Till Death Do Us Part

Chapter 05

The hospital seemed more like home than home did in the past few days. Anna was sitting outside the ER praying. She couldn't lose her mother as well. She was the only family she had left.

Dr. Rose walked out of the ER. She looked at Anna, she felt so sorry for her. Anna immediately stood with imploring eyes, "mom's fine." Dr. Rose reassured her. "You should get some sleep. You look so bad."
Anna nodded. But she wasn't planning on going home. Dr. Rose smiled and walked away. Anna sat down. She felt lonelier than ever. She walked down the corridor. Tears streaming down her eyes. She walked right into a mirror. She stood there without emotion. She was lost in her thoughts.

A cold wind wrapped her in a cold embrace. She came back to her senses. Right in front of her was a beautiful message.
"Everything will be fine."
A boost of confidence shot through her veins she felt strong.
She walked back to the ER. On her way, she ran into Dr. Rose again. "Anna you should go home. Shall I get an Uber for you?"
"No. I'm good. " Anna replied. Dr. Rose crossed her arms. Anna knew she didn't have a choice, she pulled out her phone, and turned towards the exit. Dr. Rose walked in the opposite direction.

Anna walked out of the hospital. The setting sun was a very beautiful sight. She looked at the sky. And whispered within herself. "Dad, I miss you so much." Her eyes filled with tears. Just then her ride arrived.

Her house felt like a strange place. She walked straight to her room. She pulled out her diary and sat down to write.
Anna was busy with her work, she didn't know what was going on around her.
She was in a safe happy place which was nothing short of perfect. She didn't want to come back to reality, it was haunting her.
She wrote in her diary,

"Bitter about life's cruel games, Anna now wants to form a new relationship when by chance, they witness a secret exchange. Unsure of what the situation has become, Anna loses hope for their future when another character becomes jealous and calls into question the strength of the relationship between the main character and her love interest. Despite some confusion, the love interest suggests that they separate and in the end, after having their endurance tested, the main character can put the past behind them and settle down in a peaceful life."

She finished writing and put the pen down. She stared at the paper, she read the whole thing, over and over again. This was not what she would usually write in her diary. She didn't know what made her write this particular paragraph. The longer she looked at it her head started spinning. She shut the diary abruptly and put it inside her bag.

She stood up, walked to the full-length mirror, and looked at her reflection. Her eyes were swollen her face drained of color. "I look like death himself." She looked into the mirror. She saw him again. He was lying on her bed, with a cocky smile on his face. He noticed that Anna saw him. He got up. And floated towards her. He put his hand around her waist and pulled her close to him. She felt his cold body against hers. She felt his cold arm on her waist, she turned to see him, he wasn't there. She put her arm out, she only felt air. She looked at the mirror,
"Can you feel me?"
Anna nodded.
He pulled her even closer. His hold was strong but not strong enough to destroy her, but strong enough to let her know that nobody else will ever hurt her if he is around. He squeezed, not strong enough to break her, just strong enough so that every ounce of her is aware that every ounce of his body and emotion is dedicated to the task at hand. Strong enough for her to feel invincible and strong enough to make her feel grounded and loved by the universe.

Anna looked at the reflection, The face was so familiar now. It felt like it belonged to her. He had his signature mischievous smile on him again. The mirror fogged and the message appeared
" Since when did Death Start looking this pretty?"
He caught her off guard.
Anna was confused. His face was the most handsome face she had ever seen. And he was asking this question. Was he joking around? She was silent, thinking.
Death disappeared. All Anna could see was her reflection. Then she realized, she rolled her eyes. He reappeared laughing. This time laughed too. She felt happy after a long draining day.
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