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OHSHC Physical Exam Day

By Alyssa Brewster

Humor / Romance

Alyssa Meets The Host Club

It was just another typical day at Ouran Academy, Alyssa who decided to visit this anime universe for a while, walked towards the abandoned music room. When she got there, she open the door and rose petals flew out, as the host club welcomed her.

“Welcome.” said The Host Club.

Today’s theme was a little different for the club, they were all dressed up in white doctor lab coats with stethoscopes hanging around each of their necks.

“Looks like the Host Club has a brand-new guest.” said Hikaru and Kaoru.

The twins walk over to Alyssa.

“Come on in. What are you waiting for ?” said Kaoru, offering a rose. “Watching from afar is no fun. said Hikaru, also offering a rose. “Please, Miss.“said Hikaru and Kaoru, in unison.

Alyssa was enticed as she enters the club.

“Hello, may I get your name, please ?” said Kyoya. “My name is Alyssa.” said Alyssa, answering Kyoya’s question.

Kyoya writes her name in his little book, so he can keep track of all the women who visits the club.

“Who do you prefer to be your host for this evenings festivities ?” said Kyoya. *shows Tamaki* “The Prince-y type, *shows Mori* The strong silent type, *shows Honey* The boy-Lolita type, *shows the twins* The mischievous type. *shows Haruhi* The normal type. Or me, the cool type.”

“I prefer the prince-y type.” suggested Alyssa, looking over at the spot where Tamaki was sitting with one of his clients. “Good choice, that is our host club president, Tamaki Suoh. I will walk you over and introduce you, follow me.” said Kyoya.

Alyssa follows Kyoya.

“Sorry for the interruption, but you have a new guest. This is Alyssa.” said Kyoya, to Tamaki. “Hi Tamaki, nice to meet you.” said Alyssa, bowing. “Well, nice to meet you too, Princess Alyssa.” said Tamaki, while turning his head in a sexy manner.

He said goodbye to his previous client and then focused more on Alyssa.

“Have a seat, my dear.” said Tamaki.

Alyssa sat next to Tamaki.

“Um, why are all of you guys dressed as doctors.” asked Alyssa, to Tamaki. “Certain members of the host club are giving free check-ups to a selective few of our clients. And you have been selected for one, by yours truly, my princess.” said Tamaki.

Alyssa blushes at the complement.

“I shall now listen to your heartbeat.” said Tamaki, putting on his stethoscope. Tamaki places the diaphragm on her chest and listens.“You have a beautiful and pretty healthy heartbeat, Alyssa.” he switches to her back. “Please take a deep breathe in for me.”

Alyssa took a deep breathe in.

“And.. let it out.” said Tamaki.

Alyssa breathes out

“Perfect. Again. breathe in.” said Tamaki, moving it to another spot.

Alyssa breathes in.

“And slowly let it out.” said Tamaki.

Alyssa breathes out.

“Everything sounds perfect, my princess. No need to worry your pretty little head.” said Tamaki, putting his stethoscope back around his neck with a sexy smile. “Next, let’s check your throat. Open wide and say ahh..”

Alyssa opens her mouth and says ahh.

Tamaki grabs a tongue depressor and a pen light, then he placed the tongue depressor on her tongue, while shining the light into her throat. “No problems there.”

Alyssa closes her mouth and smiles warmly at him.

“And last are your eyes, ears and a shot.” said Tamaki. He attaches the ottoscope piece to the pen light. “Can you open your beautiful eyes wide for me, princess.”

Alyssa opened up her eyes, he shines the light into her right eye first, checking how the retina reacted to the ottoscope light.

“Good, now I’ll check the other eye.” said Tamaki, switching over.

He looked into the other eye.

“Wonderful. Both your eyes are as clear as the blue sky.” said Tamaki. “Please, turn your head to the right, so I may looking into your ears.”

Alyssa turns her head to the right, Tamaki checks her right ear, then her left ear.

