Come Fly With Me

Chapter 9

Videl's eyes shot open as she attempted to gather her surroundings. Within seconds she recognised the somewhat familiar bed as one of Satan Hospital's. While she couldn't exactly remember being injured before, she'd spent the better part of a week here when she first discovered she had amnesia. The room she was in this time around though, appeared to be a little different.

It wasn't a private, luxurious one designed to make sure the patient was extremely comfortable. Rather, Videl realised that it was in fact a public one and that she wasn't the only patient in the room. There was a single nurse tending to what looked like four people, if she were to include herself, and a couple of other random visitors she didn't recognise. It didn't take long for Videl to realise that just to her right was the young girl—fourteen at most—who she had saved from the thug who'd had her at gunpoint. She seemed to be unconscious but Videl was relieved to notice that the heart monitor beside her was high in amplitude, however she couldn't help but flinch when she noticed that the young girl had long stitches running along her face.

Videl hadn't been able to so much as look at the girl before she was unconscious. In fact the very last thing she remembered was Saiyaman asking to accompany the two of them to the hospital, but it was nice to know that at the end of the day the two of them were safe. Or at least they appeared to be; she noted that the younger girl hadn't woken up yet.

As she began to come to, she tried to sit up only to collapse back onto the bed moments after trying with a loud grunt. The nurse seemed to notice her efforts as she immediately ran over to her, a somewhat excited expression on her face.

"Easy honey, easy," she soothed, the experienced voice of the nurse indicating that she was a little older than Videl had initially suspected her to be. "You were shot only at a few hours ago, there's no hurry."

A wave of pain swept throughout Videl's body as the nurse said the words causing the ex-crimefighter to let out a cry of pain. "I-Is s-she okay?" said Videl through gritted teeth while she managed to gesture towards the girl with some part of her body... she couldn't really tell what it was.

"Miss Sanders isn't in the best of conditions and as you can see there will be a lot of scarring, but thankfully for the both of you the majority of your injuries were flesh wounds." The nurse responded calmly, "however you two did still lose a lot of blood. I'm not sure how exactly you didn't pass out immediately after being shot! You barely avoided requiring a blood transfusion but the doctors didn't want to take their chances with young Miss Sanders over here."

"I-I agree, she looks only fourteen, it would've been a shame, but aren't doctors normally short on blood or something?" questioned Videl as she scrunched up her face; it hurt to talk. "Wouldn't it have made more sense to wait a little longer?"

"While it's true that her condition was far from grave, she's got a history of incidents and is a diabetic. Plus, I'm sure unfavourable light would shine upon the hospital's staff if something happened to her," answered the nurse, a sour tone about her voice..

"Is she someone important or... s-something?" God, she wasn't sure exactly how many bullets had made contact with her, but it sure as hell hurt.

"Kind of, but I'm sure you'll find out soon enough, Miss Satan," the nurse said kindly before bringing her clipboard back to eye-level. Her eyes widened almost immediately in shock as she read the text on it. "Oh no! You weren't given your dose of painkillers half an hour ago!"

The Satan girl clenched her teeth as she attempted to let out a light chuckle. "It's okay, i-it doesn't hurt."

"No, I can't have that..." the nurse said tensely, "It's against hospital procedure to let a patient remain in pain when there's something that can be done about it."

"R-relax," said Videl as she did her best to put on a brave front. "If you're that worried about it why don't you go check what to do with one of the doctors?"

"Good idea, Miss Satan-"

"It's Videl," interjected the Satan heiress as she winced slightly. "But stay here for a w-while, I don't want to be lonely."

"Alright Miss... Videl," the nurse gave a firm nod. "But the second it starts to become too painful, I'm afraid I'll have to run for help."

"I-I guess that's the best I can ask for," Videl gave a small smile. "S-so what's working at a-argh hospital like?"

"I don't actually work here," corrected the nurse with a good natured smile. "I've got a part-time job on the weekends but I volunteer here on weekdays."

"What? Why don't they pay you? You're obviously doing important stuff right now," Videl skewed an eyebrow weakly.

"Well the hospital's been struggling to keep up with funds as of late; private hospital and all that. And I really like it here too, so it's not as though that's a worry."

