Moving On

23 Wizengamot, Lords and Life Debts

Harry was pacing in the halls of the Ministry of Magic, he was on the second level, outside of the Wizengamot, which was just beginning their spring session. Lord Greengrass was prepared to start the session by immediately requesting that any lords who had recently taken up their titles should be allowed to take their own seats. Amos Diggory who had been elected the Chief Warlock only a few months previous was bringing the meeting to order.

"Now, my lords and ladies, we have much business to attend to, so please, let's get settled down so we can get on with the important work before us," he called out over the hubbub of the gathered witches and wizards. Lord Greengrass stood up as everyone began to take their seats.

"A point of order," called out the tall man.

Amos Diggory shuddered as he looked down at the man who was interrupting the beginning of the session. "The Wizengamot recognises Lord Greengrass," responded the chief warlock with a sigh and a bang of his gavel. "What do you have to call our attention to today?"

Jonathan Greengrass could tell that Diggory was not happy that the start of the session was being delayed, but he didn't care. He had an important job to do and he was eager to do it. "Lords and ladies, members of this esteemed body, my Chief Warlock and our Minister for Magic, I merely wish to point out that we need to take the time to acknowledge if there is anyone who has taken up the headship of their respective house. We need to welcome any potential new members to this Wizengamot before we begin the actual business of the session."

Diggory retorted, clearly exasperated by this interruption. "Yes, we know that the procedure calls for the recognising of any new Lord or Lady who is a member of the Wizengamot, but we don't have time for this formality."

Lord Greengrass did not deter. "Then you would deny a lord their rightful place in this august body? I am surprised, Amos, that we seem to have learned so little from the problems that were allowed to fester over the past twenty years. Do we not wish to do what is right, not simply what is easy?"

Amos Diggory was not known to be a particularly patient man, unless it was extolling on the virtues of his late son, Cedric. He was obviously annoyed as he responded to the tall man who seemed determined to delay the proceedings. "Very well," he said with disgust, "if there be any lords or ladies who seek to claim their seats amongst the Wizengamot, let them present themselves now before this body." He slammed his gavel.

The Chief Warlock was about to speak up, stating they were going to get the meeting started in earnest, when the doors to the chambers opened up and in strode a young man in dark robes with green and silver trim. His long black hair was pulled back into a pony tail. His green eyes glowed from behind his glasses. There was a collective gasp as Harry Potter stepped up to the podium where the Chief Warlock was standing.

"Chief Warlock Diggory," started Harry with a polite nod of his head, "I would like to claim my seats on the Wizengamot as Lord of House Potter and Lord of House Black."

Diggory was initially dumbstruck. After merely gaping at the young man in front of him, he looked towards Jonathan Greengrass and cast a vicious glare at him and then he quickly composed himself as he addressed the new Lord. "Lord Potter-Black, you may take your seat after we have received the paper work…" His words were cut off as he received a stack of documents from a ministry house elf that were clearly the certification papers of Harry James Potter and his rightful ascension to the position as the head and lord over both ancient houses. Amos coughed once as he quickly flipped through the documents and then he tried to force a smile as he looked at the young lord again. "Very well, I see that everything is in order. You may choose to take either the seat for House Potter or House Black." He cleared his throat once more, and then he continued, "Now, please welcome Lord Potter-Black to the Wizengamot, and let us please begin our work today without any further interruptions. Apparently the first item of business is once again the issue of cauldron imports and the lack of standards…"

The meeting droned on, and Harry quickly learned that being a lord was not always a time of excitement and a clash of ideals. Sometimes it was merely a clash of wills over how thick does a cauldron bottom need to be, and what the penalties would be if someone imported items that were too thin or too thick. When the meeting was finally over, Jonathan Greengrass met with Harry before they left the large room. Several of the other lords came up and wished Harry well as they welcomed him to the Wizengamot. A few lords whose families clearly had supported the blood purist movement just eyed Harry carefully as they silently made their way past him and Lord Greengrass. Even Neville stopped to give Harry a brief hug as he left to get lunch.

"Harry, why didn't you let me know you were going to start coming?" asked his friend.

Harry gave a slight grin as he apologised, "I'm sorry mate, but I have been so busy with so many other plans, business and otherwise that I just," Harry paused in his excuse for a moment, "…oh bugger, I just never thought about it. Please, don't take offence my good friend."

Neville grinned, "No worries, Harry, we've been friends for too long and been through too much together for me to get upset with you. So, you really did it, you got them a dragon." Neville's excitement for Harry was more than obvious.

