Come Fly With Me

Chapter 8

"Say... Erasa, didn't I have short hair at some time?"

Erasa dropped the tray to the floor, gathering the contents of the spilled metal tray. Her arms were still shaking but thankfully the two bowls of salad had clear plastic lids over them, so the actual salad hadn't been re-tossed across the food court's floor. However the same couldn't be said for the two paper cups of water that had been on the tray and while she was lucky enough to avoid getting any water on herself, the tray was drenched.

Videl quickly came to her rescue and scooped up the soaked tray, placing it on the table with a little chuckle. Gratefully placing the two bowls of salad next to it, Erasa quickly slipped off back to the food shop that she had gotten their lunch from to grab two more forks, without a word.

Taking her time to reach the little cutlery holders, sitting atop the the shop's counter, Erasa composed her thoughts. Videl had... somehow managed to remember that she had short hair. It was miraculous to say the least!

She had finally managed to regain a little more than a little crack of information on what had transpired over the last three years, so it only spelled good things for the future. If not just to have her best friend back but for the sake of Videl's grades, Erasa was over the moon.

Things would finally be right again, they wouldn't have to worry about anything. Exams would be a breeze for all of them—with luck—but it would certainly be a hell of a lot easier to get through them without trying to make sure that someone who was, for all purposes and intents, mentally a fifteen year old, got through them as well.

They'd finally be able to return to the good life, going to parties... being the chicks that everyone wanted to get to know, not the ones that were forced into what was almost social recluse. Grabbing the two forks, her mind considerably lighter than it had been ten minutes ago, she headed back to Videl who was giving her a concerned stare.

"What?" Erasa asked, smiling slyly as Videl continued to stare harder.

"You didn't answer my question and you dropped the tray," Videl said suspiciously as Erasa handed her a fork. "That means I really did have short hair didn't I?"

"Yeah... I thought you had remembered that?" Erasa said, glancing up to face Videl just before she was about to unseal the little plastic bowl of salad.

"No not really, I found a photo of me in one of the photo albums where I keep all my mum's stuff... but more importantly why didn't you tell me?" The hurt was evident within Videl's voice and it was more than enough to make Erasa flinch guiltily.

"Uhh... I-I just figured that it wasn't important given all that was going on," Erasa bit her lip slightly. "Besides it didn't look that great on you anyway."

"Don't try and change the topic Erasa, I'd have expected you of all people to know what that hair meant to me!" Videl snapped with no small amount of anger in her voice.

"You're right..." Erasa admitted shamefully, her attempt at lightening the situation having backfired. "I guess the best way to put it would be that you were going through a little rebellious phase..."

"Rebellious phase?" Videl questioned in disbelief, almost wanting to laugh the notion away. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Well exactly that, you wanted to try something different—believe you said something about it being easier if it didn't get in your way while fighting, too." Well it wasn't exactly a lie, she was just not giving out all the details.

"That's stupid," commented Videl, "if it really was getting in the way, I could've tied it up in a ponytail or something."

"Well hey, don't ask me... I tried to talk you out of it," Erasa shrugged, barely holding back a laugh.

"Still though, why wouldn't you have just told me about it?" Videl looked hard at Erasa's eyes, despite being noticeably calmer than she'd been half a minute ago, there was still an air of seriousness about the Satan girl.

"Well there wasn't ever really a reason to tell you, it was just a phase, and besides I know how much your hair meant to you... wasn't too sure if you'd like to hear it," Erasa admitted half-lying.

"I guess, but I still don't really appreciate the idea of someone holding the truth back from me—I mean I don't like having wool pulled over my eyes," Videl sighed as Erasa looked on awkwardly.

If Videl took not knowing about a hairstyle this hard, hard times were ahead.


"Thanks for taking me out with you, 'Rasa," Videl said appreciatively as the pair walked through the door to the Satan mansion.

"It was no problem, we needed to catch up anyway and have a bit of girly talk!" squeaked Erasa. In reality they hadn't done all that much talking and the trip had been an awkward experience for both of them despite their efforts to prevent it from being so. However, towards the end of the trip they had finally managed to warm up to each other again—nowhere near what they used to be, but a lot closer than they'd been for a couple of months.

