Till Death Do Us Part

Chapter 06

The mother lay lifeless on her hospital bed. The whole hospital room was filled with light, except for the tail end of the bed, where a lump of darkness was there, crouched in like a hundred-year-old prisoner, a drop of tear fell from the Dark figure on the pale leg of the dying patient.

The ocean of light, with the bed in the middle swirled and returned to the original hospital room just as Dr. Rose entered, she examined the patient and noticed a bruise on her leg, Dr. Rose was confused about how the bruise occurred.
When she examined it closely she noticed that the bruise was gradually increasing.

She rushed to call the nurses and to run a few tests, within seconds the whole ward was in the middle of pandemonium. She was rushed to the ER, just then Anna walked in, she had no idea what was happening. She walked into her mother's ward only to find it empty.

Anna walked to Dr. Rose's chamber, she wasn't there either. Anna walked out worried. Dr. Rose walked in just then. "Anna!" She sounded relieved. "Dr. Rose, where's mom?"
"She's fine. Stable now. She's still at the ER, you'll see her in a few hours."

Anna's phone rang just then, an unknown number. She nodded at Dr. Rose and walked out, she swiped right. "Hello."
"Anna, " a soft voice spoke.
"Who... Who is it?"
A cocky laugh was the response.
Anna's eyes got wider. Her mouth fell open. A heavy feeling in the stomach caught her off guard.
"I..... I can hear you."
"Of course you can."
Anna was confused. Her eyebrows wrinkled.
"You missed me?"
This question was absurd. But it made her blush. She felt her cheeks go red. A different feeling crept through her.
"H... H..... How?"
"How! Baby, I'm Death. I can do whatever I want."

Fear gripped her, the phone almost fell off her hands. She caught it swiftly and put it back on her ear.
"Yes. And I'm in love with you."
" This is a joke isn't it?" Anna started walking down the corridor.
"I'm not. Anna." the sound of his voice strangely calmed her.
She stopped walking she was standing in front of a mirror.
She saw the same face, mischievous and regal.
He wore the same cocky smile. "You found me. How much do you miss me?"
"I.. I... "
She felt his cold hands around her waist again. Her eyes widened. Throat dried up. She almost dropped her phone again. She held it tightly around her fist. She saw him stand so close. The only thing she could feel was his hand. He pulled her closer. For the first time, she felt his smell. He smelt like a summer's day. With twilight slowly creeping in with nightfall. Her heart was at ease. His smell claimed her nerves. She felt at home. She was still looking at the mirror because she was now used to not being able to see him beside her. Her lips brought in a smile. He put his hand inside his coat pocket, pulled out a tiny locket. He put it around Anna's neck and secure the latch. Anna bent down, she saw the tiny locket shaped like a heart, hanging around her neck, she touched it, it was cold and black.

She looked at Death, he pointed at the clenched fist and pointed it to her ear. She slowly raised it back to her ear. "Do you like it?"
Anna nodded her head rather slowly. Death smiled again. His eyes are full of love. He stroked her burning cheek. His smile only grew wider. He was falling deeper and deeper in love. His cold touch again her cheek felt like heaven, Anna was on cloud nine. She was in love too. But she couldn't spell it out just yet.
She kept touching her locket. The tiny locket sealed their love for each other, even though Anna was still in confusion.

Footsteps were heard, coming that way, Anna instantly put her phone inside her pocket and walked away, with her head bent low. She walked to the cafeteria, ordered herself a large black coffee. She drank it all in one go. She was not sure about what was happening around her. She had to sort it out. She looked down, touched her locket, she smiled spontaneously. Was she really in love with Death? Or was she manipulated? She looked at the distance, on a dusty window, the words, "BELIEVE." Appeared. She smiled and nodded, she had gotten the answers to all the questions running inside her head.

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