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Come Fly With Me

By KakarotSon

Romance / Action

Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I don't own Dragon Ball.


Videl sighed as she punched in the security code to her front door. While it had been a nice long night out with Erasa, she was exhausted. Having opted to see a movie with her friend rather than train for the upcoming World Martial Arts Tournament, Videl was ready to get some sleep so that she could put all her energy into her workouts tomorrow.

Walking into Satan Manor, she yawned as she ambled towards her bedroom. Thankfully it wasn't all that long a walk and she was soon at the door of said room. She lazily opened the expensive door handle and jumped onto her bed before kicking off her boots.

Yanking the white socks of her petite feet, she tossed the blanket over herself and laid her head down on her bed. Not even bothered to change her clothes, she closed her eyes -




Videl almost instantly groaned as she pressed a button on the video phone that was on her wrist... of course the chief would call at what was probably three-something in the morning.

Answering the call, Videl willed herself to sit up.

"Oh good, Videl... you're awake." The face of the chief beeped to life on her watch.

"What is it chief?" Not in the mood to waste time, Videl demanded an answer.

"There's a situation near the Sushi Bar. Some robbers have gotten in and are holding the manager and a few other customers at gunpoint, we think they want money... but we're not exactly sure."

"On it," replied Videl mechanically as she stretched her hands. While they were rather annoying, the late-night emergency calls weren't anything new.

Ripping herself out of her comfortable bed, Videl quickly slipped on her socks and grabbed both her boots as she ran out her bedroom door. Figuring that going via the helipad wouldn't be a good idea, she ran as fast as her feet would carry her towards the front yard, uncaring for the several servants that she awoke.

She passed both of her boots into her left hand, as she fished around in her right pocket for the capsule in which her jet-copter was in. Grasping it in her left hand, she turned the doorknob to the front door and jumped onto the porch with both feet.

Videl tossed the valuable capsule into the emptiness of her front yard and quickly pulled on both of her boots, not even paying mind to the zombie-like state of mind she was in; she was running on autopilot. She ran into the copter and leaped into the front seat, quickly starting the vehicle up. As the engine roared to life, she headed towards the Sushi Bar without a second thought.

After checking the time on the console at the front, she frowned as she realised that at the current time the police wouldn't be too reliable. It was so late that they'd all probably end up doing a crummy job. Drawing on the memories of a few bad previous experience, she gripped the joystick of the jet-copter tightly with both hands and accelerated.

While she was sure she was breaking several speed limits, Videl paid it no mind. It was only recently that she had been granted proper status, which allowed her to breach regular speed laws in an emergency like every other policeman did. It had infuriated the black-haired girl for months on end, and only after a life was almost lost because of her inability to get to the crime scene had the Police Department budged.

If it had been a normal occasion, Videl would have taken the opportunity to admire the beautiful lit-up city below her; well lit-up and beautiful, quiet and just the right temperature—Satan City's summer nights were a stop on every tourist's list. But she didn't have time for that. No... she needed to focus, and her sleep-like mind wasn't helping.

Turning on the autopilot controls, she opened up the glove box and took out a pair of fingerless black-gloves.

"Godammit..." whispered Videl as she discovered that they weren't metal encrusted. Unfortunately, that meant that she wasn't going to be able to surprise any of the robbers with the back of her fist.

Making a note to replace them, she gently put them on and flexed her hands. Videl peeked her head out of the jet-copter and drove it towards the roof of the Sushi Bar, before promptly jumping out; her jet-copter capsulating behind her.

Before landing, she quickly rolled into a ball to reduce the impact of the fall and stood up. Surveying the situation, Videl noticed that the Police had set up a barricade outside the building. However no-one seemed to be going in...

'Fools,' thought Videl. She jumped off the roof of the building and landed on the other side of the barricade with practiced ease.

Ignoring the squeals of joy from the policeman at her arrival, she quickly kicked open the flimsy door of the Sushi Bar.

Almost as expected, a thug immediately came at her with a rifle. She swayed to the left to dodge without hesitation as he swung it at her.

'You'd think that he'd have the brains to fire this thing,' the Satan girl wasn't sure if it was a good thing that the robbers generally had a very questionable intelligence level, however it definitely made her job easier.

Quickly snatching the gun out of his hands, she snapped a knee up into his gut before shoving him to the side without breaking a sweat. Holding the rifle in both her hands, she grimaced as several thugs attempted to fire at her while one or two raised their guns towards their hostage's heads. Her face fell even further as she threw herself to the side to dodge a storm of bullets... this wouldn't be fun.

