Moving On

Chapter 17

Harry sat at his desk in his study at Potter Manor. He had just received an owl from Hermione, who had happily agreed to help with their research on Saint George and his staff. Daphne had come to join him as had sent one of the house elves to let her know that Hermione had written. Daphne greeted her fiancé with a quick kiss. Then Harry opened the letter and he began to read it to her.


It was exciting to hear that you are making progress. I was worried when I had heard from Neville about your initial set back and injuries from your encounter with the dragon. Of course I am able to help you in what ever way I can.

I have searched through the information we have here at the Library of Alexandria. I have been able to confirm several facts from multiple sources. There indeed was a soldier named George, whom the Eastern Orthodox Church refers to as Saint George. There are multiple references to his having fought a dragon or some large reptilian beast. I have also found references to his lance, which was named Ascalon. Historians, both magical and muggle, agree that this lance was a very powerful object. Some writers have commented that it was believed to be embed with magical properties. There are various reports and rumours about what ultimately became of the lance. There are reports that it has been left to the care of a group of followers of Saint George. From what I have been able to determine, these may have been monks at one of the many churches that have been dedicated to his memory.

From what I have been able to determine, there are thousands of churches that honour Saint George. Narrowing the churches to Eastern Orthodox Churches, as Saint George lived in the fourth century, well before the schism between the Eastern Churches and the western church in Rome, there are still hundreds of churches throughout Europe and the Middle East. Historians agree that he must have been a soldier for the Byzantines or from Palestine, so it may be best to search churches in the areas that are located in areas that historically would have been under Byzantine control.

I hope all is well with you. Give my best to Daphne. I miss you all, but I am having the most marvellous time here. You wouldn't believe the things I am learning with all of these books at my disposal. Well, best of luck with your continued search. Let me know if there is anything more I can do to help.

I love you, my dearest friend,


Harry finished reading the letter, and looked up at Daphne.

"Well, then," said Daphne, "it looks like we need to narrow down where to look for the lance to one of the churches. That won't be hard. Only a thousand or so churches, that shouldn't take more than ten or twenty years." She sighed as she sat down into Harry's lap.

Harry gave her a gentle hug. He lifted her chin slightly and spoke softly in response. "Well, we will just have to see if Merlin has any more ideas to help us with."

Daphne gave him a brief hug and then gave a slight smile. "How can you be so upbeat about this after everything? We've travelled around the world already, you've faced off against a griffon, a thunderbird, a chimera and a dragon. Now you need to find a magical lance that has been missing or hidden for over 1000 years. You've nearly died multiple times. How can you keep going on with all of this?"

Harry gave a slight laugh. "The past year has been relatively simple. I haven't had a psychotic dark lord coming back from near death and trying to kill me with dozens of twisted and sadistic followers trying to kill me for several years. I'd probably be bored if I wasn't facing life and death challenges every so often."

Daphne's smile turned to a frown. "And when do you think you have had enough of all of this? When you're dead? When will you ever be able to sit back and relax, not worry about someone coming after you to kill you? Not worry about having to face some terrible and dangerous creature that would be pleased with either killing you or eating you."

Harry reached up and gently pushed some of Daphne's hair behind her ear. "My life would not be the same without all of the danger and excitement. But honestly, I could really enjoy some lack of excitement for a while." He smiled at her and leaned forward and gave her a gentle kiss on her lips. "Let's finish this, and then find a nice quiet place, with a beach and plenty of sun, and no one to bother us, and hide away for several years."

Daphne beamed at the green eyed man underneath her and gave him a quick hug.

"But we still need to finish this mess with the lance, and the dragon, and the goblins," continued Harry, "so maybe we should head back to Pembroke and see if there is anything more we can learn from Merlin."

Harry and Daphne had arrived at Pembroke College and had quickly entered the Hall of Secrets after briefly meeting with Professor Shaw. After he had left them alone in the Hall, Harry pulled out the tome that he had marked with the venom and tears mixture. Shortly after retracing the rune on the cover they noted the shimmering appearance of Merlin.

The grey apparition in front of them looked around the room briefly and then focused on the young couple. "Harry, my young friend," he greeted with a smile and then he turned to Daphne, and took her hand and gently kissed it. "And the fair maiden, Daphne, I am charmed to be with you again, I am sure." He looked back at Harry as he added, "The pun was intended. Now then, what can I do for you this fine day? Have you found Ascalon?"

