Deep Blue Wonderland


Halo Two: Yuka:

-Yuka on her background-

I tied my long dark blue hair into a ponytail before I walked into my classroom for the start of the spring semester.

My name is Ogawa Yuka and I used to be an orderly at Chou Mori Institution. My dad wanted my two older brothers to be doctors just like him and me to be a housewife. However, his plan fell apart when they just didn’t care and left home to do whatever they wanted. One of them came back and he still didn’t care. My dad begrudgingly put his doctor dreams on me.

I walked over to my seat at the front of the classroom and sat down.

“Good morning, Ogawa-san,” Kaoru, my friend from class, greeted me at her seat.

“Morning,” I said.

“How was your break?”

“Really good. I have new job now.”

“Wow, you really are a workaholic.”

I didn’t really have an interest in being a doctor when I was twenty-three. It was just something my dad just shoved on me. My brothers and I came from a family of doctors. Dad just had to keep the tradition going on. I didn’t really care either, but I did just to shut him up. I just figured I would take the entrance exam, go to med school, graduate, and follow the tradition. My attitude changed when I met Chirin.

Our professor opened the class with introductions on herself, what to expect for the class, and what we would need. The whole time, I took notes and asked questions. I went up to the front at the end of class and handed her my paperwork explaining on my conditions about me working with Kitano-sensei and Asato-sensei on my new job. She read over the form and signed at the bottom.

“Thank you, sensei,” I said, bowing. Four more signatures to go for this semester. I stopped in the hall and did a quick count in my head. I would just need to get two more today and the other two tomorrow.

I remember the first time I met Chirin-kun. I had just started working at Chou Mori three days prior on January seventh. Dad wasn’t going to pay for me to take the entrance exam for Raira Medical University.

“My father never paid for me to get into school and his father didn’t either,” he told me when I graduated high school. “You will be no different.” At the time, I had taken some orderly training courses at the community college I had just completed. After months of job-hunting and Dad nagging me to get a job, I came across an ad online from Chou Mori Institution looking for new orderlies. Not my first choice, but I needed the money to take that entrance exam. So, I applied in October. By December, they finally called me back.

“Are you still looking for a job?” the director asked me on the other line that morning.

“Yes!” I yelped as I sat up in bed.

“Can you come in for an interview this afternoon at three?”

“Yes, I can, sir!”

“Alright, I will see you then.”

“Thank you, sir.” It was all I could do not to squeal so loud to not wake up Dad. Four interviews later and I became an orderly at Chou Mori.

Three days later, Kitano-sensei approached me and said that he wanted me to observe a particular patient with him. Without much thought, I said that I would. From that first injection into Chirin’s arm, my ambitions and obsession were born.


Shinra was about to nod off to sleep in front of his computer when he jerked himself awake. He frowned when he realized what he was doing again. His father and Izaya had him looking up two different things. He didn’t mind looking up that patient from Hokuto Keiko Hospital. In fact, he was about finished when Shingen called him up.

“Son, I need your help,” he said. Shinra had a dull look on his face over the phone.

“Why?” he asked.

“It’s just something really quick,” his dad said. “I just need you to look at this particular project for me.”


“Come on, it won’t take long.”

To his relief, Shinra found himself saved by an incoming call from Izaya. “Uh… I’ve got to go.” The doctor switched lines before his father could say another word.

“Hello?” Shinra asked.

“Shinra!” Izaya said. “I need you to look up something else for me really quick.”

The doctor raised an eyebrow. “Namie is still missing?”

“Yes. I really wish that I could look up this project, but somehow I keep getting blocked off. The last time I tried to look into it, they killed the hard drive in my computer.”

One certain word caught Shinra’s attention. “What kind of project?”

“Project Tadpole,” Izaya said.

“Hold that thought,” the doctor said. He switched back over to his dad. “Uh… about that project. What’s the name of it?”

“Project Tadpole,” Shingen said. “Are you going to help us out?”

So here was Shinra up at about one in the morning reading over the old files from Chou Mori Institution. He only had the information on the surface. Chou Mori was founded outside of Ikebukuro in 1965. Initially, it started out with a place with good intentions. Genji Kozue opened Chou Mori as a safe harbor for the mentally ill as a way to cure them and help them back into society. However, something went horribly wrong.

Shinra clicked the link to go to the next page. Most of the links on this online archive were dead. His dad didn’t give him much to work with. Izaya swore up and down that he would try and dig up better information as soon as possible. Night one and Shinra came up with a whole lot of nothing.

Okay, there were some rumors about human experimentation dating all the way back to 1987. Nobody seemed to want to confirm or deny any of it, however. Though, Shinra did come across one video last night of a mental patient chained down to a chair in about 1992. Kitano-sensei held a needle in his hand as he walked over to the female patient. She couldn’t have been no older than seventeen years and she sat as if in a daze with hard gag between her teeth. Her captor picked up her pale, skinny arm and stuck the needle in.

Shinra whipped around when he heard the door opening. He perked up when he saw Celty walking into the apartment. The doctor quickly closed down everything on his computer and raced over to his girlfriend with open arms.

