Till Death Do Us Part

Chapter 18

"How did a mortal get this?" The collector's eyes gleamed. He was eyeing at the hearthstone with great interest and it was the first time he had held one. Anna was almost in tears the gog did the talking. The bargaining. The collector was so into the heart stone he would have agreed to anything. "We need supplies." The gog announced. The collector just waves them into the shack. His eyes not leaving the Heart stone. Gog dragged Anna into the shack, her eyes fixed on the Heart stone. She didn't want to part it.

Gog patted her hand reassuringly. They walked into the shack. The interior was nothing like the reception. All of his collection is neatly arranged. Hundreds of things in separate boxes. From a human to a diamond. To stardust to Nethergods' hair strands. Anna was amazed. Everything was beyond what she could believe. Gog left her and soon returned with a huge roll of parchment, probably a thousand years old. He rolled the parchment in front of her. It rolled out like a carpet. And she noticed she was standing on it. Gog recited incantations and the surrounding changed. It zoomed around a mountain heavily guarded by demonic figures. Anna looked at the map with attention. She didn't want to miss out on a tiny detail. Not when there was a life at the end of the line. A life she didn't want to lose.

The map kept rotating around until it stopped right in front of Death. He was bound by chains. Not normal chains but chains made from molten metal. It was still molten and running. Death was in a desperate state. Anna almost lost it. But she knew she had to keep her act together to save him. The moment they saw death the map rolled back to its original state. And a tiny bit of it fell off.
Anna picked it up

"There is no power stronger than Love."

The gog peeped over to look at it. "The map is famous for giving advice. You can ignore it."
"No. Im keeping it."
The gog shrugged,
"do you know the place?" Anna asked.
"It's the Dead Mountain. The place where Lavinia spent her exile."
"I knew it was going to be her handy work."
"We can do this." Anna nodded.
"We need things. Weapons! What is your strength?"
"I... I don't know."
"You don't know?"
"Uh uh "
"No problem let's go find out."
Anna did not understand, but she followed him, they reached the Collector's Weapon section. It ranged from Mortal Combat equipment to God killers.
The gog picked up a few strange-looking vials.
"Put your dominant hand over these."
Anna put out her right hand over a few spikes. One of them flew right into her hand. And transformed into A fairly large, broad, barbed blade made of obsidian metal held by a grip wrapped in strange, white sharkskin.
Dual-edged and razor-sharp this weapon is the champion's choice. It'll crush the enemies with cleaving hacks and piercing stabs.

The blade has a barbed, curled cross-guard, which makes sure the blade is both balanced and capable of protecting the owner's hands against any sliding sword. The cross-guard has a jeweled owl head on each side, the cost of this weapon must have been high.
A thick pommel is engraved with a quality symbol, a symbol many would kill for.

The blade itself is simple. No markings, no decorations, and no engravings, but the blade will surely be decorated in battle.
This weapon is used by champions and proven fighters. The capable hands of the country's greatest defenders deserve nothing less than this weapon's excellence.

"Do you know who's Blade this is?"
Anna shook her head. "This blade belonged to Athena. She was like you too. If she was alive you would have known."
"What happened to her?" Anna could not take her eyes off the gleaming blade she felt strong. A different form of strength. A hunger to see her blade coated in blood.
"She died."
"Gods die too?"
"Of course. When they are not prayed for by the mortals for ten thousand years, they lose their powers and they die."
"What happens when all of them die?"
"There's always someone to take over. Take Lavinia for example she knew when to attack."
"How are the NetherGods now?"
"They have been better. Mortals now don't pray to them like they used to. And some other Gods have power now."
"So it's like, a good thing until it lasts?" Anna joked.
"Guess so."
They made their way out. The collector dreamily waved at them. Anna couldn't find the Heart Stone. He must have put it aside somewhere safe. They made their way out.

The gog took them to an empty plain. "Do you know how to use that thing?" He pointed at the sword hanging by her side. Anna shook her head from left to right. "I didn't expect you to." He pulled out a sword from out of thin air. "I want you to do exactly what I tell you."
Anna nodded. She was good at taking orders.

"Pull out your sword. And get ready."
The gog instructed.
Anna pulled the sword. And walked a step back. She heard a voice, "position yourself in front of the opponent."
Anna was confused. "I can hear someone talk." The gog shrugged. "That's your Guardian Angel."
"You make it sound like it's normal."
"It is normal. You were handed her weapon."
"But.. You said, Athena died."

"Anna swing your sword left."

She did it just in time to block the Gog.
"See. It helps."
"But how?"

"Anna duck."

"Can you please stop and explain how this works?"
The Gog rolled his eyes and said, each God or Goddess after losing their power is made into a Guardian Angel and assigned mortals to take care, it's like their only chance of survival. They somehow help to keep them alive and pray to them. In gratitude they give gifts. And this one is yours."
"But... You said....."
"They are Gods. They know everything. It's easier to believe in them and let things flow."
"What if this is not for me?"
"The sword wouldn't have spoken to you. Let alone say your name."
"What is your gift?"
"We don't have that. It's a privilege allotted for mortals."

"Come on. I need all the training I can get."
Anna rose, and the Gog followed suit.
The swords clang and the ears rang. Anna was not going to give up.
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