"Well, actually," stammered Harry in reply, "we still are trying to figure out just where we need to be searching for the lance. We know that it is probably in the possession of one of the groups of his followers, probably at a church that bears his name. But there are thousands of churches named after Saint George."

Merlin considered the comments for a few moments and then he turned and headed back into the stacks of books. He searched through several of the tomes, and then he quickly pulled an old and ragged book off of the shelf. It appeared to Harry that he pulled something out of the book before just as quickly closing it and slipping it back onto the shelf. Merlin returned to the two and then he slid himself into one of the chairs at the table. He indicated with a nod of his head that Harry and Daphne should also take a seat.

Merlin then began to explain more about Saint George. "The young man was not just a great and fearless warrior, but he was known for his compassion and kindness that he showed to all. The Roman church has long taught that he is particularly helpful in interceding for those who venerate him. Constantine the Great even built the first church dedicated to George over the site of his tomb, in Palestine, in Lydda."

Harry looked at Daphne and then back to Merlin. "So you think that is where we should look to find the lance?" he asked hopefully.

Merlin's smile faded slightly as he answered, "It is where the lance was found, at one time." He then paused as he let his words sink in. "It may have well been returned to the same place," he added. "However, I do believe that the monks who are there would be hard pressed to admit that they know of the lance, or allow anyone to just walk off with such a valued relic."

Harry and Daphne both felt their hope in quickly resolving this hunt escape them at the comments from Merlin.

Merlin's eyes began to twinkle again, in a manner that was still particularly unnerving to Harry as it reminded him too much of his former mentor, the late Albus Dumbledore. "Do not be so downcast, my young friend," said Merlin with a mischievous grin. "If someone was to present to the followers of St. George a token that indicated that they had a right to the lance, then that might make all the difference in the world."

Harry did not feel particularly reassured at this time, as he imagined another near impossible quest ahead of him, just to find a token, to help him acquire a lance that was still not located, and then to take this mystical and mythical lance and face a dragon. "Why can't my life ever get any easier?" he asked himself silently.

Merlin replied out loud to Harry's unspoken question. "Perhaps it is getting just a slight bit easier right now," he said as met Harry's startled gaze. Before Harry could respond, Merlin quickly snapped his wrist and tossed a silver coin into the air. Harry reached out and grabbed the coin. Upon catching it, he began to examine it closely with Daphne leaning in to get a closer look as well.

The silver token that Harry now held in his hand was a large coin, about 3 inches across. On one side, it had the picture of a soldier atop a horse, holding a lance while on the back side was a crouching dragon. The word "Pendragon" was written on the side of the coin with the dragon. On the other side of the coin were 8 words, four in Latin, four in Greek: Fortitudo, Δύναμη, Perseverantia, Επιμονή, Ingeniositas, Ευφυία, Misericordia, Ευσπλαχνία.

Harry and Daphne examined the coin closely. Not sure what the words meant, Harry looked up at Merlin. With a wink, Merlin explained the coin. "The words on the coin are written in Latin and Greek. I presume that neither of you ever bothered to learn the classic languages? A pity then. The best translation of the words would be: Strength, Perseverance, Ingenuity and Compassion."

Merlin waited silently for a minute allowing the words to sink in. "The four characteristics, or traits, that were required to complete the first four tasks. Only one who has proven their skills and abilities can with confidence carry this coin. Those who are truly followers of Saint George will understand that this token, this coin, gives you the authority to carry Ascalon."

Harry marvelled at the token in his hand. He then looked up at Daphne and gave her a large grin. He turned to Merlin who smiled back at him. "I think, my young friend, that you are now ready to begin your search for the lance."

Later that day, Harry and Daphne were enjoying lunch at the Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade before meeting up with Neville to let him know that they would be leaving soon on the next part of their journey.

While they were finishing their meal, Ron Weasley walked into the popular establishment. He walked up to the bar, ordered a butter beer from Madam Rosmerta. Taking his bottle, he turned around and spied his former best mate and his girlfriend and then walked over and joined them at their table. "Hey mate," greeted Ron, "I never expected to see you here. How's the new quest going?"

