In The Light (SasuHina)

Chapter 7 : Humiliation

“I-I-Can you k-kiss me, Sasuke-san?” She whispered bravely, her words barely audible when she buried her head into his chest, lips dangerously close to one of his nipples as she spoke and the flesh puckered in response.

He could feel a smirk form on his lips when he found himself pondering.

Was she willing to give him all of her firsts?

The silence was almost palpable and Hinata felt her heart seize in rejection, “I-I-I mean-I-I’m sorry! I-I shouldn’t have asked. Y-you you don’t have to if you- - -”

“How can I kiss you if your keep babbling, Hinata?” His hot breath warmed her cheeks as Hinata calmed visibly, sinking back into his chest; although, her back was still ramrod straight in anticipation.

Really, what was she thinking?

Her cheeks burned like a thousand suns and there was nothing she could do to make them stop.

His large hands moved her around to face him, lithe fingers curling underneath her chin to tip her head upwards. Her gaze was downturned in embarrassment, cheeks blushed prettily while eyes slightly wet with long sooty lashes trembling in suspense like the wings of a butterfly.

Sasuke’s fingers grazed her flushed cheeks, wondering how her skin could be so soft and smooth like the petals of a flower. His calloused thumb smoothed her plump bottom lip in slow sensual swipes before he tipped his face downwards to study her flushed cheeks.

She could feel his hot gaze on her face and her heart had seemingly stuttered a couple of beats in response.

Hinata’s eye lids drooped downwards before closing, long lashes curving against her pretty cheeks as puffs of warm air pillowed his chin.

She was too trusting.

He could have easily bitten off her nose and she wouldn’t even see it coming.

He could have.

But he wouldn’t.

After all, her lips looked far more tantalizing at the moment.

He smirked boyishly before dipping his face down to capture the innocence he had always wanted a taste of. Sasuke’s lips brushed softly, tentatively in a chaste sort of kiss, memorizing the dazed expression on her face.

Her lips were unimaginably soft with each brush of his lips against hers. They were warm and pliant, molding and parting with his own touch as he maneuvered his mouth over hers, slowly but surely putting more pressure with each kiss. Her breath came out in harsh pants, fluttering his hair in her nervousness.

Sasuke’s bangs touched her cheeks when his big hands collected her soft pliant body closer, fitting her petite form tightly against his naked masculine one when he deepened the kiss. Her legs had parted over his lap, straddling his naked thighs in sensual intimacy as he kissed her pretty mouth with a fervor that could have matched a drowning man seeking air. Their chests were pressed tightly together, urgently pushing closer until there was barely a gap between them.

Sasuke’s lips were held firmly against her own, molding every contour of her mouth with his, wanting to swallow every bit of her that he could touch.

She tasted sweet on his tongue, vanilla and honey and something that was all Hinata.

Sasuke could taste innocence, sunlight and life. And he couldn’t seem to get enough of her.

While her hands settled onto his chest, feeling his heart steadily beat faster and faster just like her own was.

Hinata had imagined that it would have been unbearably awkward because of her inexperience but it truly wasn’t as she thought as she copied his movements. Sasuke always outperformed her expectations and even his kisses left her mouth tingling with a brand of his own fiery passion.

This only proved to Hinata that Sasuke was passionate in everything he did, he excelled and made sure no other could ever measure up to him and she was assured that no one could ever kiss her the way he did. Not that she felt comfortable enough to let anyone else kiss her.

Only Sasuke.

Her toes curled as a pleasured sigh left her lips, leaving him an opening to probe her lips with his tongue before the slick appendage plundered her mouth in a passionate embrace. The soft moan breached past her swollen lips, wanton and lusty against his ears when their tongue met in a slow duel.

Her knees felt weak and a foreign warmth filled her lower belly as she pressed herself closer to him to fill the ache. She could feel something hard poke her inner thigh but ignorantly chose to ignore it in her embarrassment.

Before long, Hinata felt light headed as her eyes rolled back, lungs heaving for air as he seemed to steal all the breath from her.

Sasuke’s lips regrettably left hers with a slick pop, a strand of saliva attaching their lips together before he kissed it away.

