When Ends Meet

Chapter 2

Videl gasped for air as they broke away, her body still as flustered as a farm animal on a hot day. She panted slightly as Saiyaman stared at her inquisitively through that black visor of his, the irises that she could just barely make out dancing with curiosity.

"V-Videl," he stuttered, unable to find the right words. "W-What's goin…"

"Sssh," she said gently yet not seductively. Videl was still overblown with emotions herself, that felt like everything she had wanted it to be and then so, so much more. His mouth tasted of a cool minty flavour but it had stilled filled her body with a lukewarm feeling when her own mouth had touched it. "There's nothing to worry about."

"I don't understand…" Saiyaman shook his head confused, clearly still worried about the faux crime she had used to lure him in. "Where's the thug, where's the hostage? A-Are the kids-"

"There aren't any," Videl admitted bluntly as she bit her tongue, hoping that he wouldn't be too mad. "I've been trying to confront you for months now, Saiyaman, the only method left…"

"Was to pretend there was a crime scene so I'd show up," he nodded slightly. "I get it… but w-what was that?"

"What was what?" she smirked playfully, knowing almost full well what he was referring to.

"This," he said flabbergasted as he waved his hands around, motioning towards the two of them, "What we just did."

"It's called a kiss," she chuckled sarcastically. It was a little ironic, she - the romantic dud, Videl Satan - was playing with someone for being naive.

"I know, I know…" he said laughing back playfully. She'd never known that he had such a wonderful laugh. "But… why?"

"I don't know," Videl shrugged a little as nonchalant as a goldfish. "I guess I kinda like you," she twisted the truth a little. Honestly, Videl didn't really feel any kind of attraction to anyone that wasn't physical but at the same time she was a little glad that Saiyaman was the one that Erasa had chosen for her little plan.

Even though Saiyaman was wearing a helmet, Videl could tell that his face was clearly doing its best impression of a fire hydrant. Funny, she never would've suspected a melodramatic moron like him to be the shy type. With a sigh Videl realised that she couldn't really blame him either, she wasn't exactly shy but that hadn't stopped her from avoiding anything slightly romantic for the last nineteen or so years.

"I-I guess I like you too, Ms. Satan," he bowed his head guiltily as though he had been caught stealing from the cookie jar red handed.

"Spare no detail," grinned Erasa as she laid back on the couch, her arms behind her head. "I'm sure he swept you up into those big, muscular arms of his and gave you the kiss of a lifetime as you flew through the clouds."

"Actually," corrected Videl, a small rosy blush rising to her face as she recollected the events, "it was inside."

"You mean it was raining and you missed the opportunity to have your first kiss in the rain?" Erasa groaned before sighing and letting it pass. "I guess I can forgive you for that, I'm proud that you finally kissed someone anyway."

"Well you know the background," Videl faced the ground nervously, these kind of things made her uncomfortable. "We pretended that there was a small hostage situation in an abandoned warehouse and you got me all dressed up."

"You were fighting me every step of the way, but I guess it worked out for the best huh?"

Videl nodded with a smile, "Yeah, so I spent forever waiting for him to show up while it began to drizzle a little on the outside… he finally showed up after around half an hour and we talked for a bit but he wasn't doing any of that superhero stuff-"

"Aww I bet he just forgot about everything when he saw you all dressed up and beautiful," squealed Erasa as she cuddled her hands to her cheeks. "That's so adorable, I'm sure he never even saw it coming!"

"I guess," Videl shrugged, she had no idea what had been going through his mind - hers had been too preoccupied with trying to get through the moment. "So after that we uhh… you know…"

"Kissed?" Erasa laughed as she took notice of the hot red colour that Videl's cheeks had adopted, "You make it seem like it's such a big deal, like you had sex or something."

"Well I'm sorry that we can't all hump anything that walks," Videl bit back roughly. Erasa stopped laughing and all of a sudden the tension escalated to the point where one could have heard ants moving. With a look at Erasa's quivering eyes, Videl lowered her head slowly, "I'm sorry… that was uncalled for."

"I guess you're kind of right though," Erasa sniffed slightly before rubbing her eyes. "Anyway, make it up to me by telling me the rest."

"Well we kissed… again, a few times, and then we stopped and talked for a bit," said Videl, a smile rising to her face. "He wasn't half as bad as I'd have expected him to be."

Erasa raised a pillow to her chest and cuddled it. "That's adorable, it sounds like somebody really enjoyed their first kiss."