"So what do you have in mind now?" Videl asked as she approached the stairs, her voice only slightly louder than the gentle creaking of the polished stairs.

"Actually kinda need to go to the bathroom," Erasa admitted nervously. "I'll meet you up in your room."

"Ah okay," Videl said, thinking nothing of it as she walked up the stairs towards her room.

Waiting for the Satan girl to completely disappear from view, Erasa sighed heavily as she gathered her thoughts. Photos...

"Crap," she muttered wondering how exactly they had managed to overlook such a simple detail. She wasn't exactly in on the whole thing that Gohan was trying to do—stay away from Videl and all that, she mainly just tried not to mention him too much—but she realised that there would potentially be disastrous consequences if Videl found anything else from her past.

She was sure that Gohan would appreciate it too if she stopped Videl from going through any photos. Short hair was something easy to cover up, a photo with Gohan's arm around her neck... not so much.

As her conscious gnawed at her ever so slightly, Erasa took off down the corridor towards a room that she had never been in before, despite having seen the outside of it several times.

It was easy enough to recognise, the doorknob wasn't made out of glass or anything elegant... it was simply wood. She knew what was on the inside of the room and she knew how precious it was to her friend... pausing slightly, Erasa hesitated.

She didn't want to pick sides, she never had... Gohan was a pretty nice guy, one of her closest friends now, while Videl had been by her side since childhood. Before the entire Cell fiasco, back when Mr. Satan had been just another hot-shot martial artist, back when Videl had first lost her mum; the two of them had been through heaven and hell together.

Violating something as sacred as a room that Videl herself didn't like going into would no doubt be a massive breach of trust on her part. Attempting to get her thoughts together, Erasa ran her fingers through her hair as she tried to figure out a peaceful medium between the two clear-cut options that were laid out in front of her.

Either walk away from the whole mess, it wasn't her problem after all, and allow Videl to potentially go through everything that Gohan was trying to hide from her while she acted none-the-wiser of her friend's actions... leaving herself as the only one who knew about her decision to step away. Or, go in and ransack the place. Find every photo from the last three years and take it—maybe just take every photo album that was suspicious—and then do something with them.

She had no idea what exactly she was going to do with the albums once she had acquired them, it wasn't as though she could take them home with her for safekeeping... no, she just needed to prevent Videl from getting to them without letting her realise that she had lost access.

Blocking the door to the room probably wouldn't work given that she was quite sure that her ex-crime fighting friend could easily knock down a door made of titanium but hiding them seemed promising. The only problem was that she had no idea where to hide them... Videl's house was gigantic, sure, but Erasa had no clue where a good spot that was out of Videl's reach was.

Though Erasa had learned that Videl wasn't going to their own little home-gym, she had no doubt that it would be only be a matter of time before she picked up some weights again. The guest rooms were too dangerous, a maid could find them and report their discovery to Videl, and finding some shady corner probably wouldn't work out all too well knowing her luck.

Suddenly Erasa's head rose up simultaneously with a thought that had just surfaced within her head. Mr. Satan was in on the entire thing, he was probably a co-conspirator with Gohan in the whole mess, if she could draw Videl away from the room for the rest of the day and get Mr. Satan to take care of it for her it would be a win-win situation.

The only problem though was that he wasn't home at the moment and it wasn't as though she had a means of contacting him. His phone number was available on a strict need-to-know basis and she had never really needed it, given that she had both their home number and Videl's mobile.

Leaving a message with someone else would be too dangerous, she didn't actually know any of the people that worked at the little mansion and she wasn't sure if she could chance staying locked up in Videl's room until Mr. Satan appeared, and then tell him about the photo albums while she was out of earshot. No... knowing her luck that wouldn't work and she didn't quite want to risk it.

She'd have to find out exactly what else Videl had seen, but given that she had only mentioned her hair, it was probably safe to assume that there wasn't much to worry about. Videl wasn't the type to let things slide.