"Hi Ron," responded Harry dryly. "We're about to go speak with Neville before we head off to the Holy Land in search of Saint George's lance. It may be in an old monastery somewhere." Daphne gave Harry a slight glare, wondering why he was giving Ron so much information.

Ron, who missed the look from Daphne, smiled back at Harry and raised his bottle. "Here's to a safe and successful trip, mate!" he exclaimed. As he put his bottle down, he commented quietly to Harry, "I'm sticking to butter beer from now on, no more fire whiskey for me. Been doing better at the store, too, George is letting me do more again. If I keep myself out of trouble, he might even give me a promotion."

Harry smiled back at his former best mate. "That sounds great, Ron, really."

Daphne reached over and lightly grasped Harry's hand. "We really do need to be getting going so as not to keep Neville waiting," she said.

"Yeah, right," agreed Harry as he took a quick glance at his watch. "Well, Ron, it was good to see you again. We'll keep in touch, but we need to run."

"So, Ronald, what did you find out?"

The question startled Ron Weasley had he had not heard anyone enter the store, let alone the stock room where he was working. He turned around to be confronted by a sneer from his sister.

"You were right, Harry told me everything about what he is doing and where he is going," he said simply, trying not to shake with his nervousness. She was his younger sister, but she was still very intimidating. He had no desire to experience her bat-bogey hex, or any of the other nastier spells she had been known to use on people when she was in a leads than pleasant mood. And Ron was sure that Ginny was already in a less than pleasant mood.

"So? What did my Harry tell you?" she asked, a little too sweetly for Ron's comfort.

Ron tried to calm his nerves and hoped he didn't start to sweat too much. He mumbled slightly and then he stammered as he answered his sister. "He said something about holly land I think."

"Holly Land?" she questioned. "That makes no sense. Did he say Hollywood?"

"Erm, yeah, that might have been it," he answered quickly. He never was good at paying attention in his classes and he was definitely not very good at remembering details about a conversation when he knew his sister would be grilling him on it — just as she was right now. His anxiety over the whole situation made it increasingly difficult for him to recall the facts clearly. "He also mentioned about having to see someone named George. And something about a place or name that began with L. It seemed like it was a big deal. Something about magic, and dragons, and a stick of some sort."

Ginny thought for a moment. "If Harry was going to Hollywood, he might be trying to meet up with George Lucas, he's near Hollywood, and one of his companies is called Industrial Light and Magic. And his movies have people using magical light swords or sticks. That could be it." She smiled to herself and then she looked at her brother and actually gave him a sly smile. She leaned over and gave him a quick kiss on his cheek. "Thanks Ronald," she said as she smirked, "you have been oh so helpful."

Harry and Daphne had arrived in Palestine. They had found that there were some increased restrictions on their travel through the international travel ports, something to do with a muggle disaster that had recently occurred in New York. However, they had arrived in Jerusalem without incident and had little difficulty making their way to Lydda. The Church of Saint George was not hard to find as it was one of the most popular attractions, as many travellers sought out the site, whether they were of Christian, Muslim or even Jewish decent due to the many stories that people had heard about St. George.

They entered the church and quietly took a seat in the back pew and quietly observed the coming and going of visitors, pilgrims, monks and clergy. The young couple silently noted that occasionally a monk would enter from the right side of the church and then shortly depart through the same door. Harry waited for the majority of the people to leave after the prayer service that they had walked in on had come to an end. Harry wondered if Daphne would be allowed to even follow him, but he quietly decided to walk up to the door on the right side of the sanctuary and that they would just try their luck.

Harry pushed on the heavy wooden door that opened into a hallway heading to his left. As soon as he and Daphne had entered the hall, a monk in tan robes stepped forward from an alcove that Harry had not noticed and he blocked their way.

"Excuse me," he said calmly to Harry, "but you cannot head that way. Please, just return to the sanctuary."

Harry was initially surprised that the man spoke English, as he was worried that they would possibly be dealing with individuals who spoke Arabic or some other language. Harry then quickly pulled the silver Pendragon token out of his pocket and held it in front of the man barring his way. The monk took a step back as he recognised the symbol and the words on the coin. Immediately he bowed his head, and apologised.

"My apologies, milord," he said without looking back at Harry. "I will go and fetch the abbot, please sir, wait right here. I shall not be long."

