Come Fly With Me

Chapter 11

"Are you going to come with us?" asked Sharpner stopping and turning around.

"Yeah, I'm sure Vi would love to see you again!" exclaimed Erasa.

"Uhh I don't know guys," said Gohan. "I feel a little bad about not being there for Videl at all but I still don't think it's a good idea if we become too close."

"Bullshit," snorted Sharpner. "Stop being such a whiny brat and come with us, she's in hospital after all."

"I know," stated Gohan in an irritated tone. "I was the one who took her there after all."

"Then why are you complaining?" asked Erasa as she grabbed the hem of the demi-Saiyan's t-shirt and pulled him towards the door. Though it would be no hard feat for him to stay put, he allowed the blonde to drag him along with a mere frown upon his face.

"So how was she yesterday?" questioned Sharpner as they made their way out of the school grounds. "Gotten to talk to her yet?"

"Briefly," answered Erasa before smirking slightly. "Gohan, here, was busting for some alone time with her though so I left the two love birds be."

"Y'know that it's not like that anymore Erasa," sighed Gohan. "I just want to make sure she gets out of hospital alright and then things can go back to the way they were before."

"The way they were before?" repeated Sharpner with a questioning tone.

"With me staying away from her," he scowled for some reason. He knew what he had to do and what he wanted to do but the repeated mention of the topic was starting to wear thin on the tall boy.

"Be that way, then," grunted Erasa as she crossed her arms. "We're just trying to make things easier on you."

"You'll make things harder for everyone," he replied without missing a beat. "Trust me, I know what I'm doing."

"I hope you do too," said Sharpner roughly as they continued walking towards the hospital wordlessly.

Attempting to not make eye-contact with anything but the ground, Gohan allowed himself to fall slightly behind the pair in front of him. He felt like a jerk and he knew that in some ways that he was being one, however that did not prevent him from wishing that his friends wouldn't probe into such places.

"If you're gonna be such a grouch, you better at least get her flowers again," Erasa put her hands on her hips.

"She didn't really seem to like the ones from yesterday, though," said Gohan dejectedly, his voice still low.

"Are you kidding?" asked Erasa incredulously, "Did you see her face? She was so surprised!"

"That doesn't mean it was in a good way," grumbled Gohan.

"That doesn't mean it was in a bad way either, Brains," inputted Sharpner. "Look, I'm not looking to play matchmaker or anything, but it's time you made a choice. It's now or never man, you've got to decide whether you still want to be around Videl or just phase out of her life forever."

"Of course he wants to be around Videl," Erasa screwed up her face. "They're both really cute together, it's funny they get all glowy around each other.

"That's not your choice to make," Sharpner held up a hand in defence of Gohan. He didn't want the boy to get the wrong idea with everything that had happened. "But seriously Brains, it's driving us insane, and I'm sure if Videl ever found out that you'd pretended everything that… happened… didn't happen, you'd sure as hell hope that you're on another planet."

"Guys, I think you're being a little dramatic here," argued Gohan. "I don't know what you're up to but I'm not planning to start things up with Videl again unless it's as friends and even then, I'm not too sold on the idea."

"Why not?" Erasa sighed, "I know you don't like to talk about this kind of stuff, but don't you think it's fair if we got a bit of an explanation as to what happened?"

"Maybe a I owe you guys one," admitted Gohan as a look of contemplation crossed his face. "But at the same time, I'm not sure if I'm comfortable saying it."

"C'mon Brains, we're like the only friends you've had and we've known you for years now!" Sharpner attempted to persuade the Son boy into talking. "It's not like we're going to laugh at you or think any less of you for it."

"Yeah, and I've really learned to keep that big mouth of mine closed in the past few years," added Erasa. "Don't you think it'd be fair to just give us a chance?"

"I'm still not sure…" said Gohan sullenly. "But I really don't think that someone like Videl deserves me."

"Has this got something to do wit-"

"We're here!" exclaimed Erasa as she glanced at the aged building of the Satan hospital.

"Whatever," Sharpner rolled his eyes before taking one last look at Gohan. "Just don't push everyone away because being lonely isn't fun."

Gohan nodded slightly, although the words went in one ear and out the next, before attempting to smile in order to relieve the tension. "So what do you say we go get her some flowers?"

"I'm sure she'd love it," agreed Erasa, evidently not the only one of the trio thankful for a change of topic.

