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Gaining Thorfinn's Trust

Hermione stared at the young Norwegian wizard. She didn't know that much about him. He was crazy good at Quiddich and he'd been recruited by the Irish. He'd been a sixth year when Durmstrang came to Hogwarts. She remembered him watching her even then. Other students had hung out with Viktor just to be popular. He'd hung out with him because they talked Quidditch. It was literally the only times that whole year that she ever heard him talk.

Voldemort led him over to her. He picked up the end of the tether attached to the collar around her neck. He pulled her away from the rest of the girls. He placed the tether into Rowle's hand as he spoke to him. Hermione cocked her head. She didn't recognize the language he was speaking. But Rowle knew it and smiled wickedly at what Voldemort was telling him. She resolved to ask him what the madman had said as soon as they were alone.

Rowle stared at Hermione as he received his orders from Voldemort. He shifted around and ran his eyes up and down Hermione's body. He pulled on the tether until she bumped into him.

Hermione looked back at the other girls. They were staring at her fearfully. They all knew Hermione had been intended to be the leader. 'What were they supposed to do now?' With one unexpected move, Voldemort had just turned the fake captives into real captives! As Hermione watched, the other girls were all claimed by the Lestranges, Yaxley and Dolohov. Rowle had been the wild card. Now Rowle had Hermione.

Rowle wrapped her tether around her and anchored it to his belt. He stepped away, lifted his wand and Disapparated the two of them before she could ask for a final moment with her friends.

When they reappeared, it was in the middle of a blizzard. It didn't seem to bother Rowle. He simply picked her up, threw her over his shoulder and started walking. She tried to figure out where in the world they were currently at. She knew it wasn't Britain. It hadn't been snowing there. 'Which country did he live in that it was snowing like it would never end?'

Suddenly, he stopped and cradled her as he looked at the house that loomed up out of the snow. She looked at it. Her eyes widened at the sight. If she didn't know better, she'd swear she was looking at an old house straight out of Norse mythology. Then again, he was Norwegian so it actually made sense.

He waved his hand and opened the door. Once inside, he put her against the wall and leaned into her. "These people are loyal to my family and ONLY my family. Nobody here speaks English except you and me." It was the first time he'd spoken to her since she was captured. He watched her intently as the meaning of his words sank in. 'Firm loyalty and non-English speaking.' She truly would be on her own in any escape attempt. "Welcome to Norway, Princess."

Norway! Merlin, they were in Norway! She'd thought he'd at least stay in Britain! Hermione began silently panicking. Even if she managed to break away from him, she had no clue of his language and no clue where in Norway they were at. She knew Norway was quite a distance away from Britain though. Too far away for her to Disapparate from and hope to make it back in one piece.

Rowle still had her held against the wall. She would soon learn this position well. It would be his favorite way to kiss her. He wrapped her legs around his waist as an older man came around the corner of the hall.

She took one look and knew this was his father. He looked just like the man. He came toward them, looking curiously at her. Listening to them speak that same strange language made her wish she knew how to speak it. She tried to listen and see if she recognized anything. Literally the only word she recognized was her own name. Rowle gestured at her, stroking her face and smiling at his father.

The older man smiled and nodded at her. He patted her shoulder and hugged his son. Then he went back the way he had shown up. Rowle turned his attention back to her.

"What was that about? What did Voldemort tell you before we left? Why didn't we stay in Britain? How can you follow him from here?" the questions burst out of her in rapid-fire order. He chuckled against her cheek.

"That was me introducing my father to my new bride. Voldemort told me to keep you as far away from Britain as possible. Which is exactly why we didn't stay there. He can summon me quite easily." He held up his left arm. "The Dark Mark, remember?"

"Y-your new-? What do-no, no! I'm not marrying you, Rowle! That's out of the question! No! No!" she seethed angrily.

He narrowed his eyes at her menacingly. "That's NOT out of the question, Granger! And it WASN'T a question. You WILL marry me." He grabbed her hair and squeezed hard enough to pop tears into her eyes. "You will be the mother of the next Rowle heir, willingly or not! I guarantee it!"

Hermione stayed very still in his grip. He nuzzled behind her ear and nibbled on her earlobe. "Don't worry, Granger. I'll make it as good for you as it will be for me. You'll see."

It was now that Hermione realized the best way to escape him. He was apparently looking forward to enjoying her body. He was planning to make sure she enjoyed it, too. All she had to do was pretend to fall in love with him. Make him think he was her entire world. Make sure HE really fell in love with HER! When the time came to escape, he'd be so entranced, he'd willingly take her back on his own!

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