Till Death Do Us Part


The next level love story where Love wins over the preset rules and regulations. This intriguing romance between unlikely elements, a mortal human being whose life is nothing above normal, and Death himself. Will they be able to save their love by overcoming all obstacles is the key element of the story. Park Jimin has the face of a God. Why not make him the God of Death? Regal and mischievous. But he is not the regular Death who drains all colours out, but the one who knows what love is. He even falls in love and would do anything to protect his love from being destroyed by what we call as the law of nature.

Romance / Thriller
Aamina Zaid
4.4 5 reviews
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First things First

Hello readers, this is a story I've had inside my head for so long that I can't even think of just ignoring it civilizations over time created their versions and myths relating to how death looked like. For once I think Death needs to be appreciated for his service. And the grim reaper is not the bad guy here.
Many thought making Death look gruesome helped cultivate fear thus death and the underworld won't be questioned.

Just like Peter Pan said,"For a well prepared mind, Death is just another adventure."
Because what happens during and after death is still unknown. To man. But what if Death was not like what we are taught it is.

But what if Death was indeed kind and tended to fall in love. What if Death was passionate and willing to break the rules to play the game his way?

So this story is about how Death fell in love with a mortal and how he fought to save his love defying the rules of nature. The question of who will succeed in the end is the core of this story.

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing it.


Park Jimin will be Death in this story.

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