"We could get her some daffodils, I know she likes those," suggested the jock as he ran a hand through his long hair.

"No Sharpner, she hates those, remember?" asked Erasa rhetorically before giggling slightly. "Why don't we let Gohan pick her some flowers, I'm sure he'd have a clue as to what she likes."

"Uhh I'm not sure if her fifteen year old self's really into flowers… her eighteen year old self certainly didn't have a thing for them either, but I guess we could get her some lilies," answered Gohan as he recalled an intimate night a few months ago in which the former couple had laid in a flower bed under the stars. It felt like it had occurred eons ago, now.

"Well, let's go then," said Erasa as she threw her hands forward, before walking through the hospital doors. Looking around quickly as Gohan and Sharpner quickened their paces to catch up, she smiled slightly as she saw the same gift shop they had bought the flowers from the other day.

When she felt the presence of the two boys behind her begin to near, the blonde took a deep breath before stepping into the shop and taking a large sniff of the air. Pleasant aromas, ones you'd never find anywhere else amongst the hospital that was always disinfected with care, filled her nostrils. Slightly enthralled by the smell of the various flowers and perfumes, Erasa looked towards the section with the flowers before rapidly turning back as something caught her eye.

Inspecting the sign which read "Baby Wear" in pink and blue letters, she smiled slightly. The little onesies were delicate little things, even without babies inside them they still looked ridiculously adorable and she couldn't help but wonder what if would be like to one day have a child of her own. Making a note to return to the place at some other time, she smiled slightly as Gohan and Sharpner finally caught up to her.

"So what do you think?" she said, gesturing the various assortments of flowers in front of her. "Still want to stick with the lilies?"

"Yeah," said Gohan without much thought. "I'm sure those would be her second favourite."

"I still say she'd like daffodils the best," grumbled Sharpner as a chuckling Erasa swooped up a bouquet of the light-purple coloured flowers.

"I reckon she'll live," laughed Erasa as she handed the bouquet over to Gohan, following him to the counter. "You sure you don't want me to pay?"

"Oh hush," the cashier from the day before said with a grin. "You're the lady, it's only right that he pays. Especially if he's not yet asked you out even though you clearly said that you thought he was cute yesterday!"

Blushing bright red and glancing towards the ground, for once Erasa stuttered, "I-It's not like that."

"That's what they all say," snorted the cashier before looking towards Gohan. "So will that be cash or credit?"

"Cash," said Gohan as he dug around in his pockets for the money. With a smile, he exchanged it with the old lady for the bouquet.

"So, ready to surprise her?" asked Gohan, the small feud between the three of them forgotten, as he looked to the two blondes. Erasa nodded however the girl was still a little red from the cashier's comments while Sharpner seemed to be a little sullen. It wasn't anything out of the ordinary for the jock - who had once been quite a loudmouth - to have nothing to say but it was the fact that his head was slightly down that troubled Gohan.

Walking out of the store, he put some distance between the three of them and the place before spinning around and glancing at Sharpner. "Are you alright Sharpner?"

The blond boy merely shrugged before a frown overcame his rough features. Taking a deep breath, he shot a dark, dejected look at Erasa.

"… You think he's cute?"

"I swear you guys are trying to make me take up gardening," chuckled Videl as she placed the flowers that Gohan had handed her to the table on her side.

"It wouldn't hurt you to do something a little more feminine," teased Erasa. "So anyway, are you feeling any better?"

"Yeah much, much better than I have for any of the past few months," said Videl with an oddly gentle smile.

"Sucks that the same can't be said for the chick next to you," said Sharpner as he jabbed a thumb in the air towards the girl who Videl had attempted to save. "About time she woke up now, isn't it?"

"It's a bummer but the doctors say that warning bells shouldn't really start ringing until a week or so passes," replied Videl.

"Well her vitals are all fine," said Gohan as he analysed the various instruments surrounding the still-unconscious girl. His mother had pushed him to pursue a variety of different careers, and at the top of that list was a high-paying job in the medical industry so the boy knew the basics.

"Why were people after her anyway?" asked Erasa, "She looks like your average twelve year old."

"Yeah," said Sharpner, suddenly remembering all the suspicion he'd had of the ordeal the other day as he spun around to face Videl. "What gives?"

"I'm not sure," shrugged Videl casually. "I saw a bunch of thugs roughing her up while I was walking home, and y'know, jumped in."