"Struggling with funds? It sounds pretty stupid that the government's not funding you guys, you're practically the only decent hospital in all of Satan City!" Videl said as she attempted to quell the fire building within her, knowing it would do no good to her in her current state. But she had been to the hospital many times to visit victims as well as a few times to treat her own injuries and the service had been flawless each time.

"Well thanks for that Videl, it means a lot." She smiled a little, "So..."

"... So?" repeated Videl awkwardly, after the woman said nothing.

"Have you really lost your memory?" the nurse asked abruptly, as if she had been fighting the urge to not ask the question. "I mean it's all over the news and everything..."

"Huh?" Videl asked, a little dazed. "Oh... oh yeah, unfortunately. But h-hey, I'm still me."

"Well that's good to hear," chuckled the nurse. "Sounds like you're doing a little better now too."

"Kinda," Videl gave a little shrug as another wave of pain passed through her body. Though mildly weaker than the last one, she almost had to bite down on her tongue to stop herself from screaming out. "S-So how did this entire thing happen anyway?"

"I'm about as clueless as you are," the nurse answered honestly. "All I know is that you and Miss Sanders here were shot and that Saiyaman flew the two of you over here guns blazing."

"Guns blazing?" repeated Videl, not quite understanding.

"Yeah, I'm not sure if that did anything to further damage to your conditions but there were reports of winds exceeding a hundred and thirty kilometres per hour as Saiyaman literally had you thrown into an emergency ward. In fact, if I recall correctly, you were unconcious."

"Saiyaman..." Videl tasted the name on her tongue as she held back another wince. Erasa had told her about the moronic superhero who had returned to save the day again but Videl couldn't help but feel a sense of gratitude towards the man for saving her life. "D-did he leave?"

"Saiyaman? Oh yes, he sat around waiting for about five hours before leaving, I'm afraid you missed him," said the nurse as she gestured to the empty chair in Videl's section of the room. "A couple of other people who said they knew you appeared as well, but the doctors decided it was best to make sure that nobody would visit you two unless they were authenticated."

"A-authenticated by who?" Videl said, the expression on her face easing a bit as the pain weakened.

"Your father of course. He was the first one here, aside from Saiyaman, of course," the nurse said as she took a seat beside Videl before explaining. A curious look overcame the raven-haired girl's face, "He had to run off somewhere eventually but he did appear very worried."

"W-well, that's int-interesting," Videl grunted, shutting her eyes as the pain began to surge once more. A short rapping sound rang out through the hospital room, causing her to barely open a single eye.

"It appears that you have some visitors," the nurse said, poking her head around so that she could see the door. "Should I let them in? There are two blon-"

"Yes," Videl gritted her teeth, pain continuing to sweep through her body. Opening her eyes briefly to confirm that the nurse had gone off to retrieve the people she assumed to be Sharpner and Erasa, Videl's body slumped back as she fell into unconsciousness once more.

"Aww, isn't that sweet," Erasa laughed a little upon seeing the sleeping form of Videl rolled up almost like a ball.

"I don't understand..." the nurse said, perplexed, "I swear she was awake a second ago!"

"Well it looks like she's asleep now, so I think it's safe to say she's still exhausted," said Sharpner as he eyed the various pieces of equipment set up around the girl's bed.

"Well I guess I'll leave the two of you here to do whatever since I've got to finish my rounds," the nurse said, taking her leave without much hesitation.

"Fair enough," said Erasa, more preoccupied with the various bandages on Videl's body than paying attention to the nurse as she walked out the door. "How many bullets did they say penetrated her skin?"

"About seven, I think. Mr. Satan said that they managed to miss most of the vital organs and those that have didn't damage her too much since they were really cheap quality bullets," answered Sharpner as he traced the various wave forms of Videl's heart on the monitor next to him.

"You can get cheap quality bullets?" Erasa raised an eyebrow somewhat curiously, "I thought that a bullet was a bullet."

"Beats me," Sharpner shrugged his shoulders. "So anyway, reckon this'll finally teach her to stop charging into situations headfirst?"

