Till Death Do Us Part

Chater 13

Death opened his eyes and he was standing just moments away from when Anna was being stabbed. Death caught the dagger just in time. He didn't know if it was just a premonition or if he had traveled back in time. Either way, this was a second chance given to him and he had to use it properly. He was convinced that he would not do the same mistake twice.

His every action was stronger than ever. Lavinia was afraid now, even though it didn't show up in her face. She soon realized that she had to play dirty to win. In the middle of the fight, she snapped her finger and disappeared. Death and Anna found themselves back at the Psychiatrists' living room, not a single piece of furniture out of place.

Anna was perplexed, the apparition was not something she was used to, she looked at her watch, it was the same time when she arrived at the office for a counseling session, either her watch had stopped working or they had time traveled, she looked at Death, standing a few feet away from her, his eyes fixed on a distant object. "Jimin." She called, he turned, "you should leave, go to someplace safe."
"Where?" She walked towards him, she touched him, his usually cold body was burning now. She was shocked. She stepped in front of him, he was holding a deep cut, by the waist and it was bleeding molten gold, he was in pain. Anna helped him to the chair nearby, he didn't allow her to touch the wound, "The blood of Angels is too much for your kind to handle. Leave me here, I'll be fine."
Anna shook her head, she went around the office looking for something, anything that can help him.
She was desperate, she couldn't bear to see him in pain. He was gradually losing his power. Death realized he needed her help,
He began to instruct her what to find. "Find a vial with a blue liquid in it."
"Blue vial, blue vial," she kept repeating under her breath as she ran around the house, she checked every nook and cranny. Was almost about to give up, tears were flowing across her face, Death was in such a state because of her, he had wanted to protect her. She looked at the grand portrait on top of the bed, and in her frenzied state begged "please help me find the vial." The figure in the portrait nodded and walked off. Without a word. Anna looked at the empty portrait dumbstruck, momentarily he returned with the vial. He put it on the table next to him and pointed at something. Anna moved forward to see what he was pointing to. On the low bedside table, she saw the vial, with glimmering blue liquid, she snatched the vial and ran to death, he was breathing with much difficulty.

She opened his mouth forcefully and emptied the entire content down, he lay still without any movement. Her heart broke into several hundred tiny pieces, she didn't want her Jimin to die. She had wanted a happy ending.
Not a sad abrupt one. She held onto him and cried.

After a while, which felt like an eternity, Anna felt his arms around her. She was happy to have him alive she held onto him even tighter. He laughed," you won't survive my hug." She didn't care, she had missed this mischievous Death so much to bother about being dead by an embrace.

"Who is she?"
"The one who kidnapped me almost killed you."
Death looked at Anna, her eyes were full of questions, he smiled his signature angelic smile, and began his story.

"Several thousand years ago before the Nether Gods created the universe, there was a community of Angelic beings who were created by the Nether Gods as Guardians of Heaven and Hell. They were extremely powerful and could control fire. Lavinia was one of the Guardian Angels who impressed the Nether Gods with her ability and intelligence, they decided to give her the most important duty, the Queen of Hell and Chief Death.
But Lavinia was not what the gods thought she was. She planned to become a Nether God, to be exact, she wanted to become the Chief Goddess. So she schemed a revolt among the dwarves and made an army, everything happened in secret, suddenly one day a huge army declared war, the gods almost lost the battle, until something happened that changed the course of the ending. Lavinia lost the war, and she was exiled from heaven and hell. She spent almost ten thousand years building herself another formidable army consisting of the Gogs, extremely powerful and hardworking beings, now she is back seeking revenge and she is way more powerful than anyone can ever imagine. It is only a few days until she will declare war and win over Heaven and Hell. This time it wouldn't be hard for her because the Nether gods are not how they used to be. And some are practically powerless. "
Death ended the last part with a sigh. He was worried about what might happen.

Anna wanted to know more, but she kept quiet because she saw that he was already hurting and she didn't want to press on it anymore. She looked down at the wound it had closed up but the scar was going to be there for some time, she touched his bare skin, his temperature was rising and it was a good thing.

Maybe she should just relax and enjoy the moment while it lasts. She smiled as she placed her head on his torso, he began playing with her hair. Their breathing synchronized to one, they were meant to be together. Will it happen? Only time can tell.

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