How was she meant to discreetly get in contact with Mr. Satan though? She knew that his room was relatively left alone by maids and the lot except for the daily cleaning that each room in the house went through, and it was going to start getting dark out so it wasn't a longshot to assume that it had already been cleaned. Sneaking in there wasn't a problem either, it was more a question of what she would do once she was in. Erasa needed to warn him somehow, give him a sign... just let him know that he needed to be careful or something. A note perhaps? She could leave one somewhere but she'd have to be cautious about it. She needed to account for the fact that someone else could potentially see... it needed to be something that only Hercule would understand, but something that was detailed enough to let him know what was going on.

That or she needed a really good hiding spot. She didn't have a piece of paper or a pen on her but she was almost positive that he'd have something in his room being the big business person that he was and all, so all she needed to do now was come up with a message.

Unsure of what exactly it was that she was going to pen down, Erasa headed off towards Mr. Satan's room. It wasn't too far away from Videl's mum's little memorial, she suspected that the reason for that was probably because Videl wasn't the only one who visited it, contrary to what the raven haired girl probably thought.

She had only been into his room a couple of times, generally when she and Videl were trying to sneak something out of there or mess something up back when they were kids, however it was still easily distinguishable from the other rooms in the house. There weren't any other rooms in the immediate vicinity of it and it wasn't by any means hard to find.

Gently rapping on the door when she found it, just to make sure there wasn't anyone inside, Erasa waited for a few seconds before breathing heavily and turning the doorknob. The room wasn't all that she had expected it to be, sure it was large but there wasn't anything that flaunted the fact that Hercule was a multi-billionaire.

The windows and lights were fancy but Erasa was certain that she had been in more luxurious looking hotels. Sighing slightly, she walked over to his bed and sat down on it as she attempted to find some kind of sign that she could give to Mr. Satan. There wasn't a desk or a piece of paper visible anywhere, she was almost positive that she wouldn't find anything in the bathroom and there wasn't even a pencil for her to scribble something down on somewhere.

However there was a side-table next to the bed made out of mahogany wood, while Erasa had initially wanted to respect Mr. Satan's privacy and whatnot taking a peek was slowly becoming her only option. Surely he'd have some kind of material to write on in there?

Closing her eyes slightly, she sighed as she mentally went over what she could do... returning to that room wasn't an option; she wasn't going there when she had found a way out. Waiting for Mr. Satan to appear wasn't an option either, she didn't know where he was and it wasn't as though she could stay with Videl for the entire day while preventing the girl from showing her an example of her former hairstyle. It was too dangerous... a page or two past that photo would no doubt be one of her and Gohan. She recalled something about a camera after Videl had cut her hair anyway.

The best she could do was to probably leave Mr. Satan a message that Videl had rediscovered something, knowing her she was bound to go back sometime soon while she attempted to keep the Satan girl away from the house until he got back. It really was her only choice, the only decent choice anyway.

And besides opening the drawers of a side-table was mild in comparison to raiding the little shrine the Satan family had put together for Videl's mother. With a small huff she pulled open the top drawer and looked around. There were all kinds of junk within it but at the moment Erasa wasn't interested in any of it.

After digging her way through a small pile of odd stuff, she found a pen. It was a fairly expensive looking rollerball pen, complete with a small jewel on top, but it would do the job. Pulling it out of the drawer as she slid it shut, Erasa opened the second one, noting that it was kept in a much more organised fashion.

There was a neat stack of a few pieces of paper, however a quick glance at them told her that they all had some kind of printing on them. Grabbing the top one from the pile, she found that it was some medical form. She really couldn't be bothered to read the rest of the details.

It would have to do, she was sure Hercule would rather have to reprint a medical form than deal with the other option. Closing the bottom drawer, she flipped the piece of paper over and placed it on the side table, which was void of other objects for the most part.

She was cautious enough to write a few keywords that only a few would be able to understand just in case it fell into the wrong hands as opposed to a long-drawn out paragraph explaining the whole situation. Mr. Satan would contact her if he deemed it necessary.

'Del, mum's room, photos, short hair - E.' It'd been quite a while since anyone had called her "E", Videl had picked up the habit and given it up within the last two or so years but she was sure that Hercule would recognise it. Besides she was the only one apart from Mr. Satan who dared to call Videl by a variety of nicknames.

