Moving On

Chapter 25 weddings and titles

Harry stood out in the garden behind Potter Manor and looked across the grounds. Daphne had been watching him, sensing his pensive mood. She quietly joined him and slipped her hand into his as she tried to follow where his eyes were focused.

"Hey love," she said softly, "what are you thinking?"

Harry did not take his eyes off of the pond as they watched the sun light reflect off of the gentle waves. "Sitting down in a muggle bar over a year and a half ago, I never would have imagined I would end up here, feeling free for the first time ever." He turned and looked at Daphne, "And I never would have guessed that I would end up with you by my side." His smile matched the sparkle in his emerald eyes.

Daphne leaned her head on his shoulder as she gazed out onto the pond. "The best stupid thing I ever did was decide to find out who was hiding behind those wards you put up for privacy that night." She smiled as she remembered how they ended up together at her apartment, and how their relationship grew. Then she asked him another question. "So, why are you standing here staring at the water? You could be reminiscing anywhere around the manor or the property."

"I think I was drawn to the sparkling reflections on the waves," he answered, his words echoing his pensive mood. "There is a magical quality about the sun and the waves. The bright sparks of light and the dark depths of the water. I guess it just reminds me of magic, how it changes around us, how we can change things with it. I know I'm no philosopher, or even a poet, but there is something more meaningful I feel as I just stand here and watch the scene before me. Maybe it's just the standing here and watching. For years I feel all I have been doing is reacting to everything that comes my way. Trying to survive or make the most of what I have. Trying to save the world, or at least save myself. Hunting horcruxes or magical creatures, or being hunted by a madman out to kill me. Fighting a war or settling debts. And now, it is all done."

He turned to face his girlfriend and held both of her hands in his. Slowly he walked backwards towards the pond, not stopping even when his feet started to splash in the shallow water. "What do I have to look forward to now? Draco and Stori's wedding. Our wedding. Thinking back to everything that we have done, that I have done, I feel the need for a fresh start, a clean start." As he finished saying that he pulled Daphne close and then fell backwards into the water, carrying her with him.

Daphne screamed in surprise. As the two came up out of the water, spraying water everywhere as they shook their heads, Daphne smiled and hugged Harry tight. "Never do that again," she warned teasingly.

"What does the church say? Be renewed through baptism, through the putting away the old man, and rising up a new man?" Harry continued to speak solemnly as he held Daphne tight. "I feel the need to be cleansed from the evil and the danger and everything I have been through over the past ten years or so." He looked Daphne in her eyes as he noticed them reflecting the sunlight that was dancing on the tops of the waves behind him. "We have that chance to make a fresh start, together, to move on past everything from school, from the war."

Daphne hugged him tighter. "Then let's get married as soon as we can, and move on with our lives, together."

Evening was approaching at Greengrass Manor. The young couple had wandered out on to the back porch while dinner was being prepared. Holding a glass of wine in his hand, Draco leaned against the railing as he stared out across the back gardens and the pond in the back yard. The sky was beginning to turn a slight pink and orange on the edges as the sun was starting to set.

Astoria stood behind Draco, taking in the beauty when she noticed a certain tenseness in her fiancé's demeanour. He seemed distant and cold as he stood there, his body language indicating he wanted to be left alone.

"Dray," she began tentatively, "is something wrong?"

Draco didn't turn to face her as he responded cooly, "No, I am fine."

His lack of emotion in his words betrayed his feelings that he tried to hide. Astoria came up from behind and gently placed a hand on his shoulder.

The Malfoy heir ignored her gesture, "Maybe you would be better off without me," he mumbled.

"How can you say that," demanded Astoria, "after all that we have been through, not to mention the consequences if we don't go through with this!"

"Yes, the consequences, those damned consequences," he muttered, still not looking at her. "You wouldn't be with me if it wasn't for those consequences, we would never have gotten together without that contract. And what do you get for that? The name Malfoy." Draco spat his disgust. "My father ruined that name forever with the way he carried on through both wars by supporting Voldemort and all the bribes he paid to various ministry officials. What ever fortunes my once proud family had are now gone; what ever prestige there used to be in being a Malfoy no longer exists." Draco turned to face her, and he continued in a gentle voice, "So, now my fair Astoria, you have to settle for being with an arrogant bully who got through school due to intimidation and threats. No one fears the name Malfoy anymore. No one respects the Noble House of Malfoy anymore." Draco turned his eyes to the ground, and then he continued, "All I really have to give you is the chance to hold onto your magic."