"Not here, not now, Neville," admonished Harry in a friendly tone, "we really should have you and Hannah over and I will tell you all about it."

Neville was excited to receive the informal invitation. "You can count on us being there whenever it works for you and Daphne," replied Neville as he shook Harry's hand. "I'll eave you be, as it looks like there are a number of reporters looking to speak with the newest member of the Wizengamot as soon as you step outside."

Harry noticed the crowd outside of the door to the hallway, and he groaned slightly. "You know how much I hate the press," he added softly.

Jonathan Greengrass clasped him on the shoulder, "I'll guide you through this and I will also help keep the meeting with those reporters brief. But before we head out into shark infested waters, let me offer you the name of my solicitor, as I am aware from Daphne that you still have a number of issues which you will be needing to settle shortly. While I am not fully aware of the nature of all of those concerns, I am sure that a little sound legal advise may be more than beneficial for you."

Harry nodded, "Thank you, Jonathan."

"My pleasure, son," said the Lord Greengrass. "I think it would be best if we presented a united front as business partners to the swarm that awaits you, it may help keep them away from your private life."

Harry smiled back, "Again, that will be most appreciated." The two men then followed Neville Longbottom out the door into the hallway and the awaiting crowd of reporters.

The next morning as Harry was eating his breakfast, the latest issue of the Daily Prophet arrived. Harry immediately noted the headline, which did not surprise him:

Lord Potter-Black Takes His Seat on the Wizengamot

Harry began reading the story that outlined Harry's taking his seats on the Wizengamot as Lord Potter and Lord Black. The article continued to elaborate on Harry's taking over the two houses. There were of course various questions about just when did Harry Potter take the mantle of the lordships for both houses, and how did he become the Lord Black. The writer made clear note of the fact that Lord Greengrass had presented Harry to the Wizengamot and even alluded to their business dealings that were easily discovered.

As the article on the front page concluded, Harry noted the various and usual teaser lines:

For more information on the House of Potter, see page 4

For more information on the House of Black, see page 6

For more information on the business partnership between Lord Potter and Lord Greengrass, see Page 3

The next headline that Harry noted on the bottom half of the page was:

The Boy Who Lived : The Bachelor Who is Taken

Harry laughed as he read in the article various speculations on how long he and Daphne had known each other and how long had they been an item. Various quotes from unnamed classmates and acquaintances stated such interesting items as "They've been secretly dating since fourth year. Everyone was talking about it in hushed tones, as they were in rival houses." Another close friend reportedly claimed "It was Greengrass, the Ice Princess who drove Harry and Ginevra Weasley apart, she tried breaking up that happy couple even during their time at school." Harry was starting to lose his sense of humour about the whole thing when he came across the quote that accused Daphne of using love potions to get the attention of Harry, but then he found the next quote helped him calm down a little as the article then suggested that he must have used love potions on her to get her to notice him.

Harry was sure, however, that Daphne would not find the article amusing at all when she read it. Daphne had returned to her parents home for a few days while Harry was working on tying up some loose ends around the manor and with the goblins. Harry hoped that the damage at the Greengrass home would not be too large once his fiancé saw the articles. Harry tossed the newspaper aside as he prepared to return to Gringotts.

It was only a sort time later when he found himself sitting in Ragnok's office, awaiting the arrival of the chief administrator for the London branch of Gringott's Bank. He was not waiting long when his goblin friend arrived with a brief apology for keeping his favourite customer waiting.

"Business, it never seems to slow down my friend," explained the goblin with a slight sigh. "And now, we have to finish the preparations for finalising the settlement of your debts, or rather, the settlement of the debts that are owed to you."

Harry nodded in agreement with the brief assessment. "I have decided who I would like to handle the meetings with the various individuals in my stead," he announced.

Ragnok raised an inquisitive eyebrow. "You do not wish to be present as the debts are paid off, or at least dismissed? You continue to surprise my friend."

Harry laughed slightly at what he felt was praise from the goblin. "Well, I decided that I would rather not witness the reactions to the offered settlements, from anyone. I guess that it would be easier on both them and on me for this to be concluded without my being there."

Ragnok nodded slightly as he acknowledged his understanding of Harry's concerns. "Well, then, who do you want to represent you for these encounters?" he asked, as he silently tried to predict just who this extraordinary wizard would pick for this important task.

Harry tried to keep the smile from forming on his face as he answered, "I would like to ask Irontooth to oversee the resolution of these matters for me."

