Till Death Do Us Part

Chapter 16

"Why would you do this?" Death growled. An angry wolf, with hackles raised. He pinned Lavinia to the wall. She was a meek prey now. Her power gone. She knew her end was near and had to do something about it. Her brain was working fast. "Why wouldn't I?" She said, her voice broken. "I have done everything for you. I loved you. I still do." Tears ran down her cheeks. "You are not the only defected angel in God's Army." The words and tears didn't move Death. His body was shaking with anger. He wanted to end the war. The only way was the end of either. He pinned her against the wall. Hard enough to break the bones of mortals.
"You never loved me. I was just a spawn you used to get what you wanted. And when your plan didn't work out, I was the scapegoat."
Lavinia put her hand, on Death's face, "You loved me didn't you?"
Death turned his face. He couldn't do it anymore.
He dropped Lavinia on the floor. "Why do you kill me like this every time?" "It's ironic. You are Death."
He helped her up. "I will spare your life on one condition. Reverse time. I want Anna back."
Lavinia was furious. "You think I did all of this for you to run back to th...that Mortal?" She screamed with whatever energy remained in her. "Why don't you understand. I love you." The arrogant, powerful angel was broken, and for the first time since the defeat of the revolution, she was powerless and begging.
Death looked at her eyes. They were true and full of love. He understood the real motive. He was caught in the middle. He didn't know what he really wanted or whom he truly loved.

The days he spent with Lavinia was dreamy and intoxicating, but the days with Anna were carefree and he felt complete. She was the missing piece of his puzzle. But forever with a mortal was a question. But a good thing as long as it lasts.

He turned to look at the limp figure. He had been hard on her. His anger had gotten the best of him, he knew that Lavinia was a skilled fighter, but her power was with her weapons, without them she was just an average mortal for she wasn't born with any powers. She acquired them eventually, he always admired her for her resourcefulness. He walked towards her. He looked into her eyes, he remembered the first time he saw those eyes. He found himself walking down the garden where he first saw her. He knew exactly what was going to happen next, it was nice to live the beautiful memory once again. He ran his cold finger, across the bare back of the only muse who caught his eye. He wanted to know-how her lips tasted like. He pulled her rather aggressively, passion at its peak. The moment their lips touched, Death found himself in the present. He ran his finger across her scar. She had been through a lot. Broken beyond repair. But it felt perfect for him. They were meant to be. "I'm sorry." He breathed. "Shhh...!"
Almost screaming after five agonizingly delightful minutes, Death made a grab, at Lavinia, now angrily slapping against both their bodies, inside, but he holds both her arms within his, and puts himself hungrily on her, like a starved cat lapping up a dish of cream so as not to miss a single drop. Lavinia finds herself gripping his ears and tugging at them, beside herself and a strange animal noise escapes from her as the mounting, Wagnerian crescendo overtakes her. She is lost.

She is a huntress, never unguarded. Her eyes were burning with fury, she was not done. It was just the beginning. Death was always the same. He has not changed at all. She smiled at him. He should have killed Lavinia when he had the chance. He was going to regret it.
But before she made him regret it, she had more important business to look into.

She peeped over to see Death, completely at her mercy. It was now or never. And she didn't have to be told twice. She knew an opportunity when she saw one.

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