Going over the words again in ink, Erasa made sure to pierce the paper so that a slight indent would be visible on the other side. Reading her words one final time and giving a satisfied nod, the blonde girl flipped the piece of paper over again before depositing the pen back within the top drawer.

Sighing to herself as she made her way out of the door, Erasa reached for her phone. She had the perfect way to distract Videl for the next few hours, she needed to have her first glass of alcohol.

"What do you mean we're going to a bar?" Videl all but yelled, "I can't get drunk, I'm-"

"Only eighteen?" Erasa smirked as a sudden look of realisation came upon Videl's face. "Yep, that's right you're old enough to get drunk."

"Wait... no... not like this," Videl sighed. "It's not right, I'm hardly eighteen and besides I've got a reputation to keep."

"Hardly eighteen," Erasa laughed a little. "You're old enough and given everything that's happened so far, I'm sure we could both use a bit of a drink to unwind... besides it's not like you hadn't had alcohol before you hit eighteen anyway."

An almost shocked look appeared on Videl's face, Erasa was more than aware that the girl had initially been very careful around alcohol as a child—she recalled her mother being a rather heavy drinker.

"Trust me, it's not as bad as they used to make it sound. You'll like it, and hey if you don't you can at least come along to the bar with me and check out hot guys like any good best friend would." Erasa knew that she was guilt-tripping Videl hard, the girl would do anything if Erasa so much as mentioned that she had done it before the incident.

"What about driving?" Videl asked, looking for an excuse to escape. "There's no way we're driving drunk... alcohol's one thing but being a moron's a complete other."

Erasa rolled her eyes dramatically, "That's what I've got this for," Erasa gestured towards the phone in her hands. "What did you say that Mark guy's number was?"

"Wait, why are we taking him?" Videl asked, almost flustered.

"Well, he's a chauffeur for starters and second if there aren't any cute guys there we can always get him drunk and take things from there—always have a back-up plan..." Erasa chuckled as Videl gave her a sharp glare. "Sheesh I'm just kidding Vi, loosen up."

"Sorry," Videl sighed. "I'm just nervous... I've never had alcohol before, well I don't remember having it and it's not exactly the best thing in the world to try out."

"Relax," Erasa said, a soothing tone to her voice. "With all the stuff you've had to put up with, you deserve to get a little drunk, it's my responsibility to make sure you have a good time."

"But we've got school tomorrow!" Videl protested, having finally found a point and eager to capitalise on it.

"That makes it even better, and besides we'll be back by around ten." Well a little lie never hurt anyone, and Videl was particularly tense at the moment.

Videl sighed slightly before pulling out her own phone and handing it towards Erasa. "His number's somewhere in there, call him from my phone."

Within about half an hour, both Erasa and Videl heard the doorbell ring. While they were waiting on Mark to show up, they had spent their time talking primarily about Erasa and her life. The blonde girl had realised that Videl was missing out on a number of details about events that had occurred during the last few years involving herself, so she had been eager to enlighten Videl.

Propping herself up from her position on Videl's bed, Erasa headed to the bedroom door as she waited for Videl to follow her. The Satan girl had managed to skillfully avoid getting changed into a pair of clothes more appropriate for a bar, arguing that the ones that she had gone shopping in were good enough and even threatening to not come. After that, Erasa had to budge on the clothes but it was a minor compromise for what would hopefully be an eventful evening.

As Videl caught up to her, Erasa turned the door as she headed towards the front door, a slight skip in her step. "Can't wait to see if this Mark guy's as cute as you say he is."

Smirking slightly as she noticed her raven-haired friend blush slightly, Erasa shot her a knowing look. She really didn't have a clue who this Mark-person was but she did know that she wasn't doing anything to prevent any interaction between the pair. Romantic or not. Gohan had decided to step away from Videl, a decision which she didn't quite understand but still respected, so she wasn't going to allow her friend to become stunted in the romantic department.

But then again, it was Videl. She wouldn't know if a guy was trying to come onto her if they jumped on her, a trait which both she and Gohan shared. It was a shame that they'd had to drift apart, they had been a pretty good couple. Hell, she wouldn't have complained if she was the one who had ended up with Gohan, but that wasn't an option now. He was more a brother to her and she, a sister to him more than anything... it would be awkward.

