In The Light (SasuHina)

Chapter 9 : Despair

Those wretched women had come again like always.

But this time, both Sasuke and Hinata were prepared for what was to come and they both anticipated it.

The brown haired woman and the woman named Sumi both carried similar knowing smirks when they entered the cell. Dark brown eyes immediately flitted to the Hyuga’s battered and beaten form, foretelling that something was definitely going to happen to the Hyuga.

A chill swept across Hinata’s body before she shrunk back into Sasuke’s arms, swallowing down a lump that had formed in her throat at the knowledge of what was to come.

Her stomach lurched when Sumi grabbed a fistful of her hair and tossed her off of the Uchiha. The searing pain from the abuse threaded through every nerve fiber in her body and made Hinata grit her teeth hard to keep from crying out.

Sumi watched the long dark locks of hair, jerking the girl up and about with a handful of the silken strands and watched her follow along like a puppet on a string.

The Hyuga girl didn’t fight them anymore. The bruises were prominent on her arms and ribs, perhaps one bone or two had been broken in their assault of her.

Her face was deathly pale as if sick and on the verge of passing on. She could barely keep her eyes open enough to even know what they had in mind for her.

Serves her right.

The other woman quickly unlocked the shackles and dragged Sasuke’s flaccid body upwards before Sumi pulled Hinata’s stumbling form back and dragged the both of them up the stairs.

Hinata hadn’t expected them to bring her with them. Perhaps, their Mistress wanted to kill her off now like what Qiu and the other woman had said some time ago.

She trembled.

Sasuke reigned his powers back, almost relaxed even when his skin burned from being dragged once again onto the hard ground, wounds reopening and bleeding by the time they were tossed into the play room. The bloody mess on his shin and thighs created a puddle of blood wherever they dragged him.

Just as they were both forcefully dragged into the ‘play’ room, Hinata’s nose wrinkled in disgust at the scent of salt, sweat, musk and the smell of that perfume that always stained Sasuke’s skin.

She could feel the swaying aura of darkness before them several steps away, dark and corrosive like some sort of sinister poison.

The mistress was bouncing on the other man’s body, naked as the day she was born and Sasuke almost gagged as he noticed that the man beneath her had been dead for a while now. Blood had dried on the bed sheets as dark as night and even in death the poor man was still being assaulted by this disgusting woman. He really shouldn’t be surprised anymore.



He swallowed down his intentions, glancing around the room until he finally saw the glowing staff settled onto a stand in the back of the room. Dark energy was centered inside of the ruby red gem housing it. From his stand point, Sasuke needed something to distract the four women in the room in order to get a hold of the damned staff but he didn’t want to risk having the mistress call the staff to her before he could destroy the well of power.

The staff itself was a rather old relic with mysterious powers in its depths. Once he was able to destroy it, the enchantment and power these women held would be no more.

His brain was working in over drive as he calculated every single outcome in his mind’s eye.

The mistress threw her head back and moaned loudly, long nails scratching the dead males chest in vicious streaks as she bounced on and off of said dead man’s body.

Hinata didn’t have to see to know what it was that the mistress was doing. The sounds of her lewd moaning and bouncing was enough to put even a whore to shame. Oddly enough, Hinata could feel the dimmed and lifeless aura of the man that the mistress was on and almost threw up from the idea of what was happening.

Necrophilia existed after all.

With a piercing screech loud enough to burst eardrums, the vile woman finally removed herself off of the man and slid off of the silken sheets to watch the Uchiha with bright amethyst colored eyes. A satisfied smirk graced her bold red lips.

“My favorite pet and the little Hyuga bitch. She is a rather pretty little thing, hm?” She cooed flirtatiously, wiping off the sweat on her brows from the intense ′workout′ before she crouched down to Hinata’s level, dirty hands daring to grab Hinata’s soft chin in her hold.

Sasuke’s blunt nails bit into his palm as he held his breath and forced his anger down before it could take a hold of him. His muscles coiled under his flesh like a cobra waiting to strike.

Just a little more.

Hinata had frozen in complete fear, spine bowed in her own horror as she floundered in nervousness and apprehension. “You may have the little bitch once I am done deflowering her, Qiu.” The woman whispered the words wickedly, her sharp nails caressing Hinata’s bottom lip and cheeks with a soft touch that left a hint of strong perfume and vile musk behind.

The red haired woman frowned slightly at the implications, annoyed green eyes narrowed on the trembling little Hyuga and her naked mistress.

She was supposed to have the little Hyuga heiress first.

The Hyuga’s cold dainty hand curled around the older woman’s wrist firmly, finding her center just with that soft touch in order to map the wicked woman’s chakra pathways.

Just like Sasuke wanted, Hinata would give him the distraction he needed with this last bit of her chakra.

Hinata quickly tried to gather all of her chakra into her palms when white blinding pain threatened to tear her soul apart. She blinked down the tears and forced what was left of her tattered chakra to bend to her will.

It hurt so badly.

