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Coming Together For Him

By Liz Upton

Other / Action


Modern day Naruto. Naruto once having many friends, starts high school finding that he now has many enemies. But when Naruto gets sick will everyone come together and help him? or will he be left thinking he is unloved and unwanted

Chapter 1

“Come on Naruto, we’re going to be late on the first day.” an overly excited Rock Lee proclaims. Naruto only laughs but continues at his slow pace. He wasn’t like Rock Lee, he wasn’t looking forward to going to Konoha High. Today was the first day of their ninth grade year, and while Naruto’s friend’s had been looking forward to starting high school, Naruto had not been. High school would be a lot more different than middle, for one the school was bigger and more kids went there. It didn’t help either that Naruto’s father was Mayor of Konoha. Naruto would have to once more prove that he was worthy of carrying the Namikaze name. His father might have been the Mayor but that didn’t mean that Naruto could get by with doing whatever he wanted. In fact, Naruto thought he had to live more strictly because of the role his father carried. Sometimes Naruto hated it, his father was always busy, Naruto couldn’t remember the last time they had actually spent anytime together. Naruto was often in bed by the time his father came home from city hall. Minato was well liked by the town people, he always tried to do what was best for everyone. Even if it meant giving up time with his son to do it.

Despite his many friend’s Naruto rarely felt like he ever belonged. He was afraid that if people said or done something around him he would go running to his father about it. It put more pressure on Naruto to prove that he wasn’t like that and often Naruto wondered if what he went through was worth it. He wondered how he could be happy with all that he had to deal with. None of his friend’s understood because they didn’t live with a public official. He wished for once that he could be normal, that he didn’t have to live with so much pressure.

“Come on Naruto” Sakura Haruno called as she passes Naruto in the hall. “stop worrying so much.” Naruto smiles as he watches Sakura’s pink hair disappear into the crowd. Sakura was probably Naruto’s closest friend, if you could call her that. She was the one Naruto talked to the most. Although most days she acted like it was a pain to be around Naruto. Of course, it didn’t take very much to annoy Sakura.

Shaking his head, Naruto follows Sakura into the classroom, the two making their way to the back of the room.

Sitting in the desk beside Sakura, Naruto looks towards the front of the room at the sensei sitting at his desk waiting patiently for his students to enter. A few minutes later Ino enter and heads for the seat behind Sakura. Naruto rolled his eyes, Ino got on his nerves with the way she always had to compete with Sakura over everything. He didn’t understand why they couldn’t be friends without competing but he didn’t really want to understand it.

“There’s a new kid” Ino said excitedly “and he’s super hot. His name is Sasuke Uchiha.” she tells Sakura who also gets excited and Naruto wonders what the deal is. He was sure that this Sasuke wasn’t the only one starting school here today, but he was probably the only one being gossiped about.

Sighing, Naruto turns his attention to the front of the room, the instructor looked nice enough. He was short, had a scar across the middle of his nose, and wore his hair in pineapple shaped ponytail.

“I’m Iruka” the man introduces himself “and I am going to be your instructor for the next few months.” Naruto found his attention wondering from the teacher to the door, when the door opened. A dark haired young man sulked into the room, and started towards the first empty seat that he could find.

“Sasuke, you’re late” Iruka said and Sasuke shrugged obviously not caring whether he was on time or not.

“From now on try to be on time.” Iruka continued with explaining how things were going to be in his class. All in all Naruto thought it sounded pretty easy.

Naruto found his eyes drawn towards Sasuke who took the desk in front of Naruto. He didn’t see why the girls seemed to think he was so special, he seemed too pale and broody to Naruto, of course he could be wrong but he didn’t think he was.

As if sensing Naruto’s eyes on his back, Sasuke turns and glares at Naruto. The harsh looking causing Naruto to flinch. Whatever Sasuke’s reasons for being here it was clear it was the last place that he wanted to be.

“Problems faggot?” Sasuke asked loudly, drawing the classes attention to the two of them. Naruto opened his mouth to protest but the found the words wouldn’t come out.

“Stupid faggot has nothing to say” Sasuke spit out before turning back around, embarrassed Naruto stared down at his desk. Looking up, he found Sakura staring at him with a disgusted look in her eyes.