Getting back on her feet, Videl raised the gun in her hands and quickly pulled the trigger before shoving it upwards at the last second. A loud bang echoed throughout the room as a few bullets hit a metal object embedded in the ceiling. It caused a distraction which gave her just enough time to toss the gun up into the air before sliding towards a nearby thug with a hostage.

A quick palm-thrust to the man's nose left him reeling in pain, as the unconscious hostage fell onto the floor. Instinctively, she span around and ducked as several bullets flew through the empty space which her head had previously been occupying. By either dumb luck or pure skill, nothing made contact with her back.

As several of the robbers reloaded their guns, she back-flipped into the air and landed behind a rather bulky one. A sickening crunch met his back, but Videl paid it no mind. As tragic as injuries were, it was what they got for robbing in the first place.

She continued to take out the robbers one-by-one as they watched horrified, knowing that their attempts would be fruitless. Videl had seen them all before, every thug thought they were invincible when they had a gun on their hands... she was there to prove them wrong.

"Thanks again for saving my store, Videl," an old man beamed at the teenage girl.

"It was no problem, it's my job," replied Videl modestly as she offered him a smile.

"Still... there must be something that I can do to express my gratitude?" The shopkeeper asked, determined to not let the crime-fighter's good deeds go unpaid.

"Nah," Videl grinned. "Just keep making this delicious food."

The old man nodded, promisingly. "Just let me know if there's ever anything I could do for you, Videl."

She met his eye, before jumping out of the chair she was sitting on. "Anyway... it's getting pretty late now, I think it's best I get home." She stretched her arms, yawning.

The shopkeeper bid her a good night and Videl walked towards the door which she had kicked down just a few hours ago.

Or at least that's what she did until she bumped into a rather-tall boy, who had just stumbled into the place.

"What are you doing here? Only the police and myself are allowed in here... how'd you get in?" She instantly sprung from a relaxed mood to detective mode.

"I-I'm s-sorry. You see, I just wanted to grab something to eat... I'll be right on my way," the boy quickly spun around towards the exit.

"Hang on!" Videl said, grabbing onto his arm as he turned around. "Aren't you the new kid in our class?"

Taking the small blush which rose onto his cheeks as an affirmative, Videl relaxed her muscles. "Gohan, wasn't it?"

She offered out her hand in a gesture of goodwill as the boy nodded.

"I'm Videl." He took it, almost hesitatingly, and they shook.

"... So what were you doing out here at god-knows what time in the morning?" Videl asked, the formalities now over. She wanted answers and she would get them... she'd just have to try to avoid beating the guy up this time.

"Uhh... I was just around in the city, and I was a little hungry... so I stopped by at this sushi bar."

"At four a.m. in the morning?"


"And didn't you see the tape which sealed off this area?" Videl almost deadpanned.

"Tape?" The boy asked inquisitively before meeting her questioning eyes, "there wasn't any."

Videl frowned. It was a little early for the police to have removed the tape.

"Anyway, as much as I'd love to stay and chat; it's getting pretty late. See ya around, Gohan," Videl raised the back of her hand causally as she walked out the door.

Tossing the capsule of her jet-copter onto the empty street, Videl hopped in as soon as it had decapsulated. She needed to get some sleep.

Videl awoke with a start as she heard knocking on her door. Taking a second to yawn, she hesitantly got out of her bed and stood up.

"Who is it?" asked Videl in a lazy tone as she walked towards her door.

"Miss Satan, your father is requesting your presence in the gym," the voice which she quickly identified as that of their butler's replied. Sighing a little, she rubbed her bleary eyes open before responding to the aging man.

"Tell him, I'll be down in a few minutes." Walking back towards her bed as she heard their butler leave, she yawned once again before she took off her dirty clothes from the day before and put on a pair of folded pyjamas that were laying on her desk. She had no doubt that regardless of whatever her father wanted, she'd be going back to sleep soon enough anyway.

She pulled out the two hair-bands which she'd been too tired to remove last night, and ran her fingers through her hair as a makeshift comb as she untangled her long hair. Not even bothered to look at the time, Videl slowly left her room—she was still dead on her feet from the little early morning adventure she'd had.

After reaching the gym on autopilot, she walked into it and faced faced her father who looked as though he had been awaiting her arrival.

"So… honey... how's your memory been treating you? Can you remember anything else?"


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