Till Death Do Us Part

Chapter 11

"This is it. This is the end, isn't it? Blood keeps dripping to the floor beneath her, hundreds of drops like a crimson rain of death. Yes, this is it, this is the end.
How I she even standing? Does this mean she will be okay? No, impossible. There's no fixing this.
Help her. Somebody, please. She needs to live, I have to live. There's still so much she needs to do, there are still many people who need her and I need her. She must live. She needs to live." Death was frozen, his strength drained from him, as he saw, Anna in a pool of blood. He didn't know what to do.

Anna's entire body was aching, "I can't take this anymore. I want to sleep, but I can't, it'll be my death. But I can rest, right? Yes, I'll just lay down for a while and rest, but not sleep. No, not sleep. I'm sure Jimin help me soon anyway, so it's okay to just rest." Her thoughts were going crazy.

"This isn't going to end well, This is my end, my final stop. I never thought it would be like this, but so be it. I can't fight any longer, I'm too tired. Too weak. The days I've spent with Jimin are the happiest. I would have liked few more times but it's fine." Anna understood her situation. She kept quiet, no noise came from her. She lay as quietly as possible.

In the background, Death was in a serious fight. He was fighting something way more powerful than he was. He didn't want to let the creature live another day, after what she had done. She had to pay the price. And he was sure he'll make her pay.
His eyes were full of tears, he felt his strength failing. Everything is numb. His body, his mind, everything. He couldn't feel pain or think straight.
He lost his will to fight. The only thing he wanted to protect lay dying, he didn't know what to do. He began to believe that everything will be alright if he surrendered and let her have her victory.
In that way, he could be reunited with Anna in Heaven or Hell. He didn't care as long as she was next to him, he didn't have a thing to worry about.

Death dropped his weapon and fell to his knee, much to the creature's surprise. Her smirk grew wider. She had won. She Lavinia the betrayed ruler of the Underworld had finally wreaked her vengeance, on the one who took everything from her. The victory was sweet. She spent some time enjoying it.

A long ornate sword slid through her sleeve and she caught it just before it fell off. And walked towards Death. His end was inevitable if he fought back. But he was not going to do it. She brought the sword right up to his neck.

The sword was also called "Angel Killer." Created by the Nethergods to expel, the Angels who were not obedient. Lavinia stole the sword from the gods and used it to create a revolt against the Gods. The revolt failed. She was banished from Hell and Heaven. She was clever enough to hide the sword, from being found, someone clever enough to trick the Gods is too dangerous to be left unchecked.
Being true to her trait she had been spending her years in exile, preparing her army of invincible soldiers.

Her plan this time was foolproof, with the Angel Killer by the side she had nothing to fear. But, she needed to look into the unfinished business of the past. She still believed, that her revolution failed because she was double-crossed by Death. And in her years of exile, she kept feeding the fire of vengeance. And today was the day when her thirst for his blood was about to be quenched.

The moment the Angel Killer came in contact with Death's skin, it started to burn it, like acid. He screamed. But didn't fight.
Lavinia ran through his hair, "it's a shame, to kill you. I used to be madly in love with you before."
" you still have that eyes, " she added in a cold tone.
There was no warmth in her now, she was a model held up with hatred and vengeance.

The place where the Angel Killer touched Death looked too bad.
"Im not going to kill you just yet,"
"I'll kill you right after we take over Heaven." With a wave of her hand, steel cable-like wires wound up Death.
"Why don't you spend the last few seconds with your Significant other."
With another wave, the almost dead, lifeless body of Anna was lifted and place next to the wound-up Death.

"If you two love birds will excuse me I have some important things to attend to," Lavinia added sarcastically. She tapped her foot once on the floor and her throne appeared. She sat down, majestic.
She turned to a goblin-like being not more than two feet tall. "Giles, you know what to do."
The Goblin like being, nodded and scurried out.

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