There was a long awkward pause, and then Draco finished, "You will have no money, no riches, no fame, just this poor excuse of an Auror trying to live down the reputation of his family that his father made. You deserve so much better than this."

His tone was soft and tender even if his words sounded severe. And with those words he turned away from her again.

Astoria walked up beside him and pulled his chin to face her. She caught his attention with her eyes, and then she slapped him across his face. Draco was stunned, and reached up and felt where the skin on his jaw stung from her assault.

Before he could respond, Astoria laid into him with a verbal attack. "How dare you!" she exclaimed. "How dare you belittle yourself that way! How dare you belittle me with those words. We both know the consequences of not proceeding and fulfilling the contract. We knew that going into this. Over the past year we have grown to know each other better than we ever could have imagined. You're not the obnoxious ponce you were as a student anymore. And believe me, that is being kind in describing who you once were back in school! That Draco ceased to exist. He probably died the day Harry rescued him from the Room of Requirement as the Battle of Hogwarts was beginning. The Draco standing in front of me is the Draco who I fell in love with. You're the Draco who travelled to America to save a friend who was once your bitterest rival. You're the Draco who travelled with that same friend and helped him defeat a chimera. You're the Draco who is willing to risk his own magic for the sake of the honour and protection of a young lady. You're the Draco I fell in love with and you're the Draco I will be marrying in two weeks. I didn't agree to this because of your money. I didn't agree to this because of your family's name. And I sure as hell didn't agree to this based on the charming demeanour of the Draco I knew when we were in school."

Draco tried to interrupt her, but she continued. "Do you know why I was willing to agree with this last year when you first came to my father?"

Draco shook his head, too stunned by her words to voice an intelligible response.

"You showed humility in coming to my father to discuss the contract. You didn't come out of arrogance. You didn't come demanding anything. Hell, you even met up with Harry that day, before you became friends, and you didn't try to hex him. You have grown into a wonderful and caring young man that any witch would be proud to be associated with. So what if all we have to live on is your Auror's salary? We'll make do. Because we will have each other. The Draco who took the Dark Mark as a student, he can rot in hell for all I care." She took his hands in hers and pulled him close. "But the Draco I fell in love with is the man standing right in front of me. The man who is so noble he is even trying to back out of a marriage contract, even if it might cost him his magic. That is the Draco who is standing before me."

She leaned into him, looking up into his eyes and then she kissed him gently on the cheek. "You are the Draco Malfoy who will soon be my husband, and I will be proud to be your wife."

Draco smiled at her as a single tear appeared and ran down his right cheek.

{Several days later}

Daphne answered the door as Hermione and Flynn arrived at Potter Manor. She greeted Hermione with a hug and a kiss as Flynn just smiled. He then took Daphne's hand and kissed it gently as he thanked her for inviting him to join them all for dinner.

Daphne smiled back as she responded, "It's our pleasure, Flynn. Harry's out back working on the grill for cooking dinner. You can join him out there or sit with Hermione and me in the lounge."

Flynn gave Hermione a nervous look, and she responded with a nod and a grin. "Go and join him," she said, "you might as well start getting to know my best friend."

"Okay," drawled Flynn, "although I am not sure just what we will be talking about."

Daphne rolled her eyes at this statement, "With all of your degrees and all of Harry's adventures I am sure that the two of you could find something to talk about. Unless, of course, you would rather stay here and listen to us talk about bridesmaid dresses and such."

Flynn blushed at this statement and immediately turned to leave. He took three steps away from the women and then he stopped, and turned back. "Um, excuse me, Daphne," he said trying to hide his embarrassment, "but where exactly do I go to find Harry outside at the grill?"

Daphne then quickly summoned one of the house elves who brought Flynn out back to where Harry was working.

As soon as Flynn had left, Hermione turned to Daphne, "Bridesmaid dresses?"

Daphne laughed. "It was a great way to get rid of him," she said conspiratorially, "but I did want to tell you something in private…"

Harry was working on grilling the dinner they would soon be eating when Flynn showed up.

"Hey Flynn," greeted Harry with a smile. "I am really glad that you and Hermione could make it tonight. I have been looking forward to the chance to get to know you better."

"Thanks Harry," replied Flynn. "I have heard so much about you from Hermione, I was almost afraid to meet you. What with the stories and everything that she had been telling me about you."

