Till Death Do Us Part

Chapter 01

Anna woke up feeling uncomfortable. Her room was the same since she was a baby her parents had made very few changes her cot was replaced with a bed and her old clothes cupboard was discarded and a new one took its place. She was used to this room all her life but this morning she felt weird. She felt like she was being watched. She felt confused, she was living alone, her mom at the hospital with her grandmother, and her dad long gone.

She rose from her bed and carried on with her daily routine, she washed and dressed. Made herself a simple breakfast, of cereal and cut some sardine sandwiches for her mom. Everything seemed normal now. "It's only my imagination." She kept repeating under her breath.

The past six months had been monotonous. Nothing new happened. She went to the hospital in the morning her mom came home, washed, dressed, and caught forty winks, her mom came back with lunch or sometimes with tea, Anna returned home, prepared dinner, and took it to the hospital waited around for some time and came back home for sleep.

Anna was a silent girl who never spoke to anyone unless spoken to. She had always been one of the Invisibles never actually fitting in. She was an Exile in school. She never had any friends and spent all her time reading books. Being unwelcome wasn't a new thing for her.

On reaching the hospital, she handed her mom her breakfast and took her mother's position beside her grandmother. Anna looked at her grandmother. She looked as if she was in a deep, peaceful sleep.
The doctor made his morning routine checkup, her hopeful smile was losing a shade a day and Anna knew that smile meant that they had to prepare themselves for worse.

Somewhere in the corner of her heart, Anna wanted her grandmother to come back to her. She remembered the time when her family was whole. Her dad, mom, and grandmother in the front row watching her perform her solo skit she prepared for them for Christmas. It felt like it was only yesterday but it was five years ago.

Suddenly, alarms started beeping around all over grandmother. Anna screamed at the top of her voice, doctors rushed in, Anna felt a strong hand push her towards the door, her eyes were full of tears, her throat dried up. She wanted to scream but she couldn't. She felt her mother's hand on her shoulder and pull her outside with her. She hugged her mom and cried, she had been holding on for too long, she couldn't do it anymore. She was only a little girl.

Time is long when in despair. Fifteen minutes felt like an eternity. Anna and her mother held each other for comfort. They were all they had.
"Eighteen years ago, I met your grandmother for the first time. She was not very happy to see me. Your dad did most of the talking during the first meeting. I still remember the way she looked at me. How my hair was done. The dress I was wearing. She was unimpressed. No matter how good I tried to be for her. She didn't have a choice but to accept me. I was pregnant with you then."
Anna looked at her mom, tears were rolling down her mom's cheeks.
Anna held her mom even closer.
"Surprisingly, the next year, we were getting along fine. We had so much fun together. She taught me how to do most of the things I didn't even know how to cook." She laughed at herself immediately followed by uncontrolled tears.

The doctor walked out just then. She shook her head in despair. Anna rushed inside to see her grandmother. She lay there just like how she had been. The only difference was the breathing and the machines around her had been removed. It felt strange to be in there. Anna threw herself over her grandmother and cried her eyes out. For the first time in her life, she felt like she wanted someone to hold her. She wanted a friend.
She felt alone. Afraid. Her mother walked in completely without energy. She was too weak to talk. She struggled to try to take out her phone from her bag. Dialed a number and broke the news over. And walked out. She couldn't hold it in and had a lot to do.

All this time Anna was with her grandmother. She was crying thinking about the time they had spent together. She was crying overtimes she had laughed. Her grandmother's wrinkly hands and soft voice always soothed her anxiety, always a haven for her. But now she was all alone in a world that didn't accept her for who she was. Nurses pulled grandmother out to do what Anna had no clue, she tried to fight them but her mother held her hands very hard.

"She's in a better place now, pray for her." Anna heard last before blacking out.

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