In The Light (SasuHina)

Chapter 8 : Remorse

The sound of soft sobbing awakened him from his traumatic slumber. Bleary black eyes opened to the darkened room before he found her shimmering orbs filled with tears and full of unknown emotion.


The rag softly wiped the corner of his mouth and lips, cleaning the sticky fluids off of him before moving downwards to his chest.

She knew.

Bile built in the back of his throat when he shoved her away from him, an ugly snarl making his features gruesome to look at.

Sasuke’s pride hung around him in tatters and he couldn’t help the rage and helplessness that filled him to the brim. Disgust and self hatred loomed at the forefront of his mind like a raging toxin that threatened to eat away at him.

His aura lashed out at her in anger and resentment as she curled her own around him, blanketing his force with muffled sobs that threatened to consume him.


He will never falter.

He will never break!

"Please! Please, Sasuke!” She whimpered brokenly, delicate fingers reaching out when he slapped her hands away. His whole body ached in pain and his head weary from everything.

His instincts told him to hold her close to him until their bodies were molded together to the point where he didn’t know where she ended and he began, only she could redeem what was left of his pride and honor. Yet the other part of him wanted to kill her for seeing and knowing how low he had fallen, for witnessing all of his moments of weakness and pain until there was nothing left of him.

“Get the hell away from me!” He shouted angrily at her, forcing her back with another rough shove that sent her toppling back onto her bottom.

She stumbled but didn’t waver as she blindly reached for him again, crawling slowly to him with such a pitiful look on her face that it made his whole body tremble in pain.

"Don’t touch me." He whispered darkly, eyes narrowed on her trembling form. His skin crawled from just the thought of what he had been forced to endure. He couldn’t let her touch him.

He was dirty.




“No!” She quickly launched herself onto him, chin slamming roughly onto his chest as her weak arms wound tightly around his waist, holding onto what was left of him. Hinata had a feeling that if she let go, the wall between them will only thicken until he completely surrounded himself within his own defenses, until his consciousness left him and only a shell remained of Sasuke Uchiha.

"Let go,” he bitterly said, yanking her left arm off only to have her cling tighter to his hurting form, fingers acting like a thick vice that would not relent no matter how hard he resisted her. He could have forcefully removed her, could have killed her for everything she has witnessed but his hands laid dormant at his sides, heavy and corporeal.

He wanted to choke her, wanted to made her suffer if she continued to hang onto him but... he couldn’t.

Her tears were hot on his skin, burning as it slowly trailed down his flesh and dried. It wet his chest as she rested her face into the crook of his neck, sniffling and crying for him.

For Sasuke Uchiha.

Memories from days before surfaced in his mind’s eye. Her teary face begging those women to leave him alone while receiving several injuries as a result, yet she didn’t falter. This was the same woman who had cleaned his wounds and then thanked him for allowing her to do so.

She wouldn’t hurt him.

She could never hurt him.


The bile was bitter in the back of his throat when he dry heaved, his stomach twisting and coiling almost nauseatingly. Hinata had quickly brought the bucket to him and he threw up until his stomach hurt from heaving, lungs burning bitterly from his shame.

The bitter and salty taste was still in his mouth even after washing his mouth several times with water. It was embedded, ingrained, into his memory and he dry heaved again.

Even his throat and mouth ached from several reasons that he didn’t want to list and he wished that he could be numb. Sasuke’s mind felt strangely heavy and foggy, thoughts all seem to leave his consciousness so he acted on instinct.

His left hand caught Hinata’s soft wrist in his own before pulling her back into his arms. He was practically suffocating her with how tightly he was holding her to his body but she didn’t protest or complain about his manhandling of her. Instead, his Hinata pressed herself closer, held him just as tightly and let him do as he wanted.

She trusted him.

Sasuke promptly swooped down and pressed his mouth against her own, letting her taste wash away every haunting memory that filled his mind from the darkest moments of his life.

Would she shy from his touch had she known the types of heinous acts of debauchery that his body had engaged in?


