Little Avenger


Y/N is a little trapped in an abusive life pulled into a universe that is fictional in their own and one they often found comfort in. The little is sucked into the chaotic adventures that is the avengers. Completely SFW Agere NSFW Little seekers go away πŸ”ͺ Inster reader book - the name Yunno is used in place of Y/N. This is for people who struggle with replacing the name. Trigger Warnings; Mentions of various types of abuse, Eating disorders, & Self-Harm.

Adventure / Action
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Little Trouble

Yunno listened quietly for the door to closed. The loud pounding footsteps practically made their heart pound harder in their chest. They carefully opened the closet, just a crack. They watched all the lights flicker off before finally hearing the front door of the apartment close shut. They sigh and melted against the back wall of the closet. They let their heart rate slow. The more it did the faster they slipped into little space. They always found it easier to slip when they're calmer. They've never experienced a panic attack in little space, well one that they could remember anyways. Yunno didn't really remember a lot honestly. They skim their hands around before finding their Paci. After, they popped it into their mouth. They smiled from the feeling, feeling safer with it. They picked up their favorite blankie then gently opened the closet door. The little waddled their selves out of the closet and over to the bedroom tv. it sat on a low night stand, since their bed didn't have a frame that made it super tall. Yunno wrapped themselves into the blanket and turned on the TV. After several minutes they settled onto an avengers movie.

They had always loved the Avengers. Since the day everything had gotten worse with their boyfriend, and cg, they wished they could escape to the world. They always dreamed of it honestly. They'd be safe, accepted, and if anything happened the team would be there to comfort them. At least they hoped it would be like that. Yunno wasn't allowed out of the closet, unless meal times or if Juan, their boyfriend, got bored and wanted some company. They hated when he was bored, because he didn't understand the difference between sexual little space and non-sexual. Yunno, wasn't sexual. Though, as time went on it felt like Juan did it on purpose. They thought it was normal, at least now anyways. They quietly rocked back and forth as they watched the movie. They giggled at some parts, and sometimes even shook their hands around from excitement.

Yunno barely heard the door of the apartment be unlocked. Once their mind registered it they quickly turned off the TV and scrambled into the closet. They closed it quietly then curled up in the corner. The closet wasn't very big. it barely had room for them and their blankets. Most of their stuff Juan burned, so they didn't own much. They closed their eyes tightly and praid that Juan didn't hear them. Though, they were too late, he had found the blanket they had forgotten about on the floor at the foot of Juan's bed.
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