Till Death Do Us Part

Chapter 04

The face of an angel so divine. The lines were straight and the features full. The face was not of this world the. That was certain. The beautiful face was in a smirk. A mischievous smirk. He was looking for some mischief. He wrote on the fogged mirror,
"Do you know who I am?"
Anna shook her head. She was smiling, her eyes caught in a trance. She was ecstatic.
"I am Death."

Anna's pupils dilated she broke from the trance, the realization hit her like a truck on a lonely highway. She forgot to breathe and began to turn blue. Her eyes blacked out she lost her balance, she fell. Into a pool of emptiness. She was falling further and further into it.
She was floating in a sea of darkness. She opened her eyes, but she couldn't see anything around her just a sensation of falling deeper.

From a distance, a strong light broke the ocean of darkness. The light became brighter as it neared. Anna opened her eyes and looked straight at the light. It reached down to her the light took a form it stopped her from falling further. She was in the middle of the ocean with a speck of light. She looked into the light, she saw the same familiar face. She felt comfortable she relaxed. Death put one arm under her legs and the other supporting her back like a groom carrying his bride.
In an instant, he carried her from darkness to light.

Anna's feet touched the firm ground and she was back in her bathroom. Everything around her seemed perfectly normal. Not an inch out of space. She looked into the mirror, she didn't see the reflection. She had mixed feelings now. She wasn't sure if whatever that happened now was her imagination or if it happened for real.

She went to her bed. She dropped on it and stared at the ceiling. Lost in thought. About the face, she saw. How ethereal it seemed. Evil yet kind. Angry yet calm. She didn't feel scared anymore. She felt like she had known him for a long time. She crouched on the corner of the bed. She was smiling, about how strong his hands were. But still, he handled her like a feather.
At the back of her head, she had this question, running inside, "Is this real?"
Even if it was not she didn't want it to end.

She closed her eyes the darkness brought his face, a heavenly smile. He looked at her with so much love, he put out his hand his palm pale, clear. He was standing in the middle of a beautiful Meadow. Anna approached slowly. The closer she got, it seemed like he was moving away, Anna began to panic, she became desperate, she begins to run, he was still at a distance. Her pace quickened, she ran and ran, he suddenly disappeared, she did not notice that she was running towards a cliff, it was too late. She ran straight up to the end lost her balance and fell into the deep dark abyss.

Anna woke up with a jump, an alarm clock signaling in the middle of the night breaking the silence. She had no idea what was going on. The darkroom didn't help much to regain control over herself. She was disoriented. Without a doubt. She sat upon her bed, regaining consciousness from her sleep paralysis. When she felt better, she walked into the bathroom washed her face, it was six, she didn't feel like going to bed so she pulled the curtains. She opened the windows and was greeted by a cold comforting morning wind. She felt better instantly.

Yesterday was a little bit unusual. She still couldn't believe whether or not it was real. Anna stood by the window, enjoying the morning, in the glass she saw him. This time she was not scared. She smiled and mumbled, "good morning."The glass fogged and a good morning message appeared. Her mother knocked on the door. Anna announced " coming mom." Rubbed out the message from the glass and rushed to open the door.
Her mother was not looking well. Her eyes were almost gone right through her face and It was evident that her mother had been drinking.
"I have bad news." Her mother blurted in her drunk state. And fainted, right outside her door.

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