Would she kiss him knowing what he had been forced to do with his own mouth and lips?

Yes, she would.

Her lips striving to mimic his own and her arms tightening around him said just that.

Even if he was hurting her, Hinata didn’t voice any words of refusal and let him ravage her lips, let him mold himself against her until they were so intimately pressed together that she could feel every ridge and every bump of his muscled body against her own.

Hinata could taste bitterness and the taste that wasn’t him on her own tongue and couldn’t help the tears that welled up in her eyes.

She swallowed them down, forced them back down her throat until her chest burned from her anger and hate.

Hinata had to be strong for him.

Sasuke reluctantly pulled away for air before he smothered her lips with bruising kisses again, mapping her soft lips with his own until his lungs burned for oxygen. His arms tightened around her waist and his lips pressed to the crown of her head when he slumped against the wall.

“I will kill them,” she whispered darkly into his neck, lips brushing the flesh with each word that she spoke. Somehow that sounded preposterous coming from her lips. Even her soft voice sounded too innocent to be saying something so maliciously.

“I-I will!” She whispered urgently as he chuckled deeply, the rumbling from his chest tickled her ears.

Yet his chuckle sounded hollow to her ears.

“How are you going to do that?” He sounded amused now, body relaxing against the wall as she followed to lay against him.

She was like a little tigress inside of a kitten’s body. Dangerous yet so adorable.

“I-I don’t k-know. B-but when we get the chance I will.” She murmured confidently into his skin, voice slightly muffled as she melted into him, lips brushing the skin of his collar bone.

She wished she could become apart of him.

Sasuke’s arms curled around her shoulder and waist, holding her to him like his instincts had wanted, and breathed in her sweet scent. “What of your chakra?” His breath fluttered strands of her matted hair.

“I can’t collect any more than forty percent of it,” she replied sadly, fingers curling into her lap, prodding her chakra with tendrils of her energy in hopes of catching more and more.

He had given her a run down of his game plan hours ago when they waited and now all they had to do was set it into action and wait for the rest of it to fall into place.

“We only have one shot, Hinata. I want you to give it your all.” His fingers tenderly stroked the hair tickling her temple off and brushed it behind her ears.

Hinata nodded into his chest when he pulled her off him till they sat facing each other.

Since the jewel was slowly taking in her chakra, he was going to use that to his advantage.

With that extra bit of chakra that Hinata was able to retain, he was going to have her pour it into his collar.

The collar that leeched from him was filled to the brim each time his body tried to reproduce the energy. If he was right then with just a little more chakra, he would be able to break the damned thing. He had a massive amount of chakra so he knew that it would not be able to ingest even a small amount of Hinata’s chakra without trying to spit it back out.

If his calculations were accurate, the blasted collar would not be able to hold any more chakra then it was built to.

Hinata nodded, hands trembling in apprehension and nervousness.

She was scared.

She didn’t want to let Sasuke down but the words spoken by so many before telling of her failure kept revolving around in her head, against her ears like the imminent chanting of her inabilities. Her body tensed, shoulders lifted and back straight when she took a shark intake of air and closed her eyes to clear the thoughts.


She is not a failure!

Pearl white teeth bit into her bruised bottom lip before she raised her hands to feel the evil collar strapped onto the middle of Sasuke’s neck. She could feel it quickly leech him of his energy with rapid greedy pulses at any bit of chakra his body tried to provide.

For once in her life, Hinata was thanking every god possible for being born a Hyuga.

She proceeded to pour all of her chakra into him, specifically into the collar as his face contorted in mind numbing pain, blood started dripping down his neck as the collar cinched tighter and pulsed angrily at the swell of energy being forced into it. It bit back at him, choking him of air and burned his flesh like no other. The collar had a mind of it’s own as the spikes, formed from silk, stabbed into his throat, scratching his skin before forcing his throat closed as it became smaller in size.

“Do-Don’t you fu-fucking dare sto-stop, Hyuga!” He whispered hoarsely, fingers clenched into fists while body rigid with pain, “I can take it.”

