Till Death Do Us Part

Chapter 09

"Go on." Dr. Park Go Won Insisted. Anna looked right at her eyes. She was in a blank state. No one prepared her for this meeting and she had no idea what she had to do. The doctor must have understood that. She sighed "Anna sit on the chair right in front of me." Anna obediently changed seats. " Now tell me, when did you cry last?"
Anna thought for some time. Then she said," last night after watching Marley and Me." Dr. Go Won rolled her eyes. She tried her best not to lose control. With much difficulty, she put up a dry smile. Anna was making her lose her temper yet she did everything in her power to keep it under control. " let me try again. Anna, who do you love the most?"
With the same blank expression, she replied, "myself."
"Do you have a friend you trust?"
"No. I don't have friends."
"How is school?"
The meeting was awkward for both of them. They understood that the session was useless.
Dr. Go Won tried her best to keep the conversation going. She was up to something, Anna was on guard the whole time but she couldn't guess what Dr. Go Won was after.

In between intervals, Dr. Go Won pressed on drinking her tea which was in reality discolored water. Her heart was beating against drinking it. She simply raised the cup to her lips and pretended to drink it.

Anna was silent, she suddenly began remembering the past she wanted to forget. Her bully's her suicidal thoughts her deep dark secrets began flooding her head. She felt uncomfortable she didn't know what to do or where to go. She wanted to scream for help, she was being pulled into a horrid space, she tried fighting those thoughts away. She could feel her strength failing, her head was spinning, she lost her balance, it was getting dark,
A crackling of lightning and a seemingly slowing of time mark the coming of an angel. Her angel. Her Jimin. After gently gliding down, a gorgeous being with pupil-less eyes stands in front of her. His gaze paused on her, causing her to feel incredibly happy.
Two sweeping wings of moonlight block the light coming from behind this being. His lean, but muscular body glides as if weightless and is clad in a smooth shirt and buttoned up fully to support the elegant tie he's wearing. On top of the shirt, he's wearing a classy vest. The jacket fits him like a glove, a tailored glove. It has a subtle pinstripe pattern which gives the suit an elegant look.

Anna regained her lost strength and opened her eyes, she needed a few seconds to organize her disoriented self. She felt like she had just been on a roller coaster ride. An emotional one.
Dr. Go Won moved forward bent her torso, attempting to reach her ear.
" I know your secret. Spare me the details. Tell me where is he now?"
"W..who are you talking about?" Anna asked perplexed, she's had a great adventure today, her nerves were overworked all she wanted now was to go to a safe place where she can let her guard off.
Dr Go Won, leaned back smiling,
A crash was heard, the flicker of lights, and suddenly Anna is face to face with a breathtaking creature of fury and death. Two clouded eyes stare at her with pure hatred, and another whisper rushes from its abysmal mouth with deafening intensity.
Two broken antlers adorn its slender head, which itself is glowing faintly in the dark. Toxicity surrounds the creature,
Its slender head sits atop a broad,
body. Dark, smoking symbols covered her chest, faintly covered by intricate interlocking chains made of gold, but Anna has no wish to find out the probably horrifying specifics.

The creature moves closer to her, its two legs sturdily carry its draconic body with a sedated energy.

Two immense wings extend themselves fully. Craked bones and ragged membranes stretch upward over the creature. The creature still looks at Anna, her vision fixated, but it seems bored with her presence. Anna was the bait for the bigger fish. And she was not going to give up until she got what she wanted.

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