"A little too unbelievable, huh?" asked Harry.

"Well, no, not really," answered Flynn ignoring the mirth in Harry's question. "Well, with my having had to retrieve the Spear of Destiny, and with all of the extraordinary things we have in the Library, I am just curious to hear more details of your own personal adventures. I hear that you slew the basilisk that had petrified Hermione at one time, although I am sure that she must have exaggerated a little when she told me how big it was. After all, a basilisk that was at least 60 feet long, well, that would have to have been many centuries old, probably over a 1000 years old."

Flynn stopped laughing at his comments when he noted the serious look on Harry's face. The sternness in his visage caused Flynn to take a step back. After a moment of feeling the silent glare from Harry, Flynn finally spoke up.

"Well, Hermione did say that she never really saw the actual basilisk, well, until she saw the carcass in the chamber somewhere," he added meekly.

Harry's face turned to a puzzled look as he examined Flynn closely. "Are you trying to tell me that you actually doubted any of the stories that Hermione told you of her, or rather our experiences and adventures? You wouldn't be suggesting that she would be capable of exaggerating or fabricating the facts of a story to make it more amazing?"

Flynn just shook his head silently to indicate that he really did not mean to imply such things about Hermione.

"So, Flynn," continued Harry, "why don't you tell me a little about your adventures obtaining this Spear of Destiny. I'd love to hear about what you do."

Harry listened to Flynn recount the tale of how he had to travel the world to obtain the parts of the spear, of how he was aided by Nicole Noone as he travelled around the world and had to deal with the Serpent Brotherhood. Flynn seemed a little disappointed that Harry didn't seem to be awed by everything that he had gone through to retrieve the artefact. Harry picked up on the frustration that Flynn was feeling.

"So, it sounds like you had quite the adventure there," commented Harry.

"Well, it was more of an investigative research expedition meant to acquire a rare and valuable artefact," replied Flynn, hoping that his description would make what he did seem more important, or at least more dangerous.

Harry stopped himself from commenting that Flynn's adventure did not include seven years of an insane ultra powerful megalomaniac wizard trying to hunt him down and kill him, as he went on to say, "You know, to accomplish all of that and not have the ability to use magic, I guess in those terms it is pretty impressive. However, your big words will go a lot farther in impressing Hermione than they will most anyone else," Harry added with a smile.

Flynn shifted uneasily in front of Harry. "Well, about that," he stammered, "you seem to know Hermione better than anyone; and well, you see, she is really really smart and all that, but the problem is that I am, well how do you say it? I'm just mundane. I'm a muggle. I can't do what she does."

Harry raised an eyebrow as he deciphered what Flynn was getting at. "So, you're trying to as me if I think that Hermione would have a problem with you not being able to use magic? Will that be a deal breaker in your relationship with her?"

Flynn grinned back, "That's it, that's my concern exactly! I mean, on a purely intellectual level, I am sure that she is my equal, while she doesn't have the degrees that I have earned, but that doesn't really mean anything to me. I understand that most people don't get twenty-two academic degrees, but then most people can't turn a matchstick into a needle either, something she said she learned how to do her first year at the Porcine Verruca Academy."

"Nor can most people turn you into a newt," laughed Harry, "which I am sure Hermione could do to you. And you might eventually get better after a while if she did. But to answer your question, Flynn, let me just explain a few simple things to you about Hermione. One, she is very bright, in fact many consider her the brightest witch of our age. Two, she is very faithful, she will stick by those she cares about through thick and thin. Three, you should be well aware that she does not come from a magical background, she didn't really know about magic until she was eleven and was about to start at Hogwarts, the school we attended. So, she will not hold it against you at all that you're not magical. Four, and I mean this next bit as seriously as I can possibly be, she is very important to me and I have seen her hurt before. I don't want to see that happen to her ever again. And I will personally seek out anyone who hurts her, and I will track them down, and I will make them suffer humiliations galore when I catch up with them. And trust me on this, I will catch up with them."

Flynn grimaced, "You mean like a duel to the death sort of thing?"

Harry grinned slyly at this. "No, more of a duel to the pain, if you know what I mean."

Flynn gulped. "Yeah, I think I do. You don't happen to wear a black mask, do you?"

"No, I am not to partial to masks," answered Harry, "I never bought into the idea that they would become all the rage. And I've had my fill of people wearing masks. But, now I must pay attention to these potatoes and squash here on the grill with the steaks, before they burn."