“I’m not gay” Naruto mouthed but she turned away and whispered something to Ino, who also glared at him. Naruto tightened his hands into fists, he knew by the end of the day his reputation would likely be in shreds thanks to Sasuke, because after announcing it to the class like he did, Naruto knew tongues would be wagging and it was just a matter of time before the rest of the school found out.

As soon as the bell rang, Naruto grabbed his things and rushed out of the room. He didn’t want to hear whatever Sakura had to say, he was sure that she would find some kind of truth in what Sasuke said, after all Naruto had never had a girlfriend and had spent most of his time hanging out with her when they weren’t busy. Naruto sighed, he was sure word would get back to his father, and his father would be disappointed in him. Because Naruto’s actions seemed to directly reflect on what Minato had taught him. Even Naruto was gay, he didn’t see what was so wrong with it. Everyone deserved love even if they liked the same sex.

As Naruto entered his next classroom, he nodded at the silver haired masked man sitting at the teachers desk and made his way to a desk close to the front. He wondered if Sakura knew about his crush on her and then decided that she didn’t. because if she did she wouldn’t even consider Sasuke’s words about him being gay.

As Naruto waited for the class to start he kept his eyes on his desk as Sasuke walked past with Sakura and Ino following closely behind him.

“Not going to sit with your friend’s faggot?” Sasuke sneered loudly “are you afraid they won’t like you because you like boys?” Naruto blushed because once again Sasuke had made sure the nearly filled room had heard him. Naruto felt tears fill his eyes and he wondered why this stranger hated him so completely when Naruto hadn’t done anything to him.

“That’s enough from you.” The silver haired man said standing up. “You’re bullying will not be tolerated, and if you make another remark you will be sent to the office.” The teacher threatened and for a moment Naruto felt a brief moment of relief, at least someone was willing to stand up for him. Sasuke shrugs and sits down, apparently not caring that he had gotten into trouble. Of course, he didn’t care Naruto thought bitterly, he had single handedly destroyed Naruto’s reputation with just a few words. Of course it didn’t matter that he had gotten into trouble because the damage was already done.

“I’m Kakashi” The silver haired man introduced himself and for the next forty five minutes explained how things would be in his classroom.

When that class was over, Naruto found himself heading towards the lunch room, spotting Sakura and Ino, after going through the line, Naruto headed towards their table. When he sat down both Ino and Sakura climbed to their feet and went over to Sasuke’s table and sat down.

Embarrassed, Naruto stared down at his tray wondering why Sasuke seemed to take so much pleasure out of tormenting Naruto. As he sat there, he heard his schoolmates whispering, his name and faggot in the same sentence. Ashamed, Naruto stared down at his lunch tray, no longer hungry. As he was about to get up two large football players approached him. Swallowing hard, Naruto avoided looking them in the eyes.

“You’re done eating” the larger one stated picking the tray up and dumping the contents over Naruto’s head. Laughter could be heard all over the room, as potatoes and gravy ran from his hair to the front of his shirt.

Naruto started to walk off when both players grabbed him by the arms and marched him out of the lunch room.

“You can’t do this.” Naruto protested as they exited the room and Naruto found himself thrown against a row of lockers.

“Rumors has it that you’re a faggot and you’re crushing on me.” the more heavily muscled football player who Naruto didn’t even know his name.

“I’m not a….” Naruto started to protest when he felt a harsh blow to his ribs that knocked him to his knees. Naruto placed and arm around his ribs already knowing that the hit had broken or fractured a rib.

“We don’t like faggots around here.” the football players stated as he hauled back and gave Naruto a sharp kick to the ribs, snapping the arm that Naruto had wrapped around his ribs. Naruto cried out, as tears filled his eyes.

“Cry me a river, stupid faggot baby.” the football players taunted as they proceeded to kick Naruto over and over.

Unable to handle anymore punishment, Naruto collapses onto the floor, blood escaping his lips as he gave a harsh cough. Naruto was desperate for the pain to stop. Coughing again, more blood pushed past his lips as agony was pulsing through him.

“Please stop” Naruto murmurs, as he sees a foot heading towards his head. As soon as the foot made contact, Naruto could feel himself losing consciousness even as he could feel himself falling away from the pain. Naruto thought he heard someone holler for the football players to stop what they were doing.

“not a faggot” Naruto murmured as he closed his eyes and surrendered to the pain.


Let me know if you want more. And I am thinking about doing a newsletter just for my fanfiction stories is that something you would be interested in? Thanks for reading and reviewing! Liz

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