Claimed by a Death Eater, can Hermione deceive her way out of his clutches?

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1

The war was over. Voldemort had won by dint of Harry Potter fleeing the final battle. What the madman didn't realize was, it had been planned that way. It gave him a false sense of security, thinking he had won. Hermione and a select few others were to be taken 'captive'. Then, when they knew for sure they were inside Voldemort's true hideout, they would send a signal. Harry and the rest would come charging to the rescue, killing Voldemort once and for all.

Ron had come up with the strategy. He hadn't been pleased when Hermione was the first one to volunteer. He'd wanted to keep her safely hidden away with him and Harry. Hermione couldn't just sit back and do nothing, though. She wanted to help. She wanted to do her part. Reluctantly, Ron had finally agreed that it was for the best that Hermione be one of the captives.

It went mostly according to plan. She had very carefully selected the other girls to be 'captured' along with her. They knew they would be parceled out among his followers. They would be sure to keep them well apart from one another. To that end, each girl had to be prepared to fight her own way out of captivity.

She knew that each girl had been specially targeted by Death Eaters during the war. She also, by way of the rumor mill, knew that she was at the top of the list of desperately sought prisoners. She'd figured that she would be grabbed by a high profile Death Eater: Yaxley, Dolohov or the Lestranges. This was the part she hadn't planned on: being claimed by a lower rank Death Eater. One who didn't necessarily have access to the hideout. She and the other girls exchanged briefly panicked looks. The Death Eaters gathered aroumd the Dark Lord. He looked over the captives. As his red eyes met hers, she shivered.

"Ah! Who do we have here?" He glided over to her. Reaching out a thin, skeletal hand, he tipped up her chin. "Well, well. This IS a treat! Look, my loyal warriors. This is Hermione Granger. Mudblood. Best friend of the Boy Who Lived, the Chosen One." He curled his lip in disgust. "One of you lucky men will be rewarded with this luscious young lady. Who should be the lucky one?" He looked over his followers carefully. He noticed that all but one wizard was looking at him. The lone wizard had his eyes fastened on the girl. He smiled as he realized she was staring back st the wizard in fear. "I think we have a winner. Rowle." The young wizard looked at him as he strode forward slowly.

Thorfinn Rowle claimed her. He was one of the surprise Death Eaters. Nobody had known or even suspected that the wildly popular Quidditch player was a Death Eater. For one thing, most of Voldemort's followers were from Britain. He wasn't British. He was a Norwegian wizard. Apparently, he'd been recruited right out of Durmstrang. The same way Viktor Krum had been recruited by the Bulgarians.

She knew it was going to be nearly impossible to free herself from him. He was a huge man, much bigger than the men she was used to being ariund. She was literally no taller than the middle of his chest.

She had one thing going for her. He loved her body. She'd already discovered his favorite method of kissing her. He loved shoving her against the wall, lifting her up and wrapping her legs around his waist. Then he'd kiss her breathless.

He liked making sure she had as much pleasure as he did. So, she used that against him. When he took her, she acted as if he was her whole world. As if she was only complete when she was in his arms. He was happy that she wouldn't run away from him. She gained a little more of his trust each time he took her to bed. She smiled coldly as he fell asleep in her arms. Her plan was working perfectly. Soon he would be following her around like a big, huge puppy. When the time came, she'd have the fearsome Death Eater eating out of her hand. She'd make him think she was falling head over heels in love with him. In reality, he'd be falling in love with her!

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