Videl scowled slightly at the blonde but her heart wasn't in it. "So now… now what?"

"I'm not sure," shrugged Erasa. "What happened after you guys talked a little more, I'm guessing from the expression on your face that it didn't go much further?"

"Well… that was… awkward," admitted Videl, a very unbefitting blush rising to her cheekbones as she thought back to the moment. "He stumbled around for a bit before flying off the way he came."

"And you gave him your number like I told ya to, right?" asked Erasa.

"Uhh… no," Videl winced a little as she sheepishly avoided her friend's eyes. "Forgot about that."

"Well that sucks," pouted the blonde girl. "How are you guys going to set up your first date now?"

"What do you mean?" asked Videl questioningly, having not been privy to this part of the plan until now.

"How else do you expect to become an item?" questioned Erasa as she looked fixedly at the martial artist. "A kiss is like a baby beginning to crawl around, it's a start but you've got a long way to go before you can walk."

"I thought we were just trying to trick the media," Videl said as she reared up slightly. "Who cares about dates and all that mushy stuff?"

"Well Saiyaman's going to think this is real, and for him - and by proxy the media - to think it's real, you're going to have to act like it's real," Erasa giggled a little at her friend's naivety.

"I'm beginning to think that maybe this wasn't that great an idea," admitted Videl as she shot Erasa a sceptical look. She hadn't mentioned that earlier.

"Pfft, you'll come around when you realise how good it is to have a little romance in your life," Erasa stuck her tongue out. "Anyway so how exactly do you propose you bump into Saiyaman next? Probably not the best idea to jump on him during a bank robbery and I doubt we'd be able to get away with having another false hostage situation."

"Damn it, I wish I hadn't forgotten to give my number to him," cursed Videl in frustration. "I guess I'll just have to hope I run into him sooner or later: Saiyaman seems to be there every step of the way."

"Sounds like a plan," grinned Erasa. "I'm sure it'll work out in the end."

"Hey sweet pea," said Hercule with a smile as he reached the living room.

"Hey dad, " the girl responded nonchalantly, turning her head away from the television. "Did that press conference go well?"

"I guess you could say that," he muttered. "At least we finally announced our new line of martial arts items."

Videl grinned slightly, she knew just as well as her father that the items her father had released weren't all that special. Over the years he'd slowly transformed from the world's foremost martial artist to a businessman, something that had only been propelled by the fact that he was one of the world's most well known men. "Did those include the fingerless gloves that you showed me a while ago?"

One of her favourite crime fighting instruments were the prototype metal plated, fingerless gloves her father had given her on her nineteenth birthday. Most people wouldn't have been too happy to receive such a gift but Videl couldn't have been more glad, they definitely beat the car he had gotten her the previous year (mostly because she still hadn't gotten her driver's license - who needed one when they had a portable jet copter?).

"Nah, we're thinking about launching them next autumn," her father answered. "Anyways, there's this little dinner coming up next Sunday and I'd love it if my little girl could attend…"

"It's not another one of those boring city council dinners, is it?" Being celebrities, the two of them often found themselves invited to a whole array of social events.

"It's actually a pretty big event, the world's most renowned leaders and all that are all invited," said Hercule. "Some kind of breakthrough in a cleaner fuel source has been made and they're hoping to attract some attention from what I've gathered."

"Guess it makes sense, apparently Earth's days are numbered if we continue at the same rate we're going at now," said Videl, thinking back to a project she had once done in geography class. "Do you reckon I could bring Erasa along?"

"Shouldn't be a problem," Hercule nodded. "I'm sure you'll have a great time, it would be embarrassing for me to turn out without you after all."

"Well I'm sure that when I finally beat you at the next world tournament you'll be a lot more embarrassed," the girl playfully stuck her tongue out at her father.

"Keep dreaming honey."

Videl hurried along the pavement, giving chase to a car that was outspeeding her with ease. She had never been much of a runner despite the fact that she was renowned for her speed as a fighter, and it was beginning to show as the hover car put a fair amount of distance between itself and her.

She had been caught relatively off guard, having just finished a meal at a nearby café, when the orange car had zipped right past her in an erratic manner. It was a miracle that it hadn't already crashed into something. Being an honorary member of the city's police force, it was her responsibility to pursue the driver.

The Satan girl paused, realising that the chase was futile. Bending over on her knees and panting heavily, she frowned as she also found that she could not make out them retreating vehicle's number plate - she could only hope that one of the nearby pedestrians had seen it.

