The black brothers


As one brother descends into darkness and the other is desperately trying to escape it they soon realise the answer to all their questions is standing right in front of them - in the form of a girl. ⋙ 𝒮𝒾𝓇𝒾𝓊𝓈 𝒶𝓃𝒹 𝑅𝑒𝑔𝓊𝓁𝓊𝓈 𝐵𝓁𝒶𝒸𝓀 ⋘ ~ mature themes - smut ~ marauder era ~ I apologise in advance for any timeline mix ups but do understand this is a retelling and not the exact JK Rowling story. {I do not own all these characters, all credit goes to JK Rowling begrudgingly}

Romance / Erotica
Age Rating:

Don’t be such a cad regulus!

August 31st 1976

"Oh Sirius, go fetch Regulus will you?" Andromeda groaned, glancing up at Sirius as he stood leaning against the wall of the living quarters - his hair parted down the middle and resting at either side of his face like always, that boyish smile sowed into his pale lips. Andromeda always loved that about her younger cousin, he was so boisterous and cheerful. This house needed someone as cheerful as Sirius around.

Sirius nodded, standing up straight and strolling out into the corridor and up the steep stairs of 12 Grimmuald Place, each step covered by a red runner with a black thread outline. Each footstep causing the stairs to creek, his hand running up the banister caused a squeak every now and again. The house was old and full of odd noises, Sirius recalled hearing the house scream once but Narcissa reassured him it was indeed the pipes expanding like any other frail house.

As he reached the top of the stairs he was greeted by several or more identical black doors lined up simultaneously along the narrow, dimly lit corridor. The only thing allowing Sirius to tell the rooms apart was the golden name plates, each one having a name carved carefully into it. First it was Andromeda, Narcissa and Bellatrix, then it was Orion and Walburga. Thirdly, was Sirius' room and beside his was Regulus'.

Sirius' feet came to a firm halt outside of Regulus' room, he waited a moment before knocking - mainly due to the anticipation. With three short and hard rasps Sirius knocked on the door, not long after it swung open revealing Regulus. Regulus was being his usual mardy self, a pout pressed firmly on his lips and his hair dangling untidily in his face - the complete opposite to Sirius which was understandable, these brothers were after all, completely different.

You see, Sirius was a charming and joyful lad. Being two years older than Regulus made no difference to the way he acted, Sirius was mischievous and immature at times but still studied hard at school, he rather enjoyed school to be frank. Sirius had a bundle of friends, the marauders they would call themselves - four inseparable best friends.
Regulus on the other hand was a dour and morose young boy, he could never seem to find the positive things in life unlike Sirius. Regulus also struggled to maintain friendship but this never seemed to bother him, his family was big enough meaning he was never alone. Similarly to Sirius, Regulus was an intelligent chap for his age and one always found him indulged in a book.

"Yes?" Regulus glared at his older brother, his hand covered in what seemed to be black ink, so much covered that it was almost impossible to see the colour of his actual skin.

"Why is your hand covered in.. ink?" Sirius inquired, pointing out his brothers unusual complexion.

"Sirius what did you want?" Regulus hissed, jerking his hand behind his back and out of sight. Sirius glanced back up at Regulus, pausing for a moment and trying to remember what he had been sent to do.

"Oh of course." Sirius tutted, rolling his eyes at himself. "Andromeda, she wanted you." He shrugged, using his thumb to point over his shoulder and toward the staircase.

Regulus huffed, slamming his bedroom door shut and barging past Sirius. "Merlin sake! I have no interlude in this bastard house." He cursed, stamping his way down the staircase. Sirius following close behind.

"There you are!" Andromeda exclaimed, standing up from her seat and pressing out any ruffles in her dress. "Regulus I wanted to let you know that my mother has found you a wife." She explained sheepishly.

Regulus' mouth gaped open for a moment and his face grimaced at even the thought of having a wife, his arms crossed tightly around his chest. Sirius stood against the door frame, listening in eagerly at their conversation and just being pleased he wasn't in Regulus' position.