"You're lucky Saiyaman was there to save you," Sharpner made sure to not look at Gohan. "That was pretty reckless."

"Seriously?" Videl groaned, "Dad just got off my back and now you're jumping on. What happened to the guy who would've done anything for some excitement?"

"I guess it's a bit weird for you since you wouldn't remember it, after all," answered Sharpner as his voice lowered. "But let's just say it took the loss of someone close to me for me to finally sober up."

"What?" Videl's head lurched forward, "Someone died?"

Sharpner stared back at Videl without hesitation, his face unflinching. "It was my dad, a heart attack got the better of him almost two years ago now."

"T-That sucks," said Vide in shock, the ex-crimefighter at a loss for words. "He was a great man and I'm very sorry to hear that."

"It's alright, I've gotten past it now. All of you guys, you too, Videl, played an important part in helping me come to grips with it," muttered Sharpner, his voice sounding unsure of itself. "But I guess you could say that my life turned around a little that day."

"I wouldn't say it was in a bad way either," joked Erasa, drawing a few half-hearted, awkward laughs. A pregnant pause overtook the room for a few moments before the blonde broke the silence, unwilling to let morbid thoughts linger. "But anyway, what do you reckons the bad guys were after her for?"

"She's a little kid, I don't see any reason why she would be a target aside from any important family members or something," deduced Gohan. "Someone influential or rich would certainly be able to pay a lot of ransom money."

"Doesn't make sense," Sharpner rejected Gohan's theory. "They shot her, there's no way they'd be getting any sum of money for a corpse."

"Only after I showed up though," added Videl. "Maybe they figured it wasn't worth it?"

"There were like twenty of them… or so I hear…" said Gohan, cursing inwardly for almost slipping up. "I doubt you could have subdued all of them, and the amnesiac daughter of one of the richest men on the planet would probably be even more valuable to them."

"Pfft, you're underestimating me," said Videl coolly. "They just got lucky with their guns, I would've had no trouble ripping them a new one if they'd been empty handed."

"Still what were you doing walking around like that, don't you have a chauffeur or something?" questioned Sharpner.

"Mark? Yeah, so what, walking's actually pretty refreshing," Videl flipped her hair nonchalantly.

"I'll bet that she'll need all the time she can get away from him with that cute face of his, it'd hard to do anything but think about it all day," said Erasa, oblivious to the glare Sharpner was shooting her way.

"What's the point of having a chauffeur if you don't use his services?" he asked logically as he took a breath to calm himself down. "I know you don't like it but in your current state, you're more vulnerable than you'd expect."

"I wish all of you guys would stop treating me like some sort of princess-doll," scowled Videl. "I can look after myself, I'm alive, aren't I?"

"That's not the point, Videl," argued the blond. "You've got to be more careful, for all of us, no one wants to see you in an even worse position."

"Relax Sharpner, you make it sound like she's walking around town flaunting pure gold teeth," Erasa waved a hand. "No one's going to go after her now anymore than they would've eight months ago."

"Yeah, all of you seem to be forgetting that I could probably whoop all of your butts to the moon and back," Videl smashed her fist into her left palm. "I've been beating up bad guys since fourteen, and I'm the defending Junior World Martial Arts Champion, remember?"

"Actually, you lost that title a couple of years ago," Gohan reminded her. "From sixteen and up, they stick you in the normal tournaments."

"That's right," cursed Videl. "I guess I'll just have to do better and beat my dad in the next one."

"There's another one?" asked Erasa, "I thought you gave up fighting."

Videl merely grinned, "Crime fighting? Maybe… but good ol' fighting? Nah."

"Whatever, it's still like a year away so don't jump anytime soon," said Sharpner. "We've still got to figure out why they were after the girl anyway."

"Her sister's that annoying reporter, maybe that's got something to do with it?" suggested Erasa.

"I didn't really like the way she rubbed me to be completely honest," admitted Sharpner. "But I don't really think that's got much to do with a bunch of gangsters."

"Maybe we're overthinking it," sighed Gohan. "They're criminals, they don't always carefully plan out every single little thing they do."

"I reckon Gohan's got a point," agreed Videl with a nod as she propped herself up against the wall behind her, the duvet crumpling to the bed. "Now let's say we give this whole thing a rest."

"Yeah, we came here to visit Videl, not to play detective," said Erasa as Sharpner threw his hands up in defeat. "So what were we talking about before?"

