Till Death Do Us Part

Chapter 07

"I'm going to name you JIMIN."
"Like after a dog?"
"No. After my boyfriend."
Anna pulled out her diary from back when she was nine, she showed her bucket list to Death.
1) find yourself a boyfriend (bonus if he's cute)
2) his name must start with J and end in N
With IMI in the middle.
3) treat him well.
4) have a fairy tale wedding by the sea.
5) live in a cottage in the middle of the forest.

"See. You're Jimin From Today." She stated.
Death rolled his eyes. He was enjoying her drama. So much that it didn't matter what she called him.
Anna's mother knocked.
"Who are you talking to? I heard voices."
"I...im. I'm. Face timing a friend." Her mother put her head inside. Her laptop was on her bed to cover for her. Anna breathed a sigh of relief.
"Dinners ready."
"I'll be there in five."

"When are you going to tell your mom about us?" Jimin asked her.
Anna sat on her bed crossed her legs. "Tell her? She'll kill me."
"You can't die unless I accept your soul."
"It doesn't work that way."
Death raised his eyebrows.
"You know what. I want to see you."
"You're seeing me."
"No, I mean the real you."
"This is the real me."
"No, I want to see the horns and the tail. The fork the whole body in red."
"You watch too many movies and have a wild imagination."
"Has no one ever seen the real you?"
"They only see what they want to see. You are an exception. You see me the way I am. The 'Real Me' " he did the cute hand quote thing. "With flaws."
"Flaws? My Jimin with Flaws. Impossible."

Her mother knocked again. "Coming mom"
"See you after dinner maybe." Jimin nodded and Anna was gone. Jimin breathed a deep breath and walked out of the mirror. The shadow was nothing like what the reflection had been about. The siren from the police car on patrol, scared Death, and the shadow retreated into the mirror.

Anna skipped back to her room, only to find it locked. Why! She tried a little harder, the lock just wouldn't budge. "Mom." She screamed. "Mom." She ran to her mother's room. The door was slightly open. She was talking to someone over the phone.
"I'm worried about her. She spends the whole day talking to herself. Locked up in her room."

"Uh... I locked her room."

"I think she's losing her mind. She needs help. "

Anna could not hold it in anymore. She stormed into her mother's room. She snatched her phone, threw it onto the bed. "I'm not crazy. I'm fine. Now I want the keys." She demanded. "Anna calm down." Her mother kept saying only to her annoyance. "Stop." "I want the keys."
She saw her keys on the bedside table. She snatched it and stormed off.

She didn't go to her room, she ran out of the house. In the middle of the night, with only street lights and stars to light up her path, she ran to forget, or maybe to get those thoughts out of her head. She didn't stop. She didn't even care where she was going. She had to stop, to catch her breath. She looked around her, where has she come, this part of the town was strange and she had no idea of coming here. She bent down to tie her shoelace, she felt movement behind her in the tunnel, dimly lit by the street light at the other end.
She understood where she was. She was at the Bikers Den the most dangerous part of the neighborhood especially for a girl in the night.

Her heart started beating fast and her body was preparing for a fight or flight situation. The distant voices started to gain shape, she heard the voice, "Anna calm down. You are not alone." Anna felt brave. She stood up and started to walk, towards home. A lamb surrounded by a pack of hungry wolves, seconds remaining before the lamb is destroyed. Anna kept walking, the voices, the smirks were heard all around. Gradually the voices became shapes, the shapes became evil hungry bikers.

Anna took a wrong turn, she was caught in a dead-end. The wolves gathered around, advancing gradually, the end was near, Anna felt it in every cell of her body. She touched her locket, her eyes full of tears, prayed for a miracle to save her.

The silence broke with a gut-wrenching scream. Wings from above descended, like a feather floating down to settle on the ground, elegant and regal. Fear gripped in each pair of eyes, never had they seen such a beauty. Death took Anna inside his wings, he held her tight, his eyes red with fury looked at the wolves frozen in fright.
His expression changed when he looked at Anna, the helpless lamb, who was shivering. " I will be back, I have some unfinished business." His voice went from a countertenor to a growl, he was angry.

He put his left hand out, his signature scythe slid out from under his sleeve. He looked menacingly handsome. His shirt crisp, his eyes full of anger, there was no escape. The tables had turned, the wolves were now shivering in fear, Death walked slowly but steadily.

The wolves were not going to go down without a fight, even though they had no chance of winning. Some Minutes and a few scratches later, Death walked back, to Anna wearing a victory smile.
Anna looked at his face, he had a few scratches, his sleeve has a deeper cut, a few feathers were gone from his wings apart from that Death was still attractive.

Anna made a fuss of his wounds, Death simply brushed it out. "I've seen worse, these mortals are no match for me." In his usual cocky tone. Anna rolled her eyes. Before he could speak another word, she pulled him into a kiss. He was caught by surprise but gave in with more passion. Death was careful not to hurt her. He treated her like a fragile piece of Art.

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