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What you need to know

This is a Stranger Things au but I guess I could give you a summary.
Summary: A family with twins just reunited with each other after one mishap change everything. Will and Eleanor are twins with very unique stories but as they grow older they find things that can’t be explained. Join the twins on an adventure of a lifetime not only battling the unknown but also growing up as twins.
Things to know:
Will and El are twins will is older by four minutes
El was gone with her aunt as a child
Hopper is a family friend
Max was in the Av club for a while
Everybody is at least 16
Billy is Not a bad person
Rebecca is Will eventual girlfriend
All current relationships still exist besides Mike and El
Each chapter has a song I recommend to listen to
I don’t own any characters besides Rebecca unless I say so
This is modern day story
Before every chapter I will say if I add a new character or characters
Everything else in Stranger Things like DnD still happens
I will change pony do views and specify if I do
That’s all Peace ✌️
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