The monk then turned without waiting for a reply from Harry and immediately disappeared down the corridor that wound away to the right just ahead of where Harry and Daphne were standing. It was less than three minutes before the monk returned, this time with another man who was wearing what Harry had presumed were priestly robes. He had a short, flat topped black hat upon his head and a thick beard. This new man's eyes shone with a sparkle that was comforting and exciting. Harry would soon learn that he was the abbot for the monastery and he requested that Harry and Daphne follow him. They turned down the hallway that the monk had initially used and then they came to a stop in front of a blank wall. The abbot slowly waved his hand in front of the empty wall at the end of the hall, and soon there were several runes that appeared. He then asked Harry to place the token on the wall, in the middle of the runes. Hesitantly Harry did just that. There was a slight sound of rock scraping on rock as a doorway appeared and slowly opened into a rather ornate room. There was a table in the centre, several chairs that looked as though they were brand new with large cushions and covered in a rich velvety material. The monk did not enter the room but remained in the hallway as the stone door slowly closed after Harry, Daphne and the abbot had entered the room.

"My good man," said the abbot, "you come with the mark of Saint George. How may we be of assistance?" As he asked the question he waved his hand towards the chairs, offering them all a seat around the table.

Harry helped Daphne into one of the chairs and then he sat down to her right, facing the abbot. He had slipped the token back into his pocket as they entered the room. "I am on a quest. I seek Ascalon, the lance that was used by Saint George when he defeated the dragon."

The abbott's smile turned down slightly at this comment.

Before the abbot could comment, Harry spoke his concerns, "I suppose that you are unable or unwilling to allow us access to the lance?"

The abbott was surprised by the comment from the young man in front of him. "No, no, my young man, I think you have misunderstood my reaction. You come here, and you have in your possession of the Pendragon Token. Ascalon is yours to use as you see fit."

Harry turned to his fiancé and raised an eyebrow. Daphne smiled back and squeezed his hand. Then she turned to the abbot, "Well that is some of the best news we have heard in quite some time."

Harry agreed, "That's just brilliant. So, can I have the lance?"

The abbot frowned in response. "You can have the lance. Once you find it."

Harry's countenance feel. He was not expecting any sort of scavenger hunt. "The lance, Ascalon, it is not here? I thought that this church which houses the tomb of Saint George, that this is where his lance would be kept."

The abbot smiled brightly at this comment. "And you would be correct. Well, you would have been correct if you had come here over fifty years ago. Ascalon had been kept here for quite some time. However, the lance was loaned out, or perhaps a better way to describe what happened, is that it was placed into other hands to protect it and keep it safe. As unrest grew in this part of the world, there were those who felt that it would be best to keep Ascalon safe."

Harry felt his hope drain out of him and he feared he would never be able to find the lance. Daphne was anxious over the sudden change in their circumstances and then spoke to the abbot. "Just exactly where was the lance, Ascalon, taken when it left here? Or don't you know that information."

The abbot forced a smile as he replied. "I know where the lance was supposed to have been taken, but that does not mean that it is still there."

Harry's hopes began to rise again. "And where is it that the lance was taken to when it left this church."

"To the cathedral dedicated to Saint George," answered the abbot.

Daphne sighed in frustration. "Which cathedral? There are literally hundreds of cathedrals around the world that are dedicated to Saint George."

The abbot chuckled softly at her question. "Perth, of course. Saint George's Anglican Cathedral in Perth was completed in 1888. It was before they began the major renovations to the cathedral in the 1960s when the guardians of the lance came and brought it away from here, to be kept safely as far away from the area of Palestine and the Middle East as possible."

"Another journey," said Harry with a sigh.

Daphne leaned over and embraced him with a hug. "Travelling back to Australia should not be a particularly big deal. At least we're not chasing after a griffon this time. And besides, Perth should be a little more comfortable than going through the outback and into the northern mountains. It might be fun!"

Harry merely rolled his eyes at her suggestion of one of his adventures being fun.

Harry and Daphne were able to arrange for a series of international floo connections to get them to Perth. However, they had several layovers in various cities due to the heightened security that had been put in place, even across the magical world, after the events of September 2001 in the muggle world. Many of the international floo connections were situated in either muggle airports or train stations.

