too weak to fight back from lack of proper nutrition in this last week and a half and because of that, her defenses were easily torn down by the red haired woman.

Tears welled and dripped down the side of her face as her legs kicked and flailed trying to push the stronger woman off but she failed to up-seat her.

“Uchiha-san! U-uchiha-san! Sa-Sasuke!” She sobbed out in complete agony as he felt a sharp pinch of anger envelope him.

His nails dug into his flesh until blood welled, hands clenched into fists, knuckles white as he tried to look away but found that he couldn’t.

She had called his name.

Not Naruto’s.


Sasuke Uchiha.

She wanted him to save her but unfortunately, he wasn’t anyone’s hero. He was strapped to the wall like some animal without any chakra left in his body. How could he save anyone when he couldn’t even save himself?

Damn it.

The sound of tearing fabric caught his attention again as he watched the wretched red headed woman tear the front of Hinata’s shirt open, her lacy white bra promptly ripped off with it.

Half of her body laid bare to his gaze, breasts heaving in distress as she struggled to cover herself. The older woman wouldn’t have any of it and forcefully grabbed both of Hinata’s delicate wrists before slamming them painfully above her head causing rounded breasts to arch upwards into the air.

He shouldn’t have been aroused at such a despicable scene but his body seemed to have a mind of its own now as he hardened watching the strangely erotic struggle.

“Your flesh looks so edible, little mouse,” the red haired woman purred lustily while strong feminine hands groped Hinata’s rounded bosom. Stretched lips marked delicate flesh in bright red love bites as the chain rattled from Sasuke’s attempt to remove the shackles.

Sasuke could see the saliva coat the Hyuga’s neck in shiny strands before the woman’s mouth made way across a hardened nipple.

His chest burned with anger and outrage, watching his little Hyuga struggle ceaselessly in utter horror and fear, all the while chanting his name like a mantra.

Sasuke’s chest heaved in anger, his arms shaking as the chains were pulled taut until his wrists bled red but still, his useless attempts did nothing to the metal chains that bound him.

A drop of blood trickled down his mouth from how hard he was biting his cheek, his eyes narrowed as if he could kill them with just a glare sent their way.

“Qiu-sama! The mistress is looking for you!” The little girl’s call came just in the nick of time, hurried footsteps descended the dungeon and finally the flushed girl who delivered them food daily came to a halt at the scene in front of her.

The shock was prominent in the little girl’s eyes and she was quick to divert her gaze. Qiu had slowly removed herself from the sobbing blind girl, licking her lips in enjoyment at the sheer terror and fear shining on that pretty pale little face.


“Hm. It seems you got lucky. I will be back little Hyuga and I will get more than just the taste of your lips.” The dangerous woman cackled in satisfaction before leaving the trembling Hyuga on the ground with one last sinister look that made the hairs on Hinata’s body stand on end.

She could hear the metal creak before a heavy slam of the cell doors signaled their departure.

The silence was deafening.

Hinata was humiliated, her shirt hung open around her waist, pale flesh red from being mishandled and bite marks covered her neck and chest in varying amounts. She pulled herself up to at least preserve any bit of modesty she had left, trying to clasp the torn fabric together the best she can while tears continued to roll down her flushed cheeks.

Hinata was scared, terrified and she never wanted Qiu to come back.

But worse of all, she didn’t want Sasuke to see her humiliation and weaknesses like this. Swallowing down the last of the hiccups and tears, she couldn’t will herself to turn to Sasuke.

She was mortified at the turn of events.

He was the only one to have witnessed all her moments of shame and humiliation.

“I-I’m sorry, S-Sasuke-san.” She managed to choke out the words without crying.

Sasuke lowered his gaze away from her trembling form, giving her some privacy to rearrange her clothing with a deep frown on his lips.

The little Hyuga always seemed to apologize for things that weren’t her doing. It was her nature to be so demure and bent to people’s will while she suffered through everything with a strained smile.

“You don’t have to apologize for anything. It isn’t your fault, Hyuga. Neither of us wanted this.” He replied calmly when she clasped the torn edges of her shirt together successfully with shaking hands.