“Celty!” he said. “I missed your so much!” The doctor laughed as he squeezed her waist. The dullahan struggled to get her cell phone.

“Calm down!” Celty typed at last. Shinra was too lost in his joy to even read the screen. She didn’t need to know what he was looking up. It would be okay not to tell Celty about Chou Mori, yes?

-Yuka on Chirin-

We all adore Chirin. I adore him myself. In fact, he became my motive to perfect my skills as a doctor. I want to participate in Tadpole again. I studied like crazy for the entrance exam. Day and night with almost no breaks.

Funny thing, when it’s not Chirin, I am as focused as a laser. I tune out everything around me. It’s just me and patient or dummy that I am working on. Some of my other classmates laugh and joke around when we do our hands-on projects. Today was no different.

“Could you please keep it down?” I asked aloud to the three boys at the table behind me. “You are breaking my concentration.” My voice must have had some sort of control because they went quiet really fast.

“What does it matter?” one of them asked. “They are just dummies.” I turned around with a death glare in my eyes.

“You wouldn’t be saying that if it was somebody’s mother, child, or spouse on the table,” I said. They stared at me, silent.

“You guys can play around if you want, but I am here to learn,” I said. I turned back to my pretend patient.

“You are so cool!” Kaoru said with stars in her eyes.

“Shhh,” I said.

“Oh, oh,” she said in a whisper.

“Thank you,” I said. It doesn’t take me long to get back in my rhythm when I am working. I even challenge myself to do it better.

“I don’t know how you keep such focus,” Kaoru said at lunch. I tightened up my ponytail before digging into my ramen.

“I have a certain patient in mind,” I said. She leaned in with a curious look on her face.

“Who?” my school friend asked. I leaned back in chair with my arms behind my head.

“Oh, just a former mental patient at Chou Mori,” I said.

We all adore Chirin. We just adore him in different ways. That slut Yayoi wants to perform experiments and fuck him. I frowned as I remembered the day I caught her on top of Chirin in his bed. I used to not want to cross that line with him. But after seeing Chirin again, I am not so sure anymore.

Now, I do have healthy, normal sex life, thank you. Yes, I do have a boyfriend and we do live together. In fact, Koyuki is a little more kinkier than I am. Sometimes, he likes to tie me down to the bed when we do it. However, when it comes to exams, I will remain celibate until they are over.

“Baby, I’m horny,” Koyuki complained on our bed when I was studying at my desk for exams last semester.

“Then go pleasure yourself or something,” I said, not looking up from my books.

“Can’t you do that for me?” His whimpering did little to sway me.

“Not if you want to fail my exams, baby.”

“Aren’t you the top of your classes already? What’s one night off?”

“Hours I will not be able to get back if I fail. Now shut up and let me study. I promise I fuck will you until your heart’s content when exams are over.”

Koyuki whimpered as he lay back in our bed. “What am I supposed to do tonight?”

“Go a jack off. Just do it the bathroom. I just had those sheets washed this morning.” I turned the page in my textbook as I heard him get up and walk out of the room. Sorry dear, but you might have to suffer through more days like this when work picks up again.

I made it up to Koyuki-kun after my exams were over. I let him tie me up and act like I was a sex slave in a hot auction.

I have this reoccurring fantasy where Chirin is unconscious and sedated on an operating table. He is naked with the sheets covering the lower half of his body. His vitals are stable and I have all of the tools that I need to perform the experiment. I walk into the OR with my heart pounding. I have to take a minute to collect myself when I see him. When I pull myself together, I go over and pick up the best scalpel.

I plunge the blade into Chirin’s chest with such precision. Once I open him up, there is his heart, red and still beating. Oh, it is so beautiful. Then, I pull out my syringe of choice filled with the new drug that Kitano-sensei and Asato-sensei have whipped up and plunge it into the exact vein of Chirin’s heart that I am instructed to. His vitals speed up a little bit, but then they level off back to normal. When I am finished, I close up Chirin’s chest and stitch him back up. I am not at the level of Kitano-sensei where his stitching doesn’t leave any scars on the back yet, but I will get there through my hard work. I can’t wait to see the results of the new drug I gave him.

That alone motives me to perfect my skills for that day to arrive.

-Kitano and Etsuko-

-Christmas Night-

Etsuko leaned against Kitano’s desk.

“How long before they start to find each other?” she asked.

“Not long,” the boss said. “Their awakening is happening now.” Etsuko pulled out her phone and slid her finger across the screen. She pulled up the calendar app and did some math in her head.

“That would be accurate,” Etsuko said.

“It’s only a matter of time before they notice it themselves.” His eyes trailed over to Etsuko as she put away her cell phone. “You do have the next round of drugs ready, yes?”

“Of course. Is your side ready?”

“The drugs are ready, I have my interns back together, and I added the new hire.”

“We just need to wait for them to make the contacts and work from there, right?”

“That is correct.” Kitano raised an eyebrow at the look of slight concern on his colleague’s face. “Is something else on your mind?”

“What about Orihara?”

“Ah yes, him.”