“Okay, your ears look fine.” said Tamaki, as he places the ottoscope back in his pocket. “Last but not least, for a shot. Nurse, could you come and do Alyssa’s shot ?”

His personal nurse comes over with the syringe and an alcohol wipe.

“But, I’m afraid to get a shot.” said Alyssa, nervous

The nurse started to wipe the top of her arm with the alcohol wipe.

“You ready ?” said the nurse to Alyssa.“Just focus your gaze toward me.” said Tamaki, calmly lifted her chin with his finger. “I’m ready” said Alyssa, in a dreamy voice.

The nurse stuck the syringe in and took it right back out.

“There, all finished.” said the nurse. “Now, that wasn’t so bad. Now, was it.” said Tamaki.

“Nope, I kept my eyes on you the whole time. Man, you are sooo dreamy.” said Alyssa. “I know, the gods opened all the way up when they made me.” He whispers something to Alyssa. “Why don’t you join me for a ‘private examination’ at my place later on” said Tamaki, emphasizing toward Alyssa, sexually.

Haruhi overheard Tamaki.

“What are you planning over there Sempai ?” asked Haruhi. “Ah, nothing, Haruhi.” said Tamaki, trying to cover up his previous statement. “Mm. I’m keeping a closer eye on you Sempai.” said Haruhi, suspiciously. “I would love too Tamaki. ” said Alyssa, accepting Tamaki’s offer. “Lovely. You can ride home with me in my limo after school.” said Tamaki.

The rest of the host club members wrapped up their last few minutes with their clients.

“It was fun being a doctor for a day wasn’t it Takashi” said Honey, chuckling with happy laughter. Mori just sat silently. “Our fans can never get enough of our Twincest. said Hikaru. “Only because I got to play doctor with you, Hikaru.” added Kaoru. “Oh, Kaoru.” said Hikaru, sweetly.

Tamaki introduced Alyssa to the rest of the Host Club.

“Everyone, I would like to introduce, Alyssa. She is going to stick around for a bit longer.” said Tamaki. “Hi, Alyssa-Chan, would you like to have some cake ?” said Honey, in a cute voice. “I would love a piece of cake, Honey.” said Alyssa. “Yay.” said Honey, excited that someone who will finally have cake with him. “Here you go, it’s Red Velvet.”

The twins decided to make Tamaki jealous like they always did with Haruhi, only this time with Alyssa.

“Let’s play the ’which one is Hikaru game” said Hikaru and Kaoru. They traded place until they stopped. “Ok, can you guess which one of us is Hikaru.” “The one on the right is Hikaru and the one on the left is Kaoru.” said Alyssa. Both boys were stunned that another person could tell them apart, especially an Otaku. “Wow, guess I’m not the only one who can tell those two apart.” said Haruhi. “Let’s just say I have a sixth sense for these things.” said Alyssa.

“And for you reward, you get to kiss one of us on the lips.” said Kaoru. “Stop tricking our newest guest with your tricks!” shouted Tamaki, jealous. “Who is it gonna be” said the twins. “Oo, um, that’s a tough choice.” said Alyssa, deciding. “I would like to kiss Hikaru.”

Hikaru walked over and Alyssa kiss him on the lips.

“All right, that’s enough.” said Tamaki, looking at the clock. “It looks like school is over for today, see you guys all tomorrow.” He glanced over at Alyssa. “Shall we get going then, my limo awaits.” said Tamaki, in his prince-y tone, also offering his hand politely. Alyssa places her hand in his and they walked to the limo. The limo driver opened the door as Alyssa and Tamaki got in, the driver got back in the front and drove off to Tamaki’s mansion.

When they arrived at the mansion, Tamaki helped Alyssa out of the limo, and walked inside.

“Welcome home” said one servant. “Thank you. I will be entertaining this lovely young lady for the rest of the night. And we are not to be disturb, is that understood ?” said Tamaki. “Very well, young master.” said the other servant.