Ragnok was definitely surprised at Harry's choice. "This is an unusual request. I had thought that you would have found my son's disrespect to be a little more off putting."

Harry's smile broadened, "If one were to think like a wizard, then yes, but if one were to think like a goblin…"

Ragnok grinned back. "Then who better to carry out your negotiations than one who is not afraid to show disrespect to anyone. It will definitely keep some of them off balance during the planned negotiations or meetings."

Harry then quickly added, "However, the acceptable restitution for any of the involved parties is non negotiable, particularly as I will not be in attendance for any of these meetings."

"All will be carried out, just as you have requested," agreed Ragnok. "I will bring in Irontooth and make sure he fully understands his role in all of what is to begin with the meetings tomorrow. And we will have your solicitor present as well, just as you have requested. Daniel MacKenzie, Esquire, has agreed to be present to represent your interests as you said that those people who have been invited for these meetings may be a little too unsettled to be in the presence of just goblins for the duration of the negotiations."

Ragnok thought to himself that the humans should be even more wary once they considered the fact that the only other human who would be present at the planned meetings was in fact, a lawyer.

Ronald Bilius Weasley. That was the name that was listed on the fancy envelope that had been delivered to the Burrow earlier the previous day. Ron had been surprised to receive any sort of fancy letter or invitation, and he was also surprised when he discovered that the fancy envelope held a simple invitation, or more realistically, a command for attendance at an important meeting at the London Branch of Gringotts. When his mother had seen the envelope, she was insisting that she accompany him to the meeting as there was no further information in the invitation that would explain just what he was being invited to attend. Ron truly did not want to be accompanied by anyone to the meeting, so he had made a quick floo call to his brother, Bill, who worked for the bank. Bill's initial response was a brief period of silence, and then he quickly added that Ron needed to attend and he needed to do so alone, just as the invitation had declared.

Molly Weasley was still upset, despite the reassurances from Bill that this was routine Gringotts' procedure for various types of encounters. Bill had then abruptly ended the floo call with Ron, who was left to his imagination about what the meeting could be about. He had dreams of it being about a long lost relative who had died and left the entire estate to just him, but soon Ron realised that he was truly not about to become suddenly rich. So he sat, alone, in the small conference room at Gringotts, awaiting for someone, anyone to arrive. Ron had actually heeded the advice of his brother and he had gone against his usual nature and he had arrived over twenty minutes early for the meeting.

Precisely at nine o'clock, the door tot he conference room opened and a tall man in a pinstripe muggle style business suit walked in with a large brief case. He was followed immediately by a goblin who appeared to Ron to have an expression that seemed more devious than any of those creatures than he had encountered in the past. Ron swallowed hard as he still was unsure what was about to happen. The man sat down across from Ron, and opened the brief case, and then placed a pad of parchment to his right and a large folder to his left. The man then picked up a quill and seemed poised to begin writing on the parchment, but he continued to sit sill, never taking his eyes off of either the parchment or the folder.

The goblin stood at the head of the table, and then he began to speak after briefly clearing his throat. "Mr. Weasley, you are here today for debt reconciliation."

Ron was surprised by this pronouncement. "Debt reconciliation? But I never took any loans from anyone!" he protested.

Irontooth narrowed his eyes on the red head. The glare immediately silenced him. "There are debts that are not monetary in nature," he hissed. After taking in a deep breath, Irontooth continued. "There is the matter of the life debt which you owe to Harry James Potter, also known as Lord Potter-Black."

Again, Ron's jaw dropped. "Bloody hell! Since when do I owe that murderous wanker a life debt?"

The solicitor looked up from the folder in front of him, peering over the top rim of his eyeglasses. He took the top parchment from the stack of papers and slid it over to the young man who was clearly not pleased with the direction of this meeting. "This form outlines the specifics, including the details of the second task of the Tri-Wizard Tournament in 1995. You were rescued from the bottom of the Black Lake by Lord Potter."

Ro was stunned, and then he argued, "But Dumbledore assured us after it was all over that we were never at ay real risk! We were told that we were all safe!"

Irontooth let out a slight noise that Ron was not sure if it was a growl or a chuckle, but Ron was sure he didn't want to find out what it really was. The goblin then explained, "At the time of the event, both you and Lord Potter were operating under the assumption that the rules as stated were in fact, true. Those rules stated that he had one hour to save what was taken from him. The Lord Potter participated in the task under the clear impression that people's lives were at risk, including his own."

"And he did have to fight both grindylows and merpeople to not only save you but to save Gabrielle Delacour as well," added the solicitor.