"You're cooking potatoes and squash on the grill?" questioned Flynn.

Harry was surprised by Flynn's question. "What do you think I had wrapped up in the foil over there? It's really quite good, and it should be all ready shortly. And we best be heading inside, as the women are apparently discussing bridesmaid dresses, which means before long they will be discussing bridal dresses."

Flynn gulped as he started to panic at that thought.

"Relax," smiled Harry, "Daphne and I are already engaged, we just haven't announced a date yet, so that is probably all they are talking about right now. Give it some time and they will get around to you and Hermione. Trust me on that."

Harry sat patiently awaiting for Ragnok to finish his current task. Harry was amusing himself by reminiscing on how he had been teasing Flynn the other night at dinner, and he tried to keep his chuckles quiet so as not to disturb Ragnok. The director of Gringotts Bank in London was once again reviewing Harry's proposal. He looked at the proposal in front of him and then back up at Harry.

"Obviously, this will affect your overall assets and net worth," he said soberly.

Harry nodded in response.

"The loss of property and assets will probably not be a factor for you in the long run," added the goblin, "however it will ultimately lower your net worth. But I doubt that it would have any affect whatsoever on the prospects for Potter Family Enterprises. Your companies are all stronger now than they were two years ago. The partnership you created with Greengrass Imports has benefited both you and Lord Greengrass. So, to sum up the evaluation of your proposal, you can easily afford to go through with this plan, even if it would seem most fool hardy from a purely financial standpoint."

Harry smiled to himself. "Then we shall go ahead with carrying this out as I have explained in the cover letter. They will be receiving the appropriate documents to sign to indicate the acceptance of the deal."

Ragnok frowned at Harry's insistence to go ahead with the proposal.

Harry noted the reaction, and he tried to reassure his friend, "I will strongly urge him to continue to utilise the expert advise and the superb managerial resources I have found in working with you over the past few years. I do not expect that you will lose any business through this arrangement."

Ragnok sighed. "May your prediction be true and may your gold continue to flow," he added almost sullenly, resigning himself to accept Harry's proposal. Upon hearing Ragnok's consent to moving forward with the plan, Harry stood up and left the bank to attend to his other responsibilities prior to the upcoming wedding for Draco and Astoria.

The Daily Prophet would be publishing the story of the Malfoy-Greengrass wedding on the front page. There were scores of guests, and most of the elite members of magical society were in attendance for the event. Even Witch Weekly had reporters and photographers at the event. Draco was surprised as to how much attention was being paid to him and Astoria over their wedding. He had even discussed this with Harry the day before the wedding, as it was becoming clear that the media was building this up as the biggest event since the awarding of the Order of Merlin to Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

Harry and Daphne had both surmised that it was in part due to the notoriety of Draco's father, combined with the presence of Harry as Draco's best man. The wizarding world's newspapers and magazines were well known for making news out of almost anything that they chose to focus on, and a wedding was surely more appropriate than speculation on Harry's sanity as they had done all those years ago after the end of the Tri-Wizard Tournament.

While the wedding was a high draw for the wizarding public, the wedding reception, which was being held at Potter Manor, however, was a much more intimate affair. Once the invited guests for the reception had all arrived, and people were seated in the ballroom awaiting the serving of the meal, Harry stood up holding a glass of champagne in his hand.

He cleared his throat as he gathered the attention of everyone in the room.

"Now that I have your attention, it is time for me to propose a toast. This should not take long, for those of you who know me, know how much I hate the spotlight, despite how much my friend Draco tried to claim the opposite back when we were in school!"

Most of those present laughed at Harry's words. After the brief interruption, Harry continued. "I have the honour to present to you, our friends and families, Draco and Astoria. Draco, you have become like a brother to me over the past year. May our friendship inspire others in our world to look beyond first impressions and learn to get to know each other for who you are. Astoria, you have become like a sister to me, a caring and compassionate friend. May your life together be filled with the love for each other that you have shown to friends and family."

Harry raised his glass, and everyone in the room cheered and then lifted their glasses in recognition for his words to his friends.

After a few minutes the noises and cheers began to quiet down, and people noticed that Harry was still standing holding his glass. Slowly, everyone's attention was again drawn to the best man who was hosting the reception. As the room became quiet, Harry slowly placed his glass down next to his plate.