Erasa laughed softly, however inwardly she was still surprised at how mature her friend had become. Though it had been a few years, it was still hard to get her head around the fact that he was condemning being sporadic rather than condoning it.

"Doubt it, Vi's always been quick to jump." Erasa sighed a little, "So do you know anything about her condition?"

"Yeah, I had a little chat with Mr. Satan. He said that she'll be fine. She was lucky as hell apparently, but she'll probably need to walk on crutches for a week or two."

Erasa winced, "Well I guess it could've been worse..."

"Well considering that the other girl almost fell into a coma, I'd have to say you're right. They're just lucky that Goh-"

"Excuse me," a voice that Erasa didn't quite recognise rang throughout the room. "Is this the room that Sam's in?"

"Sam?" she repeated, confused. "I'm not sure, why don't you come and take a look?" Erasa yelled back as Sharpner looked around the room to see if there was any obvious sign that a "Sam" was in the room.

Seconds later a tall woman stumbled in before gasping slightly. Erasa supposed it wasn't anything out of the ordinary, just your average person would be surprised if they found Videl Satan lying in a hospital bed unconscious, but it wasn't Videl that she was staring at. The look on Sharpner's face instantly told her that he knew the woman too.

"Well look who it is," she said somewhat smugly. "What are the odds of running into you here kid?"

"What're you doing here?" Sharpner dodged the question, obviously not all that excited to meet the woman.

"Well I just thought I'd come and visit my little sister, who was shot up by a bunch of thugs. What are you doing here?" she placed her hands on her hips playfully despite her somewhat serious tone, leading Erasa to realise that she already knew the answer.

Sharpner sighed in defeat before glancing towards the two hospital beds on which Videl and the young girl laid. "I'm not sure too sure about your sister's condition, but Videl's starting to recover. Apparently she was talking to the nurse that was just here a couple of minutes ago."

"Well isn't that great for her," the woman whose identity Erasa still couldn't put a finger on almost snarled. Seconds later, her face softened slightly as she sighed, "I'm sorry... it's just that the person I talked to on the phone with said that she almost fell into a coma!"

"I guess you'll have to thank Videl when she wakes up then," Erasa interrupted. She didn't know exactly who the woman was but the way she had just talked about Videl did not sit well with the blonde. "After all, she was the one who shielded your little sister with her own body."

The woman blinked slightly at the hostility in the young girl's tone before chuckling slightly, "I guess the masses will love this one: Amnesiac Ex-crimefighter Videl Satan Shields Young Girl With Own Body."

"Masses?" Erasa repeated, taken aback at the absurdity of the woman's response, "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Jess Sanders, an interviewer for ZTV. I met Sharpner over here a couple days ago, when I interviewed him on Saiyaman and Videl Satan." She flipped her long brown hair before pulling out a packet of cigarettes and then putting them back in her pocket after realising that she could not smoke in a hospital.

"And so what's that supposed to mean?" Erasa asked, the pitch of her voice rising ever-so-slightly as she wondered exactly what the woman was attempting to gain from mentioning her profession.

"It means that she's only here for her latest scoop," Sharpner said blandly. "What else would a reporter be doing in a hospital eight hours after Videl Satan was shot?"

"Visiting her little sister maybe. Look, I know Videl's encounters with the media haven't always been perfect, but we're not as bad as you think we are," Jess grit her teeth. "Naturally, I was going to have to cover the story—it's where I get my bread and butter, but you make it sound like I was going to twist the story some way."

"Well given your attitude towards Saiyaman, I think it's safe to say you're not exactly the most trustworthy person," said Sharpner with no small amount of bitterness in his voice. It was clear to Erasa that he was serious about defending his friend and that he wouldn't let the no-name reporter go around bad mouthing her, however Erasa's brow furrowed at the mention of Saiyaman. What problem could this silly little reporter have with Gohan?

"It's not my fault that he's abn-"

"He saved your sister's life," Erasa interjected. She didn't like this "Jess" at all, she seemed too arrogant for the blonde's taste, not to mention the way in which she carried herself. Somehow Erasa was almost positive that in front of her was one of the incessant reporters who'd demanded interviews with Videl for days after she had lost her memory.