Irontooth then continued, "Which is why both your magic and Lord Potter's magic accepted that he put his life in danger to save yours. It is your own magic that has accepted the life debt."

Ron sank into his chair and let out a large sigh. He felt completely defeated, his former best mate, his friend who set standards in skill and bravery that Ron knew deep down inside that he could never keep up with, the very same person whom he blamed for the death of his only sister. He owed a life debt to Harry Potter. Ron's hands grasped his forehead as he wondered how could his life get any worse. After a couple of minutes sitting in silence, he finally looked up at the goblin and then at the solicitor.

"Fine," muttered Ron. "Whatever, but what does this mean? How do I pay Lord Potter back?" Ron glared at the two others in the room with him. "I suppose that is why you are here? Lord Potter is about to exact his pound of flesh, I suppose."

Daniel Mackenzie raised an eyebrow at the comment made by the young Weasley. Irontooth seemed taken aback and then he commented, "I am surprised that one such as yourself would know anything about the writings of the Bard, as most magicals never took time to read any of his works."

Ron thought about the comment from the goblin, and then he replied, "I don't know any bard, but that was a phrase I learned from my former girlfriend, whom Lord Potter must have turned against me somehow a couple of years ago."

Irontooth enjoyed watching the squirming of the red headed wizard in front of him. "It appears that you are lucky that the Lord Potter did not choose to make the payment match any writings of William Shakespeare. He has, however, outlined some very specific conditions under which he would happily release you from any debts to his person."

Ron wondered what his former friend would actually demand of him. Then the man across from him slid him a thin folder. Ron cautiously looked at the cover which bore an imprint of the following: Daniel Mackenzie, Esquire, Solicitor, Legal Services. Then Ron opened the folder to find several pieces of parchment.

The first parchment was a letter, addressed to Ron, and written by Harry.


It seems like so long ago that we met on our first trip to Hogwarts at Kings Cross Station. You were the first real friend that I ever had. I will always remember that. However, it may be sad, but it is true, that we all change as we grow older, and we both have changed. We have grown beyond the friendship we had all of those years ago.

I am sure that you feel that somehow, either life, or the universe, or for some perverse reason, I owe you something. Ron, you need to grow up and realise that life is what you make of it, the universe is not at your beck and call, and that I really do not owe you anything. If you feel that your life has been so unfair, I am sorry to hear that, but I will not give that complaint a second thought.

I have chosen to move on with my life. To move on past Hogwarts, to move on past the war, and if necessary, to move on past magical England if that is what will be best for me. However, I need to tie up all of the loose ends of my life. One of those loose ends is a life debt which I only just discovered existed. I do not want to hold anything over you. My solicitor, Mr. Mackenzie, has been kind enough to attend this meeting at Gringotts and he will review with you all that needs to be done to release you from this life debt to me.

I hope you take this opportunity and do the most with your life.


Ron read the letter silently and then he turned to the next parchment which seemed to be a simple contract. It merely stated that Harry James Potter would release Ronald Bilious Weasley from any and all existing life debts if Ron would keep several agreements. The parchment then listed one line. Ronald Bilious Weasley will abstain from alcohol and remain sober at all times.

Ron dropped the paper. He looked at the solicitor, "What the bloody hell is this?"

"It is a simple magical contract," stated Mackenzie with an even tone. "You may want to look at the next form in the folder."

Ron just glared at the solicitor and then he turned his gaze back to the folder and picked up the next parchment. As he started to peruse its words, Irontooth took the opportunity to explain this last part. "You will find, Mr. Weasley, that this next part offers additional incentive to you to accept the most generous offer from Lord Potter."

Ron then read the rest of the offer from his former best mate. This again was written as a legal contract. It began with the stipulation that Ron needed to maintain sobriety for a period of six months before this agreement would even be enacted. Upon completion of six months of sobriety, then Ron would be given an opportunity in which he could utilise the skills he has sown in the past, specifically his strategic skills honed from playing chess and studying quidditch. Harry would arrange for Ron to obtain the position of an assistant coach on a low tier quidditch team. That position would be guaranteed for one year. What Ron did with this opportunity, and what he made of himself after the opportunity would all be Ron's doing. Then Ron reached the last paragraph of the agreement. There would be no further contact from Ron Weasley. Ron would not be permitted to send him mail, contact him through the floo. He would not be allowed to do this for any reason. Not to thank Harry, not to apologise to Harry. The final sentence of the document struck Ron's core.

