Till Death Do Us Part

Chapter 15

Lavinia brought Anna to the time before the Nether Gods created the Universe. The Divine Beings were living happily in the Heavens. Hell was not yet discovered. "This is the Golden Age, where people living in it knew no worries," Lavinia explained.

The two hid behind a tree and watched what was going on. Time travel was real and Anna had experienced it. Anna's legs were shaking. She looked out and far away she saw a familiar face, walking towards her. She identified who it was. Surprise blocked out all emotions, His face had not changed at all. He was the saw as he was now. The same mischievous grin, on his face. Irresistible. Enchanting. Ethereal.

He walked to the fountain, there were a few muses, playing with each other, he walked to them, as he neared the muses retreated one by one. Except one she stayed the same, without moving a muscle. Death walked to her. He ran his finger right across her bareback. She winced at his cold touch.
She turned, Death did not waste a second. He pulled her into a kiss.

Anna's stomach burned. She wanted to scream, her muscles tightened. Her pupils dilated, she felt like an insect specimen caught in a glass jar with all sides blocked. Her eyes filled up. Lavinia who was close smirked. "You didn't think you were his only love interest did you?"
Anna looked at her doubtful. What was she talking about? Did that mean, She was just another one of his flings? Did that mean he will leave when he lost interest? She looked down at herself she felt her body burning, she hated herself for letting him play with her like she was a doll. That was indispensable once he was done.
Her jealousy turned to anger. She was done. She was not someone to be played with. She was going to get through with him. She turned to Lavinia, her eyes full of anger. " I want to go back home. I've seen enough." Lavinia shrugged.

Anna found herself in her bathroom. She peeped through her door. She saw Death on her bed. He was enjoying himself. Her rage doubled. She wanted him gone. She felt angry at herself the most for letting him play with her like that. She walked to the sink and splashed cold water on her face. The cold water felt good on her burning cheeks.
She looked at the mirror. She saw hatred and vengeance. She walked out of the bathroom. Closing the door behind her.

Lavinia was standing behind the door, laughing. At her expertise in breaking up two loving hearts. A lone tear rolled down her cheek. She wasn't happy. She knew it. But why would she do all this? What was she to gain from it? Revenge? She had other ways of accomplishing it. But this was the plan she wanted. She smiled at the mirror. An emotionless cold face reflected.

"I'm sure there's some misunderstanding." Death barely got the words out, as he had to duck a flying pillow. Anna was standing on the bed throwing a tantrum. "I want you to leave. Don't come back. I don't want to have anything to do with you ag....." Anna felt a cold chill run down her spine. She turned to her right. Death was standing close to her, his cold finger was running down her back. She closed her eyes and composed herself. She gripped onto the pillow on her hand, and waved it around like crazy, screaming, "leave!"
" it's a misunderstanding. We should talk it through."
"We? We? After all, that's happened. Do you still talk about us? There's no we!"
"Anna relax."
"I'm done. Being a toy. I am a woman. With feelings. Respect them. Leave."
She was done. Her energy was spent. She dropped down on the bed.

Death looked at her shocked. He still couldn't understand what was going on. Every sentence went through him like arrows. It killed him to see Anna in pain. The thought of him being the cause for her pain tormented him. He looked at the crying lump. He was breaking inside. He wanted to hold her. In his arms. She was the warmth, for his cold dark life, but she didn't want him at all. And she was not in the state of explaining her sudden behavior change. His heart wanted to stay there. Hold her. Comfort her. And reassure her that he would always be there for her no matter what happened. But he knew that he had to leave. No matter what. Him staying there was the reason for her sorrow.

With a heavy heart, Death walked out of her room through the window, when a strange smell caught him. He knew what it meant. And that smell meant trouble was near. And he knew how to take care of it. He jumped out and was gone into the night.

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