Harry Potter 24

Hour 11: 5 AM

Previously in Harry Potter 24:

Voldemort has called his inner circle together. He shared with them his frustration with Lucius Malfoy:

He paused a moment to let his words sink in. "I will make myself clear about this, Draco's father has failed me too often in the past, particularly this past spring when he failed to retrieve the prophesy as I had commanded. The penalty for this failure will be the life of his son, Draco. That shall serve as a lesson to all of my followers. I do not accept failure from my lieutenants.

Narcissa is in her kitchen — she overhears the Dark Lord's words

She caught only a few words, but what she heard sent a shiver down her spine. "…the penalty for this failure will be life of his son, Draco." …

Narcissa steeled herself and stood up. She was a Black. She was proud. Her family meant everything to her. Now she needed to figure out a way in which she could get a message to her son. She needed to warn Draco that the Dark Lord plans to kill him, no matter what else happened this day.

Lucius returns to Malfoy Manor, tells Lord Voldemort that the magical ward disruptor has been acquired. Voldemort dismisses him: "Oh, Lucius," said the Dark Lord, surprising the blonde haired man as he had hoped to be excused, "Scabior arrived here over two hours ago… with the device. It makes me wonder, just what else you needed to accomplish to make sure the transaction took place properly."

The Eleventh Hour, 5 AM to 6 AM, Saturday, October 19, 1996

5:00 AM

Malfoy Manor, Voldemort's Throne Room

The sky was still black as Voldemort once again called his followers to gather. He noted that Lucius once again did not show up to the meeting. The others of his inner circle were already present. Once the large group had gathered around, Voldemort stood up from where he had been reclining on his throne.

"I will begin to reveal to you more of my plan," he stated, "I have avoided telling any of you what will be happening other than what a few have needed to know to help with the preparations for this wonderful day. By revealing this information to you only as it is about to happen will help prevent any spies who might be among us from in turn revealing these plans to those that would oppose us."

There was some murmuring among the Death Eaters, as they questioned who could possibly be a spy. Voldemort simply waved his wand and sent s shower of red sparks out across the room. Once again he had the rapt attention of all of his followers.

"We will be bringing a couple of Harry Potter's friends for a visit with us today," began Voldemort. "I have something very special planned for them after they arrive. Until they do join us here, once they are captured they are to be treated with the utmost care. I hope that I make myself perfectly clear. They will be but a part of the plan that will continue to unfold throughout the day. Hogwarts will be ours, my friends. And once we have the school, and we are rid of Potter and Dumbledore, we will take control of the ministry itself. Tomorrow will be the dawn of a new era for magical Britain!"

The Dark Lord paused for a moment and then he continued with a little more detail about the day. "Bellatrix will be the kind ambassador who will be escorting our visitors to join us later this morning. The young and energetic Scabior will accompany her, and he will set in motion the series of events that will lead to our triumphant entrance into the school this very day."

Cheers went up around the hall.

"Our allies, led by Mr. Greyback will be providing additional support, as long as one of our junior associates completes his mission on time today," added Voldemort.

5:20 AM

Malfoy Manor, Dining Room

Bellatrix was waiting impatiently for Scabior to meet with her as previously arranged. "Do you have everything together that we will need for today?" she asked as he walked in. Before he could answer she added a snarky comment, "Nice scarf, the pink looks good on you, dear."

"I have the device, and it is packed and ready to be delivered," he responded, ignoring the comment about the pink scarf he had picked up earlier this morning. "I also have the magic suppressing manacles for binding our guests."

"Since we will not be able to get past the wards very easily at this time," began Bella as she continued reviewing their plans with her accomplice, "we will need to be sure that our guests are in the appropriate place so that we may properly invite them to come for a visit." As she spoke she twirled some of her dark curls with her left hand as she spun her wand in her right hand. "Now, love, have you made sure that Potter's friends will be heading to Hogsmeade for the day?"

Scabior replied with a feral grin, "Already working on that, you may consider it a forgone conclusion that they will be where we need them to be at the right time."

Bellatrix walked up towards Scabior, and traced a circle around his neck with a sharply manicured fingernail, nearly drawing blood as she did so. She licked her lips seductively as she added, "You better be right, love. You had better be right."

5:40 AM

Gryffindor Dormitory

Harry Potter had managed to fall asleep once again after he was bothered by dreams and visions due to his link with Voldemort and the presence of a horcrux in his room. Once again he was feeling the effects of the nearby horcrux as his dreams became more painful. He started moaning due to pain related to the connection through his scar as Voldemort himself became more animated as he was meeting with his followers and finalising preparations for his machinations for the day. The pain became so much that he sat up and let out a groan. Most of his roommates were sound asleep, however, Ron, who was in the bed next to him was awoken by the noise.

"Bugger off, I'm trying to sleep here," complained the red-head who had hardly any sleep through the night.

"Sorry Ron," snapped Harry, "I'll just try and tell old Tom not to be active during the night and cause any visions for me."

"It might help," complained Ron.

"And a lot of help you were last night," retorted Harry, glaring at his friend who had been trying to sleep.

"What?" exclaimed Ron who was now more awake. "We saved your bloody arse when Umbridge had you cornered! Maybe we should have left you alone and let you deal with the toad all by yourself!"

"Maybe you should have!" said Harry as their voices were starting to rise.

A bleary eyed Neville sat up in his bed. "Hey, guys, people are sleeping here, and it's not even six in the morning yet. Could you both grow up a little?"

The two friends seemed to be startled out of their argument as they looked across the room at their usually quiet roommate. Without any more words the three sixth-year students lay back on their beds, trying to get just a little more sleep for the day.

5:50 AM

Malfoy Manor

Lucius had managed to head upstairs and return to his bedroom after he had been dismissed by Lord Voldemort. He was exhausted and just lay down on his bed, and he and fallen asleep almost immediately. He did not even wake up for the most recent summons from his master.

Narcissa had been trying to figure out what to do about her son Draco after overhearing part of the Dark Lord's plans for him. When she walked into her bedroom she noticed that her errant husband had finally returned. She could smell the fire whiskey on his breath as he snored loudly, and she even detected the smell of perfume on his clothes. His clothes were ripped in places and seemed to be barely put on correctly.

"Another night of drinking and raping muggle women," she thought as she stared at the man whom she had married all those years ago. The man whose own failures had lead to their son being marked for death by the individual who had taken over their house and was now running their lives. She reminisced about her marriage to the man who lay before her, but she soon came to the realisation that there was very little to reminisce about. All of her childhood dreams of a loving marriage were replaced by becoming a trophy wife for a man who never lay with her after their son, his heir, was born. His drinking binges were at times epic, and as the dutiful servant of a wife she kept any information about this out of the public eye. His penchant for muggle girls as play things to be abused was sickening.

It became all to clear to her at that moment that this man who was her husband needed to be stopped. His own actions had destroyed their family's wealth, brought an overpowered terrorist organisation into their home and had apparently condemned their son to death. Narcissa Black knew right then that she was not a Malfoy anymore, at least not in her heart or her mind. She was determined to make a change.

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