"Me gardening," grumbled the Satan girl, almost unsure which of the two topics she preferred. "I've got to say though, I like the flowers you guys got me."

"It was all Gohan again," Erasa said all-too-eager to get things moving between the pair. She just needed to get Gohan to see the light that was Videl once more.

"Figured you'd like lilies," Gohan grimaced as he drew the attention of the pig-tailed girl. It felt wrong to be able to exploit the girl; he knew her darkest secrets, from covert passions to her deepest burning desires.

"Well thanks," she nodded appreciatively. "I don't really like flowers that much but you definitely know which ones I don't completely hate."

"Heh I knew you'd finally show your girly side," Erasa stuck her tongue out at the girl who promptly returned the gesture. "Now I've just got to talk you into getting a better wardrobe."

"Yeah, not happening," Videl said flatly, dashing the other girl's hopes.

"I reckon she looks fine with what she normally wears anyway," added Gohan, drawing a blush from the girl.

"T-Thanks, see even Gohan agrees with me," she said awkwardly. "So anyway, I'll finally be out of here in like another day."

"Videl Satan on crutches, that'll be a sight," Sharpner chuckled, earning him a punch to the shoulder from said girl.

Gohan stepped out of the hospital before taking a deep breath. Both Erasa and Sharpner were still probably talking with Videl and as much as he wouldn't have minded provided her company, it was going to get dark out soon. As a rule of thumb, he generally tried to get back home before the sky darkened since flying in the dark was a bit of a pain and by the time the sun was down, his mother tended to get a little too worried about his safety.

Looking around and spotting a dark alley, he briskly walked towards it. The city seemed dead and quiet, the wind was howling and whistling loudly, but he didn't mind as he stepped into the lightless place. Quickly looking around him, he exhaled loudly before lifting his wrist up. Eyes nervous of any onlookers, Gohan quickly darted around the run-down, slightly wet alley as he gently pressed on the button of the repaired watch Bulma had supplied him.

With an instant flash, Gohan's clothes changed from his regular garb to his Saiyaman outfit. His black vest was replaced with a vibrant red cape, his white shirt with a long, flowing and green tunic, and his orange pants were traded out for a pair of black ones. Kicking the boots that had materialised with the rest of the outfit against the wall, he pressed two fingers against each temple, the helmet serving as a barrier between his head and his gloved hands.

"I really should get some more practice with this thing," muttered Gohan as he tapped into the police network. Taking a massive jump into the air, Gohan scanned around for any crimes that were being shared over the network. After floating through the air for a few minutes and scouring for nearby crimes, he finally tuned into one which sounded rather shifty.

"... Cover blown... h-he-" he heard the faltering voice of what he could only assume was a police officer.

"All right, please stay calm and hold on. Officers are on the way, you should be safe in approximately twenty minutes," came the cool and collected voice of the dispatcher. Gohan frowned slightly, the voice was clearly human but the dispatcher didn't seem worried in the slightest when it appeared that this person was in danger.

If any onlookers were present, they would've heard a slight sigh as a green figure took to the skies above them.

"So you're sure that I don't need to send Albert around with you to school, right?" asked Hercule worriedly as he allowed the teenager to lean on him for support while she hobbled forward on her crutches.

"Dad, it's fine, really," she almost rolled her eyes, slowly moving past him as she made her way towards a couch. Sitting down, she put her crutches aside, "Now, if you'll excuse me, I think I've got a mountain load of school work to catch up on."

"Actually school called about that," interjected Hercule before his daughter could shoo him away. "Apparently the government's Department of Education finally got back to them on what to do with you during the last few days."

"Great, let me guess, they want me to repeat the year?" said Videl exasperatedly.

"Hehe, not quite" chuckled Hercule as he rubbed the back of his afro sheepishly. "It turns out that they're actually going to make things slightly easier for you."

"They are?" she asked in surprise. "Isn't that unfair to the rest of the students?"

"Not really," answered Hercule. "It's going to be both easy and hard on you… you won't be doing the same kind of work that everyone else in your year level's doing. Instead, you'll be allocated your own special curriculum that's ehem… 'designed to help jog' your memories."

"I'm not sure if you guys are aware but my memory's barely crawling," said Videl bitterly. "I don't think that's going to makin-"

"Wait, there's more," said Hercule as he reached into his breast pocket. Pulling out and unfolding a piece of paper, he summarised what he was reading. "Basically you'll be running through a curriculum that summarises the key elements of each year level… for every subject."