When they reached the front door, Videl opened it after stuttering a little. Her face was still red and she was looking down to the ground with what looked like a smile on her face—was the Videl Satan nervous? Erasa almost wished she had a camera on her to capture the moment.

As the door swung open, Erasa was fairly surprised to find a confident young man leaning casually against a wall. Immediately she couldn't help but compare his physical characteristics to that of Gohan's... it was just an impulse. His hair wasn't anywhere near as spiky as Gohan's, it was short and didn't quite stand up but it wasn't completely flat either. It was a light honey-brown colour but not dark enough to be considered blond.

His face was clean shaven so she wasn't able to get a closer look at what exactly the colour of his hair was, but she did note that he was considerably shorter than Gohan. The Son boy was fairly tall, nothing out of the box, but Mark was just a couple inches taller than Videl—who was one of the shortest people Erasa knew. His eyes, as opposed to Gohan's onyx-like ones were a vibrant jade-green; they looked familiar but she knew that was a far-from common colour.

He was actually dressed pretty well, he didn't look like a chauffeur but more like someone their age. He pulled off the leather-jacket a lot better than Erasa had ever seen Sharpner do but he did lose slight points with his pants which looked rather awkward.

All in all, he wasn't bad... not bad at all.

"So where to Miss Satan?" he said, taking a courteous bow for emphasis.

"I'm not even sure," Videl admitted as she kicked at the ground slightly before glancing at her. "Erasa's in charge of navigation today."

"Erasa?" he repeated as he stuck out his hand before continuing, "I'm Mark, pleasure to meet you."

She shook. "Yep, I've heard all kinds of things from Videl about you." The blonde laughed slightly as she noticed her friend grit her teeth in embarrassment.

"Heh, well I hope I'm not as bad as she made me out to be," he chuckled jokingly. "So anywhere, got a specific place in mind?" he asked as he twirled the car-keys around his fingers.

"Well there's this little place that I want to try out, it's called Portia's..."

Videl smiled as Erasa laughed contagiously, while the older girl had barely had anything to drink she was certainly enjoying herself. Videl had to say that the place wasn't half bad either, it wasn't buzzing with activity but it was far from empty. She was glad to find that no-one had recognised her yet though, it was a welcome surprise to be able to just be herself. She'd barely gone anywhere save for school as far as she could remember because of people who were too eager to find out details about herself, heads had been turning in her direction everywhere they went when they had gone shopping earlier too.

Alcohol was odd... it tasted horrible yet great at the same time. She'd talked Erasa into just letting her have a wine but the bubbly blond had been insistent that she drank more than a glass; Videl would've been hard pressed to say that she didn't enjoy the feeling of the liquid rolling down her throat but at the same time she didn't quite like the sour aftertaste it left. She was a little tipsy and her head didn't exactly feel clear but everything felt nice, as though nothing had been going wrong lately.

Like there was no chemistry test that she had almost failed, like there was no syllabus that she had to catch up to, like there was no sudden shift in her life that she had to adjust to... she felt like falling into a deep slumber but at the same time it felt as though she'd never had more energy.

Her hand was sloppy, she noticed as she used it to guide herself onto a bar stool. She briefly contemplated reaching across to her glass of wine before deciding against it and turning around, opting to expect the bar instead. It was a quiet little place, not exactly the bustling nightclub she had expected to be dragged to, but there were plenty of people on the dance floor swaying along to the light jazz music that was being played.

Erasa, naturally, was among those people. She wasn't quite sure how the blonde had managed to develop into such a... charismatic... person but it wasn't surprising given how the girl had always been. The majority of her body was obstructed from view by several other drunken dancers but it was clear to Videl that her friend was enjoying herself, something which eased a little guilt of off the ex-crimefighter's face. She had been nothing but a hindrance to Erasa the last couple of months, she wasn't the friend that she was meant to be and she practically needed to be baby-sat by the girl.

It was almost as though she was a small child, she couldn't do much without her friend's guidance. Knowing who was who and what was what? That was Erasa's domain. Understanding homework? Erasa's domain. Having fun? Once again, Erasa's domain. Videl was almost positive that she had to have been getting sick of it by now, so it felt good to know that her friend was also getting a chance to unwind.