"Breathe,” he urged as she finally gasped for breath, body fully held up by his own. His lips pecked the corner of her mouth, softly, almost longingly before completely pulling back to watch her kiss swollen lips part as she panted for air.

When had she stopped breathing?

Their pants seized the room in a choke hold, warm breaths mingling and bodies mashed together in a carnal embrace.

“T-thank you,” she whispered shyly after catching her breath, a delicate blush on the tips of her nose when his long fingers tucked a lock of her hair delicately behind her ears.

Hinata could definitely see why all the girls chased after him now and deftly noted that kissing Uchiha Sasuke was a very dangerous past time.

His strong arms lifted her slim form before depositing her in between his legs in a much more comfortable position, for him and for her, against his heated body. He didn’t think he could stand it any longer if she kept pressing closer against him and his erection.

Her flushed cheeks pressed against his heaving chest, long lashes tickling his skin with every movement of her eye lids. Hinata slouched slightly, pressing her bottom closer before almost jumping when a rather hard and blunt object poked her back while she tried to remain as still as possible.

Perhaps the poison was still in his body.

There was no way that she could arouse him in that sense, right?

Hinata licked her damp lips and could still taste him in her mouth, raw and manly and like the tingle of lightning on her flesh.

She liked how he tasted.

“How much of your chakra can you control now, Hinata?” His husky voice breached her thoughts when she pulled into her self after they had both managed to catch their breaths. She noted that her body had managed to reserve a medium well of her chakra while bits and pieces of the rest are stolen from her.

“N-not too much. A-almost forty percent,” she replied, fingers curling into her chest as Sasuke’s head whirled with different calculations.

A thought soon clicked into place and a dark smirk promptly graced his lips.

The success rate is at least 70 percent.

Sasuke was never one to jump head first into a battle, like a certain blonde he knew, without looking at every aspect of the fight first. His calculations were always right. Sometimes certain people caused a slight deterrent to his plans; none the less, he always prevailed.

“Try to collect more of your chakra. Tomorrow we will escape.” He stated the words rather confidently, voice still slightly husky and deep to show that he was also affected by her like she had been by him. And a small smile perched onto the bow of her lips when his hand tightened around her waist, bringing her flush against his body again.

Sasuke didn’t want to be hasty but those words from the two bitches about Hinata’s execution had somewhat spurred him into action. Why and what caused it was completely blocked from his mind as they both waited for the time to pass.




Almost like a planned schedule of sorts, their food was delivered and right after, the women came back for him. He was glad that it was him and not his Hyuga.

Someone so delicate and fragile would surely break under the torture that they had bestowed upon him. The thought of her delicate body broken beyond repair laying on the ground in her own blood, eyes wide and blank in death made his stomach curl in anger and rage. But the thing was, he didn’t know why. Why would it anger him? Why did it make him feel extreme despair and rage to the point of destroying the whole earth?

His mind, for the first time, failed to conceive an answer.

But Sasuke decided that he would never let that happen, someone like her did not deserve such a cruel and unfair fate. Such a fate could only be the imminent future of their captors, only they deserve to die in a much more gruesome and torturous way.

His eyes opened, watching the two woman enter with wide smirks on their face as if they knew what the ’Mistress” had in mind for him today.

In a timely manner, they had dragged the Hyuga off of him before kicking the poor blind girl several times for their own sadistic pleasure. Their sharp nails dug and drew blood on his arms as they collected him from his perch rather hastily without caring that they were cutting his skin open from their rush.

They hauled his mangled body with them up the stair steps, but not without kicking the Hyuga when they walked past and leaving the small Hyuga huddled in on herself with tears wetting her cheeks.

He could see how she floundered from the corner of his eye, reaching out for him but, sadly, grasping onto nothing but air.


Sasuke’s jaw clenched hard until his teeth ached from the forceful pressure.

His knees started bleeding again by the time they had dragged him into the main ′play′ room. Dark maroon colored silk curtains graced the walls and backdrop when they deposited his heavy body onto the floor with a sickening thud and then, silence.

The candles flickered eerily like in a scary movie and he was assured that this was more than just a scary movie.