With deft precision, even for a blinded woman, Hinata slapped the dark haired mistress back with quick blurred movements of the gentle fist.

Her anger fueled her chakra ablaze and with a sickening crack, her small fist met the startled woman’s face, leaving her momentarily incapacitated with blood dripping down her nose and lips from a severely broken nose.

A dark smirk graced Hinata’s innocent face in satisfaction as she knocked the taller woman off kilter several times with more painful jabs to the gut and heart.

The brown haired woman hurled her body into the Hyuga and was deftly thrown off with a gentle fist straight to the abdomen, arm, and leg in a blur of fast hand movements from their petite prisoner. The evil woman was knocked out of breath and in pain as her chakra pathways shut down.

His little kitten had a lot more bite than he thought.

The red haired Qiu immediately darted for the silver eyed girl only to be forced back with a chakra filled palm to the chest and neck. However, the stronger woman was undeterred, she grabbed a handful of obsidian tresses and tossed the blind girl sharply into the wall with a hard forceful slam that brought tears of pain to Hinata’s eyes. The sharp gasp of pain from the petite woman could not be missed.

Sasuke had waited until both Qiu and the brown haired woman came at Hinata before powering all his chakra into his body and blurred himself straight to the staff.

Amethyst eyes from the mistress widened when the Uchiha heir deftly aimed for the staff. With a few quick words of incantation the staff levitated and was propelled forward by black magic only to have the Uchiha’s chakra filled palms grab onto it.

His flesh burned upon contact and his whole body was lifted with the dark staff, heading straight towards the mistress’s outstretched palms at an alarmingly quick pace but not before his left palm settled over the ruby red gem.

With all of his power and might, the chidori crackled to life, lighting the room in brilliant swirls of mesmerizing flashes of light until they could hear the horridly loud and painful chirps from thousands of birds. The jewel groaned out in protest before it cracked in his palm and like a doused flame, the black magic poured out like dark sand upon the flooring before everything went deadly still.

Just like that, the enchantment in the room faltered before completely shattering like a veil of darkened soot.

The many servants that had lined the hall, heading straight to the room from the attack had disintegrated and turned to dust before many of the real human ones could comprehend what was happening.

The whole castle that once burned bright from the enchantment turned eerie and dark. Room after room became decayed and dilapidated with broken flooring and black mold.

The play room itself had lost all of its magic and the once silk and satin curtains had turned to dull cob webs. The maroon sheets disappeared along with the spacious bedding to be replaced with a pile of soot and dust.

"It’s my turn.” His dark voice penetrated the eerily silent room, deep and sinister to everyone with the promise of death in every word he spoke.

Hinata couldn’t help the wicked smile that graced her lips as Qiu pressed the heiress’ scratched and bleeding face harder into the wall only to be ripped off in a flurry just by the might of Sasuke’s chakra.

It felt good to be back.

Sasuke released his energy and chakra fully, choking nearly all those in close vicinity to him before his genjitsu forced them to freeze to his command.

But first, he needed to protect that which was his before the real fun can begin.

With that thought, his heavy foot deftly kicked the red haired woman out of his way before he knelt down to Hinata’s level. She smiled brightly yet timidly up at him through tousled hair and marred cheeks.

Tired and weary.

Strong hands brushed obsidian colored tresses out of her pale face, delicately brushing the welt forming on her chin and the bump rapidly forming on her forehead before collecting her soft languid body into his arms in slow practiced motions.

She had almost immediately melted into his arms with a pleased sigh of relief and contentment.

He didn’t want her to be in the same vicinity as these women when he started their slow and torturous deaths. She was too bright and too innocent for that.

Her cold nose bumped his collarbone while spindly arms wrapped around his neck to settle further into his embrace. His footsteps were steady and he did not want to jostle the delicate woman any more than he had to.

The array of servants lined the hall as he walked past, several pair of eyes following his body but frozen under his spell and unable to run or hide from the nightmare that was to come. For sure, none of them would be able to walk out alive, not if he had anything to do about it.

Sasuke quickly found a room down the hall with a small pallet at the corner before slowly setting her down onto it and reluctantly unwound her arms from his neck.

His lips ghosted a soft kiss to the crown of her head before he said, “Stay here, I will take care of it.”

She nodded lightly in understanding, eyes downturned as he quickly set a barrier around the room to which no one would be able to enter other than himself.

“Come back soon.” She murmured the words softly, knowing that he heard her when the sound of his descending foot steps came to a halt before disappearing completely.

She knew what he was going to do.

She didn’t know to what extent, but Hinata knew there was going to be a lot of blood shed and tremendous pain for those women.

Although bits of her felt almost sorry and apologetic, she couldn’t get herself to forgive those women.

Those terrible things they had done to Sasuke and herself were enough to make any feelings of remorse disperse before it could even disturb her senses.

They knew what would happen when they did those terrible deeds and now it is time they reaped what they sowed.

Hinata quickly shook her head to get rid of any way ward thoughts before wrapping her arms tightly around her body to try to retain his warmth until he came back.

She would wait for him.

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