Till Death Do Us Part

Chapter 02

The funeral was a quiet event. The mother and daughter duo was now all alone.

Anna walked into her room, she was tired, she was upset. She dropped onto her bed and cried. Her mother walked to her room, saw Anna, and walked away, she understood that Anna needed time to mourn alone.

Her mom closed the door, blocking the only path of light. The room was dark. With thick curtains covering the window. Even though it was only ten, the room was dark.
Anna walked out to the bathroom, washed her face. And she looked at the mirror. Her eyes were red and swollen. She was feeling sick. Just then she felt a cool breeze down her neck. She froze. Eyes widening she saw the window open. Her head was spinning. She took a pill from the cabinet and swallowed it.
"You are pretty." She heard a voice.
Anna turned to see who it was. The shower curtain moved. Anna stood frozen her legs shaking. With the remaining courage she immediately pulled the curtain, it was, empty. She breathed a sigh of relief.
"It's only my imagination." She repeated under her breath.
Walked up to the sink and splashed cold water on her face. It felt good. She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled.

She felt a hand on her waist, she looked down, there was no one in the room except for her, she looked to her side, no one. She was now confused. Just then the medication started to kick in. She felt sleepy. She walked out of the bathroom, jumped onto the bed just in time before dozing off.

Anna had a deep sleep she slept the whole day. She had never felt this way before. She was not sad anymore, she felt happy. Anna was surprised. She sat on her bed thinking about what was going on. She was now convinced that whatever happened in the bathroom was her imagination.

She walked out of bed changed her clothes and walked downstairs, to eat.
"Mom!!" "Mom!!," she called. But her mom didn't answer. She pulled out some bread and milk from the fridge when she saw the note her mom had left.
"Out at an interview, be back soon"

She rolled her eyes and threw the note into the bin. And went about making her sandwich.
She felt a slow cold wind blow around her, it was comforting. Suddenly she felt strange. As if there was someone else in the house even though the only other person living there was out.
She sighed, got her sandwich, and walked to the tv. She was bored so she didn't bother about what was going on. She ate her sandwich, glanced at the clock, 5 o'clock she knew her mom will be back soon, so she decided to go for a walk down the street.

The sun was setting and the sky was a lovely sight. She put her hands into her jacket pocket it was getting cold. And rain in the evening was quite common.
She looked at the sky, just then a drop of water fell right on her cheek. The cold water on her cheek made her wince, it was comforting, she loved it. She was happy. She smiled all through her walk, the world was now a happy place for her.
Darkness crept in, so she took a detour back home. She saw her mom pull in so her pace quickened. She reached just in time. She walked through the door, her mother was in the kitchen brewing some tea.
"Your grandmother used to say, there's nothing chamomile tea can't fix." Her mother had been crying the whole time. Anna hugged her. She understood that the interview hadn't been good, she was silent she didn't want to talk about it.
A cold wind blew through the window, holding both in an icy cold but comforting embrace.

They felt much better, they took their cups of tea to the garden, and slowly sipped talking about all the good things that have happened to them,
Anna and her mother looked longingly at the almost dark sky, as they held on to what remained of their family.

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