Till Death Do Us Part

Chapter 17

The days were long and tiring, Anna felt cheated. She had allowed everything to happen to her. She allowed her to be led on. She believed the promises. She hated herself for it. Death, his perfect face, and immaculate features. His lips his voice.
She missed them but every time she thought about it she felt anger within herself.
She tried to forget about it and move on. She knew in the deep corner she didn't have a chance. She spent nights thinking of their time together. He had made her feel whole. Now a part of it is gone. She didn't know what to do. She wanted to feel his cold self again against her.

The dilemma caused her more pain. She just could not get rid of it. Finally, she knew what she had to do. She had to move. Go somewhere far away. A fresh start would do her good. She walked to her mother's room. She sat on her bed. Her mother was going through a list of bills some overdue. She took her mother's hand. "Mom... I think we should move." Her mother could not believe her ears. "Let's sell this house. And pay the bills and move. " the words had to kill her before coming out of her mouth. Her mother knew it was hard. To leave behind the only home she had known. "We don't have to sell this house. I found a job in America, I can pay the bills and still keep this house." Her voice broke. She didn't want to go. Her husband was here. They had built this house together. The memories of a time, when happiness was all she knew.

"I'll start packing then." Anna left. She couldn't bear to see her mom like this. When she was hurting herself. She walked back to her room. She had an unusual visitor. The creature was not more than two feet tall. Anna almost screamed. "Sssshhh! " the creature put his rather unshapely finger to his lips asking her to not scream. "I know that you are scared." "You....you can talk.?" Anna was sure, she was screaming. The creature rolled his eyes. "I am a Gog." "A what?" "Have you never heard of the army of Agog and Magog?" "I have." Anna's throat dried up. According to the stories she had heard, the agog was locked up in a hill. But this one was here talking to her. Her head was spinning. She had to get used to this. She had fallen in love with Death himself. She rolled her eyes and sat on the floor, "what is it that you want with me?" The gog sat down on the floor too. Anna wanted to pick him up and pat him he was so cute. But was afraid that he might be offended.
He leaned over and hugged her. Anna was caught by surprise. " I can't read minds but I can feel the emotions. You needed a hug so badly." He put his hands on his shoulder. "Everything will be alright." He smiled. Anna was comforted. "Why are you here?"
"Oh, that." He sat down in front of her. And pulled out a papyrus from underneath his robe. The corners were in flames but it didn't burn through the paper. "This is a message for you." "The fire?" "It's to protect others from reading it." Anna reluctantly took the papyrus. The fire didn't burn her, she unfolded the papyrus and found the message.

Whatever was inside of it, made Anna scared. Her whole body was shaking. The gog held her, she had to settle her nerves first. "Gog. My Jimin....my Jimin is dying."
She finally got the words out of her mouth. The news shocked him. But he knew Anna needed him the most more than ever. "We have to help him."
Anna nodded. "I need to know all about what Death told you. If he sent the last message to you then it means only you can help him."
"What can I do? I'm only a mortal."
"That's it," Gog said hopefully.
"I don't understand."
"Listen you are a mortal and you can't die unless Death accepts your soul. And as we know he's preoccupied and until a new Death is appointed you won't die."
Anna understood why Death reached out to her and not anyone else. She had to do something to save the one she loved dearly. She couldn't afford to lose anymore. "How do we save him?"
"We have to find where Death is."
"How do we do that?"
"We have to meet a friend of mine who can help us."
"Let's go at once." Anna stood up.
"He won't help us for free."
"How do we pay him?"
"Do you have anything of value?"
"Like gold?"
"No... Something that might interest a collector. Death gave you something."
"He did give me this."
She pointed at the pendant around her neck.
The gogs eyes sparkled. "Death gave you the Heart stone. I can't believe it. Can I touch it?"
Anna was not sure." I don't want to part with this. It means a lot to me."
As she handed Gog her chain. "Saving Death and keeping him alive is worth more."
He pats her hand reassuringly. "Using the heart stone, we can save Death. Trust me."
Anna nodded she knew they had to save Death no matter what happened. And parting with the cold black pendant meant nothing if she could have him back.
And she knew she would.
"Anna if you are ready we can leave at once."
Anna nodded, and the gog snapped his finger.
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