“How much of his memories does he have back?” Etsuko narrowed her eyes when Kitano shrugged his shoulders. “How much Mnemosyne did you give him this time?”

“I didn’t measure it,” her boss answered nonchalantly.

“You didn’t measure it? Why?”

“That would be boring if we kept Izaya on too tight of a leash. I want to see what he’s going to pull in this round.”

“So you’re on a first name basis with him?”

“Relax, I only told him enough to keep Izaya distracted long enough to have everything set in place. That’s why I only told him who Chirin was after Ogawa-chan called me this morning after restoring some of his memories.”

Etsuko’s eyes widened. “How much did you give Chirin?”

“This much.” Kitano took out the small red spray bottle and handed it to his colleague. She picked up the plastic bag that held it and looked at said empty bright red bottle laying on its side.

“Five milliliters,” Etsuko said before looking up at Kitano. “We can’t give him anymore for the next five days and you know why.”

“I know, I know. I understand.”

Etsuko breathed out before another thought crossed her mind. “But that still leaves Izaya. You don’t think that he would-?”

“You know he will. He can’t resist. Now that he knows who Chirin is, he’s going to chase down any lead possible just to play his little mind games on him.”

“It’s almost like you’re counting on him to do it.”

“I would be lying if I said I wasn’t.” He turned off the classic music that he had playing in the background. “For now, we shall sit back and watch round two begin.”

-Yuka on co-workers and Project Tadpole-

-January 10th-

I stood in one of the break rooms of Rampo Biotech. It feels weird to have all of the interns for Tadpole back together. Yayoi sat at the table texting another man boyfriend that she hooked up with last night. (Slut.) Roc stood on the other side of the room, brooding as he does. I could only guess what’s got him in a bad mood today. And there is a new girl with us today. Her name is Rumi and she kind of reminds me of myself before I began working with Kitano-sensei. Speaking of which, he wants us to welcome her and get her use to how we do things around here.

I did a little homework on her this morning before I came to work. Rumi came from the countryside, but she is at the top of her class. She had just started med school just like I had. With that information off the top of my head, I began to devise a strategy. I can think Rumi under my wing and keep her away from that slut Yayoi. Maybe I can trust Roc around her. He can be jaded at times, but Yayoi is definitely worse.

It was then I noticed that slut eyeing me like I had stolen her boyfriend.

“What?” I asked. She narrowed her eyes at me.

“You got to see Chirin before I did,” she complained.


“I bet you got to suck him off.”

I wrinkled my nose as I snorted. “Eww, no! He’s just a patient! I’m not a pervert like you!”

“Oh right! So if you walked into a room and found Chirin tied down to a bed naked, you wouldn’t try and jump him.”

I froze as that image came into my head. I blushed as I looked down at my feet. “I don’t know…”

“You don’t know?”

I lifted my head, gritting my teeth. “I don’t know.”

That slut raised her eyebrow. “Don’t tell that you’re still a virgin.”

“I am not and my sex life is none of your business, you whore!”

“Enough already!” Roc shouted. Yayoi and I turned our attention as he settled back into place. He glanced over towards the table. I noticed Rumi covering her ears with a bright red face. It didn’t take me long to figure out why he would even care about what we were fighting about. Come to think of, Rumi hasn’t met Chirin yet. I don’t think she knows what she’s signed up for either. She seems to believe that this is just typical research internship program. I rubbed my forehead as I smiled awkwardly as I saw where this could be headed. Oh, that’s going to be rather interesting…

“Am I interrupting anything?” we heard someone ask. Low and behold, Kitano-sensei stood in the doorway carrying a box. It took my all not to jump up and down, squealing. Instead, I cleared my throat.

“Good morning,” I said in a calmer tone.

“We are having a branch meeting right now,” Kitano-sensei said. We all followed him out of the break like little school children coming back to the classroom after recess.


-December 26th-

Last night, Aoba received an e-mail from an address that he wasn’t familiar with. The subject was even more baffling.

“Cut, Cut, Cut?” he asked. Against his better judgement, Aoba opened the e-mail. The body of the message only contained a link to a video. He pressed on the blue text and a site like YouTube popped up on his screen. In the video appeared Gin sitting on the of his bedroom in a daze. He pulled out a knife and slit his right arm from wrist to fold of his elbow. He repeated the process with his left arm collapsed on the floor. The video looped for a second time. The more Aoba watched it, the more confused he became.

What the hell is this?

He wanted to believe that this was some twisted prank being played, but something didn’t feel right about this video. The next day on his way to school, he dialed up Gin’s number, but his phone went straight to voicemail.

“Hey Gin,” Aoba said. “I got this weird video last night. There was some guy who looked like you cutting his arms. Call me as so-…” He froze when he walked up to an apartment complex with a cop car and an ambulance parked outside. Curious, the boy walked over for a better look. His cell phone hit the ground as his face grew pale. The sheet of the body had slipped, revealing Gin’s face before the medics re-covered him and loaded him into the ambulance.


I smile to myself during this morning’s meeting. Oh Chirin, you are lucky that I have afternoon classes today. We’re going to have loads of fun when you have your awakening.

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