"That sounds like a lot of work, but I still don't reckon that's going to help. What if I've got trouble doing the work or don't understand a specific concept?" asked Videl, knowing that it would be irritating for even the most patient of her teachers to answer every second question the girl had.

"Well, sweetie, it says here that you'll be required to have a private tutor for each subject. They should be able to answer your questions, you'll have to meet a tutor for each of your six subjects at least once a week."

'There goes whatever semblance of social life I had,' Videl let out a sigh. "Well I guess it could've been worse, only a couple of months left, right?"

"Yeah, and there's always the off chance that your memory could come back," added Hercule hopefully although his face was anything but. They had both pretty much accepted that her memory wasn't coming back anytime soon; according to the doctors, amnesia was just one of those things… either it'd disappear so quickly that it would be like it had never shown up, or it would take years upon years for it to fade.

Three years of lost memories wasn't that bad, after all Videl could have had it much worse. "Heh, yeah, so anyway how do we go about finding these tutors?"

"Well before school got back to me about that, I'd actually talked to your principal," explained Hercule as Videl's eyes narrowed. "She had told me that seeking out a tutor probably was a good idea, lots of kids have one already to just keep up with the pace of Year 12 anyway."

"I guess, so does that mean you already know a few?"

"More than a few sweetie," chuckled Hercule. "Sometimes I think you forget what I can have done with the snap of my fingers. There's a man who'll cover most of your subjects that your principal suggested to me."

"Cool," said Videl almost uninterested, remembering that it still wasn't too uncommon for her father to occasionally rant about how much of an important person he was. "So I can head back to school in a few days, right?"

"If you'd like," replied Hercule with a concerned frown, "although the doctors suggested that you hold on for a week or so at least."

"Dad, what am I going to do home all alone by myself?" asked Vide. "At least at school I'll be with Erasa and my other friends."

"I suppose sweet heart," Hercule sighed. "I'm just worried that you'll go and get yourself shot again."

"Dad, I didn't goand get myself shot, okay, I saved a little girl's life!" exclaimed Videl, her voice shrill.

"I'm sorry," he apologised, "I didn't mean it like that. I know you can take care of yourself just fine, it's just that since you're on crutches anyone could take advantage of that."

"Fine," Videl heaved, giving in slightly. "I'll see how I'm feeling after a few days and if I reckon I still need crutches, I'll stay at home."

"'Atta girl."

"Jen, I don't know what your thoughts on this are, but this reporter is going to be locking all of his windows tonight!" Videl's eyes anxiously stared at the news reporter who had just come to life along with the television mere seconds ago.

"Well Bill, there are only so many things that could potentially take out Satan City's very own superhero," the second news reporter said as the camera focused in on a small object on the ground.

"For those folks who are just tuning in, in the wee hours of the evening tonight a conflict of some sort appeared to break out involving Saiyaman. Naturally, explosions were involved, but very little damage appears to have been done to the surrounding spectators. A nearby elderly man was hospitalised, but we're not for quite sure what for Jen."

"So what is it that you think happened to Saiyaman, Bill?" questioned the second reporter.

"We're unsure but early reports seem to indicate that Saiyaman did battle with a few unknown assailants," said Bill as he looked towards the camera. Videl felt her breathing become shallow… Saiyaman was the one who had saved her. "An explosion occurred and Saiyaman was nowhere to be seen in the aftermath."

"Then again, Bill, neither were Saiyaman's assailants," said the female news reporter. "If we were to fear the worst, then today would be a tragic black mark in Satan City's history books."

Videl, for her part, was not sure what to make of the news. This Saiyaman character didn't sound like someone who would be taken down by anything, given that he had batted bullets away the other day like they were nothing. The former crimefighter wasn't sure how exactly that was even possible given that she had never heard of anything like the feat but she didn't pay it much mind. This guy could also apparently fly and he had taken out the thugs that had her and the little girl cornered in the blink of an eye.

"We are still awaiting more details, but you can rest assured that we will cover it as the situation develops. To think that this would happen to Satan City's own superman so soon after his reappearance…"

Videl let the second news reporter get out one last sentence before shutting the TV off. "We can be sure of one thing though… Satan City's hearts will be with our favourite masked man tonight."