"Jeez, calm down! Like I was saying he might be abnormal but perhaps he's not such a freak anymore, although I'm not entirely convinced he might not be that bad a guy," she flipped her hair again in an annoying fashion. At the moment though, Erasa wanted nothing more than to tear it out. Who exactly did she think she was, to come sprouting the rubbish that she was in a room containing people who had been shot not ten hours prior?

"Like I told you before," Sharpner said, a lot calmer than before given that the reporter had stopped insulting his friend, "Saiyaman is a formidable crimefighter and a trustworthy one." Though she was positive that Jess had not come with any recording devices on her, Erasa felt as though Sharpner was giving an answer akin to one that he would've given if a microphone had been shoved in front of his face.

"Something wrong, son?" Goku grinned as his eldest approached him.

"It's Videl..." Gohan wasn't even sure where to begin, there was literally too much on his plate for him to talk.

"Girl problems again huh?" Goku sat down on the grassy field and gestured for his son to follow him, before winking slightly. "Remember to take it slow, your mother was a real sucker for long kisses in the rain and holding hands on romantic walks and all that."

"I told you before dad, there are... complications between me and Videl," said Gohan as he sighed. "With her memory thing, I don't think it's right for me to be a figure in her life like I used to be."

"I still don't understand why you're doing that son," Goku said as he looked towards the sky, almost lost in the fluffy clouds. "But for your sake and mine, I'll just pray you know what you're doing."

"I think I do," Gohan attempted to nod but he himself wasn't entirely convinced. "But that's not the point, there are a couple things I need to ask of you."

"Sounds like you want more favours than advice... figures I was never good at that last bit anyway," the eldest grinned his monkey's smile.

"You were good enough, but anyway... first and foremost: Videl's been shot," Gohan said boldly, surprised when his father's face didn't fall into a confused and surprised mess.

"I know," Goku said bluntly. "It took you around eight hours to come home, what do you think was playing all around the news stations while you were gone? Your mum was pretty worried but the news said that she was expected to make a full recovery..."

"She is, I think, but that's not what I wanted to talk about either. I just wanted to get that out of the way," Gohan sighed slightly. "You've summoned the Eternal Dragon many times right? The most in our entire little gang thing, yeah?"

"Well actually I think Bulma beats me there by a little, but yeah I've seen it many times," answered Goku in a calm voice. Gohan could tell that his father wasn't in one of his 'playing around' moods.

"Good, I've already spoken to Bulma. I just wanted to know what you thought the line between stupidity and selfishness might be?" Gohan said, a gruff tone coating his voice. "I know what I'm planning on doing is probably stupid and I know it might be selfish... but I wanted to know what you thought of those two things."

"Heh stupidity... well when you can wish for pretty much anything, that's bound to be a problem. Say, did I ever tell you the story of how Oolong once wished for the world's softest pair of panties to prevent Emperor Pilaf from succeeding in his attempt to conquer the world?" Goku chuckled a little but continued when he noticed Gohan's unchanging expression. "And I don't think us good guys have made wishes that were ever too selfish, but I guess we tried to revive our friends after they died. Normal people don't all get to cheat death."

"So what if someone died as a result of you being too late to do something? LIke if you'd been a few minutes earlier... they wouldn't have died?"

"I'm not sure son," Goku frowned. "It depends on the situation, but I personally don't believe anyone deserves to die, so if we can bring them back then why not?"

"Okay," Gohan nodded slightly as he bit his lip. "Back when I decided to put Saiyaman's cape on again for the first time in ages, I was a little late to some massive police thing where a bunch of them died since a bunch of terrorists got their hands on a few rocket launchers."

Goku laughed slightly before realising that this wasn't the time nor the topic, "Well Gohan, I wouldn't say that's your fault. I guess you want me to go gather the Dragon Balls then, right?"

"Nope," upon seeing the confused look on his father's face, Gohan continued. "You can still head over to Namek right?"

"Well it's further away than the first one," Goku rubbed his chin as if in deep thought, "but it shouldn't be a problem."

"Well would it be alright if I got you to go ask the Namekians if you can use their Dragon Balls?" Gohan asked timidly.

