Till Death Do Us Part

Chapter 12

Lavinia sat on her throne, her broken horns and scarred wings only added to her menacing self, Death and Anna lay right by her feet. Everything happened according to plan. Nothing can ruin it now.

The ground trembles as an army of 160,000,000 gogs. not more than two feet move forward. Step after step on the rhythm of the marching drums, and the trumpets, drowning out all other sounds from the vicinity.

Up close it's the clanging of heavy armor that overpowers all other sounds. The creaking of wood and metal of the siege engines can be heard only faintly and the sounds of the war mounts are all but drowned out completely.
The soldiers are all silent not a word is uttered, a sense of fear had gotten into them, the long tiring march was reaching its destination. These noises around them. Help take their minds off the battle ahead, some need it to hype themselves up for it. The entire army is as one, not a single soul with a different mindset. The enemy will be crushed or they'll die trying.

The front is lead by eager foot soldiers armed with spears and large shields. They're followed by footsoldiers armed with powerful two-handed swords, who in turn are followed by elite footsoldiers armed with pikes.
The ranks are filled with dozens of other warrior regiments, including artillery units, several defensive units, several bomb units, and units of war animals.

The ground trembled, it felt like the entire building was going to collapse. Death was on the floor, regretting his mistake, it was too late now. He looked at Anna, she was still breathing but he knew she was suffering, he could do nothing about it, that hurt him more. His wounds counted to nothing.

He looked at Annas' lifeless face, he had to do something. He had to think straight. He closed his eyes and blocked out all those traumatizing thoughts and guilt.

Giles, walked in clad in shining armor, " your majesty. It's time."
Lavinia rose from her throne, a majestic monarch butterfly. With a wave of her hand, her armor appeared. And she was ready. The warrior Queen is ready for war.

She then noticed Death on the floor. She smiled, walked to him, "this wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for you my love. " she hissed, venom dripping from every word.
She dragged him to the balcony, the outside world had reference to how it was just a few hours ago, the army stretched to as long as the horizon. They destroyed everything that had come in their path. All that remained was death and decay. Death was overcome with regret, and guilt was killing him.
The queen addressed her army. "Today is the most important day for us, exiles. We will teach every one of them a lesson they will never forget. Starting with the sacrifice of none other than the mighty Death himself."

The gogs made him sit, his hood covering his head the gog tried to remove it, Lavinia motioned him to stop. She didn't want to see the face of the one who she still loved. She was afraid that she might change her mind.

She brought out the Angel Killer and swung it aiming straight at his neck intending to sever it from the body. She was hoping for the head to roll on the floor, instead, it stayed still. Confused, she removed the hood and was surprised at what she saw, before she could do anything she felt a sharp stab on her back, she looked down and saw a sharp object protruding with much difficulty, her voice was gone, her eyes bulging. She turned behind to see who it was, the sight, caught her by surprise. She saw Death standing behind her, with the Angel Killer in his hand halfway through her body, her end was coming. She looked right into his eyes, she remembered the first time she saw them.

Her whole life flashed before her. She had always loved Death for his considerate selfless attitude, the dark chapter of her life began with the revolution. She would have been the Queen of the Heavens if only everything had gone her way.
Death leaned into her ear and whispered,
"You will never know what happened for real that day, I want you to die, with regret, for Anna."
Lavinia smiled and with much difficulty whispered, "tttttttturn back time." With a sigh, Lavinia slumped back entirely on Death,
The entire army dissolved into dust, Death laid her on the floor and put the Angel Killer on top of her, gradually her body too dissolved to dust, leaving no trace of her. The entire place twirled, Death was dizzy, he closed his eyes.

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