She was scared that she would kill him.

Her long lashes fluttered as she bent her chakra to her will, sending out torrent after torrent of it. Half of her chakra hit the ceiling and was quickly swallowed by the gem while the other half was consumed by the collar.

Sasuke’s body convulsed in timed seizures with her outpouring of chakra and she could smell his burnt flesh and potent blood reach her nostrils. Blood dripped down his lips and chin, splattering onto her hand when he clenched his teeth to keep from crying out in agony.

She had to succeed, for him and for her.

Before long, her vision became muddled when she felt her body give, threatening to shut down but she managed to keep going from pure will power.


She couldn’t fail him!

Hinata pushed farther, harder, and faster as her breath left her lungs at an alarming rate.

She couldn’t breath and even then, she wouldn’t stop.

Her chakra started to pull back as if damaged but she forcefully removed it from her body until she could feel it thin down almost to nothing. It felt like hours instead of just minutes when she felt the collar pulse and crack once, then twice before collapsing in on itself.


Sasuke slumped backwards into the wall heavily, eyes closed as if dead and Hinata’s hands immediately reached for him. Her fingers trembled, fearing that she had indeed killed him until she felt his aura whip to life around her.

A wicked smirk formed on his handsome face, dark eyes narrowed into a painfully deep glare as the world lost its luster and stopped spinning on its axis for just that first initial moment.

His power was back.

The rush was almost like the high of a drug induced euphoria for him.

His own familiar chakra out poured like the spreading of a forest fire into his body, burning his veins with its intensity while filling every single fiber of his being in power and energy. He had forgotten what it felt like to be powerful, to have all of this energy and chakra ready at his fingertips.

Sasuke’s eyes bled red as the Sharingan activated with black tomoe’s spinning like a vortex within its depths, waiting to draw in any soul foolish enough to cross him.

And his aura crackled to life, threatening to consume the whole building until he quickly reigned it back in. He forced his own chakra to recede back, deep inside of his body and lay dormant with a small feat. Sasuke could feel small bits of Hinata’s chakra caress his wounded flesh until it was expelled forcefully by him to stop it from trying to heal his wounds. Unconsciously, even her chakra cared for him and it was an odd thought to him.

“S-Sasuke?” She had ended up dropping all honorifics in urgency and worry, hands reaching out but unsure of herself.

His big hands caught her slender fingers and she was pulled back into his arms where she belonged.

Hinata’s cheeks flushed when she sighed in relief and she quickly took a greedy gulp of air to her deprived lungs.

Sasuke’s blood was matted on his flesh and colored her temples as she sobbed for him, wetting his chest as he panted painfully into her hair.

With the last bit of her chakra, Hinata quickly healed the wounds on his neck so that those vile women wouldn’t be suspicious of Sasuke tampering with the collar. Her arms wrapped loosely around his waist, face pressed into the crook of his neck, lashes fluttering as she breathed in his scent.

She had spread her chakra too thin.

She had forced almost everything that she had in order to break the collar and he could tell that her energy won’t be returning at least for a long while after their escape.

Hinata was weak and tired again, completely drained from the intense chakra outburst to break the hold of the collar. Her limbs felt like jelly while her brain threatened to shut down with each passing second.

The seconds continued to pass until Sasuke could hear her soft and slow breathing.

His tapered fingers caressed her peacefully sleeping face, sweeping strands of matted hair to the side to keep from obstructing her skin from his touch.

He couldn’t help the dark chuckle that bubbled from his throat rather maniacally, anger and murderous intent forming a barrier around them as he glanced down at her extremely weary form for the first time.

He would slice those vile repulsive women into ribbons and dice them until they were completely unrecognizable, even in death.

He would strike them with the element of surprise. But first, he had to torture them until they begged and screamed for mercy only to know that there would be none.

A sadistically malicious smirk darkened his features as he cradled her flaccid form closer to his body.

Now they wait for the inevitable.

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