While they were awaiting their turn to use the international floo connection that would take them from Hong Kong to Perth, Harry noticed that there was a copy of the Los Angeles Times, a muggle newspaper lying on the small table near where he was sitting. Out of curiosity, he decided to pick it up and read what was making news in the muggle United States. He quickly skimmed over various articles about airport security and concerns over terrorism being sponsored by various Middle Eastern countries. He read really didn't have an understanding about what the Americans called football so he ignored the sports section.

Harry's attention was drawn to an article in another section of the newspaper that was entitled entertainment. Apparently there had been a big disturbance at the home of some muggle movie director who was working on finishing his upcoming new blockbuster. The story included quotes from various movie industry people who claimed they saw some crazed woman with blazing red hair threatening everyone at the Skywalker Ranch if they didn't tell her where he boyfriend was. Apparently the same woman had been seen at movie studios in the Hollywood area the day before. However, before the authorities could apprehend her at either location, she seemed to have just disappeared. Harry thought to himself that muggles seemed to have plenty of crazy people, maybe even more than there were in the magical world.

Shortly after finishing reading through the paper, Daphne caught his attention and indicated that it was time for them to leave for Australia.

They arrived at their destination in Perth, and proceeded to check into a suite at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. They had made arrangements for Hermione to meet with them while they were there, as they had decided to help her with her parents as she had hoped that Harry would be able to use the Elder Wand try and restore their memories.

Ronald Weasley was not appreciating the dressing down that he was receiving from his irate sister. He really did not want to hear about her run in with the muggle authorities outside of Los Angeles or San Francisco. However, having her wand pointed alternatively at his face or at his privates was enough to keep him focused on what she was saying.

"How could you be such an idiot?" she demanded. Without giving him any time to answer, she continued to scream at him. "The muggle police nearly caught me once. I went up to that place and no one there had ever heard of Harry freaking Potter! No one there had any idea about anything. There was something about industrial magical lights, but no magicians. So, do you have anything useful for me?"

Ron swallowed hard. "Well, there is one thing," he said timidly.

Ginny pressed the tip of her wand against her brother's neck. "This better be useful. And reliable."

"I just received an owl from Harry. Something about going to Australia, going to church, trying to help Hermione."

Ginny loosened up on her wand. Ron sighed slightly in relief.

"Are you sure about this information?" she asked.

"You can read the letter yourself, if you want," he said.

"Fine, I'll do that," she snapped. Ginny grabbed the letter from Harry and then read it quickly. Looking back at her brother she gave him a slight grin. "You actually might have redeemed yourself with this bit of information. I won't hex you. Yet."

With that final threat, Ginny turned and left the store. When he was sure he was alone, Ron muttered some curses under his breath.

The suite at the Hyatt Regency Hotel was something to behold thought Harry as he relaxed in his room. He had felt awkward at first about traveling with his fiancé, and sharing a room no less, but he was relieved when he was able to procure a room with separate bed rooms. He knew he wanted to wait until he actually was able to marry Daphne, and as they had spoken openly about their relationship they both agreed to delay any further physical intimacy until after their wedding. So the suite was both comfortable and in an odd way, practical.

Harry knew that Hermione would be arriving soon from Alexandria, Egypt, and they planned to search for her parents together. In the mean time, Harry and Daphne decided they would spend the afternoon leisurely exploring the city. They quickly discovered that the cathedral was only about 1.2 kilometres from their hotel and they enjoyed relaxing in Langley Park wand walking along the Swan River. After spending a leisurely afternoon in the park, Harry decided to head back up to the room, but Daphne wanted to take a look around the area and do some window shopping.

Harry gave her a quick kiss on the cheek as he headed back into the hotel. He was looking forward to relaxing in their room and just enjoying the view. Harry stopped by the front desk and the desk clerk commented to Harry that his lady friend had already headed up to the room and gave Harry a wink. Harry thought that it was odd as they were not expecting Hermione to show up until later that evening. Harry stepped onto the elevator as he smiled thinking that Hermione must have been able to arrange quicker travel from Egypt.

As Harry entered the suite, he called out, "Hey there, I'm back!" as he expected to have his oldest and best friend greet him.

There was no response at first, which Harry thought was odd. As he walked further into the suite, he heard some noise from one of the bedrooms. The door opened and he was shocked to see Ginny Weasley stepping out, wrapped only in a bed sheet. Upon seeing Harry, she dropped the sheet as she gleefully stated, "Oh, my, Harry, you startled me!" Then she looked down at the sheet on the floor and then back up at Harry as she added, "Oops!"

