Wizards tale


Follow James as he goes through Hogwarts learning about the world of magic and the creatures that live in it along with his friends Percy and Amos

Action / Adventure
Wyatt trail
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Chapter 1

It was my first year of Hogwarts my parents dropped me off at Diagon alley I went in and bought my books first. Once I exited the store I saw a kid about my age standing on the corner I walked up to him and asked,” what’s your name.” He looked at me and said,” I’m Percy and you,” I replied,” my name is James.” Then I asked,” do you know where I can get a wand.” He replied,” Ollivander’s it’s just on the corner on the right.” I said to him,” thank you for your help.” I walked down to the corner and into the shop, once I walked in I saw a man with grayish hair behind the counter. I walked up and said to him,” I would like to buy a wand please.” He looked at me and said,” you must be Lucius and poppies kid.” I said to him,” how do you know my parents.” He replied,” I sold them their first wand.” He turned and grabbed a wand from the shelf he held it up and said,” willow 10 inch dragon heart string,” then he handed it to me and said try it.” I gave it a quick switch and a gust of wind blew through and knocked a shelf down. I looked at him expecting a surprised look on his face but instead he was a very calm and collected. He said,” well not that one.” He walked around a shelf and came back with one and said,” let’s give this one a try willow 10 inch Phoenix feather. ,” now try this,” he said to me. I gave it a switch and nothing happened I asked him,” is that good.” He replied,” that’s excellent.” I thank him for the wand and left the store. I saw Percy he was waiting for me at the corner. I walked down to him and he saw my wand
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