"And before you object this wasn't my decision nor your own to make. I am simply the messenger." Andromeda swayed her hands up and down gesturing for Regulus to calm down which only infuriated him further.

"You really don't know me at all cousin if you truly believe I'm going to let this happen." Regulus scoffed, scrunching up his face intensely at Andromeda. "I will not marry someone I do not know." He insisted.

Andromeda shook her head. "Of course not Regulus, that's exactly why she's on her way to meet you in the next hour." She smirked slyly before returning to her professional and serious expression. "So you best take yourself back up those stairs and get dressed."

"I am dressed!" Regulus snapped, twisting his head to look at Sirius who flashed him an apologetic shrug.

"No one wants to marry a greasy, washed up drunk." Andromeda tutted, shaking her head yet again at Regulus and his many petty excuses. "Go comb your hair and put on that waistcoat your father purchased you last summer." She demanded, ushering him out of the room and up the stairs.

"Why isn't Sirius getting engaged? He's the bloody screw up!" Regulus barked, pointing at Sirius as he stormed back up the stairs. "He needs straightening out with a good pure blood wife." He nodded.

"I won't hear anymore of it Regulus!" Andromeda warned, walking over towards the staircase and shooting him look of caution. "And stop slandering your brother!" She demanded but Regulus had already taken him self away to his bedroom.

Andromeda acted like a mother sometimes around the house, she was significantly older than Sirius or Regulus and therefore much more mature. Despite being a woman she wasn't the eldest sister of Black, in fact it was Bellatrix then Andromeda and then Narcissa. Sirius and Regulus's father Orion was away with his wife Walburga on a holiday to New York, the nature of their spontaneous holiday wasn't explained to any of the Black children. Since they were gone that left Bellatrix in charge alongside her husband Rodolphus however, Bellatrix always seemed to be away with the fairies leaving the task at hand to Andromeda.

Andromeda was a sincere and sweet girl as well as significantly beautiful. She had long, fair, brown hair and envious bone structure - which seemed to be a reoccurring characteristic of the Black family. Andromeda didn't share the same values as her sisters, they were blood status bias and didn't believe in mixture of magical blood whereas Andromeda couldn't care less about somebody's magical blood status. In fact, secretly, Andromeda had been meeting a young muggle-born boy named Ted Tonks. Ted was incredibly sweet and kind which only made Andromeda like him even more - of course everyone in her family would disapprove except perhaps Sirius.

Sirius didn't care for the prejudice either, he had friends whom were not of pure-blood status and of course his mother saw them as a bad influence on her already 'troubled' teen. Being sixteen Sirius was rather interested in living his own life and creating his own destiny but his family tried to tie him down no matter how much he fought them off, it was only a matter of time before they pushed the boy too far.

"Sirius do you not have any plans for today? It's your last day before school starts again." Andromeda sighed, resting her hand on Sirius' shoulder - offering him a sweet smile.

Sirius shrugged. "I think I'm going to meet some of my friends later but I am most definitely waiting to meet this young lady willing to take on Regulus." He smirked, fidgeting with the cuffs of his white shirt.

"She is a lovely girl, I just hope Regulus doesn't frighten her." Andromeda grinned, turning and walking back into the living room and taking a seat in front of the grand fire place. "Ariana Nott, I'm not sure if you know her."

Sirius shook his head. "I'm not so sure I do."

"Well, I'm sure you'll get along just fine." Andromeda assured him, she crossed one leg over the other as she watched the crisp wood burn under the flickering orange flames. "I don't know why my mother is even bothering to pair Regulus up, he's only a boy." She sighed, resting her head in her hand and her elbow against the arm of the chair.

"A boy who needs a good kick up the arse." Sirius chuckled, brushing his fingers through his hair and strolling over towards Andromeda, taking a seat in the arm chair beside her. "He's always so glum." He huffed, throwing his head back and allowing his deep ebony hair to fall.

"Sirius you know your brother, he's a troubled boy at times. He feels misunderstood and alone I suppose, I'm not sure how." Andromeda tutted, glancing over at Sirius as his face flushed pink from being upside down.