Goku merely chuckled, "Sure, I don't see why not. What I don't see though is why you're being so... formal. Something wrong?"

"No," Gohan shook his head, "no... I've just been thinking..."

"About?" questioned Goku, a good natured smile on his face. "You need to come out with it and everything."

Gohan let out a frustrated sigh, "Well... I guess it wouldn't hurt to tell you... well I figured that maybe we could wish Videl's memory back? It's been a few months and most of the amnesia case studies that I've done usually result in an inability to form any new memories or permanent memory loss."

"Hmmm," Goku ruffled his son's hair, just as he used to do when Gohan was a mere child. "Well, what do you think the right thing to do is?"

"What do you mean by 'right'?" questioned Gohan, deciding to humour his father. Though the man usually wasn't the greatest source of wit, he did offer pretty good advice.

"Well I guess your mother would say: 'The greatest good for the greatest number', something about utilisinarianism or something, but I'd say right is what you think is the best outcome. Deep down in your heart after you've thought about it from everyone's perspectives."

"I guess it's for the best if we wish her memory back, right?" Gohan asked his father rhetorically, "I mean even if I don't think I-I... we should be a part of each other's lives anymore, it would be wrong to allow her life to fall apart the way it is..."

"If you think that's right son, then it probably is." Goku nodded, "So how do you want to do this?"

"I'm not that sure if I do..." Gohan muttered before speaking up, "I was thinking, could you possibly head over to Namek and ask them if we can use their Dragon Balls? It would make sense to summon Porguna instead of Shenron too if we need to make three wishes."

"That shouldn't be a problem," Goku nodded. "Would you like me to head over there now?"

"Yeah, I'd appreciate it. I've gotta study for a while but make sure you grab me before you summon the dragon."

Sharpner drummed his fingers boredly against the desk, looking around the almost empty hospital room. He was the only person awake within it, the reporter having left a few hours ago while Erasa had long-since fallen asleep beside him.

It was kind of the hospital staff to provide a desk and a few chairs for them to watch Videl by, once Erasa had made it clear that she didn't intend to leave anytime soon, but Sharpner couldn't help but wince as the cheap chair bit into his skin. It was about two in the afternoon, drizzling slightly by the looks of it, but the blonde jock didn't mind spending his Saturday cooped up in a hospital room. It wasn't like he'd have anything better to do anyway, it was too dark a day for anyone to be having a party and they normally occurred at night anyway.

Some part of him told him that popping home and grabbing his textbook to finish of the biology homework he had wasn't a bad idea, but his muscles were too lazy to move. His eyelids were starting to get heavy but his mind was still very much awake, so the blond opted to simply sit there, slouched over the table in silence as he pondered upon the many happenings of the universe.

Besides, Brains would probably be able to help him out on Monday morning anyway. As he thought about his half-alien friend, he frowned slightly. The situation with Gohan and Videl wasn't one that interested him, though they were both his friends he couldn't care much less about it. However it was the current one that had him interested, the one that ended with Videl and a younger girl in a hospital after being shot up.

As far as the story went, Videl had jumped in to save the young girl even though she wasn't a part of the Force anymore, resulting in shots being fired at the both of them instead of just the girl. Then, Gohan had appeared in his cape and saved the day, except he was a little late in doing so. However, Sharpner couldn't help but question what Videl was doing by the girl in the first place.

Perhaps she was walking home, but Sharpner was almost positive that Mr. Satan had arranged a chauffeur after she had lost her memory. Why would she walk when she could be driven? Hell, she had a massive jet-copter too... why on Earth would she walk? Then there was the fact that Videl had jumped in to save the young girl from a mob, some kind of cartel or something Sharpner presumed. But what was a young girl doing cornered by a mob? The situation didn't sound like one where they were attempting to have their way with the girl, since they were rather heavily armed... at least as far as a mob went.

Then that the girl just so happened to be the little sister of that smoking hot yet mannerless reporter? The one who openly called Gohan a freak in front of him, the one who had given him her number. Sharpner's let out a grunt of annoyance. Something didn't add up and he couldn't put his finger on just what it was, but his head was hurting because of it.