"I just don't understand," said Gohan as he tore at his hair angrily. "Why didn't the wish work?"

"Calm down, kiddo," said Bulma as she raised a cigarette to her glossy lips. With a small sigh, she lit the stick with her pocket lighter. "It's not the end of the world, she's survived four months and I'm sure she can survive a few more until we figure this thing out."

"That's not going to help though," said the teenager defeatedly. "Even if we figure out why Porunga couldn't grant our wish, that won't magically let us come up with a solution which fixes everything."

"Like I said, Gohan, you need to relax. This discussion will go nowhere if you let go of your hold on your emotions," said Bulma warily as she eyed her childhood friend's son. Even though he was just beginning to reach manhood, Bulma noted that unfortunately he still had as weak a grasp on his emotions as he'd had back when he'd fought Cell. "Besides, I thought you wanted this. To have a fresh start and all… from what I hear, you guys did end up using a wish to help her and all other kids in similar situations out at school so now her memories won't affect her schooling life too much."

"I do," said Gohan before looking down to the ground. "I did, I thought it was what I wanted."

"But you don't anymore, now that you're not in control of the situation?" asked Bulma as she took a puff of her cigarette, exhaling the smoke in a smooth manner that suggested that she knew the answer.

A look that was a cross between shame and guilt crossed Gohan's face. "Y-Yeah… this whole time, I knew in the back of my head that if something went really wrong the dragonballs would be able to fix it. But now, they can't."

"It's not exactly your fault kiddo, so don't go beating yourself up over it," explained the billionaire. "I'd hate to say I told you so, but you've got to understand that these things will happen in life. So, now let's get onto what we do best - the technical stuff - alright?"

Gohan nodded in understanding. "So the dragon didn't know what was going on, why we couldn't wish for Videl's memories back and neither did any of the Namekians. It didn't matter how we phrased it."

"Normally, if Shenron can't grant a wish he'll provide some kind of vague reason, at least," said Bulma with a sigh. "Did Porunga say anything similar?"

"Yeah, but it made no sense," said Gohan with a frown. "He said that he thought it stemmed from the fact that the mental condition of Videl appeared to be natural."

"Amnesia… natural," repeated Bulma unconvincingly. "I guess, but that sounds like a massive stretch. Plus the cause, the crash, wasn't something that I'd have thought to be natural."

"Exactly," exclaimed Gohan, managing to refrain from shouting as Bulma held up a hand to calm him down. "It doesn't make any sense at all."

"Well did you try maybe, I don't know, wishing for a medicine that would cure Videl's problem?" asked Bulma curiously. "Maybe Porunga couldn't directly fix your little friend, but he might've known what might have." Upon seeing the shocked look of utter defeat on Gohan's face, Bulma backtracked quickly. "Hey, hey, kiddo that's just a wild stab in the dark. Chances are that if none of the stuff you tried worked, this wouldn't have either."

"We can still try with Shenron though," said Gohan, a little more enthusiastically. "Maybe since Porgunga was created by someone else, there'll be a difference in their abilities."

"I'm sorry Gohan," said Bulma sympathetically. "But I don't think that's going to work and we definitely don't want to be left in a position with no Dragon Balls if another Majin Buu decides to show up. Porunga is probably the stronger of the two dragons, anyway."

"But what if he couldn't properly understand what we were saying in Namekian or something?"

"That's a possibility, but - I'm not sure if you remember - Porunga was a lot nicer when we summoned him than Shenron ever was. I'd place good money on him chiming in if the Namekian translation was flawed," explained the genius.

"Right," said Gohan as his posture visibly deflated. "So now what?"

"It's not like you can't try and start over with her," said Bulma before shaking her head. "That change will have to come from yourself though. So, I heard some reporters going crazy about some altercation Saiyaman was in or something?"

"Oh yeah, that," Gohan rubbed his head nervously. "There was something shady going on that I picked up on through that police scanner you installed in my helmet - which works great by the way - and it turned out that there was no-one at the alleged crime scene. Just a bunch of mean looking guys with some pretty big weapons but I managed to take them out without much of a problem."

"So there was no actual crime occurring then?" asked Bulma in surprise. "I guess that was meant to be some kind of a trap."

"Yeah, it's pretty lucky that I was the one who showed up instead of some unsuspecting police officers," said Gohan with a smile.

Bulma, however, was not entirely convinced.


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