It would have been the perfect moment for Saiyaman to come swooping in a force the car to halt in its tracks, but alas no caped crusader appeared. Having finally caught her breath, she broke into a light jog as she tried to pursue the car's path; she probably wouldn't catch it but hopefully she'd at least be able to see what kind of damage it did.

It was then that the orange vehicle swerved into a nearby street light and came to a sudden halt. As she came closer to the car, she winced slightly as she saw that the airbag on the driver's side had inflated and buried the driver's face within it. Silently, she found herself hoping that when she managed to pry the man out from the car she wouldn't be staring a corpse. Even though the man had been driving like an idiot and endangering others lives, he still did not deserve to die.

Knowing that each second was now crucial, she picked up the pace and raced towards the vehicle. The street light had smashed straight through the front part - the bumper she presumed, Videl didn't claim to know much about cars - and more. Though she expected the car's alarm to go off, it didn't for some reason she couldn't quite understand.

The crimefighter quickly set to work, opening the driver's door and attempting to get rid of the airbag so she could have a look at the driver. After struggling for a few moments with the bag, she calmed herself and remembered that it needed to be pulled straight out. Once she did so, she was a little relieved to see that there wasn't much blood - there was a nasty, but not gory, cut on the upper left of the man's forehead and his nose looked as though it was broken. She didn't bother with checking to see if the man was conscious or not and quickly put a hand towards the man's chest.

After a few moment's of brief tension, she was glad to find that it was slowly rising and falling. That meant he was breathing at the very least - though she knew how to do it, administering CPR would be difficult in the driver's current position.

The girl glanced around uncertain of what to do next. A small crowd of bystanders had gathered, many of which had evidently already dialed for the ambulance, but Videl knew that even that wouldn't necessarily be quick enough. She could drag the man out of the car but without fully knowing what injuries he had, that could result in some unfortunate repercussions. The black-haired crimefighter could just envision something painful having happened the man's spinal cord.

"Let me handle this." The voice was unmistakable. Only Saiyaman had the corny yet commanding voice that she had brought herself to trust over the past few months of fighting crime with the man. "I need you all to step away."

Vide was unsure of whether or not that included her or if it was the best idea to comply. Just because he was a modern day superhero did not mean that he was aware of the necessary procedures in a situation like this. He was not a police officer so he almost certainly didn't have the mandatory training that went with it.

She found herself acting as an intermediary between the masked man and the crowd, telling them to back off a little bit. The Satan girl figured that she was close enough to prevent him from doing anything stupid but also far away enough to not add pressure on him. The bystanders murmured a little before complying with her instructions and taking a few steps away from the incident.

"Is anyone here a doctor or a nurse?" asked Videl, hoping that there was someone a little more qualified than two crimefighters amongst the crowd. Luck didn't appear to be on her side as no-one spoke up.

Instead the crowd seemed to be a little more fixated on what Saiyaman was doing. Videl held her arms out to prevent any curious members of the public from advancing while glancing back herself, also somewhat curious as to what the first man she had ever kissed was up to. Being closer than any of the bystanders, she could make out that the helmet wearing man had crouched down. Saiyaman extended a hand to the likely unconscious driver as though he were feeding the man despite the fact that she could not see anything within his white glove.

Videl found her face going pale as she saw the superhero lift the man from the car as though he were a weightless doll. Was he aware of just how dangerous that was?

"He should come around in a minute or two," said Saiyaman as he placed the reckless driver down on the ground. "You guys should probably get him checked out by paramedics though."

Videl's eyes weren't focussing on Saiyaman, however. The wound on his forehead seemed to have vanished, like it had never even existed, and upon further inspection, even his nose's shape seemed to have straightened. The crimefighter suddenly snapped out of her dazzlement as she realised that she had more important things to talk to Saiyaman about - now that the man was "fine". She'd be damned if she let him slip away again, she needed to establish some other form of interaction; preferably one that did not include an injured driver or a hostage situation.

There was still a bit of distance between Saiyaman and the crowd, who were still standing at bay a few metres back from the incident. Quickly using her headstart to her advantage, she made her way towards Saiyaman as the crowd drew closer to the driver. It wasn't as though she could blame them, the fact that he had come out of the car unharmed was almost miraculous - though she wasn't sure if any of them knew that he had been injured within it.

"I've been meaning to talk to you," said Videl, staring intently at Saiyaman's barely-visible eyes through his polished visor.

"I have been too."


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