They walked up to his room, and switched on the light, also closing the door secretly locking it behind his back.

“So this is my royal chambers.” said Tamaki. “Go on, make yourself comfortable on the bed.”

Alyssa sat down on the bed, and Tamaki came over to Alyssa. He started to kiss her neck, she melted like butter.

“I’m a little confused Tamaki. I mean, you entertain all these beautiful women, why pick me when you could have any one of them ?” asked Alyssa. “I knew right when you came to the music room, you were going to be a special one for me. Uh, next to my darling daughter Haruhi of course.” said Tamaki. “It would be wrong for her father to have a serious love love relationship with his daughter. And not one of my clients sparked my interest in that sort of way. So, I waited for a miracle to happen, and here you are, my beautiful princess. He goes back to kissing her neck. Alyssa was so much in love love with him, she wanted more.

“By the way, you said something about a ‘private examination’ what did you mean by that.” said Alyssa. Tamaki creeped his fingers up the side of her leg towards her panties. “Is he trying to take a pass at me ?” thought Alyssa. She felt his hand on the lips of her pussy. “Yep, he is. The twins were right, he was a pervert.” He stuck his index finger inside and twirls. Alyssa submitted to him in a instant, the wave of pleasure was way to intense for her to resist. “This is so wrong as well Tamaki. It’s a little thing called, oh, I don’t know ‘RAPE’ ” said Alyssa. “How can this be Rape if you are into it.” “Rape only happens when it’s forced. Also, I’m not that type of person to force my clients to have sex without getting to know them first.” said Tamaki. “Well, we were having an awesome conversation, while you were giving me a check up. So I guess it’s ok. said Alyssa.

He took out his index finger and then sexually pull down her panties. “May I have your permission to remove the rest of your clothes.” said Tamaki. “You may.” said Alyssa, giving him the go-ahead. Tamaki gently removes her skirt, her shirt, and her bra.
“You, my princess, are the most beautiful creature I ever laid my eyes on.” said Tamaki, complementing Alyssa on her figure, as she layed on the bed completely naked. He also began to remove all his clothes. Alyssa blushed as he removed his clothes. “I can’t believe I’m going to get deflowered by the one character who I had my eye on for years. Someone pinch me, I must be dreaming” said Alyssa. Tamaki pinches her. “Ow. That was a rhetorical question.” said Alyssa. “And now you’re dreams are finally coming true.” replied Tamaki, in his dreamy prince voice.

Alyssa positioned her legs up on the bed, he slowly and careful began spreading her legs revealing everything. “Too bad I don’t have one of those medal things that woman doctor’s use, so I can do a thorough examination.” said Tamaki. “I think I can help you out with that.” said Alyssa, snaps her fingers and a metal speculum appears in her hand. “Hey, how did you do that ?” asked Tamaki, surprised. “This necklace that I’m wearing, grants me certain powers that allows me to do pretty much everything from summoning objects to changing into different characters at a snap of a finger. Here, I’ll show you.” said Alyssa, snaps her fingers and transforming into Haruhi. “Could she be the one ? The one I’ve been looking for” though Tamaki. He gasps, as Alyssa snaps her fingers again changing back to herself. “Alyssa, before we continue, I have something to ask you.” said Tamaki. “What is it Tamaki.” said Alyssa, sitting up on the side of the bed. He got off and kneeled on one knee in front of her. “Alyssa, you are the stem to my rose. The birds to my blue sky. Without you, I’m like a lost dog trying to find it’s master. What I am trying to say is, would you do me the honor of being my wife ?” asked Tamaki. Alyssa gasps in excitement. “Yes Tamaki! I would be honor to become your wife.” said Alyssa, super excited. “We will announce our engagement to the club tomorrow, and I will buy you the most gorgeous engagement ring right after school.” said Tamaki. Alyssa jumps off the bed and into Tamaki’s arms kissing him passionately and Tamaki passionately kisses her back.

To be continued...

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