Ronald, you need to move on with your life, I am moving on with mine, take care of yourself.

Ron finished reading the document and he looked up at the solicitor. "If I agree to all of this, I would like to be able to speak to Harry once more. Just one more time." His eyes were watering and his expression was pleading.

Irontooth spoke up, "The Lord Potter made his concerns very clear in the agreement before you. You risk jeopardising this chance you have before you."

Mackenzie could sense there was some sincerity in Ron's request. "These are magically binding documents, created by the goblin nation. I cannot guarantee that Lord Potter will contact you, but I can let him know of your request."

Ron closed his eyes as he considered his options while holding onto the several sheets in front of him. He was being given a chance to do something with his life, but it would mean that he would have no further contact with his best mate. Something inside of himself urged him to take action. After a few minutes in silent contemplation, he looked up again.

"Fine, where do I sign?"

At eleven that same morning, a large man was sitting in the same conference room at Gringotts. He was there with his two daughters, who were both strikingly beautiful blonde women. The fact that they were both quarter veela had something to do with their beauty. The older sister was now 24 years old and she was currently expecting her second child with her husband, who despite being an employee of the bank, was not allowed to be in attendance for the meeting that was about to begin. Fleur Delacour Weasley held her sister's hand tightly. Gabrielle Delacour was now 16 and was perhaps even more strikingly beautiful than her older sister.

Gabrielle and Fleur were both very anxious. Gabrielle went to say something to her father, to ask what was taking so long, but he gently quieted her. "The goblins will be here shortly. I am not sure if Lord Potter-Black will be present or not. But just relax, we know that Harry is a good man. I am sure things will be all right. We just have to be patient a little longer, mon cherie."

"But Papa," asked Gabrielle with a pleading tone, "then why are we here today?"

Fleur tried to answer for her father. "Harry has arranged for several meetings here today. I presume it must have something to do with the tournament." She lifted her hand from her sister and placed her arm around her to draw her into a comforting hug. Just as she was doing this, in walked a tall bespectacled man and a short but intimidating looking goblin. Fleur considered that most goblins appeared intimidating, but then she realised that this particular goblin seemed to take their innate intimidation to a new level.

The man sat down placing a large folder in front of himself, and then he quickly opened it up to reveal two smaller folders. Sebastien Delacour quickly noted that each of the folders had a name emblazoned on the top with the seal of the solicitor towards the bottom. He took a deep breath to try and calm his nerves as this meeting was truly about to begin.

Daniel Mackenzie, the solicitor, spoke first. "Monsieur Delacour, Mrs. Weasley, and Mademoiselle Delacour, thank you for travelling here today, particularly two you Monsieur and you Mademoiselle for coming here all of the way from France. We do have important business which we need to conclude here today, so we best get on with it then."

"We best," agreed Sebastien tersely, unsure of just where this meeting was destined to go.

Irontooth then spoke up. "We are here today to settle matters of Lord Harry James Potter with respect to both Fleur Delacour Weasley and Gabrielle Delacour."

Sebastien Delacour was not particularly pleased as he was still not sure where this meeting was heading. "Just what matters are these?" demanded Monsieur Delacour.

Irontooth spoke up at this potential outburst, "There is a simple matter of life debts, owed to Lord Potter, by each of your daughters. The purpose of this meeting, which is being conducted at Lord Potter's request, is to put these matters behind him and your daughters in a manner that as he stated, 'would be most beneficial to all involved parties,' yes, I think those were his precise words."

The goblin's toothy smiled unnerved all of the Delacours, and was even a bit unsettling for Mr. Mackenzie, who then broke the awkward silence as he agreed with Irontooth, "I do believe that you are correct, those were his words."

There was a collective moan from the other three. "And just how does Lord Potter expect to resolve these matters? My daughter Fleur is already married. I have read in the papers here that Lord Potter is involved with some lady, so I would find it highly unsatisfactory if he dared to presume that he could…"

Irontooth cut off the building tirade of Monsieur Delacour. "I think that we would all benefit from just listening to the proposal from the Lord Potter before anyone jumps to any hasty conclusions."

Everyone nodded in agreement with this, but Sebastien was still visibly agitated. Daniel then withdrew the top form from each of the folders in front of him. He then began to read. "These documents summarise the nature of the life debts owed to Lord Potter. That being the life debt of one Gabrielle Delacour that occurred on the event of the second task of the Tri-Wizard Tournament in 1995, when his lordship did rescue Mademoiselle from the Black Lake after her sister, Madam Weasley, was incapacitated. Then there is the life debt of one Fleur Delacour Weasley, having occurred during the event of the third task of the Tri-Wizard Tournament in 1995, with the rescuing of her from the attack by one Viktor Krum."