Harry was shocked and angered at the same time.

"Bloody hell, Weasley!" he screamed at her. "Just what do you think you're doing here?"

"I think it's quite obvious what I'm doing here," she said with a smirk. "I'm claiming you for my own again, and that slimy Slytherin slut of a want to be girlfriend can get lost. I told you that I wasn't going to give up on you. I've decided to forgive you for your foolishness and allow you back into my life again."

Harry couldn't believe the gall of the woman in front of him. He shook his head slightly as he replied, "You are pathetic. You have no right to even be here, and you really should put your clothes back on and leave. And I expect you to do it right now," he added emphatically.

"Oh, what's the matter," she asked mockingly, "is little Harry worried that the scaly bitch might walk in and fins us together. Then she'll see you for what you are, and her heart will be broken and she'll run away and cry." Ginny started strutting slowly towards Harry. "But I'll be here to comfort you when she leaves and breaks your heart."

Harry could hardly believe what was happening to him. His mind was racing as he wondered just how he would ever explain this to Daphne. Just as he was wondering how to respond to the delusional woman in front of him, he heard the sound of a door slamming behind him. He turned and saw an obviously irate Daphne had walked into the suite. Harry's mouth just hung open as he tried to come up with words to explain the situation she had walked in upon.

Daphne glared at the red-headed women standing naked in the middle of the room. "The scaly bitch, as you put it, has no plans on running away and crying. You are one delusional witch and you really need to get a grip on reality."

Harry wasn't sure what to expect from Daphne, but this was not at all how he thought she would react. He turned back to face Ginny and he noted that her face was turning as red as her hair.

Ginny merely hissed at Daphne as she reached behind her and silently summoned her wand to her hand. Harry felt as though the scene in front of him was happening in slow motion. Ginny grabbed her wand and pointed it directly at Daphne as she silently cast a hex.

Harry had extended his arm and released the Elder Wand from its holster on his wrist into his hand as he cast a protego shield in front of Daphne. His fear for her safety caused him to place as much power into the shield as he could muster. The blue light from Ginny's wand crashed into the shield that Harry had created around Daphne who was still in the motion of calling forth her wand into her hand.

The blue light from Ginny's reducto spell rebounded off the shield directly back at her. Ginny was stunned to see her spell bounce off a shield as she could see that Daphne did not have time to draw her wand in defence. As the spell hit Ginny square in her chest she was launched backwards across the room and into the wall behind her. The impact of her body against the wall made a large hole in the wall as she collapsed with debris falling around her.

Daphne screamed in shock at the scene in front of her. Harry ran over to hold Daphne, hoping that she was unharmed. Daphne grabbed Harry in a tight hug and buried her head in his shoulder. Sobbing into him she asked, "Harry, is she? Is she going to be all right?"

Harry hugged Daphne tightly for a moment and then released her and turned to look back at Ginny and the wall. The sight in front of him caused his knees to give out from under neath him. As he fell forward onto his knees, he heard the sound of a familiar voice behind him.

Hermione had arrived just after the spells were cast. She had heard the screams and the sounds of the spell hitting something and a loud crash like a wall being blasted apart. "Merlin's beard!" she exclaimed. "What did you do Harry?"

A/N: To answer several questions that have arisen from readers:

1: Why use Palestine, not Israel? This is a fictional piece of work based on a world where magic is real. Israel is a modern country that was established in 1947, by decree of the United Nations. In the world of magic, this would not necessarily be recognized, so I used the term Palestine. I did not mean to offend any one by this.

2: Why use Lydda, instead of the current name of the city in Israel which is Lod? This one is more simple. Because, St. George (of St. George and the Dragon fame) is known as St. George of Lydda (the name of the city when he was born). The church dedicated to St. George that was built by Constantine and houses his relics/tomb was built in Lydda, long before it became known as Lod.

3: But why not use the current name of the city, Lod? For the same reason that as an Orthodox Christian I refer to my Patriarch as Bartholomew, the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople. He is NOT the Patriarch of Istanbul - Istanbul is a name given to a city after it was overrun by Muslims. It was known for over 1000 years by Christians as Constantinople, and we will continue to refer to it as Constantinople because of our Orthodox Christian heritage.

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