It was a never ending nightmare.

But this nightmare was something that only a wicked and sordid creature like the ‘mistress’ could conjure up. Because she was the only one with such a demented and delirious mind.

Her appearance into the room made the atmosphere drop at least one hundred degrees for him and he stared at nothing in particular to keep his mind off of the torture to come.

The carnal creature of his torment took a seat onto the bedding, blood red lips stretched into a lusty knowing smile that promised unimaginable pain and pleasure. Obviously, the pain and disgust would be for him while the pleasure would be for her.

His stomach turned in disgust and the thought of throwing up was inevitable but Sasuke quickly forced it down with steel strong resolve.

Then, he watched them drag a lackluster male from the bed and easily deposited the man next to him. Sasuke could only imagined that this was their next conquest. The other male’s head lulled to the side. By the rigid form, Sasuke could tell that they had drugged him and had been playing with his body ruthlessly, possibly for hours on end now.

No man could take the torture.

The room smelled musky from the scent of semen and sweat. Blood was only an aftertaste.

Sasuke’s lungs heaved when the mistress gripped the back of his head, long nails digging into his scalp before catching a handful of his dark hair in a hard grip that made his skin twitch from the burn.

Her hand smelled thickly of bodily fluids, blood, and semen. And it made his stomach turn revoltingly as did her face.

“My favorite pet, I have a surprise for you.” She chuckled darkly, haunting his vision with her evil grin and sinister gaze. He didn’t even want to know what the surprise was.

Before long, the two women flanked him, holding him down into a kneeling position when the brown haired man was pulled into a standing position before Sasuke’s vision. His head whirled in circles when he figured out what they wanted. Sasuke’s fingers tensed, stabbing sharply into his palm until the knuckles were white and bloodless, until blood dripped down in droplets to stain the ground.


He tried to move, tried to escape their hold as their thick nails dug into his skin, holding him anchored when the mistress stepped closer. She chuckled darkly, cackling like a maniacal creature of evil and death.

His body failed him.

He couldn’t move.

Sasuke was abhorred as strong hands pried his mouth open in a crushing hold on his jaw, blood dripping down his face when red nails scratched his skin from the force.

Fuck no!

His jaw clenched as he prepared to bite when her dark voice chuckled out, “Do not bite, my pet or the consequences will be even more...severe.”

Regardless of her warning, he attempted to bite down.

Sasuke wasn’t going to lay down without a fight.

The sharp crack of his jaw unhinging made him unable to close his mouth as the mind numbing pain forced his thoughts away from the current situation.

Nothing could stop it from embedding itself into his memory.

The time seemed to have slowed in his humiliation and shame. Indignation inflamed his chest.

His eyes closed.

He didn’t scream, didn’t cry and most definitely did not beg.

His pride demanded their death.

They will all die by his hands.

They will burn in hell’s fire from his amaterasu.

They will pay!

He occupied his mind with ways to kill them, ways to torture them until their blood formed a river, lest his sanity left him.

The time continued to drawl.

His jaw ached painfully and their finger nails dug deeply into his cheeks, keeping his mouth open for the forceful movements that made his head tip back every now and then.

The minutes that passed seemed even longer when the salty and musky liquid finally coated his mouth and throat. He spat a majority out but the vile taste could not be erased. His stomach heaved in disgust and he couldn’t help the urge to retch his organs out. The brown haired man had pulled back when Sasuke felt the thick creamy liquid coat his cheeks and chin in vile spurts.

He could hear her evil laughter, knew that she got a high from watching him suffer, watching him struggle to no avail because that was what she lived for.

The vile creature was not human.

She waved her hands, laughing gleefully before gliding her fingertips across his cheek, catching the sticky liquid from his chin before promptly bringing it to her lips. Her red lips parted when she licked the substance off, gauging his reaction before chuckling hauntingly in his ears.

His stomach heaved again when they suddenly shoved him over and Sasuke could feel a handful of his hair being ripped out. The wood slid painfully against his hands and knees when they lifted his bottom into the air.

His face slammed onto the flooring as he was taken in a more demeaning and shameful way.

His vision darkened.

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