Till Death Do Us Part

Chapter 03

Twilight is the most beautiful time of the day, the time when we know today is almost over, and whatever is undone today will be continued tomorrow.

Anna was on sitting on the porch playing with a stick when suddenly her mother walked up to her, sat beside her, "Anna we should leave Seoul,"
Anna was beyond disbelief, " leave home and go where?"
"Mom, here is our home. Dad and grandmother are here. Do you want to leave them behind?"
"Listen to me, I don't want to go either, but I can't find a job, and the expenses are too much. I don't think I can handle it all alone." Tears started to fall from her eyes. These days her mother was not doing well. Anna didn't say anything else. She turned towards the street, got lost in her thoughts.

Her mother left her alone. Darkness swept in gradually. Silently. A gush of cold wind swept around her, she felt comforted, she wanted to cry. She felt like the wind was her best friend a friend she could trust.
Wiping her eyes she walked up to her room. She went into the bathroom, washed her face. The cold water against her burning skin felt like heaven. She looked up at the mirror. She saw for the first time, a man so beautiful. Smiling at her standing leaning against the bathroom door. Anna's head turned towards the door there was nothing there. She looked at the mirror, he had a face, not of this world it was so perfect, she was caught in a daze. She felt intoxicated by just the looks of this ethereal being. She slowly put out her hand towards the mirror. She touched the cold hard glass, the reflection also put out his hand. Anna could not feel his hand only the glass. She turned to check once again. There was nothing. She was confused. It was as if someone was locked inside the mirror. Or maybe he was from the parallel universe.

A sudden gush of fear sprouted from her gut. Anna was frozen she couldn't even move her legs. She wanted to scream but her voice was gone. Anna immediately pulled out her hand. Ran out of the bedroom straight to her mother's room. She was shuddering.
Her mother wrapped her up in quilts and gave her some hot soup.

Anna had lost her voice. Whenever she tried to speak, no noise came out. She looked at her mother with her big imploring eyes. She was scared stiff. What if she couldn't even speak. Not that it would make a big difference but still it was a problem. Her mother reassured her, took her to her room. An icy coldness crept out of the room when she opened the door. Her mother tucked her in bed. And walked over to close the window.

Anna kept trying to talk. Her voice was hoarse. She was confused and scared. She couldn't understand what was going on around her. The door closed behind her the room was dark now. Anna couldn't sleep. She kept tossing and turning.
With much difficulty, she dozed off, only to be woken by the knock on her window. It kept getting louder and louder and harder to ignore. She didn't have a choice but to see what was happening.

She opened the window the moon was shining brightly, the still night was beautiful. The distant noise of the insects and the howls of the dogs added to its scenic beauty.
She then remembered the face she saw earlier. The perfect flawless face, The smile, the smooth caramel skin. She felt an urge to see the face again. She wanted to keep seeing it. She felt like that face belonged to her. She didn't care about who the reflection was or where it came from, she wanted to see it again.

She rushed to the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror. The only thing she could see was her reflection. She touched the mirror still no reflection. She kept turning sides. Hoping to see the divine face. But all she had left was a disappointment. She began to think that the face she saw was just a product of her overworked brain. She was upset she wanted to cry.

Her eyes filled with tears, she was crying. She was about to get back to bed and cry her way to sleep, just then she saw the face, this time he had a mischievous smile on his face. The moment he saw Anna's tear-filled eyes, he burst out laughing.
The mirror fogged instantly and the words
"Did you miss me? :)" appeared on it. This time Anna wasn't scared she started laughing.
How lovely they looked with happiness holding them entwined. She put her hand on the mirror the image did the same. An electric shock passed through her body, she didn't want to let go. She wanted to hold on to it forever.

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