Draco and Astoria looked up at Harry, not sure what else he would have to say.

"Now, I am sure that most of you here would not know that I have, as of yet, not given a wedding gift to Draco and Astoria. I need to make a few things clear right now. I am doing this on my own free will, and this was purely my own idea." He looked at Draco and noted the blank look of confusion on his face. "Some of you may know that Draco and I are distantly related, through his mother's family."

Harry was drawing this out slowly, and he noted that almost everyone in the room had blank looks on their faces as well.

Harry paused briefly and addressed the guests. "In case there is anyone in this room who has not heard, I have received permission from Lord Greengrass to wed his eldest daughter, and the Lady Daphne Greengrass has graciously accepted to become my wife." There were gasps and sighs and oohs and awes form around the room. "But the point of this revelation is quite simply, that as Lord Potter and Lord Black, I do not desire to have two families so as to keep two pure blood family lines separate."

The gasps grew louder. Draco's eyebrows raised in realisation to what Harry might be implying. Astoria was covering her mouth with her hand. Daphne was smiling proudly at Harry. Hermione was shocked and wiping tears from her eyes.

Harry turned and faced Draco. "Draco, my friend, my cousin, my brother, today on your wedding day, I give as a gift to you and to your bride, the title of Lord and Lady Black, of the House of Black. And with this title I give you all of the rights and responsibilities and properties that go with the title of Lord Black."

Draco mouthed the words "What have you done?" to Harry.

Harry turned back to face the guests. "Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you, the Lord and Lady Draco and Astoria Black."

Once again the room was filled with cheering and clapping. Several of the witches present swooned from the excitement of this newest turn of events. Wizarding cameras took pictures of the event and the announcement.

Harry pulled Draco into a hug, and Draco whispered into Harry's ear, "This is too much, mate, way too much."

Astoria had jumped up and embraced Harry in a hug as well. "We'll talk about the details later," Harry replied to Draco, knowing that Astoria also had heard his comments to her new husband.

Soon the ballroom was all abuzz with conversation as everyone enjoyed the meal before the dancing would begin. Draco would occasionally look over at Harry and just shake his head in bewilderment. As the dancing had begun, and after Harry had danced with both Daphne and then Astoria, he turned around to find himself face to face with Narcissa Malfoy. Draco's mother stepped up to Harry and it was clear that she was determined to have this next dance with him. Harry swallowed hard and then smiled as he too her onto the dance floor.

"Lord Potter," she said as they spun to the waltz that was being played, "I really do not know how to ever begin to thank you for what you have done for me, for my son."

Harry began to protest her comments, and was quickly shushed by him as they continued to navigate the dace floor. "Do not misunderstand me, I always did love Lucius, despite his faults, but the actions of Draco's father ruined the Malfoy family and the Malfoy name. It ruined any real chance that Draco would have had in getting anywhere in our society. Hell, even within the Auror Department and the DMLE the son of a Death Eater would only be able to go so far no matter how good he was at his job. But now, he is a Black. I feel that you have renewed my life, that once again I am back in the fold of the family that I felt had been abandoned by the reckless and foolish actions of so many young people. Now the Black Family once again has a chance to return to its noble heritage, to its noble and honourable roots."

As the waltz wound down to its final notes, Narcissa curtsied in front of Harry as she quickly whispered, "Thank you, for everything you have done for me, for my family, for all of us." Then she stood up and quickly spun around and walked away.

Several songs later, Harry was noting that his feet were sore, so he made sure to quickly make his way back to the head table and he found that Draco had also chosen this time to recover from the dancing. Draco looked up at Harry.

"You really shouldn't have done that," said Draco flatly.

Harry grinned back, "Yes, I should have; and no, it can't be undone. The paperwork from Gringotts making it official will arrive tomorrow morning. The details of the properties and possessions will be made clear at that time as well. We can talk about that tomorrow, before you leave for your honeymoon, after you have recovered from tonight's activities."

Draco shook his head in disbelief.

Harry sat down across from his friend and he continued to explain his decision. "Look, you came over to the states last year to save me, you're marrying the woman who will soon be my sister-in-law, we're both part of the Black family anyway, and you're more directly related to the line than I am. I don't need the money or the houses, I have plenty as Lord Potter. I bloody hell don't need an extra title and all of the responsibilities that come with it. Think of becoming Lord Black as doing me a favour. You may have wanted it years ago to spite me and the Black family, now you can take the title and do something with it. Make the Black family into the proud lineage it once was."