Looking away from Erasa, she turned towards Mark. She wasn't all that sure of what to make of the guy, he was pretty funny and as Erasa had hinted no short amount of times throughout their car ride... good looking. But at the same time she had barely met the guy, and she definitely hadn't lowered her guard around the guy—all small talk aside. She hated sounding arrogant, but who wouldn't want to become an accomplice of Videl Satan?

She was rich, famous and she knew people. Well actually she was only really famous, the rest of the things were her father's. But nevertheless there had been no shortage of secret best friends and boyfriends or people 'who she owed a favour' surfacing in the last few months. While they'd stopped appearing because most people had realised that the raven-haired girl was having none of it, it wouldn't be out of the question to say that Mark was one of those people. That said, he hadn't appeared to have had any ulterior motive other than the extra money that he gained from being her chauffeur.

Eyeing him carefully as he leaned against the pool table, a trickle of sweat visible on his forehead, Videl noted that he'd abandoned his leather jacket somewhere. There was a glass of some golden liquid beside him but she noticed that he was hesitant to have more than a sip or two. She realised that it was probably because someone would have to drive them back and being caught drunk on the job would result in at least a definite reprimand.

Sighing she lightly massaged her temples as she spun around once more before reaching for her drink. Glancing at the large digital clock up on the wall as she slowly sipped the red liquid, Videl sighed. It was almost nine in the evening and considering that it wasn't exactly close to her house, they would need to make a move sometime soon unless they felt like being sleep-deprived at school the next day.

Spinning around again, drink still in hand, Videl began to get off the bar stool before looking at the goofy smile upon Erasa's face as she talked to some random guy and hesitating. With a light smile upon her face, Videl's face softened as she took another sip of her drink.

Somehow, she couldn't find it in herself to care about school anymore. It was something that she would worry about tomorrow but for now, it was time to have a little fun. She hadn't had any in a long while and she reckoned that she owed it to both herself and Erasa to enjoy the night. Jumping off the barstool, she dragged herself over to Mark and joined him as he stuck the balls on the pool table with the cue.

"Nice shot," she complimented even though she had virtually next to no idea of how to play.

"Heh not really," he chuckled slightly. "I missed."

She laughed awkwardly as she grabbed the cue on the other side of the table and gripped it. "I don't suppose you have any idea how to play?"

"Professionally? No, although I do know the basics," said Mark as he looked towards her to explain. "Basically you've got to use the white one, the cue ball, to pocket all the other balls except for the black one, the eight ball."

"Does it matter which type of ball we hit?" asked Videl as she gestured towards the different kinds of balls, striped and solid coloured.

"Yes actually, you can hit anyone of them until the first ball's pocketed. After that you need to keep hitting the same type of ball, while the other person hits the other type. Oh and also, if you manage to pocket a ball you get to repeat your turn, but if you miss all of them like I just did or knock them off the table, you foul which allows the other player to position the cue ball in any spot that they'd like."

Videl screwed up her face, most of the information was going over her head but she acted as though she understood most of it. "Alright, so do I go now?"

"Might as well," Mark nodded as he gestured for her to strike the white cue ball.

"Wake up Vi," Erasa said as she roughly shook her friend. The younger girl had long since fallen asleep during the car ride, probably having had too much to drink, but she and Mark had decided to allow her to rest. However they were now at the front gate of Videl's house and Erasa was sure that Mr. Satan wouldn't appreciate his daughter's chauffeur and her best friend bringing her in passed out before a school night.

In hindsight, it probably wasn't the best idea to leave at such a time that they'd only reach Videl's house at two in the morning when they had to be at school in a mere six hours, but Erasa had enjoyed the night. She'd managed to talk to a couple of pretty cool people at the bar and she had even gotten to know Mark a little better on their trip back from the bar.

He was quite the gentleman, she had found, Erasa couldn't even remember the last time that she had met someone with such chivalrous manners. But the interesting thing was that they were like a switch; they could be turned on or off at whim, one second he'd be helping you in the door, the next he'd be recounting about how he got smashed during on his graduation night.