He supposed it was entirely possible that he was looking too far into things, but then again a few years ago he had found out that the nerdiest person in their entire school had defeated the green-monster that had once threatened the entire planet. Sighing, he returned to drumming his fingers on the table in boredom until suddenly a light knocking sound rang throughout the room.

Sharpner wasn't entirely sure why everyone seemed to be knocking on the room's door as though they were expecting the unconscious patients to answer, but he supposed it was something of a hospitality. Watching as the door creaked open slowly, his eyebrows raised as he saw a young man, likely not a year or two older than him step through into the room. It was dark and the only source of light he had had for the last few hours had been whatever dimming natural light that managed to creep through the half-open window, so he wasn't sure if he recognised the entering figure.

"You are?" he asked half-boredly, half-curiously.

"A friend of Videl's," he said nonchalantly. "Just here to see her and all that, I heard she got shot..."

"Woah, woah, woah, I'm a good friend of Videl and I don't think I've ever seen you before," Sharpner said suspiciously. After the whole thing with that shifty journalist, he wasn't sure if he had a right to be as suspicious as he was.

"Ah right, you're Sharpner," the young man said as though something had clicked before extending a hand to the blond boy. "Name's Mark, I'm Videl's chauffeur."

Sharpner shook it, however his eyes squinted, an aura of distrust circulating around the boy. "Her chauffeur huh? So I'd suppose you'll know why exactly she was walking around, and just so happened to stumble upon a-"

Erasa stirred slightly before sitting up with a moan, interrupting the two. "W-what's going on?" she asked sleepily, "And why are you two so loud?"

"Sorry," Mark said sheepishly. "But as for why how all this happened, I don't have a clue, she doesn't always take a ride home with me."

"What do you mean she doesn't always take a ride home with you?" Sharpner almost spat, "You're paid to take her from Location A to Location B, do you know how irresponsible it is to allow her to just 'walk around' in her condition?"

"Relax Sharpie, take a deep breath," Erasa cooed almost chillingly as she interpreted the situation. "I want you to meet Mark, he's a-"

"We've already met," Sharpner said venomously as Mark just kicked the ground awkwardly.

"Yeah, okay, I got that. He's a friend of Videl and I, so lay off a bit," she laughed, dispelling the tense situation. "So anyway what brings you here Mark?"

"I just came to visit Videl," he said innocently. "I heard that she had been shot after attempting to save someone."

"Yea," Erasa rolled her eyes, "Vi loves playing the hero. At least she saved a young girl's life this time... but more importantly did you bring flowers?" Erasa grinned as a nervous look appeared on the boy's face.

"N-no," he stammered, "I was going to check if she was awake first. I figured she wouldn't be too appreciative if I brought them to her while she was awake."

Even though Erasa seemed to be relaxed enough with the boy, Sharpner was anything but. As they continued to make small talk, the long-haired boy glared skeptically at the chauffer.

Gohan looked up suddenly from his textbook as a form materialised beside him, startling the demi-Saiyan ever so slightly.

"So are the Namekians fine with it?" he asked his father, standing up from the chair and pushing it in.

"Yep, it took me awhile to get there since the place is so far away, but I've been practicing" Goku nodded. " And they've got Porunga all called out and everything."

"Alrighty then, let's go," Gohan reached out to his father's shoulder and grabbed it firmly as the man raised two fingers to his forehead.

A concentrated look appeared on Goku face as he attempted to once again lock onto the Ki of one of the beings on New Namek, gritting his teeth slightly as he did so.

'Interplanetary transportation is probably pretty hard,' thought Gohan. He'd have to ask his dad at some point if it was harder to access the Other World or distant planets such as New Namek, it surely would be interesting to find out. Even though he had once ventured out into it himself, since coming to high school he hadn't had much to do with outer space. What made the whole thing particularly interesting was the fact that the Other World was technically a part of another dimension, while New Namek was on the corners of the North Quadrant of their galaxy. Shaking his head slightly, realising that his nerves had sent him off track, he sighed in anticipation.

As his father took his time to prepare his 'instant' transport technique, Gohan couldn't help but frown as he wondered how exactly it was best to phrase things. The first two wishes were easy, however the third one involving Videl would be the most difficult.