Draco nodded as he listened to Harry's reasoning. "Besides," added Harry, "your mother is thrilled to be a Black again."

Draco looked around the room and saw his mother in conversation with his mother-in-law. The look on her face showed so much joy he was surprised. The years of fear and worry seemed to be gone now. She had been subdued ever since the end of the war, ever since the death of her husband in Azkaban. Draco knew she understood the role she played that night in the Forbidden Forest when she lied to Voldemort, but her life seemed to continue with little meaning after the war ended. Whether it was that her son had grown up and was now married, or that her family's title had been passed to her son, something had changed her demeanour. Draco turned back to Harry and inclined his head slightly as he whispered a simple "Thank you."

Harry grinned and then stood up and grabbed his fiancée and headed back out to the dance floor.

It was nearing midday when Draco and Astoria had shown themselves into Harry's lounge. At the end of the reception the night before, they had port-keyed away from the reception to a round of applause and cheers from the well wishers. Only Harry and Daphne knew that the port-key merely took them to an empty wing of Potter Manor that would serve as their honeymoon suite for the night. Draco and Astoria had planned a simple honeymoon as they were intent on living off of what he made as an Auror and not rely on support from Astoria's parents.

Harry smiled at the tired young couple as he greeted them and indicated that there was paperwork for them to review on the table. The three sat down together, and Daphne went off to the kitchen to check on the brunch that the house elves were preparing, so that she could leave them to discuss the situation uninterrupted.

Harry began by pointing out the different folders to the happy couple. "First, here is the list of assets of the Black Family, the vault contents and the investments. Next, we have the list of properties and their valuations as they have recently been assessed by the goblins. And next, we have the list of businesses which are owned completely or in part by the Black Family."

Draco and Astoria started looking over the documents. Harry continued to explain a few things to them, "There is paperwork here which you will need to sign. You will then have to present yourselves to Gringotts where they will do further testing and affirmation of your right to be Lord Black, and then they will give you the keys to the vaults."

Astoria shook her head in amazement at all of this. Draco looked up from the documents and finally spoke. "Mate, you really shouldn't have, this is too much. I can't believe you are giving this away. I always thought that the Potter fortune was less than the Black fortune, how could you give that up?"

"Honestly Draco," replied Harry with a smirk, "I am not giving you the larger part of my family fortunes. The wars severely depleted the holdings of the Black family, meanwhile the Potter family investments were managed by the goblins, including diversifying into muggle businesses, and have done quite well. Ragnok assures me that this will in no way have any actual affect on my standard of living."

Draco shook his head in amazement, still barely understanding that someone could be so generous, especially towards him.

Harry then gave a suggestion as he noticed the two pouring over the document listing the properties. "I am sure that your planned week in Ibiza may sound absolutely glorious to you as a way to spend your first week of wedded bliss…"

Draco mouthed "Ibiza?" questioning Harry's comments.

Harry waved off his question with a simple explanation of a reference to a muggle rock band song from the time his parents were at Hogwarts, then he continued, "You may want to consider spending the time checking on the various properties you now own, although I would wait on going to 12 Grimmauld Place, the goblins are still working on cleaning that place up." Noticing the questioning look from Astoria he simply replied, "You don't want to know any of the details. I lived there for a while after the war, but you really don't want to move in there just yet. Its dark, very dark."

Draco nodded and spoke quietly with Astoria and then they turned to thank Harry again. Daphne called them to join her in the small dining room for brunch. As they were sitting down to eat, Harry made one more suggestion. "Take a couple of weeks to check things out. We're planning to have a small get together over at Greengrass Manor with some friends on Saturday in two weeks time, so we hope to see you there. You can let us know how you like being Lord and Lady Black and what you think of your properties."

"I'm sure we can be back in time for that," replied Astoria as she was holding Draco's hand.

Draco shifted in his seat, and then mentioned they should definitely be back in time as he had only asked for one week off for their honeymoon. He was not sure what caused the large grins to come across Harry and Daphne's faces at that. "What's so amusing?" he asked, clearly irritated that there was something he seemed to be missing.

Daphne answered for them, "We already spoke to your supervisor, and explained to him that you really would be needing two weeks off for your honeymoon. You do have the time off already."

Astoria squealed with excitement. Draco however rolled his eyes, "My partner will kill me when I get back, though, after being away that long."

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