Till Death Do Us Part

Chapter 14

"Why can't we have a normal day just like the rest of the world?"
"Normal? Anna, you are in a relationship with Death, nothing is normal."
Anna rolled her eyes and rolled over to admire the bunch of wildflowers around them. "I love this place. It's the place I love the most in your world," Death explained.
"Yes, but we are miles away from home. "
Death smiled a mischievous grin, and they were in her room.
Anna was now used to his powers. She squeezed into his arms. "This is my favorite place." Death laughed, he always found her amusing. Still a child at heart.
He often wondered how she was going to survive in this crazy world with her thoughts so pure.

"Jimin, since you are so powerful can you make my family whole again?"
Death could not look into her eyes and tell the truth. "I can't bring them back, but I can show you how they are doing now."
Her eyes shone. " under one condition, you are not supposed to open your mouth or touch anything."
"I promise."
Death pulled out an orb, from inside his overcoat, "close your eyes and think about your most favorite moment."
Anna nodded, her eyes gleaming. She looked into the orb, closed her eyes, and opened them.

She was in a meadow on a bright summer's day, she was wearing a white summer frock, she walked down the hill. There was a table laid out of, there were people there as she walked closer, she saw who they were, her father smiled at her, as she walked close, he was preparing the grill for the barbecue. He motioned her to sit down at the table, she saw her Jimin, without his wings wearing a loose white shirt and shorts, a typical boy summer costume, he was coming towards them carrying a box closely followed by her grandmother and mother laughing and teasing, Death. His cheeks were red and he was enjoying the moment. Death hugged Anna, as soon as he reached her, her grandmother asked for her hand, she looked at Death, he shook his head from left to right. She put her hands behind her and sat down.

They had a great time, Anna felt out of place, but she enjoyed seeing her family whole. She kept looking at Death, ever once in a while, he was laughing and enjoying himself. He helped her father with the meat.

It felt normal, a family gathering on a summer day, except it wasn't. The whole place began to darken, and when Anna opened her eyes again, she was in her room, Death put the orb back into his pocket, "The meat was delicious, too bad you couldn't enjoy." Death headed her,
Anna looked into his eyes, she was crying. Death pulled her into a hug. "I will be there for you forever."
For the first time, Anna felt uncomfortable. She pushed him away, it didn't feel like it was for her. She went to the bathroom, she almost screamed, at what she saw in there.

She closed the door behind her, and walked closer, "what are you doing here?"
Lavinia rolled her eyes, "I'm waiting here to kill you."
Anna took a step back.
"Relax, I'm here to talk. " she waved her hand and they were in her throne room.
"Follow me." Lavinia walked out of the room, giant doors opened for her by magic. Anna followed her around like a puppy. She did not know what to do. They were the only ones there and if she did something wrong, Lavinia won't think twice about killing her.
What was Death doing? Did he know? Will he make it in time this time as well?
So many questions were running inside her head.

The final set of doors and Lavinia led her into a grand study. There were books from the ceiling to the floor, on walls on end.
There was a glass window by that there was a small table set for two. Lavinia motioned Anna to sit on the other chair. They sat down and Lavinia started talking. She didn't use her usual commanding voice. She was sympathetic towards Anna. Who just kept looking at her suspicion. It was not easy for anyone to trust her kidnapper, and her past was a crooked one. Anna kept wishing for Death to come to Rescue her.
"He knows where you are. I promised him I was only going to have a chat. Destiny has other plans for you."
Anna was shocked, she could read minds. Lavinia hid her sly smile.
"Drink." She commanded, Anna looked down at the cup and back at Lavinia, the same thing happened last time.
"It's not poisoned. " Lavinia rolled her eyes. "I would have killed you before if I wanted to. And poison is not my thing."

Half-heartedly Anna raised the cup to her lips and pretended to drink.
"Why are you doing all this?"
She asked
Lavinia smiled at her, "Do you love him? "
"Would you do anything for him?"
"I will." Bravely her conviction reflected her words.
"Do you know who he was before you met him?"
Anna shook her head. She realized she hadn't even asked him about it.
"Do you know that he is the reason I am suffering today?"
"But... "
"He told you a different story?"
She nodded.
"It's time you learn the truth."
Lavinia pulled out a strand of her long black hair, put it inside her cup, stirred it, and poured the contents onto the table, the background began to swirl, yet the table was intact, "close your eyes, you might feel sick" Anna heard Lavinia say, it sounded like a distant echo even though she was sitting right in front of her. Anna's head began to pound she held her head with her hands, cupped her ears with her elbows, and closed them shut, she was not going to open them until the roller coaster ride was over.
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