Erasa's trail of thought was interrupted when she saw Videl start to budge slightly and with a smile she helped her friend up onto the seat. Videl's face was that of an inexperienced drunk young girl but Erasa couldn't help herself from laughing a little at the sight, it wasn't everyday that you got to see the ex-crimefighter in such a dazed and vulnerable state. A rather interesting flip of the script.

"Huh?" Videl asked lazily, "Where am I?"

"Home," Erasa answered as she opened the car's door, where Mark was patiently waiting outside. Leading the Satan girl out of the car, she thanked Mark for his help before informing him that his duty was done for the night and that they'd be able to make it back in just fine despite Videl's state.

Letting Videl lean upon her for support, Erasa walked towards the front door of the Satan Manor as her hands stumbled upon her body searching for keys. She couldn't remember who had them but soon turned to Videl after she realised that her clothes had no pockets.

"Videl... keys," said Erasa, only able to utter keywords at the moment. Her throat was starting to dry up so hopefully a glass of water from inside would do her good before she set off back to her own house.

"Don't have them," she could feel Videl try and search the insides of her pockets but to no avail. "Try... doorbell."

While Erasa wasn't particularly in the mood for receiving a lecture on being responsible with alcohol and appropriate times and places to drink, it beat shivering outside in the cold wind by a lot. Hesitantly she pressed the doorbell before awkwardly spinning around as she hoped to avoid the eye-contact of whoever answered the door, however when she did so she noticed Mark leaning against the car coolly as he watched them with a sleepy expression on his face.

"You know I said you could leave!" yelled Erasa, regretting using such a loud volume to do so when she felt Videl wince.

"Well what if no-one answers the door? I couldn't just leave the two of you here like this!" She heard him yell back, only sighing heavily in response.

Closing her eyes and drifting off for a moment, Erasa looked up as she heard the front door open. It took her a little bit more than a moment to recognise the person who answered the day as Videl's butler however once she did she felt a little relieved that it was him rather than someone else. He was a lot more understanding than Videl's father when it came to things that would normally be frowned upon by society.

"Ah Miss Erasa, what would a young lady such as yourself be doing at this time?" Albert asked humorously as he held the door open.

Erasa just grimaced before she passed Videl's wobbly frame over to the much older man, "We had a little too much to drink." She spun around once again and lazily waved a hand to Mark who gave her a firm nod before sitting down in the car.

After watching the brown-haired boy drive off, Erasa walked through the open door to the Satan Manor intent on getting a cool glass of water before embarking on a long quest back to her home. However as she reached the kitchen, she accidentally bumped into a large figure and was sent stumbling backwards slightly. Managing to catch herself despite her drunken state, she looked to see what she had bumped into only to find herself looking straight into the menacing brown eyes of Mr. Satan.

Sighing as she walked away from her locker, Videl swung her backpack over her shoulder as she looked down at the ground. It hadn't been a good idea to let Erasa talk her into going to a bar on a Sunday night because even now, almost two days later, her head was still messed up and her sleep cycle was completely destroyed. Thankfully she had managed to get through all her classes even though she had been in a zombie-like state, but even so, all she really wanted to do was finish off the copious amounts of maths homework the teacher had set her for the night.

It wasn't exactly unfair, as it still beat trying to do stuff that she had no idea how to do, but attempting to catch up with material that normally stretched enough to cover a number of years within a few weeks wasn't fun. That said, she had more or less caught up with the majority of her other subjects so things weren't going as badly as they could've been.

As she exited the building, she took a quick glance at the sky to figure out whether or not she'd need to put on the jacket in her backpack only to find that the sun had begun to come out. Despite that, the sky was still fairly cloudy and there was quite a breeze outside too. While the wind did send a shiver or two up the back the first time it came in contact with her skin, Videl couldn't find it in herself to be bothered enough to pull out the jacket for her bag and so she slowly slipped down the front steps of Orange Star High School.

Recognising a familiar mop of blonde hair in front of her departing in a car, Videl nodded slightly to Sharpner as she drove away in front of her. Normally she would've opened up the jet-copter capsule that she still kept on her person and flown back home, but as of late she had begun to take to walking to and from school. The feeling of the cool wind brushing against her skin, sending her hair fluttering, and on occasion the odd skirt that Erasa had her wearing flying upwards felt all too natural. It made her feel good... calm... relaxed, it helped ease her nerves and she supposed it was something of a subconscious attempt to keep herself in shape since she had given up training for now.