Was he meant to just wish that she magically got her memory back? What would all the psychiatrists, neurologists and the like that specialised in amnesia have to say about the sudden miracle? He supposed that was just being overly cautious about the whole thing; after all there were many cases of still unexplained medical phenomena, but that was only half of the issue. Or well, making the wish wasn't exactly the problem, it was the aftermath of it.

How would Videl react, waking up in a hospital bed after having been shot, suddenly remembering everything she couldn't before? How would he face her? He wasn't idiotic enough to believe she wouldn't seek him out for answers after she regained his memory, but would he be able to look her in the face?

With a grunt, Gohan pushed his worries to the back of his head. This was one of the things that you needed to worry about on the fly. He had to channel his father a bit and do what was right without thinking all that much about the consequences. He wasn't that gutless, he wasn't going to back out when he could finally help her after staying quiet in the background for a few months now. A determined look upon his face, Gohan looked up from the ground to see the bemused face of his father staring back at him.

"Ready to go yet?" teased Goku, clearing having seen the inner-conflict Gohan had been going through on the young man's face.

"Y-yeah," Gohan stuttered slightly. Pushing harder against his forehead with the two fingers touching it, Goku's right eyebrow tensed as the pair vanished.

The next thing Gohan could see, aftering travelling so far that he didn't think it could be accurately conveyed with a number, was the dark and gloomy sky of the normally nightless, new Planet Namek.

Porunga was waiting, as impatient as ever as it hovered over the few gathered Namekians with a sense of omnipotence. Goku and Gohan had appeared right in the middle of the circle that they had formed, the former rather surprised as the small crowd that had appeared during his quest to retrieve his son.

An aged Namekian stepped forward, "Ah young Gohan, you seem a lot different than the little boy who so bravely fought Frieza and his forces on Namek all those years ago."

"Thanks, I guess," Gohan rubbed the back of his neck in a habit that he had picked up from his father. "It's good to see that you haven't changed one bit Moori."

"Oh ho ho, I wish that I was still as youthful as I had been, but now is not the time to reminisce on the past." The elder opened his eyes as he gestured towards the dragon before him.

"I shall grant any three wishes that you desire, speak them now or forever be silent." The normally kind dragon's voice echoed throughout the land.

"I guess we took a bit too long," Goku grinned. "Anyway, Gohan, do you want to tell Moori what your wishes are?"

"Yep," Gohan said stepping forwards. "I wish that the humans of Planet Earth who died on the night I became Saiyaman again be brought back to life."

Moori translated the words into his mother tongue, which oddly sounded like a lot of gibberish to Gohan. It probably wouldn't hurt to seek out Piccolo and find out more about the Namekian language; you could never know too much after all.

"I see," the Eternal Dragon of Namek said as its eyes glowed dark red. "It is done. What is your next wish?"

"I wish that everyone currently on Planet Earth has their memories altered so that they do not remember the deaths of those you have just revived," Gohan said, having long-since thought out the phrasing of the wish.

Once again Moori translated without hesitation. The young half-Saiyan noted the perplexed tone which overcame the dragon's face as the elder spoke but thought nothing of it once the dragon's eyes glowed red again.

"That was a difficult wish to grant but it has been done. Now, what is your third and final wish?" its voice echoed heavily as Gohan heard the accompanying boom of thunder.

Gohan gulped nervously. This was it, he was about to fix things... Videl would have her memory back, things could even become normal again. Somehow he doubted that but at least if she had her memories back, high school wouldn't be a problem; she wouldn't be sacrificing her education for his own selfish reasons.

Wiping a trickle of sweat from his forehead, he took a step closer to the dragon as though he were asking it directly to grant his wish. "I wish for the one known as Videl Satan to regain all the memories she had approximately four months ago."

Gohan had figured that it would make sense that she didn't regain the countless memories of her staring up at the ceiling in her crib as a baby of a few months old. Moori complied, translating it word for word, sending a slight sense of relief coursing through Gohan.

'This is it,' he thought, watching avidly as the dragon's eyes turned red once more.

However, the next words that the dragon said sent chills down the young boy's spine. "Such a wish is beyond my power."

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