Till Death Do Us Part

Chapter 08

Anna's experience with the bikers was more like a dream to her. She had many things to sort out. She had to convince her mother that she was not losing her mind. She walked to her window opened it, a gush of cold wind greeted her, calming her nerves.

The next thing she knew Death was sitting on the window sill, looking at her, with eyes glittering in the dark.
Anna almost jumped. "Oh." She breathed clutching her heart. "You scared me."
"I think you might have to get used to me being around."
Death lunged down from the sill. He walked around the room. He pulled out a book and began to read.
"What are you doing?"
Death raised his eyebrow. "Me? Im being a normal boyfriend."
Anna burst out laughing. " normal?"
"You and me? We are not normal. "
"What are we then?" Death faced her, the book still in his hands.
Anna shrugged. "My mother thinks I'm going mad." Her voice broke.
Death walked up to her, held her chin, kissed her forehead. " I will always be there for you," he whispered. Anna knew that her mood changed.
She put her arms around him, "what about we watch a movie?"
"A walk?"
Anna had to give in, Death was a pro convincer.
"Let me get my jacket."
Death pulled her into an embrace before she could move away. His cold skin felt warm this time. Anna didn't want to let go.
Death caressed her hair. "Anna, you are doing something to me." Anna looked at him, still holding onto him. Death looked down at her imploring brown eyes he couldn't help but smile. His startling smile was contagious, Anna had never felt at home before. "Jimin, promise me you'll always be there."
Death bent down and whispered into her ear, "I promise."

There is always someone in line to ruin a perfect moment. Her door knocked. Anna ignored it, but the knock became more annoying. She rolled her eyes and walked to the door. It was her mother. The moment she opened the door her mother rushed in, looked around. She even looked under the bed. "I heard you talking to someone. Who is it?"
Anna didn't want to answer. She was still angry.
She wanted to scream. She wanted to throw a tantrum, but she stood still. Without moving a muscle. She turned to her left, Death was still there, her mother returned after inspecting the bathroom.

She sat on her bed, " Anna, I'm worried about you. I keep hearing you talking to yourself, spending time alone locked in this room is not right. I know you are going through a hard time. You need help."
Anna breathed, sat next to her mom, "mom I haven't lost my mind. And I have friends. I talk to them. She pulled her laptop from the bed and opened it. Her mother stopped her. " It's fine. I just want you to go meet a friend of mine. She will help you better."
"Mom! " she stopped short. Paying a visit to the therapist and getting a clean rapport will get her mom off her back. She nodded "I'll go see her tomorrow." She smiled a dry smile. Her mother pulled her into a hug. She let go immediately, "Anna you smell funny." Anna cocked her head. "Describe funny?"
" You smell like old furniture. And dampness."
" must be that new perfume I got. " trying to move away. Her mother held her hand.
"You are the one I have, don't leave me."
Anna hugged her mother tightly. " I promise."

Anna was walking down the street, to meet her therapist. The morning sun made her feel good, she was skipping.
She reached her destination. She hoped for a modern minimalist office, what was there was unusual. She walked to the door, redwood, highly decorated, she knocked on the door, a sweet voice called "enter."
She sighed and entered. The interior was warm and cozy, just like how grandmothers from children's stories lived.

She was greeted by an old woman probably in her seventies, properly dressed and every strand perfectly secured. She had a pleasant face, with a never-changing smile.
"Dr.Park Go Won?" Anna asked.
"That is me. You must be Anna. "
Anna nodded, " please have a seat. I'll make some tea."
Anna had no idea about how therapists rolled, so she had no choice but to go with the flow.

As soon as the old lady strutted out, Anna had her chance to look around. There was not a speck of dust anywhere the whole place was spotless. The ceramic pots from different parts of the world shone light from the sun.
There were photo frames on the wall. Anna looked at each picture. They told the life story of Dr. Park Go Won. From her birth to her graduation to marriage to having kids of her own to their graduation.
Dr. Park Go Won entered with two cups of steaming tea. "That one over there is my grandson. He graduated from Harvard last month." A proud grandmother bragged.
Anna smiled at her and looked closely. Her grandson with blonde hair looked very familiar. She looked at the Dr. And back at the photograph. Something seemed out of place in this extremely well-kept kept office.

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