"Mother and father adore him." Sirius moaned, brining his head up which led his hair to flop down in front of his eyes. "The boy is spoilt." He nodded.

"We are all spoilt." Andromeda smiled, returning her gaze to the crackling fire before her. The brown pointed heels that hung on her feet popping off slightly, exposing the bottom of her foot. "Filthy rich, a pure-blood and respected family. What else could we ask for?"

"Happiness? Freedom?" Sirius suggested, his face turning sour rather quickly. He leaned forward so that his elbows pressed into his knees and his hands hung down, his back arched. "I feel suffocated sometimes." He shrugged.

"That's enough, we shouldn't be complaining." Andromeda insisted, shifting her posture back to perfect - her back straightened and chin facing upwards, just as her mother had taught her.

Regulus entered the room, his hair combed and clothes much more appropriate for the occasion. A proud smile crept on to Andromeda's lips as her eyes rested on Regulus whereas Sirius was already sick of the sight of him. He hated how much attention his brother got, Regulus could breath and he would receive praise unlike Sirius who would breath and be cursed at.

"Perfect, you look very handsome Regulus." Andromeda gasped, bouncing up out of her chair and over towards him. Her hand brushing against his cheek which caused the corners of his mouth the twitch as he held in the uncontrollable urge to smile. "Ah look, I think she's here!" Andromeda announced, hurrying past Regulus and towards the front door.

"Looking sharp brother." Sirius teased, still slouched in his seat but his eyes cast over Regulus. Regulus stepped further inside the room, leaning against the mantelpiece.

Andromeda returned with a slim, stunning young girl. Her dark chocolate hair curled and resting at shoulder length, she had deep ocean blue eyes that paired well with her baby blue dress. The girl locked eyes with Sirius and smiled, a nervous but charming smile.

"Hello, I'm Ariana." She introduced herself proudly, her voice sweet and chipper. Regulus tilted his head to look at her and for a second he looked bewildered, like he was questioning his whole existence.

"Ariana, this is Regulus." Andromeda gestured to Regulus who had shifted away from the mantelpiece to shake Ariana's hand like the charmer he is. "The boy we spoke about."

"Of course." Ariana stammered, taking her eyes away from Sirius and resting them on Regulus. It was peculiar how she looked at him, as though she was memorising every detail of his face, from the colour of his eyes to the scar resting just above his eyebrow. "Lovely to meet you." She nodded.

"Likewise." Regulus gifted her a half-hearted smile as he shook her small delicate hands.

"And you are?" Ariana returned her focus to Sirius. Those fascinating eyes lured Sirius in for a moment, like he was drowning or swimming - either way he was lost in them.

"Sirius." He stammered nervously, standing up and shaking her hand gently. A smile creeping on to his face as he admired her unmatchable beauty. "Regulus is my younger brother."

Ariana nodded. "I see the resemblance." She observed causing both brothers to scoff and glare at one another with daggers. "Or perhaps I don't?" She chuckled.

"Sirius doesn't have the same charm with the women, still hasn't grabbed himself a woman." Regulus teased, nudging his brother playfully. Despite their age difference, Sirius and Regulus were of the same height more or less. "No wife for poor Sirius."

"Don't be such a cad Regulus!" Andromeda tutted, swatting him over the back of the head with her hand. "Speak about women like that again and you'll find yourself without a wife." She threatened. "No woman wants a disrespectful husband."

"I like to think the woman chooses the man rather than the other way around." Ariana giggled sweetly, raising her eye brows at either brother. "But you might just think I'm mad."

"Never." Sirius shook his head.

"Come on Ariana, I'll show you to your room." Andromeda sighed, leading Ariana up the staircase and out of sight.

As soon as Sirius laid eyes on Ariana he was quite sure he would have her, even if Regulus was to marry her he would have her.

Regulus knew that look Sirius gave Ariana, he knew the eagerness and sudden need to please wasn't just him being polite. He knew a competition had begun and now they would fight for her hand wether they made it official or not.

And so it began.
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