As much as she missed pumping out numerous Saturday nights in the gym, there simply weren't enough hours to keep herself at such fitness levels anymore especially since she had been taken of the Force. And there wasn't much point in doing it either because of that, if she wasn't able to protect the weak and innocent, what was the point of learning martial arts? She didn't really need to protect herself anymore and she had learned how to adequately defend herself when she was six.

Suddenly a loud gunshot rang out from in front of her and Videl's head snapped forward to the source of the disturbing plea for help that accompanied the loud noise. Diagonally across the intersection was a young girl held in a choke hold by a rather buff looking man and several accomplices. On further inspection, she realised that several of the tough guy's accomplices were squaring off with another bunch of goons; a metre of empty space or so being the only thing that separated them.

While the guns in their hands made Videl have second thoughts for the briefest of seconds, that didn't stop her from charging across the intersection as discreetly as she could and hiding behind a post box. Dropping her backpack to the ground, she pulled out her phone and quickly dialed for the Police however another loud gunshot made her drop the phone as she jumped slightly.

Taking a peek from behind the post box, she saw that they didn't just have pistols with them. They had uzis, fairly substandard ones, but ones that would put a million holes in whatever it shot at with no care for collateral damage. The young girl seemed to be safe for the moment, so Videl slowly prepared herself to disrupt the situation, uncaring if she wasn't meant to be interfering.

"Give it to me or the girl gets it," the tough guy with the young girl in a choke hold said as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small pistol. "If you give it to us, we let this bitch go and we'll be on our way... if ya don't I'm going to fire this thing so far through her head that it'll come flying out the other side."

The other guy who she presumed was the leader of the other 'group' merely spat on the ground before responding. "You can do that if you'd like but me and my friends here will make sure that won't be the only bullet that'll go flying."

"You've got five seconds," the man with the hostage said calmly as he waved the pistol in his hand slightly. "Five... four..."

Videl immediately leapt into action without hesitating and sprinted as fast as she could towards the confrontation, managing to deliver a devastating right hook to the man's cheek. While it did force the man to free the hostage, it also forced the man's cohorts to unleash a deadly hailstorm of bullets which in turn caused the other group to return fire.

After the first few bullets flew, adrenalin forced Videl to tackle the young girl to the ground and cover her despite the deep pain in her arm as several bullets managed to pierce her skin. She couldn't exactly gauge how bad the damage was, all she knew was that it hurt terribly but she was able to prevent herself from screaming out in pain because of the rush of energy the situation had sent through her body. Biting down on her lip to prevent herself from drawing attention to herself and the girl she was pinning down, she suddenly heard one of the thugs let out a loud cry.

Peeking up slightly, she saw that the bullets had stopped ricocheting above her head but her ears indicated that they were still being fired. Looking further forward she was surprised to see that the bullets were all being fired towards a single point or rather figure.

A figure in a bright green tunic slowly walked forward, a red cape fluttering in the wind behind him, as he grabbed every bullet fired with him with his gloved hands. Even though she couldn't see the face of the person because of the orange helmet and dark visor, she immediately recognised him from the several stories that she'd read in the newspaper; it was hard not to prevent herself from whispering the name of her so called "replacement".

"Saiyaman..." She had heard extravagant stories of the man before but witnessing first hand was something entirely different, there was a man catching bullets with his hands and letting them drop to the ground like dead flies as if it was the most casual thing in the world. Just as she was beginning to get over the craziness of the spectacle in front of her, he disappeared into a blur of green with a small red tint as the thugs around her fell to the ground like dominos.

Within seconds he was helping her and the girl up, letting the both of them wrap an arm around his neck for support as Videl soon realised that she wasn't able to stand because of the injuries she had been dealt. Inspecting them, Videl's eyes widened as she saw a trail of thick blood flowing down her arm however the blood soaked normally-white, oversized shirt was what really caught her eye.

"Miss Satan and Miss Sanders, please hold on tight while I escort the both of you to Satan Hospital."

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