Till Death Do Us Part

Chapter 10

"Who are you? What do you want from me?" Anna screamed at the creature,
She smiled, she ruffled through Anna's hair, "you have something I want." "I... I... I don't have anything with me."
She pulled the hair together, Anna screamed, her guts out, the pain inexplainable. "Maybe I'll have to kill you to bring him here then." Out of nowhere, she pulled out an ornate dagger. She motioned to strike right through Anna's heart, just when the glass windows around shattered into a million fragments, a majestic creature made an entrance,

Black, short hair slightly covers a fine, lively face. Darting black eyes, set well within their sockets, watch yearningly over the mines they've become enchanted by for so long.
A large smile elegantly compliments his eyes and mouth and leaves a heartbreaking memory of his luck in battles.

This is the face of Death, the true master of Hell. He stands radiant among others, despite his slim frame.

Something is captivating about him, perhaps it's his disposition, or perhaps it's simply a feeling of comfort. Nonetheless, the people tend to flock towards him, without any idea of how powerful he is.

Two massive wings, trailed behind him skin-covered bones, and feathers of shadow stretch upward, and side by side.

He walked up to Anna and carefully helped her to her feet, he smiled at her comforting, "Nothing can hurt you now, I'm here." He cooed into her ear, only to be disturbed by a retching noise behind them. He turned, with eyes red with fury, "your game is with me alone, why did you have to pull her in?" He growled.
The creature smirked, " how can I let you live in peace, after all, you've done to me."
She ran her finger up her broken, uneven horns, pulled her wings closer, to show a very bad, scar.
Her smirk turned to fury. "I will have my revenge. And take back what is rightfully mine."

Death stepped forward, shielding Anna behind his wings. The creature walked slowly forward, her broken horns restored themselves, the scar on her wings disappeared, she became the most beautiful being ever created, her lips were in perfect shape, her face ethereal. Anna was caught in the trance of her beauty.
"Look at what was taken away from me." She croaked. She became her detestable self again. Her eyes are unchanged. Full of anger.

Death was still on guard. He was protecting the one thing he loved. He would not let anything happen to her.

He knew a fight was imminent and his main motive was not to win the fight but to protect Anna even if it meant for him to sacrifice his life. There were so many things running inside his head that he was caught off guard until he heard, " Jimin!!!" Anna screamed. He turned just in time to block the dagger, fly right through him.

The creature was not going to give up. She pulled out all her tricks and aimed at the target. Her motive is straight. She knows what she wants and she knew no fear for she had nothing to lose. With the pros and cons weighed she had the upper hand. And victory was I'm her side.

But Kalwambi is a defensive martial art that focuses on incapacitating your opponent by taking advantage of every opening in your opponent's defense. The primary focus lies on both headbutts and quick movements and it often relies on the stamina and strength of both the attacker and defender.

The biggest strength of Kalwambi is being able to keep distance between you and your opponent, but all while still being able to strike. By exploiting the sidesteps of your challenger your opponent tends to become frustrated as none of their strikes hit, allowing you to become an overwhelming force.

On the other hand, the biggest weakness of Kalwambi is that this is a purely one-on-one style. When facing multiple opponents your strengths may prove to be lacking.

Death did not know that the Creature in front of him was the best Kalwambi fighter there ever was in the nine realms. Even though he was a trained fighter he still needed practice. The creature wore an ugly smirk all over her face, the projecting of her overconfidence. She had no intention of killing Death. She wanted to see him suffer. And that would happen only if she killed Anna.

All her attacks were pointed at her. And Death had a difficult time defending. Within a fraction of a second, with the stealth of the tiger, Creature threw a dagger which flew right past Death's face, and landed right across Anna's rib.

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