Fleur protested, "But the headmaster, Monsieur Dumbledore, he assured us after the task was over that Gabrielle was never truly in danger. He also assured us that we were never truly in danger within the maze!"

Irontooth addressed the concerns. "The life debt was established for Gabrielle because at the time, both she and Lord Potter were under the distinct impression that her life truly was in jeopardy. The veela nature, which you and your sister both share, did place the two of you at greater risk of harm under the water. The magical core for both Lord Potter and Mademoiselle Gabrielle acknowledged that risk and thus the life debt was established. In your case, Madam Weasley, the risks posed to you by the actions of Viktor Krum, who at the time was suffering from the imperious curse which had been cast by a Death Eater, did truly create a threatening situation to such a degree, particularly in light of the details that were soon revealed after this, that said Death Eater, had arranged for Lord Potter to be murdered by Tom Marvalo Riddle during the ritual which ultimately lead to the death of one Cedric Diggory. Therefore, the magical core for both the Lord Potter and yourself acknowledged that risk of harm and the life debt was created. Does that sufficiently explain the creation of the life debts?"

Sebastien Delacour sat down heavily in the chair behind his daughters. "Yes," he said tiredly, "yes it does answer my questions."

At this time, Irontooth noted that Gabrielle was in tears, and that Fleur was simply holding her hand over her mouth. Irontooth then looked at Daniel Mackenzie who then removed the next parchments from each of the folders.

He began to read:

"My dearest Gabrielle, it was through no action of yours that you found yourself in the situation at the bottom of the Black Lake. All of us were manipulated into thinking that there was truly a risk to everyone's lives, and we all responded accordingly, acting to the best of our abilities. I am sure that Fleur would have much preferred that you were not involved in that tournament in any way. Also, I am well aware that you are still not considered of age in Magical England, so it is to your father that I direct my next statement. Monsieur Delacour, I have only one request of you, and that is that House Delacour would become and would remain a friend to House Potter. Upon swearing such an oath, nothing more, nothing less, without any further obligations, I can and will release the life debt of Gabrielle Delacour."

Upon finishing reading this letter, Gabrielle gasped and hugged her father who pulled her tightly into his body in a warm embrace. Then, brushing a small tear from his eye, he looked at the solicitor as he replied, "That is such a small thing to ask to erase such a large debt. Of course, it will be done. I will do it now, if I could."

"In just a moment," accepted Daniel, "but I need to read the next letter before we can complete the required oath." He then turned and faced Fleur.

"My dearest Fleur, it seems like such a long time ago that we met in that side room, and you commented that I was such a little boy. I think I have grown a little since then, and I am thankful that we have been able to become friends. In fact, it is I who owe you and your husband William for taking me in during my time fleeing from the Death Eaters leading up to the final confrontation with Riddle at the Battle of Hogwarts. You and Bill and the rest of the Weasley family took me in during very difficult times. You all became the family I never had. This love that you and your family have shown me over the years is more than I could ever ask for. Therefore, I release you from any obligations of the life debt as I consider it paid in full and then some with what you have already done for me."

Fleur began to weep with joy as she realised that not only had Harry released her sister from any repercussions of the life debt, but he had also released her. She began to speak, asking the solicitor how she could thank Harry.

Daniel gently quieted her as he then began to read the final letter. "All I have to ask of either of you, Gabrielle and Fleur, is that you both move on beyond this, live your lives the way you see fit, for I am moving on with my life. I am not expecting any reply, any formal thank you or acknowledgement of what has been discussed today. I have no intention of discussing this with anyone to any extent after today."

With finishing that statement, Mackenzie put the papers back into the respective folders, and then he handed one to Monsieur Delacour and then one to Fleur. "Irontooth will lead you in completing that oath, now," he added.

As soon as the oath was finished, Daniel Mackenzie collected his things and stood and bowed to the three guests. Then he turned and left the room, quickly followed by Irontooth. Upon meeting up in the hall, Irontooth spoke to the solicitor. "Well, there certainly was not as much drama in this past meeting as we had in the first," he said with a sneer.

Mackenzie laughed slightly at this comment. "I think that our next meeting will grant you plenty of drama when we meet with the representatives from the ministry."

Irontooth's eyes twinkled, which disturbed the solicitor. "I am sure it will be so much more entertaining," said the goblin with anticipation.

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