Rapunzel's wish


Rapunzel makes a wish that causes Everleigh to wake up the tower. Everleigh has to find Rapunzel before she causes any trouble, and she has to find her way back home.

Fantasy / Adventure
Latoya Kate
Age Rating:


I just want to add this here before the story starts.

Even though it has Disney princesses in it, it doesn’t necessarily follow how their stories went. For example, some of the villans are still alive (a few have turned nicer).

Another thing is that in this story they all live somewhat close to each other (for example the town Belle lived in is somewhat close to Rapunzel’s tower). I’m doing it that way because that’s going to fit my story the best.

Also, the characters might not seem completely like how they actually are but at the end of the day, this is my story. Even though I’m using existing characters I feel like I’m still able to right them how I want to.

Also, I have a habit of writing only half a story and not finishing it. Because of that, this story will be short.

The ending also might not be the best for the same reason. I want to write this whole story so I want the ending to happen sooner, meaning it might feel a bit rushed.

Also, this isn’t edited. I might do that in the future but no promises.

Please enjoy.

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