“I-I-I-I’m not-I’m not strong enough,” she choked out, tears streaking down flushed cheeks as she cried again.

Sasuke frowned.

He clearly didn’t know how to comfort woman and least of all a helpless innocent woman like her. Seeing her look so lost and hopeless made his chest ache in a way that he had never felt before, like the burning of molten lava or a spreading forest fire until he felt the need to comfort her. Why he even wanted to comfort her was lost to him.

"Hinata. We’ll get out of here.” He stated the words lowly yet confidently as she sent him a watery smile at hearing her name leave his lips. That was the first time he called her by her first name and it caused a flare of warmth and adoration to fill her chest, calming her almost instantly because she knew that he was there.

She believed him.

There was no person on this earth that she trusted more than Uchiha Sasuke at the moment.

How ironic.

Many people believed him to be a living nightmare because of his demonic powers and abilities, yet he was currently her only anchor to sanity. He was her security blanket of warmth and comfort.

More tears fluttered down long lashes as she tried not to hyperventilate at the older woman’s promise to come again and finish.

No! She didn’t want any of her first times to be with that evil woman!

The tears calmed when a panicked thought managed to lure itself into her head. Hinata wiped her tear stained cheeks, trembling cold fingers skirting along the skin of her neck that felt inflamed and hot.

Sasuke’s eyes roamed across the exposed flesh, narrowed eyes glaring at the bright red bites all across her pale skin. The thought of that vile woman putting her hands on Hinata again made him want to strangle her with his own bare hands until she was pathetically choking to her death.

The hickeys were vibrant against Hinata’s alabaster skin, a stain upon her person as he glared at them with dark eyes narrowed in rage.

How he wished to remove them from her person with his own mouth.

“Come here, Hinata,” he called, watching as she tied her shirt around her middle in a makeshift tie to keep the torn edges together to reserve what was left of her modesty. He could still see the curvature of the rounded breasts but chose not to comment on it lest she burst into tears again.

Her clothes had outlived their purpose now and Sasuke couldn’t help but note that modesty wasn’t much of a concern to him anymore. Those bitches had managed to rid him of that permanently.

He calmly clenched his fists before releasing them when Hinata obediently crawled to his side and once again enveloped herself in his heat, lithe arms circling his tapered waist and cold wet cheeks pressing into his neck. She inhaled softly, cold nose brushing tentatively against his warm skin to calm her fragile emotions.

And his dark brows furrowed in unease and irritation. Sasuke couldn’t help but note that Hinata smelled of that woman now, the heavy perfume made his hackles rise because of its familiarity.

An ugly frown perched upon his thin lips before his nose pressed into her hair.

“You’re freezing,” he calmly stated into her silken hair as she smiled into his neck. She leaned into his arms, barely missing an open cut wound on his shoulder as she burrowed for warmth. The minutes ticked by as Hinata tried to find the right words to convey what she wanted. The idea was preposterous but she wanted to try.

“S-Sasuke-san?” She whispered softly, her warm breath heating his naked chest as she titled her head to look up at him, lips accidentally brushing his jaw when she miscalculated his position.

Sasuke stiffened.

In her mind, she didn’t realize that Sasuke was looking down at her in return. Her cheeks flushed a deep pink as she swallowed.


She could feel the vibrations of his words against her ears as she trembled again, though this time it was not from the cold. Her body always seemed to respond to his voice in the oddest of ways but she was sure that she always wanted to hear him speak, no matter what he said.

“I-I don’t want m-my first kiss to be wi-with her.” She slowly told him her fear, waiting for him to catch the meanings behind her words and her ears turned red. Her voice was slightly shaky but she was adamant.

Sasuke glanced down at her, watched her blush spread downwards.

First kiss.

He frowned. His first kiss had been with the dobe. But somehow, he didn’t want to speak about the blonde in front of Hinata.

He knew what she was asking, that hesitant purse of her lips, embarrassment blooming across her pretty cheeks was a dead giveaway. Sasuke had been one of the smarter ones in their class after all.

“You will have to tell me what you want, Hinata.” His breath warmed her cheeks as she turned her head away and he found that she was adorable while floundering in embarrassment like this.

“I-I-Can you k-kiss me, Sasuke-san?”

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